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So I'm a big fan of chess and go. I think chess is the best tactics game I've ever played and go is the best strategy game. I'm thinking about trying to combine them together a bit. My general idea is that you play go until a prisoner capture would take place, you then play a game of chess. If the attacker wins, capture goes through as normal. If the defender wins, he places a stone in that spot instead. Maybe something along the lines of every consecutive attempt at a capture by one side the other side plays the chess game 1 extra man down until the other side creates attempts a capture to reset it. Do you all think this has any merit or will it be a horrible abomination.

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Horrible abomination.

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I don't even want to think about how many games of chess you'd have to play in a single game of Go.

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Oh dear god. You play an ENTIRE game of chess EVERY time you move a piece?

Welcome to a game that will take months and get nowhere.

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>>15214243 Not every move, every time you place a move that would be a capture/create prisoners of the opposing side. Also, yes. I do realize this would take forever.

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This variation is the chinese version with those changes:

-Simultaneous capture is possible. When you do a simultaneous capture, your stones are captured by the enemy and their stones are captured by you.

-If person pass his move, then the other player pass his move AND THEN first player pass his move again, the game end.

-Scoring works in a different way. You count the number of your stones on the board and the numbers of stones you have captured (ONLY).

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For 1, I'm definitely going to have to try the chinese variation. It sounds like it would change things up quite a bit. However, I was planning still scoring Japanese style of empty points and prisoners. I was trying to use it more as a way for people that are good at tactics *chess* but not as good at strategy *go* might be able to win their way out of a bad situation. I was thinking of it along the lines of a war in which a great tactician can turn around a war by winning a battle he "shouldn't" of. If you have any idea how it would flow better I'm all ears.

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Well, you can try Shogi if you want a combination of Chess and Go...

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Just do that:
someone play chess at white
then the other play as white

then someone play go as white
and then another play as white.

if someone win both go and chess, he wins.
if he wins chess (win both) and loses go (loses both) its a tie and they have to play again.
if they get tie on some game (win one and lose another) but on another game one player win, the player that won this game wins the stuff.
if there is a tie on both, they play again

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