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Anyone have a full body pic of Xeno? Need references of her clothing!

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>feels good man

God damn it, I laughed.

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either this: just a cape, or next post

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or this.

weird sort of loincloth/robe that shows the hips, but the only canonical element of her wardrobe is a fancy nightshroud, which can take the form of pretty much any large piece of cloth

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and if necessary, there are scarabs nearby anyway.

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why not a bikini/swimsuit?

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dat band aid!

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I can help too.

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gah! too much cloth!

naykid pic to compensate

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Okay, one with squishy bits.

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OP here
I am confused
Some pics she have flesh and skin
Other she is full cyber
Which one is canon?

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And one with "Do not fist android girls".

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At first she was a tau, she became fully turned into a cron.

She has a necrodermis pseudoskin face, but otherwise, it's full cybernetics.

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And now by Muju!

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Not sure, I've never really read the Tau quests.

I think she is mostly metal now.

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you're right, you use servo-arms instead

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You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

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there's also a pic of this, you know... I mean really. Xeno and a servo-arm.

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well she's fully cron, now. she retained her morphology and face because the conversion was progressive, and based off her own subconscious image of herself. That's also why her abilities are so... cyberpunk and rational, instead of being perceived as magic by her.

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There is the other one, but for the life of me, I can't remember her name.

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And now I need to do a bit of gardening, be back in 15 - 20.

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Sar'A Ker'Gan.

And she's not a taucron. Not really. So far. she's a tau, with a cyborged-up spine (and ass) and maaaybe a minor nid mutation.

and there's Anima, who's not even part of the quest. So far.

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Fucking trees man, trying to hit me in the head and shit.


The more you know.

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And if tauquest 3 happens, Xeno might be able to take a C'tan spark inside her.
I hope it will end up like Potato-GLaDOS, or even better: Like Rubilax.

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I happily await for that day to come and see the drawing that come from the quest.

So, OP. You got what ya need?

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dat hat.

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Imma gonna save that.

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One more bump.

Man, /tg/ is slow tonight.

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Hey, just noticed how Schlicktau's facevagina was dysfunctional and upside-down.

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Hmm... Now that you mention it.

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perhaps if you put your finger in it like this and then wriggle it around...

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We've tryed that, turns out to be some sort of nose with clits, I think. Im not sure, i've read about in the uplifting primer.

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somewhere, someone is writing something about this.

Hey, you Foron, you're a writefag on your spare time, IIRC, right? I mean, you're not just a fag all the time, right?

Think you can write something about that?

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Nope, but it's been done. I think it was done by John. A writefag about 2 years ago, me thinks.

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Heresy detected.
Set phasers to pleasure.

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Where'd that guy go anyway?

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Tell me more, georgie-boy, tell me more.

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All of my love, Jo.

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ah, synthskin again? I guess it's okay.

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double, no, triple heresy! taus have four fingers!

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The Heresy! it's everywhere! It's delicious!

so,why did you settle for the fully organic look?

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No idea. Just gone off the face of the earth.


Pretty much he wrote and whole story about a techpreist(?) doing tests and seeing how Tau women "Worked". He had gone into lots of detail.

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It's more heretic.

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I disagree, but it makes a change.

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it didn't involve the faceslit

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That was great, gonna upload it on tg booru. Now all the regular drawfags have drawn her, except Culexus.

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I think it did, but I can't remember.

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I thought it was only last year that John was writing? He got trolled to hell and back, if I recall correctly. Probably decided it wasn't worth it.

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One way or the other, we lost a fairly good writefag.

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multi-melta makes more damage. I get the joke. Dem necron girls love being punished, don't they?

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One day, I should just post the story of Lolicron

But yes, more damage, more hurt, she likes it.

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Haven't seen these before, when were they posted, and did Jo do more of other characters, too?

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You mean the two comics? Read them.

Xeno likes it too, yanno (or she is just very very stupid and cannot avoid getting into trouble for shit) but what she cannot stand is her scarabs getting hurt.

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the painting one was drawn yesterday, and the one with Xeno just got drawn ITT

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What comics? I mean the pictures, newer works by Jo that I don't have saved. Is there more?

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Paint one was done this week.
Lolicron+Xeno pic was done just now.

Yeah, Lolicron feel only 2 things, shame and pain. So she live her necron unlife pursuing these 2 "pleasures".

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Two or three.

Lolicron in a swimsuit oiling herself up
Lolicron schlicking while thinking about the next cron dex
Lolicron getting raped and violated by the next cron dex

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Oh, well, do continue, then. I've been gone a few months, and I've been trying to save anything I've missed while I've been internetless.

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>This thread.
I'm starting to relate with Captain Kirk more and more...

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Thought it was Data who got hot robot sex with the Borg Queen...

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ooh, would you happen to have link, sauce or the files themselves?

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Codex-Kun is a jerk

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Borg have more in common with Tyranids, actually. I don't think there was a Necron equivalent in the Star Trek universe.

But I digress, do want more Xeno and Lolicron!

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yeah moaaaaar!

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dat asscarab!

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I think anyone constructnig scarabs that way would fail their anal circunference test.

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You see this love I have? You can have it too.

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Told you, Xeno is love.

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Xeno is love.

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Why do you do this, /tg/?

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Oh yeah, lots of Xeno and Lolicron.

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Drawfag here, I used to change and add to Xeno's design in each picture (many of which are posted here) - sort of liking the idea that as a text based character she doesn't have a definitive design and some details are open to reinterpretation. Well and I'm lazy to use references. But there you go as to why some of these are so different from each other even when coming from the same guy.

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It's fun
It's artistically stimulating
and most of all it's fappable

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that picture is bad and the person who drew it should feel bad

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and in tauquest 3 she'll get even more upgrades.

would you be up for more pics?

so far, we have
the power core
the rez orb
the deathmask
the nightshroud
the phase claws
the staff of light

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That's some mighty fine Heresy, galpal.

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no it's pretty nice.

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Nothing wrong with Slaanesh Whore Lord.

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Mighty fine indeed.

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so, is it true that Miko draw some tauquest fanart?

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ITT: Everything's fine and cool.

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No idea.

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God i wish.

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In the immortal word of M. Bison, "No we're talking."

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striped stockings work so well on Xeno.

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and there's worse/better!

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My body is ready.

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Right, one more post from me for a bit, I fancy a shower.

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No time for new stuff, sorries. Just dropping off some old while I'm chilling.

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also, the drawings are worse, too. Anamorphosis everywhere.

In Tauquest 3, we will do all we can so that Xeno actually takes a C'tan's big and hard spark up in her.

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New Quest soon fellow Taucron?

>> No.15188339

Yes. But not before the new Wardex comes out.

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hey, you a drawfag, right?

draw some Xeno goodness. Dunno, getting spanked by Anima because she constructed scarabs all over herself again.

>> No.15188358

You know, if I think hard enough that this is Sanakan, I can still fap to this.

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Can't draw now I am sorry. But I did drew this!

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but you'll do it one day, roight?

dat face.

also, Sana-Sana-Sanakan!

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Awww, Xeno won't be a pretty fairy-robot princess-mummy...

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God fucking damn it Technomancer.

>> No.15188419

Sleepy, I love the necro~n strips.

Partly the reason I still draw lolicron these days

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>>but you'll do it one day, roight?
I suppose I could give it a shot

I prefer lolicron tough...

>> No.15188429

hey, there's also this one.

>> No.15188448

There was a carmelldansen vid on youtube with Nihei's characters, and Sanakan shaking dem hips.

where did it go?

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Are you Jo?

Regardles I m very happy you enjoy em even if you are not him.

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Thats... an interesting depiction of Sanakan.

Also, I would love to see a Blame! movie. If faithful, it would be six hour long, with about 5 minutes of dialog.

If it would be a typical studio remake, where they rename Killy Jake McGoodguy, give him a "lovable" zany sidekick, and have him romance some chick, I would murder everyone involved in the production. No jury who read the original would convict me.

>> No.15188474

If they don't give Sanakan the voice of a little girl, I.. I... I'll compalin on the internet! a lot!

>> No.15188487

You know, 90% of Nihei's works are actually his personal fap-material.

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Awesome shower was awesome.


Who is gonna get saved? You are! YOU ARE! Thats right.

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This is my favourite

>> No.15188510

He faps to buildings?

>> No.15188515

God damn it, are you faggots making another forced meme? Newfags please look at this link.


We've been fucking over this already. WE HAVE ALREADY DONE THIS, SO WE DON'T NEED TO DO IT AGAIN.

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It sure is summer...

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>> No.15188534

Pretty much. Also to heavy cyber.modding/gynoids.


>> No.15188541

yes, because it's fun. Cultist-chan was fun, and she simply doesn't have anymore potential. And it's not the fucking same thing, it's related to a quest, an entertaining one.

Obviously, YOU are the newfag, since you don't know about this.

>> No.15188563


I have to wonder what the hell is going on under that blanket, because I have my doubts that a masturbating Necron would make a shlicking noise.

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Osaka mind.

>> No.15188569

don't forget amputation.

at one point, Zouichi even gets captured, and his jailers say: "well let's amputate him.
New standard procedure

Damn, they could rebuild three Killys out of all the libs he's lost. Actually, that's pretty much what happens;

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Anyone know how the Blam! RPG is?
I got a really, REALLY bad itch from even it's mention to run a Blame! game.

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Silicon Life.
yfw it's real... in a way.

>> No.15188669

as far as I know, it's playable, but some people complained about the weaponry mechanics, and about the lack of adventure seeds.

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Bow-ties are cool.

>> No.15188691

Is that... Meg Ryan?

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Nope. She's the one on the right.

>> No.15188732

I, for one, love Nihei's works. Biomega was a bit iffy at the end though, during the last chapters my brain gave up on tying to understand what's going on, and focused on the pretty pictures.

>hldrea funding
Yes Captcha, I would like to ask for funding for a Blame! movie like >>15188462 said.

>> No.15188784
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same here, Biomega just didn't catch on for me.

and you know, only a minority of faggots don't like Nihei's works.

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Hearts for Lolicron <3

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File: 162 KB, 900x1239, tau quest 12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15189028

Good ol' Xeno Goldencrotch?

I'm ok with this

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Good thread is good.

A now I must sleep. Good night ladys and gents.

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Need to sleep, need lots of it.

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File: 305 KB, 894x925, adenture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's go into an adventure!

>> No.15189117
File: 53 KB, 600x600, lolicronwillbebackforyou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Possibly my favorite:)

>> No.15189131

Oh!!! God fucking damnit Jo!!!

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>> No.15189190

I am happy you are happy!
Make more necron~n!

>> No.15189193
File: 31 KB, 431x218, fran go on.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15189231

Sorry, I am wasted.

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I will, as soon as I get my exams done. I did skip last week I made an Alpha Centauri one instead. I am actually kind burning out on necro~n ideas lately.

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>this comic


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Don't push it if you don't want or can.

You have my appreciation anyway, and I like Alpha Centauri too. It's all good.

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Problem, unbelievers?

(For the record, I play Morgan and Deidre and to a lesser extent Santiago.)

>> No.15189349

I am a moralfag and play ONU
But I like the University, the Hippies and the Cyborgs too

>> No.15189364

>he doesn't play Morgan

>> No.15189381

I like the Hive

Inefficiency is for chumps

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Then just Deidre take what oyu wish.

Alright, thread successfully derailed!
I m off! Later /tg/

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Could Necrons BE any more Tomb Kings in space?

>> No.15189432


I play Miriam quite a bit. I generally make all efforts to get on the good side of the Uni.

Between tech from them and all the tech I've nicked off people, I'm generally pretty high up on the tech chart.

>> No.15189471

Looks like some wasn't around in second edition :D


>> No.15189482

>/tg/ - Heresy and Heresy

>> No.15189490

i liked that necron lord, i gave him a marble for his resorb.

>> No.15189497


oh man, I was just flipping through some old White Dwarf issues, particularly the ones when the Necrons were introduced.

I like how at that point, a Necron Monolith was just a monolith. It didn't hover or shoot green lightning or teleport Warriors. It just stuck out of the sand and had marble-pattern gloss wallpaper stuck to it.

>> No.15189508

Can you explain? Was he more Tomb Kingy? I can believe it!

>> No.15189522
File: 43 KB, 670x397, palpatine_edit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw marbles make perfect mystic orbs

>> No.15189524
File: 52 KB, 873x627, m1440180_99060110004_NecronLordClassicMain_873x627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Which one, this guy?

>> No.15189537

thanks for the thread so much.

you made this fa/tg/uy a very happy man.

>> No.15189543


Jesus Christ, they do!

Too bad Magnus already got the Crimson King title in 40k, otherwise I'd make a Necron Lord named The Crimson King, give him a red cloak, and swap his Resurrection Orb from among 13, based on the ones from The Dark Tower series.

>> No.15189544
File: 61 KB, 423x535, 2nd ed necron.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, him.

>> No.15189556
File: 114 KB, 565x567, oldcrons.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>post ends in 44
>Warriors used to cost 44 points

Also, Toughness 5 with a 2+ and WBB. Goddamn they were dead 'ard.

>> No.15189584


And yet Ward is giving them a 4+ save now. They're completely made of metal, but only have a save comprable to that of Eldar Aspect Warriors or Marine Scouts.

I do like what he's supposed to be doing to the Ctan, though. Custom monster from the depths of nightmare itself? Yes please.

>> No.15189680

custom? depths of nightmare itself? What?

>> No.15189709


Supposedly you start with a basic C'tan shard thing, and then you can add powers. Apparently if you gave it everything, which would be silly, one C'tan can go up to 500 points. (Normally you'd go around 200)

>> No.15189721

Well then this probably isn't an avatar of c'tan.... but having all of the c'tan's powers together? Are they going to be friends now?

>> No.15189771


no, it's the "avatar" thing. apparently the 4 named ones are okay and out there somewhere, you just can't use them. these are chunks of lesser C'Tan that the Necrons enslaved.

They're elites, 4+ invulnerable, Monstrous creature, eternal warrior and fearless. 10-50 point upgrades, like a Jaws of the World Wolf clone, an upgrade for stealth + assault & defensive granades, a S4 large blast shooting attack, a S4 assault 8 shooting attack, a 24" lascannon, making melta and flamer weapons within 12" or 18" have the Gets Hot! rule, making everything difficult/dangerous terrain, etc.

>> No.15189798
File: 119 KB, 637x430, 1292718296146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15189831
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>> No.15189863

i never understood why melta doesn't "gets hot!" already. its stronger then plasma, it's supposedly hotter then plasma.

>> No.15189884


Because Plasma weapons are old relics that the Imperium doesn't know how to build anymore. They malfunction because of that. Tau plasma weapons don't because they can actually build them.

>> No.15189901


lower rate of fire, I'd guess. plasma guns are rapid fire, cannons shoot an explosion. meltaguns are assault 1, and multi-meltas somehow just become longer-range and heavy instead of becoming assault 2 or twin-linked.

I'd be in favor of melta weapons having a choice between a single shot or a gets hot! double-tap. Kind of like how the Splinter Cannon is Assault 4 or Heavy 6.

>> No.15189914

i see. i still find it fun when fighting guard their commissars kill themselves left and right.

>> No.15189915

In fluff, plasma weapons rarely overheat.
And there are entire forge worlds, lize Ryza, devoted to the making of plasma weaponry.

>> No.15189916


Gets hot flamers?

How does Gets Hot work with template weapons?

Either way, my Sisters are going to be a little annoyed but that's what exorcists are for.

>> No.15189939

Plasma weapons require containment fields to properly siphon their superheated gases into balls of sun-flavored doom. If those fields fail, (which they sometimes do thanks to being 10,000 years old and/or imperfect bootlegs rater than STC-perfect versions) the superhot gases vent all over the holder. Ergo, Gets Hot.

Meltaguns are more like super-focused flamers.

>> No.15189948

i stopped caring about imperial fluff, bunch of guys slapping their penises on technology is what i always remembered them as.

>> No.15189957



Plasma Weapons are a mostly lost technology from the standpoint of the contemporary Imperium of Man, seen as the relics of another age. Their workings are a mystery for the most part, and only a select few Forge Worlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus still know how to construct them. Those few plasma weapons that are constructed for the Imperium's armed forces go through extensive blessings and rituals dedicated to the Machine God before use.

So I was a little bit off. Many of the plasma weapons being used ARE ancient relics and the new ones are built by people who don't fully understand them.

>> No.15189974


I'd guess rolling 1s on the to-wound.

Also, with Space Marines, Vulkan should help negate that ability.

>> No.15189977

I daresay at least a few Magos understand it.
Fuck, Ryza makes a plasma TANK.

>> No.15189992


Yeah, but flamers roll a LOT of to wound rolls.

There will be a lot of wounds there.

Then again, maybe it just won't work due to no to hit roll.

>> No.15189995


vehicle weapons don't worry about Gets Hot! because they have cooling systems.

a Ryza-pattern plasma gun or pistol should exist, at a higher points cost and without Gets Hot!, but GW are too "herp de derp dats too complicated for the kids" to do that.

>> No.15190006

>make plasma TANK
create artificial sun and toss it at the enemy!

>> No.15190014


Maybe they do, maybe they don't. Doesn't change the fact that for most of the Imperium, plasma guns are either ancient relics or half-arsed replicas held together by spit and prayer.

>> No.15190021


maybe you make the to-hit roll just to see if it gets hot, and then slap the template down?

this seems like one of those things that probably sounded like a great idea at first, but playtesting should kill it.

>> No.15190043

They work just fine.
They just overheat, because the Imperium has all plasma weapons dialed to the highest degree possible without making it have to cool after every shot like on Maximal setting.
Seriously, that's the fluff.

>> No.15190059

Stormblade superheavy tank.
Described as being made by worlds without the knowledge to make volcano cannons.
So apparently, plasma isn't the end all and be all of Imperial tech.

>> No.15190083

so they work fine, its more or less user error. they don't care that it is over heating they want to keep firing until the enemy stops moving or until they get a new face construction.

>> No.15190095

Depends on the author, but the general fluff consensus seems to be that cooling systems rarely fail if you shoot responsibly.

>> No.15190098
File: 203 KB, 503x430, Stormblade_arkurionpattern.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fuck year.

>> No.15190105


I love that the Volcano Cannon is a giant Lascannon instead of a giant Meltagun, which the name would make you think.

>> No.15190139

fire lava directly at the enemy. sounds more like dorf tech.

i really want to see the new Tesla weapons for the crons,

>> No.15190150

Plasma Blast weapons roll a d6 before the scatter dice is placed and Get Hot on a 1; I'd imagine Gets Hot flamers would do the same thing.

>> No.15190215


This makes me desire Assault 2 or Assault 3 flamers with the Gets Hot! rule. Abusing Orks would be worth the risk.

Delicious tech-heresy.

>> No.15190323

i want to see orks with assault 2-3 with plasma but on a 1-2 it "gets hot"

>> No.15190351


the fact that Orks don't have to take an armor save for every shot fired means they don't have enough Dakka.

>> No.15190369

i'd call them glowee boyz

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