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/tg/ im going to have a hook for my dark heresy players soon that involves one of their pc's sisters undergoing, after several months of unexplained hallucinations, migraines and nightmares, a nascent psykerhood.

what i would like to ask is, who is in charge of raiding a home if there's a report of unsanctioned psykery? who goes after them, what kind of tactics they would use, how would they capture rather than outright kill (since these sorts of psykers can be sent via black ships to terra still, right), and how the process works, maybe even the administratum parts of the process.

i would appreciate anything you could offer me in terms of fluff, or even ideas

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>Nascent Sister
You mean blood sister, not sister of battle right?

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Since the Horus Heresy the Silent SIsterhood have been in charge of hunting down and detaining psykers. They crew the Black Ships that ply the cosmos in search of nascent psykers.

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It'd just be the arbites (sp?) who would round them up and hold them till the black ships show up.

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Sorry, I meant Player Character's familial sister in game. Not Sister of Battle.

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Unless it's a genocide campaign maybe.

The Silent Sisterhood does it. And. They. Are. Fucking. Creepy. And. Strong.

I mean they were massacring THOUSAND SONS empowered by demons by the masses.

If the sister of the PC is to be taken away, she's gonna be taken away. End of story.

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I have some more questions.

What would happen to any family or friends that the psyker had? what if they had been at the scene and had witnessed her powers? do they deal with them in a certain way or are they questioned/detained/vanished?

what are black ships like? hell, torture, like psych wards? or is everyone pacified by torpor devices uniformly? i know theyre inhumanely packed to the extreme, but other than that i know little.

finally, i was curious if there is a way, just in case my players decide on a certain route, that a psyker could be unofficially sanctioned out in the field, or maybe if the rites on terra were duplicable elsewhere, inquisitorial authority and/or a primaris psyker handy for the occasion?

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How high profile a target is she, OP? Who knows about her? I could see a rival Inquisitor going after her just to fuck with your character's master. Or worse, your master sending a team in himself and giving you the option to hand her over peacefully.

If she's a powerful psyker that's considered particularly valuable they'll try to capture her. Null collars will be around, along with webbers, shock mauls and other non-lethal weaponry. Everyone else around is likely expendable. They've been sheltering a rogue psyker, after all. They're heretics.

Tactics would likely be standard surprise assault. Blow in the doors, storm room to room, seal of retreats, etc. Depending on who is masterminding it you'll either be hit by an acolyte cell heading up Inquisitorial stormtroopers or the Adeptus Arbites. Worst case scenario has you looked at Adepta Sororitas, though they're only likely to be called in for a full scale purge.

Of course, if the home she's in is one of someone powerful and influential then even the Inquisition will require some degree of proof. Nothing absolute, but enough that they don't kick down the door of a powerful nobleman and shoot at all servants for nothing. If they've confirmed her presence, though, then all's fair.

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>What would happen to any family or friends-
Friends and family? Vanished or executed for sheltering a wytch. -Maybe- given penance if they're particularly useful or powerful. Some heads will roll, of course, but that's only guaranteed for those who were closely involved in hiding her. Ignorance may serve as a shield. It may not. If they're at the scene then they better turn on their warpling sister/friend or they're heretics.

>what are black ships like?
Whatever you feel like. Stasis chambers, painful pre-sanctioning trials, psycho-indoctrination, casual abuse from guards who believe you're the living embodiment of evil, experimentation conducted by a radical Inquisitor, etc.

>that a psyker could be unofficially sanctioned out in the field, or maybe if the rites on terra were duplicable elsewhere
I'm pretty sure that the Scholastica Psykana maintains holdings all across the galaxy. A particularly willing and strong willed candidate can be picked out for sanctioning and trained up without needing to send them all the way to Terra. Chances are your players' Inquisitor has the pull to get that sort of thing organised for that sister. It'll still be hell, but at least she won't be at risk of being eaten by the Emperor. Or having her eyes burned out. Of course, said Inquisitor has to be inclined to use their influence to protect her.

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she's got a administratum job in Malfi's upper hive

also she's only just coming into psykerhood; the scene i want to write involves the pc's contact with two bodyguards going to her house after she called, distressed. he gets there and for some reason or another shes explosively ruined some guy through her uncontrollable new psykery. some point after this, i want the house to be raided by the popo, and im unsure what would happen to the contact

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Administratum clerk? Is she from a good family? If not she's got dick all protection. Beyond whatever clout the acolytes have at least.

As for the raid, you need to figure out who finds out along with when and how they do so. Your acolytes are presumably proficient enough spooks to disappear an exploded corpse, but who got exploded will mean different people notice. If he was a house robber then nobody's going to miss him. A friend of hers? Colleagues will miss him and the sister will likely be neck deep in insanity and despair over her accidental exploding of him. A member of an Adeptus? Unless people provide a plausible explanation of why he vanished the dead man's colleagues are going to trace it back to the sister.

This is assuming that the neither the acolytes' master or one of their rivals has them and their families under surveillance, of course. At that point you're looking at tip-offs to the Arbites, doors getting kicked in any general misery. Or worse, a Witchfinder style Inquistor taking an interest.

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