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Watching some coverage of Space Marine at E3.

Fuck, this game looks gorgeous.

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>>Color palette: Brown, green, gray, red, blue, muzzle flash.
+10 points for having blue, though!

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yeah it does

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Starcraft Marine vs Warcraft Orcs?

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I already preoreded my turbofire controller.

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Yes. It still looks gorgeous.

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i wonder how long it will take till the assassination becomes repetitive as fuck. i will still purchase it.

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That's the whole chromatic circle, dude. What were you expecting? Octarine?

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Sorry, but I'm just a bit overdosed on brownbrownbrownGRAY this generation. Get back to me when you have some colors that don't look like they came out of some cowboy's spitoon.

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Its what the setting is mate.

Also semi realism> retarded cell shading cartoon colors

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Play it on LSD or something if you want to see more pretty colors or something

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i think you might be addicted to anime, why don't you go watch some more of that instead.

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>Also semi realism> retarded cell shading cartoon colors
questionable and subjective, there are titles out there with cell shaded/comic book style art that look good. 40k is one of those cases where superbrown desaturated fits tho, and for my taste the SM vidya does not look nearly as grim as it should

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that sounds scary as hell actually

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Ignoring the entire color palette is just lazy. Imperial churches, for example, are supposed to be some of the most ornate and overbuilt decorations around. Colored glass, precious metals, jewels, and pious lighting are just the tip of what they have.

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You're on a forgeworld though, so the whole place is just one huge factory. Be glad there's even light since several forgeworlds are just a step above Venus in air quality.

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I only play realistic games for realistic gamers like myself.

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You have wounded me! Grievously sir! Whatever shall I do when faced with such verbal wit!

But really, while you are playing the fool, I really do only enjoy a semi realistic color pallete. For the life of me, I just get put off with what they call "STYLIZED" palletes and graphics these days

I cannot help it no can I lie.

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Your anus(es) seem to be experiencing distress. You should go fix that. I'm saying that given that every fucking other game this generation is brownbrownbrown, it needs to do something different to stand out, imagery wise. A little blue is not going to cut it. And look out your window. Fucking blue, green, and bright white everywhere and barely any brown. That's realism, and go choke on a dick if you think otherwise.

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>And look out your window. Fucking blue, green, and bright white everywhere and barely any brown. That's realism, and go choke on a dick if you think otherwise.

Yes thats realism. For a non war environment. Why don't you go wonder over to Chechnya. Or more appropriate for a Warhammer 40k universe battlefield, take a gander at a WW1 trench battlefield.

I think you need to calm down man. You're taking this thread seriously. This thread is making fun of people who take OMG BROWN AND BLOOM RUINING THE GAMING INDUSTRY and OMG BROWN BLOOM AND BLOODY SCREEN SO REAL seriously. Chill man

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Forge World. Huge Factory. The skies are black and brown because of pollution, the ground is metal and concrete because ITS A HUGE GOD DAMN FACTORY. The building are made of stone and the 40k equivalent of steel. You want green? Go to a agriworld, blue? Same deal. But if your on a FORGE WORLD where items of war are FORGED in a GIANT FACTORY THAT ENCOMPASSES THE PLANET. I fucking DOUBT there will be any green or blue that is not acid or water. But I do see your point with the CONSTANT BROWN AND GREY but still, your ass pain envelops a world that consists of nothing but factories and the people who work in them.

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Iraq was pretty brown and bloomy, dirt and sand as far as the eyes can see.

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Next game: Set on a paradise world with multi colored cyberhookers fleeing in every direction.

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Thats true. War movies and war games are subjects of current trends in actual life. Games focused on WW2 tend to be more colorful because of course the area was more colorful.

Games set now or in the future, are usually brown and bloom because if you take a look at any current military movie/film/combat footage. Well its fucking brown and bloom.

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Nah, next game set on a pleasure world with high class whores and lusty nobles fleeing in every direction and bitching about their hard earned vacation as you fight of Tyranids.

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>Fucking blue, green, and bright white everywhere and barely any brown.
Blue skies, check.
Green trees, check.
Bright white, what? Where do you live?

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with blackjack and hookers, sign me up

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Does this game have mutliplayer? Will I finally get to play as an Ork Kommando?

Please let my dreams come true, /tg/.

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Bright white clouds, houses, fences, etc.

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That and it is, as mentioned before, an AdMech forge world. It's not going to be pastel princess land.

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It does have multiplayer, but I *think* it's primarily Loyalist and Traitor Marines going at each other. A pity, as Orks would be more interesting for this. But I can live with it.

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I'm looking out the window right now, and all i'm seeing is dense grey fog punctuated by the occasional soot-stained brown-brick house or dead tree.

This is my constant scenery for most of the year. I'd love to see some fucking blue skies or green trees once in a while. So don't you fucking well tell me "Real life" is all bright pretty colours.

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Colour is not so great. I live next to some fields that often grow rape. Bright yellow as far as the eye can see is very annoying.

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>GITS as an example
That show is the exception more than the rule, you realise. A considerably higher proportion of the medium involves bright shiny colours.

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When was the last time any of you went outside anyway?

It sounds like it's been a while.

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I look out my window, and I see tons of brown and green trees. I see a blue sky. I see the occasional wild animal.

Nothing else, really, though. Lots of blue, brown, and green.

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I was pointing out that it's just ignorant to say "anime is colourful." Anime is a medium, not a single piece. I don't watch blackula and say that every film is funky.

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>I live next to some fields that often grow rape.
must be hard

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It's mostly green, brown and grey where I live. The roses in my garden are red, which is a nice change.

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Do you live in a forest or in the country or something? Because most people who live in your usual apartment/suburbia hell would be seeing houses in various dull shades, pavement or a big-arse fence when they look out the window.

They *might* see a blue sky assuming their city is one of the ones lucky enough not to be choked under a permanent pallor of smog.

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This morning, to post some letters.

The only thing remotely colourful in the sea of grey pavement and grey buildings was the half-rusted red postbox.

Oh, and the blood splatter from that dead bird on the side of the road.

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And that is your idea of hyper-colorful? I weep for your depleted color palatte. Also, "Kawaii". Stop using that word. It does not mean what you think it means.

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Yep. Live a ways out of the nearest town, next to woods, lakes, creeks, and cows. Lots of fucking cows.

Not many people though. And no one that plays tabletop for miles and miles. I love the isolation most of the time, but sometimes I wish I had a house in the city.

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But most people do not live in apartment/suburbia hell.

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Do please note the sarcasm, old Anon.

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ha ha you live near green

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...pardon? What? are you insinuating that the most densely habited places on earth, namely cities and suburbs, do not in fact constitute large proportions of the housing for most general populations? Of course, there's shithole slums too, but they're basically in the same boat as apartments anyway.

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I love what went on between Kevin and Beardface the Developer.
At quite a few points I exclaimed "dohoho".
But, the game looks fucking awesome.
It just bums me out that there's no powerfists or lightning claws, or even a chainaxe, or, better yet, a lightning chainaxefist.

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You Khorne worshipping bastard.

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Can it. Now you're going to say I'm an Iron Warrior because I like combi-weapons too?


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>lightning chainaxefist

Tyberos the Red Wake for DLC

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Nope, I just like axes 'sall.
And, It's not Xeno tech, so it's all fair!

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Evreewan eez herryteek. Nao wun eez loyal.

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Yez. Geev een to dee raeg. Eet weel leed hyu to Khorne. Whee liek khorne!

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But if we're all heretics already, then Khorne and the gang already have us.

So why do you even bother?

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get over here so i can blam you

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FOR KAY-OSS! Seelly leetle herry-teek, dat eez hwhy hwee duz everyting!

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Well this thread sure hit a tangent. And then hit another one that took it all the way back tot eh beginning.

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Did you know you have a belly button on your back? True story.

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more heretical! more annoying!

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Hi coomeeshar Fuklaw! Hwee haf meesed hyu seence hwee lost track of hyu. How is hyu doing?

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So how about the Space Marine game guys. Looks pretty good right?

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do we have to join the dark gods?

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Hwee ah coomeeshar thwoo!

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thats it i give up...

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This is now a spiderman thread.

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we're not allowed spiderman threads on /tg/

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send in the cronz

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Then keep the space marine conversation going.

I think it looks like a generic shooter, but what else could it really be?

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i declare this a spiderman thread!

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>That feel when you thread is now a spiderman thread
I've been there OP.

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Cultist-chan should definetly strip nude.

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definitely man

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i think our mission here is done spidermen

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I read this one in the voice of TF2's Engineer and laughed until I cried.

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Your image name...

All of my hate.

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When I opened this gif, this is the only thing that went through my head...


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>>15204112 Also semi realism> retarded cell shading cartoon colors

Everyone in favor of having more games with cel-shading say 'aye'.

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You know, I would get annoyed at the colour scheme stuff in practically any other game. But this is 40k. It actually invented the term grimdark.

If any game deserves to use some horribly bleak palette, it's this one.

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