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Why don't the Chaos Gods do anything directly? Nurgle makes plagues, so that's okay, but for an organisation that seeks to gain supreme power over the Materium they have their minions do a shitton of their work. At least I could imagine Khorne wandering around and destroying any ships in the warp he could find if their Gellar Field was down for a fraction of a nanosecond.

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Lets see here.

- Khorne is the most powerful, because people such as the orks and Imperium do all he could possibly ask: violent death on an incredible scale.

- Slaanesh pretty much all the eldar, so he does do stuff.

- Tzeentch plans to make plans to make plans to make plans to make plans which go nowhere.

- Nurgle makes endless plagues.

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>Tzeentch plans to make plans to make plans to make plans to make plans which go nowhere.

Actually Tzeentch is a lie, it is a paradox which shouldn't exist and it exists because of that fact. IE Tzeentch is pure impossibility and thus he exists because he is impossible, so he is a non-entity yet he is an entity who incidentally makes all his followers say "Just as planned!" regardless of wining or loosing.


Because he exists to not exist thus he is entirely non-existent in the sense he exists.

I think that is a good enough excuse to do jack shit.

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Man I wonder how a construct of Hope gained not a trait related to it (Hate=War, Fear of Death=Decay, Desire=Pleasure) but that fucking paradox change and fate shit.

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The more powerful a warp entity, the harder it is for it to manifest in realspace. For the big four themselves it is probably as good as impossible short of the entire warp-realspace barrier collapsing entirely.

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Tzeentch, as I understand it, offered Hope in the sense of a "Grand Plan" He was the hope that "It was meant to be", or "Everything will be ok, in the end."

The problem is, there IS NO plan. Tzeentch's hope was a false one. Things changed, and in changing, lost that original perspective. Tzeentch is the God of What is To Come, and as such, ALL THINGS are as they must be. He wins, he loses, it doesn't matter, because he's seen the end.

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Greater Daemons are like, fragments of the Chaos Gods, right? They do shit. So the Chaos Gods are doing shit.

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