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So, here we are again. Sorry about the wait. Lotta sprites this time. Lotta choices. There may be more cutscenes than you'd like, but I'll try to keep them short. This episode features more choices than last time, not just for the right now, but for what will happen later in the game.

First of which is who is your third team member going to be?

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>admitting in op that this is a choose your own adventure comic, not a traditional game

The third team member will be Spider Man.

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what are our options, CF?

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Does anyone actually read these bits? But yeah, previous threads can be found here:


if you need to brought up to speed..erm slower.

Anyways, game start.

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After stepping from the chamber, initially distressed C-16 is quickly hiven her clothes and her hunting lance, she gives it a few practice swings and nods approvingly.

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Um... motion for her to follow you. Or ask Calliban to translate it to her. Let's ask her about how she got there (via Calliban).

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fuck yes boone quest. been waiting for this.

gotta go to bed tho -_-

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I miss Cultist-chan, her antics made me smile.

Please, do more Cultist-chan stuff.

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remember we need to get calliban to blast the bridge down below where we got the caustic stuff. thats the next step in our adventure imo

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motion her to follow, go downstairs, get calliban to blast bridge down

>> No.15182310

what her inventory like?

also the status, of miss depressed tech adept ?

>> No.15182335

Calliban is your currently designated team member, but you can take one other. Your current choices are either, C-16 an Attilan Rough Rider who is a monster of hit points and damage, but who is both braindamaged and knows very little Gothic, or Leokadia a techpriest who is intelligent and knows the facility a little (a little) but who is unarmed save for the powers she gets from her potentia coil, she is also quite fragile, comparatively. It's a bit about what sort of game you want to play.

Ah. Refreshing in new tab, I see you're going with C-16. Not a bad idea.

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its about time for some action, take the warrior women

>> No.15182348

c-16 and calliban. i choose you!

>> No.15182359

Wait, we can take miss Dat Ass with us? Okay, this decision just got a lot harder.

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play this like every other rpg... take the girls and leave the boys

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waitasec, what is that a picture of in c-16's inventory?

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we need Caliban to shoot the bridge right now .

>> No.15182410

>leave Dan

But-but, Britishness... Also, hes the only one who can talk with C-16

>> No.15182412

a horse , she is after all an Attilan

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No, you see, If we take her with us, Calliban will end up charming her the whole time, and we'll have to keep giving them time alone, and never get anywhere.

Unless we took her and C-16. But then we'd never understand C-16. This has the best party dynamics.

Plus, we can always come back later and talk to her for info, or have her pray to machine spirits for us. Unless we get to a new section that locks off. But we'll deal with that if we come to it.

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A horse. Former cavalry.

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but can we see the tech priests inventory ?

>> No.15182431

yeah calliban shoots the bridge, we progress, and c-16 will go berzerk on any xeno we encounter.

glaive it up in this biatch

>> No.15182437

Nel's safely in the Chirio tube. getting the help she needs.
Thumbs up! Let's do this. Calliban used precise shot!

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why c-16's PP a % unlike calliban ?

>> No.15182459

Cause fuck you, that's why.

>> No.15182476

It's super eff-WHAAAAAM!!!!

Jeez. That was loud.

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ok ... i was think it was because their specials worked in a different way but that works too.

>> No.15182479

Well, I would imagine whilest he uses it to perform certain actions, C-16 has an amount of rage to work through.

I'm not entirely sure I want to learn how to recharge that, though. . .

>> No.15182517

Cross that mothafuckin bridge, mothafuckas!

>> No.15182526


Was that someone else's voice we heard, other than our groups? This might bare investigating.

>> No.15182543

Charge forward! Either someone needs help or we really screwed up. Either way, we can solve it with the liberal application of brute force!

>> No.15182554

You proceed.

C-16 Only has one attack and it's a doozy. She regains it, well..same as you would recharge Musou normally. if you've played that game.

>> No.15182557

That seems to be the same color as Locke's voice, the techpriestess' brother.

>> No.15182578

Yell up a bashful apology, then scuttle away before he can get down here and yell at us for disrespecting the Machine Spirit.

>> No.15182602

Fuck that guy he had a chance at talking with us but he turned his ears off

Continue on and forget we ever heard his whiny ass voice

>> No.15182604

Way hey! Main power core! All it's missing is one of its Thenezz-Auger parts.

>> No.15182617

whip out the tec priestess and see if she can help fix it

>> No.15182620

fix the power core?

>> No.15182631

Why, I seem to see a pattern emerging here! Ask Calliban to ask C-16 what she is sniffing about. She might be smelling something important, like one of the genestealers.

>> No.15182633


Either she's got a cold or she smells soemthing. What do smell, C-16, what is it girl?

>> No.15182645

whats that? genestealers at the old well? let go girl!

>> No.15182649

>> No.15182651

I'll keep it in mind not to confront C-16... about anything really.

>> No.15182664

Calliban whips out the Thenezz-Auger spare part, and it clicks in like a champion. Powers back, guys, well done!

Apparently,she smells blood.

>> No.15182683

I think we should run back to the techpriestess to see what that did to help us. I know the turret is back online, but there might be other useful things.

Then double back and follow the scent of blood, I suppose.

>> No.15182697

sentry should now be up. lets go check with the datas techpriest

>> No.15182726

Lets go check on the techpriest with dat ass, and see if the formerly suicidaly depressed women is finished in the machine of extraction.

>> No.15182728

explore the basement for a little bit .

>> No.15182748


Seems that light and noise attracted something.

>> No.15182749

im pretty sure shes going to be there a while. we shot ourselves in the foot when we had boone toss the little ripper jar down the furnace. that would have sped up the curing process

>> No.15182754


lol c-16 now speaks gothic, sheesh

>> No.15182760

c-16 musou rage

callidan precise shot

boone, umm... erm... i forgot what boones powers are

>> No.15182765

Have C-16 look for the source of blood and follow her. Then at some point appologize to the techpriest for blasting that chain.

>> No.15182769

Boone has psyker powers. Also her character sheet would be nice.

>> No.15182774

FUCK !!!

KILL IT Calliban shoot for the eyes
get C-16 to grenade the ever living fuck out of it

dose Boone have any psychic combat powers ? if not SHOOT IT

>> No.15182779

==>do the shooty thing

>> No.15182791

RUN AND SHOOT! RUN AND SHOOT! Also have C-16 attack it with MUSOU RAGE, and order to retreat if things get too nasty. also, use some sort of psyker power on it.

>> No.15182793

i know that but forgot which ones. finding character sheet from suptg...

>> No.15182796


(also, is that a daemonic tyranid? We are fucked.)

>> No.15182804


> Psyker

> Against Tyranids

If the Hivemind is nearby, Boone will go batshit insane with the scratching and clawing in her head due to Shadow in the Warp. Boone shouldn't use her powers. Ever.

>> No.15182805

old sheet

ok she got nothing combat worthy

>> No.15182813

fck forgot pic

and damn, gotta go to bed. wifes calling. c yall tomorrow, GOOD LUCK

>> No.15182816

Take a look. That aint no normal tyranid.

>> No.15182818

Have Calliban shoot that bastard in the eye, and then have Musou use RAGE. Let's not use a grenade near a very delicate and important generator, please.

Our powers are useless in a fight, so I suppose cower in a corner and take potshots with our pistol as we can.

>> No.15182819

Retreat across the bridge using las gun to keep it at bay. If it cannot be avoided.. musou rage. If we can make it to the bridge, nade it once across.

>> No.15182822


C-16 - Musou Rage
Calliban - Precise Shot
Boone - ... no psy-points = FFFFUUU... Just shoot and pray for that golden BB...

>> No.15182828



>> No.15182829

Throw magazine, distract it with delicious tech booty.

Also, sleep tight!

>> No.15182853

We might be able to lure it into the acid. If our attacks fail miserably, retreat across the bridge and blow it with a grenade.

>> No.15182855

MGS much ?

>> No.15182864

You retreat to the bridge, not wanting to damage the generator you just fixed. Calliban lays down some cover fire, but it doesn't seem to be doing much.

C-16, seeing a quarry worthy of her skill, opts to unleash the fucking fury.

>> No.15182873


>> No.15182882

Her rage is a last resort. Have her nade the bridge instead as everyone continues to fall back.

>> No.15182890

Give a 'for the Emperor', stand back, and let C-16 go to work. It's best to let professionals to deal with pests like this, after all.

Also, Calliban should use precise shot on one of the beasts eyes if C-16 has trouble with it.

>> No.15182895

This. Only grenade it as a last resort.

>> No.15182911

Stall it at the bridge, and have C-16 rip the bridge off. Say hello to caustic acid, Mr. horror of the deep!

>> No.15182916

Depite the lingering suspicion that something awesome is happening behind you, you and Calliban know better than to be around once C-16 gets into one of her moods. Heck, you almost feel bad for...whatever that was? Sort of a Tyrannid with horns? Anyways. I guess you can observe it when she's done with it.

>> No.15182921

First of all, if it's caustic, it can't be acid by definition. Secondly that shit didn't do anything to an allumium can. I doubt it'll work on the tyrannid.

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>> No.15182965

Sorry. It is me. Forgot my trip. I don't use it when I post on other boards.

>> No.15182979

Thank you for not being a faggot.

>> No.15182983


Well, look to our surroundings, I suppose.

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>> No.15183000

Watch patiently?

>> No.15183005

Nice work, thunder thighs.
If we live through this, it's straight to the gym

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>> No.15183025


I just had the most horrid nightmare...

>> No.15183027

You know I bet we could have used diplomacy on that carnifex. Poor thing looked scared.

>> No.15183029


Probably a bit late, but OSHA is be PISSED at the condition of this place.

>> No.15183037


Is going to be pissed. Bah. Serves me right for typing at 1 in the morning.

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>> No.15183048


now, drown in vaginal juices and pass out

>> No.15183053

give her a huuuug!

>> No.15183057

Wake up and ask what the hell she's doing here. Then hug.

>> No.15183058

You are in no way presentable she is gonna scold you.

>> No.15183060


>> No.15183061

Hug jer vagina

>> No.15183063


>> No.15183064

sounds reasonable

>> No.15183065

Send Technomancer more requests for Raege and Boone porn. Seriously though, Give her a big hug and recount to her what you've seen so far. Ask for advice.

>> No.15183067

I'm not sure *someone here* would appreciate if he became aware of what has been done..

>> No.15183069

Wow. I honestly didn't expect so many people to get their hopes up. Now I almost feel kinda bad.

Oh well.

>> No.15183075

Dammit. Guess we'll just have to hug our own vagina, now. :(

>> No.15183076

cry a bit and then explore your surroundings. You're a freaking psyker (sort of) this can't be a normal hallucination

>> No.15183079

Ah. Hallucination I presume?
Well wander around and figure out where we are, and what's around.

>> No.15183084

Pout adorably

>> No.15183091

Look up and see if we can get in contact with Calliban.

Also, weep for the lack of sweet Commisarial love.

>> No.15183093

okay, do all of this simultaneously

>> No.15183101

Also, we just got called 'Kiddo'.

In 50's speak, that is the greatest sign of affection. We are loved.

>> No.15183104

For some reason I keep hoping C-16 gets a giant Mace or Scimitar, couldn't imagine why though.

>> No.15183108

You call up, but you've fallen quite far. You get no response.

Lacking alternate direction, you proceed left, not too thrilled by what you see. Then, your combead rings. Good thing those things are standard issue.

>> No.15183113


>> No.15183117


>> No.15183118


>> No.15183119


>> No.15183121

freak the fuck out, hide in a corner and then call.

>> No.15183122

Push select. Better not be a damn collect call.

Also, looks like another one of the sample jars. Which our beast probably came from. Which means that we probably made the right choice in purging the one that we found. HA.

>> No.15183123

Oh shit. This is the incinerator, isn't it.

>> No.15183125

That bitch? Anyone know of any Enemies Boone might have? Also. Push Select and put our back to the wall and keep our eyes open.

>> No.15183128

ask if we can eat any of our surroundings

>> No.15183131

so we better get back up before getting burninated.

>> No.15183133

>> No.15183138

okay, now ask fr something to get back up.

>> No.15183140


>> No.15183150

Ask if there's a rope handy. If not, ask him to go get the techpriestess. She should at least be able to give us an idea where we are and a way to get back with the others.

>> No.15183155

OLI OLI OLI OH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.15183159


..Isn't that the tyranid-containing tube we threw into the Incinerator?

Not good. Very not good.

>> No.15183170


Crab battle?

>> No.15183174

why couldn't we just raise the nid as a pet? Now it's become huge and horny.

>> No.15183176

yes yes thats all fine but CAN I EAT IT?

>> No.15183181

Has no-one noticed the drawing on the wall yet?

>> No.15183184

>> No.15183189

that jean-stealing bastid is still alive, eh?

>> No.15183193

Okay, get the fuck up, and try not to get our pants grabbed by Jeanstealer as we climb up.

>> No.15183194

Your right those proportions are all wrong. Boone is not that skinny.

>> No.15183198

Yeah, ready the laspistol.

>> No.15183199

Begin slow, cautious movement ahead. Can we feel for other presences with our mind? 'Cus that bastard we got in the balls is out and about.

Prepare our foot for battle, brothers. Let his balls know the Emperor's fury.

>> No.15183201

okay, who's the person sodomizing Boone?

>> No.15183205


...Okay, this facility is going to want to get a refund on their incinerator.

It fails at, y'know, burning things.

>> No.15183206

Inspect drawing, broken container, and look around for said cable.

>> No.15183209

or rather, can she feel he psychic perturbations generated by a nid mind?

>> No.15183210

Guys...how long were we out
>captcha any otacon

>> No.15183241

You draw your trusty compact LASPISTOL and proceed with slow, precise steps. There is a...man?...here. He seems to be eating something.

>> No.15183245

say hi to the fellow mutie.

>> No.15183252

Jean stealer. I call it.

>> No.15183253

hold fire but back the fuck up. he looks dangerous

>> No.15183256

a snake ? EAT IT!

>> No.15183257

Ask him what's going on and if he needs any help. Let's try and save who we can, eh?

>> No.15183266

He startles slightly.

>> No.15183271

he doesn't seem like a bad guy, otherwise, he'd have crushed you, maybe he just got his face burned.

ask name

>> No.15183273

That certainly is a genestealer shoot to kill.

>> No.15183279

that's not what a genestealer looks like you stupid man. Obviously he's not hostile.

Offer him your help.

>> No.15183286



>> No.15183287

This, but still keep you distance and have laspistol ready.

>> No.15183291

==> read his mind!!!

>> No.15183296

Looks part Genestealer or something. If he lunges for us, shoot him in the head. Ask him if he needs help or needs to escape.

>> No.15183297

Well his voice has changed, and he looks kinda messed up but it turns out you've met.

>> No.15183298

He is just not a pure strain, why else would he have chiton. He's also displaying a red coloration similar to that of the carnifex.

>> No.15183301

seems like a pretty nice guy. Barely as polite as the crazy mongol chick, but still, we should help him out, while keeping safe distances.

>> No.15183307

then ask him to continue

>> No.15183308

TELEPATHY him to understand whats he talking about.

>> No.15183309

Seb is not a nice guy...look at the past threads

>> No.15183310

Uhm... broken shards look like the container what we chucked down the incinerator... either this chap's snacking on the ripper-chan, orrrrr...

Fuck it... kill it with flashlights!

>> No.15183317


>> No.15183319

but first aim for balls

>> No.15183324

Nonsense, hybrids just don't look like this.

>> No.15183326


>eryinte Greek
Yes, Captcha, she is a Greek Fury

>> No.15183328




>> No.15183329

well, shoot, I guess.

>> No.15183335

I concur. Shoot him in the balls.

>> No.15183343

>> No.15183347

Kick him in the balls

>> No.15183351


>> No.15183355

kick him in the balls with the flashlight.

>> No.15183356

i am still like the idea of telepathy

>> No.15183357



>> No.15183358

What is he eating?
Also, shoot him.

>> No.15183367

okay, psyker time, and then shoot, maybe

>> No.15183368

Actually yeah, mind read first, then if hostile, shoot, if not, climb rope, and get what's his face to shoot him.

>> No.15183375


>> No.15183378


Like I said, I reckon he's snacking on roast Ripper.

We know what's on this guy's mind. Go for the balls, Boone, go for the balls!

>> No.15183385

Blast him with psy, kick him in the balls, read mind, kick him again, loot. Run.

>> No.15183399

Your mind races at a million miles an hour: Read mind? Shoot talk? Kick Balls? Kick Balls? Kick balls!!


>> No.15183400

Shoot in balls, shoot in kneecaps, shoot in head, repeat 3rd step until magazine is dry.

Yeah, he's eating whatever was in the vial. And he already had a genestealer infection, probably.

All else failing, we can telepathically punch him in the balls with our spectral hands.

>> No.15183408


>> No.15183413

GOOOOOOD. Now shoot him. In the kneecap.

>> No.15183414

hit 'em again.

>> No.15183416




>> No.15183419



Boone, Connie will be so proud of how you have taken matters into your own hands. So to speak.

Now that we've established a basis to communicate from, NOW we can interrogate the onanist.

>> No.15183421

Wait guys think about this
Genestealers exist only to reproduce
Ask him if he knows what happens to stealers who have lost that capability.

>> No.15183423

Shoot his knees out and leave him to rot. Ass. Maybe see if he's got anything on him worth taking then get out of there.

>> No.15183432

I support the shooting him in the kneecap motion. Also kick him in the balls again, THEN climb the rope fast, and get Calidan down here to shoot him dead.

>> No.15183436

Nice work!

>> No.15183443

knee caps, then, time permitting, curb stomp. i dont like the look of all those teeth

To make a point, why do we want to interrogate him exactly? what is he likely to know that we need?

>> No.15183445



>> No.15183446



>> No.15183449

dat achievement. I still think we should shoot out one of his kneecaps before attempting interrogation.

>> No.15183456


As a law enforcement officer, I really feel that I should disagree with gratuitous violence on a downed subject....

Who am I kidding, this fuck-chuckle deserves it...

>> No.15183457

line up the shot, one round through both knees, no sense wasting ammo

>> No.15183459

>To make a point, why do we want to interrogate him exactly? what is he likely to know that we need?

huh, good point...maybe we should just shoot him in the head and be done with it?

>> No.15183466


But yes, shoot in kneecap, interrogate, apply the Emperor's Mercy to the head once finished.

We left him alive once. Let's not repeat the mistake.

>> No.15183478

You plant a neat shot in both of Seb's knees. Now you could ask some questions, if you wanted.

>> No.15183479


I must join my brothers and say...


>> No.15183486




Stomp him in the nuts.

>> No.15183487

demand to know where the commisar is!

The sexy one!

Who made Fucklaw into the angriest sonvabitch this side of the skull throne

if he doesn't know, shoot him, its the only question he could answer that we'd care about

>> No.15183488

1. what happened to the medical sample
2. when was he infected
3. how many genestealers on the planet
4.where is their base
5. give him a minute to pray to the emperor for mercy, then pew pew

>> No.15183489


Ok... interrogate him... them.. STOMP HIM IN THE NUTS!

>> No.15183491

Interrogate him on WTF has happened, then proceed with a merciful headshot if he's cooperative. Nut stomp if not.

>> No.15183507


... You guys are no fun...

>> No.15183511


Seconding this, because I can't come up with anything else...

>> No.15183512


>> No.15183515


Fucking Stomp him in the Nuts already!

>> No.15183533


>> No.15183538

Seb laughs weakly at this question and calls you an idiot.

1. After being shot by Vilmos and chucked down here, Seb was badly weakened, the sample clattered down later, largely unaffected by the fire, and smashed. He explains that, as if by instinct he consumed it and found his strength returning. He felt invigorated.

2. I'm infected?

3. I saw a movie about them. They're not real.

4. What the shit are you talking about, dumpling butt?

5. I was told he has no authority h...*PEW*

Goodbye, Seb.

>> No.15183546


Just as well we didn't use that sample then, because it's full of evil mutating pathogens.

>> No.15183547

...Well damn. If Big E says so, I guess we really do have to stomp him in the nuts.

Anyway, ask him if there is anything interesting in the surrounding areas, any enemies that we might find, and all that other good stuff. Then kill him.

>> No.15183548

honestly guys, we're playing boone here. Shes incapacitated him, shes not gunna keep beating on him, shes a good person not a psychopath.

Most likely shed ask nicely if he knows anything useful, then leave. I cant really imagine her executing or torturing anyone, shes too sweet for that

>> No.15183554



>> No.15183555


Should Boone gain some corruption points?

>> No.15183556

Make SURE he's dead.

>> No.15183559

okay, up the ladder little lady!

>> No.15183562


Frisk his coat before we head to the cable. You never know, there might be something useful there.

>> No.15183564

Well, to the right a bit to see if we can find a coin or something, then go looking for that cable.

>> No.15183567


>No stomping in the nuts.

>> No.15183569


Oooh, nice touch... didn't think about that...

Now, the obvious choice is to head up the rope... presumably it leads up to the incinerator...

The only thing I'd suggest beyond that would be to search his pre-crispied corpse to ensure there's nothing on it of value.

>> No.15183570

she might not TORTURE him, but if she wasn't willing to execute an abominable mutant, she wouldn't have made it to the inquisition in the first place.

>> No.15183572


Seconding this, look for the coin that we dropped.

>> No.15183583

Seb resents your way of attempting to kill him, and assures you that when he eventually kills you, he'll do it with some class. Like fucking you while he pushes your face through a ban-saw.

>> No.15183591


Okay, now kickim inna nertz. Boone may be a more timid and goodly sort of gentle character, but now Seb is just being RUDE.

>> No.15183595

Aaaand empty the rest of the magazine in his head. Emperor damn it, some heretics just don't have the common manners to die when you shoot them.

>> No.15183596


oh god-emperor, we have a chance.

stomp him in the nuts!

>> No.15183597


and being rude is not very nice and doesn't get you dessert.

>> No.15183604

tie one of his legs to the end of the cable. climb up and pull the cable up after you. carry him to the acid and chuck him in

>> No.15183606



>> No.15183610


... Either we're not supposed to kill him yet, or we're not using the right equipment...

>> No.15183614


I agree. Bath-time in the caustic mess.

>> No.15183615



>> No.15183616

We just aren't using enough of it. It usually takes quite a few compact laspistol shots to actually kill someone.

>> No.15183620

Have our guardsman friend kill him later. Now, NUTSTOMP.

>> No.15183622

Shit, he's possibly part-Tyranid now from whatever was in that container. Should we try to fry his ass with psychic powers or start moving before he regenerates all his wounds and sprouts tentacles?

>> No.15183624

Ask him if he saw any coins laying around. Or useful mechanical parts. Then shoot him.

>> No.15183627


Yeah, but we've wasted enough ammo already.

>> No.15183628

Boone doesn't have any psy-points left, does she? We could have cast Telepathy on Seb to find out the extent of the infection across the station.

>> No.15183631

Let's give him his second circumcision. I mean the kind that will leave him an eunuch. With your laspistol. And get someone down here to interrogate him.

>> No.15183634

it's probably both. TO THE CAUSTIC LIQUID

>> No.15183635

Let's not try and touch the hivemind. That doesn't sound good for a squishy psyker like us.

>> No.15183636


That... might not be a very good idea. Using telepathy on shambling abominations tends to do bad things to you.

>> No.15183637

You pat down Seb's coat, which has now partially melted and fused to his skin. You notice, while searching him that the bullet holes made by Vilmos's shots are healed back to muscle, and your own las shots have barely given him second degree burns. You're not sure how much ammo you're going to need for this journey, but you're pretty sure you don't want to use up the entire clip on a loser like Seb.

You opt to go up the rope.

Springboarding of Sebs nuts as you go.

>> No.15183640


Eeeeeexcellent. Let's not forget to gather the rope behind us, shall we?

>> No.15183641

pull the rope up after us then. we may not have the heart to chuck him in acid, but there's no reason to make this easy for him

>> No.15183646


C16 has a number of grenades. I say we have caliban go down and stuff one in his mouth.

That should take care of him.

>> No.15183652

Ha, take that!

>> No.15183654

I concur.

>> No.15183656

Sorry, slight GM bit. Just letting you know 3 very important things.

1. Seb can be killed, but it's hard. He's not really a big plot point. Just a petty irritant, and I guess and an example of what's going on here...kind of.

2. There is nothing interesting down here. Seriously. Chance encounter. Wouldn't have happened if you'd lowered the bridge normally. Pure chance.

3. The CAUSTIC RIVER, didn't even melt the can you put it in. It doesn't actually dissolve things that well. Certainly not before anything culd climb out.

>> No.15183660

perhaps, but those walls looked kinda steep. at the very least it woulda been funny.

>> No.15183665

>2. There is nothing interesting down here. Seriously. Chance encounter. Wouldn't have happened if you'd lowered the bridge normally. Pure chance.

HMMM? I say, we need to 'inspect' this part to the right, probably with the full party, later on.

>> No.15183669


Dang. No sense wasting more effort on him, then, although I get the feeling he's going to show up later on for some more dickmangling.

>> No.15183672

He should still be killed like the commie mutant traitor he is, just let someone else do the dirty work.

>> No.15183684

You shimmy up the rope and exit the mouth of the incinerator, you attempt to gather up the cable, but it's still kind of attached to the broken machine its attached to. You decide instead to switch it back on. Seb may be tough, but this will discourage him.

>> No.15183691

Regarding the inventory screen posted a while back, can we tell whether the Amasec Gums restore HP or Psy Points (or something else)? And did we somehow get another piece of chocolate, or was that a goof? And did we lose any HP in the fall that need to be restored?

>> No.15183692


oh we should warn the warden about our good friend Crispy.

>> No.15183707


I second that emotion.

>> No.15183710


>> No.15183716

Don't you mean notion?

>> No.15183717


I'd guess that they restore PP. Amasec is effectively Space Brandy, and alchohol unburdens the mind.

Suck the gums.

>> No.15183718

Use comm-bead to call Calaban.

>> No.15183727

ask if seb is edible!

>> No.15183735


No, I was referencing a Smokey Robinson song.

>> No.15183740


Well, maybe eat half the packet so we still have some spare to save for a different scenario if the effect isn't as intended now.

>> No.15183765

After a cursory look around, you don't see Vilmos, but you leave a note on the incinerator, in case he comes back.

You rejoin your friends who are delighted to see you. Now what? Not too many actions at once, please.

>> No.15183769


C-16 status screen?

How much HP did she lose?

>> No.15183779

Warn them that Seb is alive and some sort of thing. Also ask what became of that monster at the bridge.

>> No.15183782

yes, this. assess any damage. Ask the techpriest how long until the depressed girl is better. see if the sentry is functioning normally

>> No.15183786

These. Also ask how the progress is on Ms genestealer infection. Neb was it?

>> No.15183796

According to Calliban she recieved a scratch when one of the creatures claws fell on her after she cut it into a million, billion pieces. And cut those pieces into pieces.

Then jumped on them.

>> No.15183820

Tell her good work.

>> No.15183822

You explain that Seb is still alive to everyone but Leokadias confusion, who remembers him being processed at this medical station a while back.

The autosentry is perfectly oprational, melta, plasma, melta all online.

Nel will be done in maybe...12-15 hours?

You chew half of the AMASEC GUMS you have, giving you one PSY point.

>> No.15183832


>> No.15183835

>The autosentry is perfectly oprational, melta, plasma, melta all online.
>melta, plasma, melta
Are they expect that medical point will assaulted by land raider full of terminators or what? Because that seems a bit too much anti-tank firepower for an interior sentry turret.

>> No.15183839

Find the blue techie and tell him that you repaired the generator thingy. also, ask about finding a map of the facility.

>> No.15183843

There's paranoid techpriests around. I just hope the damned thing's accurate.

>> No.15183845

this is the imperial guard there is no such thing has over kill

on that note wee could always lure things in to the trap.

>> No.15183853

sir, I've detected some minor errors in your pronounciation. it could be a sign of chaos taint. now don't panic, just assume the party escort submission position and be patient. You will be purged shortly.

and on that note I should really get to bed, it's 5 AM..

>> No.15183856

Require Boone status sheet.

>> No.15183864

Its like the cancer killing /tg/ became a thread incarnate

>> No.15183879

I think this is a good point to finish up. Need sleep.

>> No.15183880

Bahaha. oops. I meant Melta, Plasma, Bolter. Still pretty nuts, even in pistol form but hey. Guess the guy in charge thought it was important.

You explore and find Locke, quite delighted at how little work he has left to do.

He shrugs. Sorry, he hasn't seen a map. He's actually from a different factory. Transferred when staff got injured.

>> No.15183897

Fridge leaking?
Also, ask Leokadias about Seb's time in the medical station.

Did he undergo a thorough check?
If so, it might give a time stamp on when he get infected.

>> No.15183903

May as well chew the other half of the amasec gums and gain the other PP.

>> No.15183908

Staff THERE, or staff here? This is a crucial distinction.

>> No.15183914


Careful, Boone, those things are full of sugar and your thighs are a bit... chunky already.

>> No.15183915

We should probably explore to the right of the bridge to get back to where we were before the DISTRACTION CARNIFEX happened.

>> No.15183917


+1 Psy Point

-5 Self-image?

>> No.15183920

5am? Well sleep IS important.
This will give you some time to think about what to do next, I guess.

Do you know that C-16 sprites aside, I had all of this drawn last time? Whole new areas you aint seen yet. Madness. Well done!

I'll resume with part 4 in a day or two I guess. Orr later today? We'll see.

Thanks for playing. Sorry it was a slow one.

>> No.15183924

Where the hellballs do you live anyways? It's 6am here.

>> No.15183932


He's from dahnundaland

>> No.15183938

Forgot my ding dang post again, sorry.

Silent Hill, Catachan

>> No.15183940

It was a laugh, thanks again CF! Now to knock up some Seb on Boone stuff...

>> No.15183951

That explains a lot.
Thanks for the quest, hopefully ill notice when episode 4 starts.

>> No.15183952


Razzamatazzah, za-za-za-zah, razzamatazz-zah-ZAH! Bding!


>> No.15183957


Wow, beatboxing victory music.

>> No.15183997

Pudding tits are here!

>> No.15184009

Archived for graet justice.

>> No.15184351

I missed it and now I am sad. Can't wait for the next time.

>> No.15184643

ah well. I was gonna do episode 4 at about 8pm your time it might be dicey, trying to do it before work. But it should give us maybe 8-9 hours to do the quest. Worth a shot.

>> No.15184858

Hey CF! We want more sexytime with you!

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