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if all of the Primarchs were pitted against each other one-on-one on even ground, who would win?

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Horus, nuff said, or maaaaybe Sanguinius, just behind.

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Guilliman of course.

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Sanguinius, assuming Horus is not granted the combined powers of all the chaos gods.

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>or maaaaybe Sanguinius, from behind.

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Leman Russ. without a doubt

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Alpharius, because there are two of him.

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>implying he wouldn't rather TAKE it from behind.

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Nah, he and Lion take each other out.

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is this like an elimination thing?
like a best record thing?

elimination, i'd say Horus
best record, Jaghatai Khan

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well yeah. if they are all on equal ground then the Gods can't interferer

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Night Haunter

stealthy deaths all around

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Everyone is mindkilled

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Magnus was defeated by Russ before, he could probably do it again

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Problem, mightiest bloodthirster ever?

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Sanguinus. Horus had the chaos gods behind him when he won

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There is only one possible winner. Alpharius, because he is every single one of the contestants.

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The Wolf and the Lion, fighting back to back. . and then after the others are all down, the final duel.

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Assuming no Alpha Legion bullshit, Sanguinius though.

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I dunno about a winner....

But I know Lorgar would get fucked up first

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Side note to this, how in the hell did Emps not pick out Mortorian as being... ya know, evil?

Scythe, sniffing poison, generally exuding all the evilness. I mean, all the signs were there.

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>Chaos decides to ambush Sanguinius when he is alone
>Chaos loses
I think we have a winner. Unless Alpharius or the Night Hunter take him out through trickery.

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well, first you have to cross out those who we know lost one-on-one fights with other primarchs
Roboute Guilliman

are out of the running

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Because the writers aren't sure whether to make the Emperor overbearingly harsh and dickish or naively accepting to his sons.

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One-on-one straight stand-up fight? Angron.

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As the russ and his company ported through the warp with his lost comapany, his age old (write fags continue?)

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Konrad Curze filled the sewers with corpses of people he murdered. Big E didn't care.
The primarchs were meant to take over the galaxy for the Emperor. He wasn't looking for nice, friendly behavior.

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all you have to look at is back story
Jaghatai Khan is the clear choice

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So they decide to make him the worst of both.

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Huh? Why is he out? Because when he was already wounded from fighting a super blood thirster he fought Chaos-empowered Horus and lost?
He is still in the running.

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Kidding? Angron is nowhere near the strongest. Even his statline for apocalypse games isn't that strong.

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So who is going to run the fancy schmancy computer simulation to determine THE DEADLIEST PRIMARCH

and now I am imagining Sanguinus strolling through the woods... when suddenly he points at the screen and the *WOOSH* reverse angle to Angron leaping out of some bushes RAAARRRRAARGH!

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Nope. Horus was the best fighter without the powers of chaos backing him. It was stated that the only people capable of taking down Angron were Horus and maybe Sanguinius.

The Rankings go:

At the very least.

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There is evil and Chaos evil. Only the second would be unacceptable. A morose tyrant wouldn't be a problem if it wasn't for chaos.

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Lorgar is meant to be the only one not suited for battle, so he's probably at the bottom of the scale. Fulgrim has defeated two other primarchs, so he has to be up there. He is the duelist of the group, so one-on-one would be perfect for him.

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Which Primarch is the least developed fluffwise? (besides Alpharius... for whom the lack of development is what actually underpins his character)

As far as I can tell.. isnt it Lion?

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There's truth here, Fulgrim is quicker than the rest, able to dodge the, comparatively, heavy handed blows most of the rest would deal out.

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Horus himself admitted that Sanguinius was better than him when he was dying

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Angron was the only one of them trained from birth to be a killer. He excels in one on one combat because that's the shit he did every day in the pits.

Also, fluff =/= rules.

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Horus said that Sanguinius was a better person and would make a better replacement for the Emperor. He didn't say that Sanguinius was a better fighter.

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Am i the only one who is thinking the pairings of combatants and order of combats would make a difference? There needs to be a bracket for this. I propose using legion numbers and have the first round be high verses low i.e. 1- El' Jonson would fight 20- Alpharius first and so on. with 19 Corax fighting 10- Ferris since 2 and 11 are unknown

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Vulkan would win

Because he's fucking amazing

He's fucking Vulkan

He'll use his helmet, a pair of twisty straws, some jello, and 5 spent bolter casings to construct a miniature nuclear device and throw it at his foe from atop his cliff.

Because he's fucking Vulkan

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>twenty twelve foot tall 3 ton plus humans fighting on a single landmass

Good god this planet wont last long...

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I think Lion should be out, because he just barely defeated Luther, a non primarch.
However, Luther was at the time being supported by Chaos, much like Horus.

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He wasn't evil, though.

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>Am i the only one who is thinking the pairings of combatants and order of combats would make a difference?
It would change the ranking, it wouldn't change the winner.

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the lion came close to beating the shit out of curze without really trying.

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Actually even Horus admitted that Sanguinius was the best of the Primarchs, being the most pure son of the emperor.

He lamented the death of Sanguinius while he waited for the emperor to come by and goes on this rant about how San had inherited their father's honor, intellect, power, and etc and how it should have been HIM to be the warmaster and etc.

Then he went and stabbed the emperor.

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But the Lion also fought off Curze, who is fucking crazy.

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He's not only a primarch, he's also the fucking MagGuyver of the primarchs.

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>using miniature stats for a characters strength instead of reading the fluff

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I don't think we can apply any previous fighting amongst the Primarchs during the heresy, because you know, chaos and all that interfering it does.

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yeah it would. if it's elimination then who they fight would change everything

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Well, here is a description of the Lion/Haunter fight incase anyone is interested.

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18 Primarchs, 2 Groups:

Win Tier:

Lose Tier:
Ferrus Manus

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In an arena match with all of them together in one big fight, I'd say Angron or Leman Russ. They seem like brawler types who'd do well in an arena-style fight.

One-on-one, I'd say either Fulgrim or Horus. Horus is basically fantastic at absolutely everything (apparently) and Fulgrim is probably the best duelist of the lot.

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working link

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>It would go like this.
>Primarchs, "Yarr lets fight"
>Roboute, "Thats not such a good idea guys"
>Primarchs, "Wow, your right as always Roboute. Your >our spiritual leader."

captcha: voted ledetat
Primarch Ledetat wouldn't have stood a chance captcha, you should know better

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>Lose tier

The guy fucking bitchslaps dragons in his spare time

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what you included their legions?

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Why? Source please, im interested.

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not know sure

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>>15179664 dragons

Too bad he doesn't bitchslap Primarchs in his spare time.

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I'm sad at the lack of Corax in here.

Have you people read The First Heretic or listened to Raven's Flight?

He literally guts Lorgar, and then he and Curze stand-off against each other. After he's been chopping up traitors with his wings on his jumppack.

In Raven's flight he cracks/slices Iron Warrior Terminators in half with a power whip. Terminators, the walking tanks.

Though I'm not sure he would win in a straight up one on one. Angron would be a beast to kill.

And on the topic of Lion vs. Curze:

Lion is a duellist and in that fight when it was more of a duel he had the upper hand.
Curze is a brawler, and when the fight gets there he has the upper hand.

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Grey Knights

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>lose tier

The fuck you smokin nigga

He slaughtered dark eldar in hand to hand combat as a five year old, then, still five years old, tied the Emperor himself in every challenge up to the drake hunting one. He still killed a huge-ass drake and hung off a cliffside by one hand for hours while holding a 10 tone beast in his other hand. Did I mention that he was five years old and did all this without armor or anything else?

Yeah, fuck all the rest of your primarchs.

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Hey guys, which Primarch founded the Grey Knights cause I vote for him.

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Emperor > Horus (assuming Horus fought Sanguinus first)
Horus > Sanguinus
Fulgrim > Ferrus Manus
Fulgrim > Roboute Guilliman
Leman Russ > Magnus
Magnus > Constantine Valdor
Konrad Kurze > Rogal Dorn
Roboute Guilliman > Alpharius (possibly)
Jaghatai has no references iirc.
Perturabo > Rogal Dorn
Lion El'Johnson > Leman Russ (iirc Russ was unarmed)

Eh its debatable. Arguably, Angron is one of the most powerful. Possibly stronger then Sanguinius. Sanguinius simply fought so well cause he knew he wouldn't die. Konrad Curze, is also considerably one of the most powerful. Almost killing Dorn, and if I remember, he was infront of some of the other majorly powerful primarchs yet they couldn't react fast enough to stop him. Then again, I might be fuzzy on that battle. Also, he's motherfucking batman.

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>He literally guts Lorgar

Not particularly hard. I could probably beat Lorgar into submission.

Probably make him cry if I burned some religious texts in front of him, too.

>> No.15179732

Matt Ward

>> No.15179733


That was before he had access to Primarchs

Oh and what did Curze spend his time punching up? Why dangerous sun-deprived, meek humanoids that's who

Besides, Vulkan is like the true batman of Primarchs.

He could beat any of them, with prep time

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Dude, what crack are you on? All of the Primarchs were fully grown when they were scattered by chaos. Mind you they were vat grown, but they were fully formed super humans nonetheless. Five year old my ass

>> No.15179752


Pretty much this. Sangy was the best of the best.

Methinks it was the wing-thing that stopped the Emps from making him Warmaster.

>> No.15179762


Naw, I bet it was the whole Horus was found first thing.

>> No.15179765

Corax, because he'll wait it out, and pick off the weak.

>> No.15179770

He probably had the best weapons and armor.
That has to be taken into account, too.

>> No.15179773

Leman "the Great Wolf" Russ


>> No.15179780

Have you actually read anything? Straight up and up they have descriptions of some of the pimarchs "quickly growing" into bright, powerful men on their worlds. I specifically remember this one in some of the old fluff for Perturabo and maybe Lorgar.

>> No.15179781


Nah, it was because making Sanguinius warmaster would've been a *good idea*, and the emperor doesn't have too many good ideas.

>> No.15179784

Thats a strange name for a Primarch. Its like all of the rest of them have fantasy names. Well I guess Lionel Johnson is also pretty normal name, was he one of the writers friends or something?

>> No.15179789

Wow, whoever wrote that must have a very huge farm.

>> No.15179801


Well there's that, too.

>> No.15179808

Nah, guys, it was that Horus was the best of the best. The best politician, the best strategist. Sanguinius was simply the best man.

>> No.15179811

In every origin story for the Primarchs, they are found in the wild, fully grown, with no idea of their past. Grow to become great men does not necessarily mean grow as in age.

>> No.15179819

Source about the
Khan, please.

>> No.15179824

Uh... no.
Only one of them grew to manhood on his own; the others were all adopted by members of the populace.

>> No.15179834


Ummmmm. No........

Almost all were found as children, and they always mention that they grew really fast.

>> No.15179836


He united the Mongolian/Hun-anologue tribes of his homeworld and beat the local pseudo-Romans.

>> No.15179839

No, just some fag.

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Perturabo is specifically stated to be found as "no ordinary child". I'm pulling up the exact quote right now.

>> No.15179842

From lexicanum:
When the Primarchs were scattered from the Emperor's laboratory on Luna, Vulkan arrived on the planet Nocturne during the Time of Trial as an infant and was soon taken in by the blacksmith, N'bel...When the Dark Eldar raided again in Vulkan's fourth year on Nocturne, the Primarch refused to hide and instead stood out in the centre of the settlement, his two smithing hammers crossed over his shoulders...With a primarch leading the defence, the people of the town decisively defeated the Dark Eldar. Within weeks the leaders of the seven largest towns on Nocturne had travelled to meet Vulkan, and they soon swore never again to hide from the raiders...In celebration of the Primarch's victory over the Eldar raiders, a tournament was decided to be held. Unexpectedly, a stranger arrived in the middle of the festivities. Of pale complexion and wearing outlandish clothing, the stranger asked only to be allowed to compete. When he announced that he could best anyone in the town, the people laughed at this outlander. Who could possibly beat Vulkan in any feat of intellect, strength, craftsmanship or endurance? Nonetheless, Vulkan and the stranger wagered that whoever lost the tournament would forever serve the victor. Lasting 8 days, the contest included many tests of strength and endurance such as the anvil lift (in which the two held anvils above their heads for a half day before the contest was called a tie). The number of contests is unimportant, however, for by the end of day 8, Vulkan and the stranger were tied.

The stranger was the Emperor, if you couldn't figure it out.

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>> No.15179850

Source please? Because in "False Gods" there is a scene with the Emperor and his almost fully baked EZ clones, which are described as fully grown men just before chaos scatters them to the edges of the galaxy

>> No.15179854

with his legion
Leman Russ
big brawl

>> No.15179864

What crack are you on? The primarchs still went through the various states of life, just at an extremely accelerated rate.

And IIRC, Vulkan was 3 when he decided to curbstomp DE.

>> No.15179865

Actually, Lionel Jonson is the name of a poem about homosexuality, if I remember correctly. Old GW was awesome.

Also, Konrad Curse is a very (very) thinly vieled reference to the Heart of Darkness. And batman. Which is awesome.

>> No.15179866

That scene wasn't even necessarily real. That was all in warp space being manipulated by Erebus.

>> No.15179871

Vulkan deserves props for the fact that his legion is the onl one that doesnt draw any ire from fa/tg/uys... only the occasional non-serious black joke.

Corax is a close second.. but unfortunately Corax tends to be derided as a mopey whiny bitch

Ferrus Mannus on the other hand is an awesome brotastic character, but his Legion are a bunch of dicks.

>> No.15179873

Lionel Johnson was the poet who wrote about homosexuality.

>> No.15179875

Thats the old fluff, Horusy Heresy is the new fluff and therefore canon. Hell, if we want to go all the way back to the beginning of the game world things are completely different from the get go, and much more homoerotic

>> No.15179877

basically Ghenghis Khan but more successful

>> No.15179878

When Russ first faced the Emprah in gold armour and shit, the Emprah punched Russ in the head, leaving hin inconcious 1 hour and giving him headache.

Fucking EMPRAH in fucking SERVOARMOUR fucking PUNCHED someone in the HEAD. And the guy is alive and fine an hour later.

And somewhere I have read that just the Emperor and Horus could beat Russ in a fight. Maybe old SW codex?

>> No.15179880

Alpharius hides and finishes off the wounded victor.

Then gets killed by Roboute who was doing the exact same thing and wins without a scratch.

>> No.15179881

> but his Legion are a bunch of dicks.

not really dicks, just still very pissed off by the Horus Heresy.

>> No.15179889

None of it has been contradicted though. Even in the Dark Angel's books, Luther finds Lion as a child in the woods and raises him in the Order. Just because it's old doesn't mean it's out. Most of the Primarch's origins haven't even been completely fleshed out in the books yet.

>> No.15179892

The Emperor wasn't actually a very good fighter. He's just really good at killing things with mind bullets. An Ork nearly killed him once.

>> No.15179895

And the Omegon kills him.

>> No.15179896


Lionel Jonson was a friend of Oscar Wilde who converted to Catholicism and then denounced Oscar (since, y'know, Oscar was gay as all hell).

He also wrote a poem called "The Dark Angel", so there's that too.

>> No.15179897


Which sucks, because any and all fluff of him in the HH shows him as a badass.

Lorgar on the other hand.....

>> No.15179910

Wait wait wait, if the Primarch of the Dark Angels was gay, and space marines are clones of their Primarch, does that mean all the Dark Angels are gay?

>> No.15179919

Before it was fleshed out, that was hinted to be the dark and terrible secret they kept.

>> No.15179921

Lion El'Jonson
...the wild man came to be called Lion El'Jonson, meaning ''The Lion, the Son of the Forest'' in the old tongue of Caliban

>> No.15179922

Their flaw in Deathwatch is called "The Secret"

>> No.15179924


Eh, the Emperor united Earth almost single handedly, got Mars in on the whole "imperium" thing, and then personally led the crusade up until he started finding the primarchs.

Even if most of his killing was done via mind bullets, he must still have been a pretty badass fighter.

>> No.15179925


They have no balls... and if they still have dicks they're probably too big for human women.

Only a brother could roll high enough on the anal circumfrence chart

So by that definition, all marines are gay

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>> No.15179948

Rather than discuss who would win in a punchup.. which is dumb and pointless.

Let's all discuss which Primarchs are the most awesome and cool

>> No.15179955

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only THE MOST REALISTIC RPG OF ALL TIME

>> No.15179961

Completely unaltered? So no Chaos powers?

Sanguinius. hands down, motherfucker.

Otherwise, Horus

>> No.15179969

my bets on one of the unknowns

that way i could never be technically wrong

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File: 46 KB, 480x640, 49840_md-Angron, Chaos Space Marines, Horus Heresy, Primarch, World Eaters.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Pit fighting was his fucking job.
while all the other primarchs were off unifying their planets. He was in a fucking pit doing exactly this thread every fucking day of his life.

>> No.15179981


He's also the only primarch who didn't unite and/or conquer the world he landed on.

>> No.15179982

If the other Space Marines find out that the Dark Angels are gay will they have a crusade against them or something. I never got the vibe that the Imperium was against homosexuality what with the overtly homosexual themes and style. Whole damn Imperium looks like a leather daddy parade at the Castro

>> No.15179984

Why would you think their dicks would grow? Dicks contain no muscle, bone or cartilage, so unless there is a weird side effect the chemo marines undergo shouldn't cause growth or anything like that. I mean, look at their heads. Their heads remain largely normal-sized.

>> No.15179991

>if they still have dicks they're probably too big for human women
you have obviously not seen enough porn

>> No.15179995


The unknowns are the only primarchs who, in canon, got killed by the other legions/primarchs with no chaos empowerment going on.

Almost by definition, they are the weakest.

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File: 1.10 MB, 1091x847, 1295284026485.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Lion grew up and thrived on the deadliest death world ever. He was brilliant, ruthless, cunning and completely sexy. I would say the only one to be able to out-duel him would be Fulgrim.

>> No.15180014

there is no information on them whatsoever

they were never said to have been killed by the other primarchs or whether or not chaos was involved.

>> No.15180021


he uses his latent physic power thing to turn inviable and walks up behind everyone else while there fighting and drops em

>> No.15180026

I think their dicks would grow mostly because that seems like the kind of thing the emperor would have put into the design. The small heads is an illusion given by the giant f'ing pauldrons their armor has.

>> No.15180027


Keep in mind that it's hinted that it took multiple primarchs to kill them.

>> No.15180028

they are not nearly big or gaudy enough in that picture

>> No.15180033

Yeah, starting to see the latent homosexuality inherent in the setting.

>> No.15180036

>completely sexy
A Dark Angel I dost detect.

>> No.15180041


They're gone and never mentioned ever again. Hell just talking about them is taboo.

They didn't run away to hide in the wilderness or anything, they're dead, gone, kaput. The only forces the imperium had at the time that could've taken out two legions would've been another legion, including the primarchs.

Plus I'm pretty sure in the HH series there's mention of Leman Russ taking the two legions down. That's his "role"; take down any other primarch who gets out of line.

>> No.15180042

Does Fulgrim have the Anathame? If so he just whispers another primarch's name and git goes batshit

>> No.15180045

Cause they ain't primarchs bro.

>> No.15180055

The Emperor, having conquered earth, decides that the first thing he needs to do is make himself a group of sexy warmongers to do his bidding. Being a renaissance man when it comes to the man loving, he designed each to be uniquely suited to a different fetish as well as a different war tactic. The Emperors real name is never revealed, but I think we can all agree that it was most likely Frank-N-Furter.

>> No.15180056

Given his chosen strategy of Murder everyone one at a time in gladatorial combat. He didnt have nearly enough time until the emperor showed up.

>> No.15180060

i was....

>> No.15180074
File: 743 KB, 543x787, 1293990224107.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

More than likely a ritual duel.

Still a cool picture

>> No.15180077
File: 54 KB, 288x288, 1301176526851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he's just a sweet transvestite from Trans-sexual-Transylvania

>> No.15180093

Does that make Lion El'Jonson Rocky?

>> No.15180094

Speaking of Primarchs, has anyone noticed that Shinzon's backstory (the Picard clone in Star Trek Nemesis) is basically a Primarch's backstory?

Shit, Shinzon was created as a clone then sent to a mining facility and raised by crazy alien slaves who taught him how to be a badass. Shinzon is basically Star Trek: Corax.

>> No.15180097

Ferrus wins by virtue of being the only one with huge enough balls to drown a fucking dragon by holding it under lave with his bare goddamn hands.

>> No.15180102

"Of the various abilities possessed by the Primarchs, one was "invisibility"." -Lexicanum

one of the two unknown primarchs was invisible. he could still be around just being all invisible and shit. therefore the most powerful

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The Lion was the only one to have the strength to be a homosexual in space! Russ was in denial and couldn't figure out his feelings so he became aggressive. Curze was all about the leather (ala Rob Halford) but still couldn't admit that he loved the Astartes bones. Who won?
The Lion.

>> No.15180120

i love that movie

>> No.15180125

Imagine being two newly engaged Eldar stuck on his planet due to a terrible warp storm.

>> No.15180126


Ferrus loses on account of being dead. By Fulgrim.

Its like how Dorn loses, on account of being dead by normal marines.

>> No.15180131

>See picture of Dr. Frank-n-furter
>Check what he is quoting
>Look at OP

I'm not surprised in the least how this thread has evolved. Not the least.

>> No.15180134

are you people all morons?

Horus almost killed the fucking emperor
he is clearly superior

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Damn, you told him

>> No.15180153

Theres a light on at the Emperors Castle

>> No.15180166

Have you brain checked tumors.

>> No.15180176

Not a great pic. A Beserker killing a Tau is like a Fa/tg/uy killing a donut.

>> No.15180184

have you gotten all of the sand out of your vagina?

>> No.15180193

>Have you brain checked tumors.

No, but I'd love to hear how that works.

>> No.15180199

or Leman Russ ripping through


>> No.15180210

In a battle of sexual superiority, which is what I assume this was about in the first place, my money is not on the furry.

>> No.15180214

Alpharius claims he can't make it to the tournament.

Then he shows up at the end with an honour guard of 20 elite troops and Omegon at his side, and proceed to tear the "winner" a new one.

Because the Alpha Legion don't give a fuck about your rules, they only give a fuck about *winning*.

>> No.15180216

sexual superiority, physical superiority
no difference

>> No.15180221

and then Guilliman kills them

>> No.15180228

Wow, that sounds incredibly gay given the turn this has taken.

>> No.15180236

It's not even sure if Guilliman actually killed one of the two. The entire thing is heavily implied to have been planted by the Legion, because the Ultras have no fucking clue what you're talking about.

>> No.15180239
File: 108 KB, 800x755, 1297641741690.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking Furfags are all the same.
Yiifff Yif YiF

>> No.15180339

or maybe they just want you to think that because he killed both of them

>> No.15180350

Sanguinius would win

despite all the thread derailment

>> No.15180352

Equal Ground? Sanguinus. No one could take him out.

>> No.15180694

Fine because all you namby pamby little fuckwits can't agree on anything you are forgetting the greatest Pirmarch of all. The only primarch not to be sent to another planet but another time, and because of this created an even more bad ass universe. I of course mean Sigmar.

>> No.15180702


>> No.15180710


Only cause he has plot armor thicker than a daemon prince of Slaanesh's cock. Dude knew when he was going to die. Quite frankly, unless they were fighting in that exact situation, as those exact fighters, there is no way anyone could kill him, so its automatically win for him.

Assuming no plot armor, it is arguable that a number of primarchs could kill him. Fulgrim, Angron, Horus, Kurze, not counting daemon primarch modes...

>> No.15180714

my money is on Alpharius/Omegon or Russ becuase he is literally a beast

>> No.15180755

Jaghatai Khan is based on the greatest conqueror who ever lived. Jaghatai never lost a battle. why is he being forgotten?

>> No.15180842


because the actual amount of time he has appeared in the HH series allowing people to get a feel for him is...... 0

>> No.15180949

Sanguinius is at least equal to them in skill, plus he has combat precog.

I'm not seeing them take him.

>> No.15181004

not to mention HE HELD THE FUCKING GATES alone against the invaders of Terra. badass

>> No.15181223

Heres how we settle this, we take each primarch and pit them against the other primarchs one at a time, and at the end we see which primarch one the majority of their fights

>> No.15181260

also we take into account which primarch lost the most fights

>> No.15181414

Corax can turn fucking invisible, doesn't matter how strong or capable you are if your enemy is already sticking a lightning claw up your ass by the time you can see him.

>> No.15181425

yeah but how would you do that?

>> No.15181433

i like Mags.

he would've beaten Russ, were it not for the fact that he had just been disowned by his father, and caught completely unawares by his brother.

>> No.15181453
File: 62 KB, 300x336, corax.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Downside: Is a tree.

>> No.15181486
File: 67 KB, 278x278, 1238462762372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

excuses excuses

>> No.15181508


he IS the most powerful of all the primarchs. and the second-most powerful psyker on record, ever.

>> No.15181551

Only problem is, he has severe daddy issues. So much he lets the furfag spank him willingly.

He knew Russ was coming. Nothing about being taken by surprise. He knew, and he let him win.

>> No.15181674
File: 3 KB, 126x123, 1301178374424.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15181840


Wait what?

The Lion guts Kurze while they were talking and gets pummelled to hell and back and nearly choked to death.

If the Lion's 2 guards hadn't interfered (by stabbing Kurze in the back), the fight would NOT have been a draw.

At the end, both of the Primarchs were shouting obscenities at each other as their respective legions restrained them.

All you can get from that fight is that Kurze fights like a mad-man and that Johnson is an honorless dick (which we already knew).

>> No.15181992

Russ or Khan. Angron was too stupid to be good in a fight against an equal.

The rest of them are pantywaists that either have for augment themselves with the blessings of the Ruinous powers, or die like pusieis.

>> No.15182165
File: 19 KB, 131x417, 1304478844372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Magnus was here all other primarchs are lame, tried to save the imperium, but the emps was an emo.

Tzeentch says Nurgle is fat

>> No.15182301


So /tg/ Could Magnus Kill Sangy? With the whole not being Horus Bit making Sangy Immortal?

>> No.15182384
File: 342 KB, 1050x3500, 1286556408402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15182484


>Ferrus loses on account of being dead. By Fulgrim.

>By Fulgrim's Daemon Weapon. Which had, at the very least, a Keeper of Secrets in it.

Whatever it was, the Daemon in the sword was powerful enough to instantaneously possess a Primarch, not make him obviously Daemonic right away, and keep his consciousness locked away inside so it could enjoy the delicious suffering. And Fulgrim hasn't been able to re-assert control in 10,000 years.

That wasn't even ground.

>> No.15182505

That's double heretical

>> No.15182519

>Tzeentch says Nurgle is fat
What about Slaanesh?

>> No.15182533

Magnus. Largest smartest primarch there is.

>> No.15182550
File: 36 KB, 300x343, rage-fuuu-.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15182571

Holy Bob. he is one of the missing primarks. he is one of the missing ones... and runs a clothing store

>> No.15182580

he says slaansesh is awesome, and to keep it up!

lol captcha :imments faculty, yes, magnus has an immense faculty of thought

>> No.15182615


>> No.15182653

you just reminded me of "Promethius and Bob" that was awesome, also
Aint nunyall got nuthin' on The Gawdamn Batman, Konrad Curze!!

>> No.15182675
File: 28 KB, 576x174, deadliest-warrior-logo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15182856

Leman Russ is awesome and all, but he has one big weakness: despite being the Viking Primarch he has never been able to grow an Awesome Viking Beard, just some stubble. Major fail right there.

Or maybe it was just John Blanche being a faggot when he drew Russ.

>> No.15182891
File: 25 KB, 624x568, aquamanNO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>people still thinking that it has been said anywhere at all that marines lack testicles

>> No.15182941
File: 31 KB, 333x582, stryfe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It is a testament to the folly and naiveté of the Emperor that he did not abort the Primarch project and killed them as they were found.

If Chaos, a force as subtle as pic related, managed to scatter them around the galaxy, the long term prospects of the Primarchs were never going to be good.

>> No.15182957

Where would they be fighting and would they have a standardized arsenal or their weapons of choice?

>> No.15185695

Horus wins.

>> No.15186054

Horus: Pre-heresy of course. He's high on the list, in top 3.
Sanguinius: Possible winner. One of the best fighters, wings are a bonus.
Angron: RIP AND TEAR. Would beat most into mush, the more skilled ones can probably make him hit himself or something.
Fulgrim: Canonically best swordsman, but otherwise lacking in power. High up.
Curze: Batman. Lion beats him if he can engage in an open battle.
Lion: Knghtly fighting. Duels work fine, but in the end not everyone fights honourably. High up.
Russ: Possible brawl winner. Strong as fuck, probably the only one who can charge at Angron and come out the other side in less than 2 pieces.
Khan: On foot? Nah. On bike? Perhaps.
Dorn: If he can build himself a fortress before the battle, he's got a chance against some.
Lorgar: First one to be torn to shreds.
Ferrus Manus: As much as I like him, he's gonna die. With a bang.
Perturabo: Will kill Dorn and then be squashed.
Guilliman: "Yap yap yap ya..." *smash*
Mortarion: I bet Sanguinus will out-fly him.
Magnus: Russ beats him.
Vulkan: With gimmicks, a chance, without, nope.
Corax: Fast and strong, capable of facing off with most. probably not the winner.
Alpharius/Omegon: After they run out of tricks they'll snap like twigs.

>> No.15186086

Without any chaos boosts I'd say Sanguinius or Russ.

>> No.15186087

The Lion got Curze by surprise and it still wasn't a clear win. The Lion does not beat him automatically in a fair fight.

Cruze was fucking crazy. Every other primarch was better at organising their legions and administrating their worlds, but nobody was more terrifying.

>> No.15186097

Doesn't corax have the ability to remove his presence from your mind making him effectively invisible to anything with a brain, I seem to remember the only things that could actualy see him were digital scanners and such and as this is an even ground battle, nobody has such equipment.

Realisticly corax can't lose.

>> No.15186104

Perturabo's success is proportionate to how long he has to prepare.

>> No.15186105

didnt constantin valdor beat horus at some point? i think i read somewhere horus got beat by a custodes somewhere

>> No.15186133

it's lion El Johnson
not lionel johnson

>> No.15186155

And people wonder why Wolves and Blood Angels are good armies. Their primarchs are actually competant, unlike the vanilla marine crew of Robot Girlyman, Dorn, Khan, Vulkan and the raven guard one.

>> No.15186158

When the Emperor and Russ went head to head, Russ won, until Emps punched him square in the face with a powerfist.
I'd say he's a strong contender, considering almost all the other primarchs lost to the Emperor, or at least immediately saw his superiority

>> No.15186168

yah Valcador beat Horus to impress Russ. So if a non-primarch could beat one and thoroughly impress the other i think that knocks those two out. my bet would be Sanguinius

>> No.15186174

Lyyn Elgonsen, faggot.

>> No.15186180

my vote is for the gay poet.

>> No.15186203

DARK Angel, with thine aching lust
To rid the world of penitence:
Malicious Angel, who still dost
My soul such subtile violence!

Because of thee, no thought, no thing,
Abides for me undesecrate:
Dark Angel, ever on the wing,
Who never reachest me too late!

When music sounds, then changest thou
Its silvery to a sultry fire:
Nor will thine envious heart allow
Delight untortured by desire.

Through thee, the gracious Muses turn,
To Furies, O mine Enemy!
And all the things of beauty burn
With flames of evil ecstasy.

Because of thee, the land of dreams
Becomes a gathering place of fears:
Until tormented slumber seems
One vehemence of useless tears.

When sunlight glows upon the flowers,
Or ripples down the dancing sea:
Thou, with thy troop of passionate powers,
Beleaguerest, bewilderest, me.

Within the breath of autumn woods,
Within the winter silences:
Thy venomous spirit stirs and broods,
O Master of impieties!

The ardour of red flame is thine,
And thine the steely soul of ice:
Thou poisonest the fair design
Of nature, with unfair device.

Apples of ashes, golden bright;
Waters of bitterness, how sweet!
O banquet of a foul delight,
Prepared by thee, dark Paraclete!

Thou art the whisper in the gloom,
The hinting tone, the haunting laugh:
Thou art the adorner of my tomb,
The minstrel of mine epitaph.

I fight thee, in the Holy Name!
Yet, what thou dost, is what God saith:
Tempter! should I escape thy flame,
Thou wilt have helped my soul from Death:

The second Death, that never dies,
That cannot die, when time is dead:
Live Death, wherein the lost soul cries,
Eternally uncomforted.

Dark Angel, with thine aching lust!
Of two defeats, of two despairs:
Less dread, a change to drifting dust,
Than thine eternity of cares.

Do what thou wilt, thou shalt not so,
Dark Angel! triumph over me:
Lonely, unto the Lone I go;
Divine, to the Divinity.

>> No.15186217


>Actually competent

Get the fuck out. Russ's only tactic was "Hey guys, lets all run in a braying mob at the enemy and bury them in grey power armored bodies. Also I fucking love wolves."

As opposed to say Rowboat, who despite his numerous personality flaws, was in fact one of the best generals the Imperium has ever seen.

>> No.15186220

custodes were trained to be duelists from the get go. horus also got fucked by some guy using a daemon weapon which basically caused the heresy.

Horus ain't shit but a bitch.

>> No.15186230


I seem to recall he was ironically pulling an Emperor and basically trying not to hurt the guy. Plus it was implied the guy was under the full possession of at least a greater daemon of nurgle, if not the old Grandfather himself.

>> No.15186247


Actually... Mortarion was a pretty nice chap. Mortarion, like many other primarchs, fought against some oppressive regime to liberate his planet...

But only he had the balls and heart to assault the final fortress of evil on his planet *by himself*, because no one can withstand the poison, and he did this knowing full-well that he will die in the process.

He also was the only primarch who was shunned by his own people (who had been oppressed for so long), but worked just to gain their trust first, before uniting and liberating them...

>> No.15186418

There's a certain situation in which every Primarch can win.

However in pretty much every situation Horus would come second or win. Overall he's the best, hence why he was chosen to be Warmaster and the champion of Chaos.

>> No.15186430

Draigo wins.

>> No.15187929
File: 40 KB, 256x256, 1273817648132.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15187944


obviously someone doesn't know much about Russ

>> No.15188117
File: 40 KB, 144x141, Nurgle_mark.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nurgle says that Tzeentch is stupid and his name is dumb

>> No.15189356

Angron only ever fought normal people on his home planet.

Horus was the most powerful of all the Primarchs. end of conversation

>> No.15189397

If they all starting fighting..

Lorgar would just talk them all out of it.

>> No.15189403

Does it need to be said? Leman Russ.

>> No.15189986

you mean talk them right into killing him first

>> No.15190122

Rogal Dorn

outlast and destroy

>> No.15190132
File: 437 KB, 900x1239, Night Lord Havoc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's pretty badass, for a poem about lusting about throbbing man-meat

>> No.15190196
File: 72 KB, 500x730, sisterblue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So how does Saint Alicia Dominica compare to the primarchs?

>> No.15190232
File: 32 KB, 413x395, 1303879545603.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

she's um.... totally strong...
totally their equals...

>> No.15190252

Corax is basically the goddamn batman.
He can make his enemies forget about him, and not see him, with his mind.
He wins.

>> No.15191100

yeah but Sanguinious and Horus are pretty much like Superman. and we all know how badly superman could beat batman

>> No.15191119


That art rocks, who is it?

>> No.15191534

>Implying Batman hasnt kick the shit out of Superman a million times


>> No.15191543


she would be equal to the finest tactical marine!

>> No.15191799

Alpharius. i like underdogs

>> No.15193282


>> No.15195440


Slaine69 on DeviantArt. ADB posted his artwork on his wordpress blog. It's the First Claw that Talos leads in the Night Lords series that ADB is doing.

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