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Inevitably the Dark Angels will recieve a new codex and as of now they just seem to be proto-marines with the ability to field an all terminator army.

So /tg/ how would you differentiate the Dark Angels from vanilla marines? What will make them unique enough to really deserve a codex of their own?

You can't squat them.

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i dunno, the termie thing was kinda theirs before GK could do it too...

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>What will make them unique enough to really deserve a codex of their own?

They're spess muhreens. GW lieks dem sum spess muhreens. Fuck other races and factions.

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I'd allow them to play The Fallen (this is a joke).
I'd allow them to field redemed Fallen (not so much a joke, but it would be pretty heretical and wouldn't really happen in 40k (unless GODO wrote it)).

Or maybe just allow more bad-ass (Read: Lost tech) Terminator armor if they were fielding deathwing.

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Bikes and Termies and Techmarines as troops under different HQ's.

Everything else is vanilla and typical.

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Badass termie retinue's?

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More specialization when fielding Death Company or Ravenwing; more options to customize weapons load-outs and whatnot for the individual units. Otherwise I would leave it fairly standard. Rules for all the named characters they have too. Drop combat tactics for a revised version of stubborn or similar.

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>Bikes troops
Vanilla can do it.

>Termie troops
Grey Knights can do it

>Techmarine troops
DA are paranoid, they probably wouldn't have lots of Techmarines, who have taken vows to Mars.

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techmarines as troops?
I thought the Dark Angels don't trust them really. they are not 100% sure if they are good Angels or rather spies for Mars ready to tell everyone the Dark Angel secrets, if they know about them. Only the Master of the Forge is told some of their embarassing secrets.
Is that enough to make them so special, that they should field many techpriests?

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Dark angels aren't getting a new codex until well past 5th edition guys, they were the first codex made for the new codex design, so they are still fresh.

As a note GK players, Dark Angels did it first.

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Lets be honest, Dark Angels could have easily covered in vanilla codex, just like salamanders, white scars and crimson fists.
I would also like them to be something special like red marines or yiffs, but sadly the current fluff does not offer a good solution.
I would like to see something special for the termies, not just their tele-assault-rule.

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>What will make them unique enough to really deserve a codex of their own?
For the love of Odin, we don't need more marine codices.
We have too many as it is.

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I would like to see a whole lot of Plasma and a lot of rare equipment. Ancient weapons and doodats. That stuff, the Dark Angels are one of the oldest chapters and renowned for their large quantity of archaetoch.
They also have some nifty Devastators, I've heard.
Additionally they should have some special rules which restrict them in their choice of their allies but also allows them some other specialities.
There baby chapters could assist them for example.
Or the Dark Angels command a large information and spy network.

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They may not be needed but they're already here.
While they're here surely it would be better to make them something other than green Ultramarines in robes.

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>You can't squat them.

Why the fuck not?

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Yeah, they should make one Space Marine codex with Chapter Traits reintroduced, HQ choices similar in concept to the current SM Dex, and list examples of trait selection for Black Templars and such.

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No thanks. Traits are gone and I don't want them to return.

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It wouldn't be nice for the Dark Angels players.
Also GW wouldn't do it.
Also a million replies would probably be 'lol squat them' if that hadn't been a condition.

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Originally Grey Knights were only fielded in Terminator Armor, but could also only fight against Chaos, back when terminator armor gave 3+ on 2d6

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I guess some people don't know about the motherfucking Ironwing

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No one has mentioned it yet? Really? I mean OP it's so fucking simple

The only thing this codex needs is Assoult Bike Termies.

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You're right I don't. Care to elaborate?

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There was a time when jet pack terminators were legal.

Should not want, but just can't help it.

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To be honest, no, tell me more about it.
Also i would like to have a source for it along with an explanation why it isn't mentioned in the current DA codex.
If lexicanum is to be trusted, it was only listed in one white dwarf in the old space marine game and GW didn't mention them later at all.

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Re-teleporting terminator troops like in DoW. Similar to Infinity Gate psy power.

All bikes got scout.

Land Speeders can fight in melee.

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The Ironwing is a Dark Angel tactic where they basically take all of the vehicles that aren't in use by any companies currently engaged, and ride out for a fast, armored assault.

In-game, it wouldn't really be anything different than an all-mech SM army, but the extra Techmarines would be beneficial.

(Not the guy who posted the idea of the troop Techmarines, but it is something somewhat fluffy for DA.)

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It was a formation that could be used in Epic. It's essentially the IG Armored Company, but with Space Marines instead.

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I like the way this guy thinks. Chance the fluff a bit and give techmarines some emphasis in DA force organization. A whole company maybe? A company full of techmarines or techmarine initiatives led by Master of Forge. Access to large quantities of plasma weapons? Access to supreme quality of tanks? Access to titan legion maybe?

Okay going too far. Gotta catch my breath.

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Land Raider Incinerator

Two Incinerator Plasma cannons
R 48" S 7 AP 2 Heavy 3 Blast

Twin linked assault cannon

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Terminator Dreadknights.

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Guys, fuck this, why are we talking about the Space Marines, when we could be talking about the fact that the Valhallans, Kriegers, and Harakoni (among a MILLION OTHERS) have no Codex of their own?

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Am I the only one who liked the previous edition where marine chapters had traits and IG had doctrines better?

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They're unlikely to get a codex while the Dark Angels are guaranteed?

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Because FUCK IG, that's why.

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Certainly not, brother.

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because OP wanted to talk about dark angels.

By the way, there are many who should have an own codex and GW will for sure use everyone of them some day to get the last few hundred dollars of your hands for a pack of 5 guardsmen with a funny hat.

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I remove the Dark Angels codex, as well as Codex: Space Wolves, Codex: Black Templars, Codex: Blood Angels and Codex: Ultramarines and put them all in a single Codex: Space Marines.


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But wait, there's more!
Order now an you get Codex: Chaos! It's both Codex: Chaos Space Marines and Codex: Chaos Daemons in one! Only £20!

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I'd totally buy both if they got a few sides of fluff and perhabs colored pictures.

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Why not just put all codexes in the rulebook?

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Because then the rulebook would be huge.

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Why not just have a rules wiki and only charge for the physical products?

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Because people like something they can throw at really annoying opponents. Also profit loss.

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Doesn't mean they can't publish hard copies of rulebooks and codices. Because yes, having a physical book to flip through is a million times better than loading up a pdf.

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They should be shooty, rather than assualty as the majority of other marines are.

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Kriegers got a codex. It's called Imperial Armour

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Every marine codex is we hit things really well, but in different ways.

Dark Angels could be the chance to break that mold. They were the forst to have combat tactics, which allowed them to use common sense and split down their squads. They also were the first to have plasma devastators. Dark Angels have three things: Terminators, Bikes, and Acheotech. Allow their basic troops to have more esoteric equipment, like superior targetters or weird, arcane equipment from the dark age of technology. Mix up the game by letting them have real options.

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And if you want to run Harakoni you could use counts as Elysians.


Jetbike squads. Each equipped subtly differently.

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Vanilla Marines aren't an assault army. They have dedicated assault units of any value - hammernators which require a 250 point transport per squad and are limited to elite, and also expensive biker command squad.

They're about as assaulty as Craftworld Eldar.

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I'd like to see DA as the super-shooty marines.

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agreed. Their combat style should favour (after reading the fluff) more "tactical" style than just CHARGE AND KILL THEM IN MELEE -style.

This, however, would have to mean that they can counter assault units somehow. What DA are known in Deathwatch (and in some early codexes) is that they do not give up in hopeless fights and stand their ground against the odds. Victory or defeat. Hence DA units should benefit from this sort of game style. Maybe going to ground wouldn't cause atomatic pinning.

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I want them to go one or two ways. Either keep them as mysterious monk guys and up their shootiness by letting them have more special weapons, maybe allow devastators to be taken as Elite as well as Heavy Support and generally add more big guns to each slot.

I’d also like to see them as more Arthurian knights, each army or character can select certain quests, these can be used to modify the army or any units joined, ‘magic’ archeotech weapons, shit like power lances for bikers. Maybe some kind of protection from a mysterious force that could be anything from Johnson’s nascent psychic powers, to the Emperor to the Watchers that gives them an Invulnerable save – like the brets blessing.

Maybe a mix of the two.

Also since GW apparently wants every army to have a big centre piece model, maybe add this guy as a big monstrous creature: A big watcher? A manifestation of the Chapters collective psychic abilities? I dunno.

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Dark Angels are famous for the Deathwing (terminators), Ravenwing (bikers/landspeeders), and Plasma technology.

I'd give them twin-linked on all plasma guns and plasma cannons. Give their bikers and landspeeders scout/infiltrate so they can outflank. Don't know what bonus I'd give the Terminators.

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Power lance
Power weapon for models on bikes that gives furious charge?

>> No.15188375


RavenWing Bikes already have scout

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Hello, my name is Lionel Johnson, and I gave away the Macro Cannons for Perturabo's vote for the next Warmaster, because we can all see how well that worked out last time.

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Sounds good, maybe an extra boost to initiative? Grey Knights get +2 for having halberds, I can imagine that the long reach on a lance could a bonus as well.

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Poor Lion, just tryin to help a brother out and where does it get you?

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I'd start by making their plasma not have the get hot rule. I'd give them a plasma variant of the landraider.

I'd give them veterans with 2handed power swords (simply because I lvoe the aesthetic).

I'd give them terminators in every slot. FA would be thunder hammer guys with a 12" every other turn teleport assault move or a 24" once a game teleport move.

The elites would have lightning claws with a 4++. They'd have the ability to teleport once a game to a unit carrying a teleport homer.

The heavies would be a unit of 5 with 5 cyclones and up to 2 other assault weapons.

I'd give them an elite biker unit with jetbikes with twin linked plasma blasters (plasma gun, assault 2) attached to the bike each carrying a plasma pistol.

I'd give them an interrogator chaplain dread.

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