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Hey guys, are there any web comics that are like goblins that are online for free and as good or better? I love reading this shit.
Pic related, newest goblins webcomic.

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Well, if you do like Goblins, you must like looking at pictures that one cannot tell what is even happening. If you'd like, I could start a webcomic that is just a series of random scribblings.

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Do it, then try to make a living out of it.
See how long you last :)

The art isn't bad, it's just different. and people hate different...

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No, it's bad.

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You must be new here. /tg/ almost unanimously hates Goblins. With a passion. You're probably going to get flamed and insulted to hell and back for posting that, let alone saying you like it.

Look up Unsounded if you want something vaguely resembling what Goblins would have been, if the writer had any talent.

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I love goblins...

But hey, it's like the guys that hate Dwarf Fortress, because of "Shit grapics dude"

go to /v/

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no, because in this case the visuals are absolutely necessary to understanding the comic. Goblins is like taking a quiz where you have to correctly identify different shades of red on a sheet of paper, but the paper was printed in only black ink.

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But in more awesome helpfulness, I will now list a bunch of funcomics which will inspire you I hope, in your /tg/ endeavors. In no particular order,

Order of the Stick
Guilded Age
Oglaf - NSFW
Gunnerkrigg Court
Rice Boy
Order of Tales
Dead Winter

and.. non /tg/ but good.
Penny and Aggie

Perry Bible Fellowship
The Parking Lot is Full

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>demonstrably untrue, from a simple glance at this thread
>implying /tg/ is unanimous about anything

It ain't the best comic out there, but it's free, and sometimes amusing. Don't like it, don't read it.

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>No Unsounded
>No The Meek
>No Cucumber Quest

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Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic.
Yes that whole thing is the title. It's a little sketchy but the art and sometimes even the storylines are good.

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dont know about the story, but the art gives me headaches

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.... I used the qualifier 'almost'. I think you need to brush up on your reading comprehension, chief.

As for being free, I only know of a small handful of webcomics that aren't, and most of those are just porn. Seriously, why is a webcomic being 'free' important? This is the internet. They're all free.

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Oh look, more amputation fetish comics by Thunt

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Did I say my list would be exhaustive? I didn't even say it was all /tg/

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Goddammit they're killing off the best character in the entire comic. I think I might have to ragequit.

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>'vaguely resembles goblins'
>not meta at all
gj there, way to know what goblins is about.

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has guilded age gotten better after turning retarded?

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The only resemblance Unsounded has to Goblins is that they are both fantasy comics. Unsounded is totally different in every other respect to Goblins. I have no idea what Magus O'Grady was smoking when he made that comparison (other than 'here's a fantasy webcomic which is actually *good*) but the dude reads Dominic Deegan, why are you listening to him?

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Homestuck is a good comic for xenofuckers

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opinion invalidated.

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Drowtales is way better than Goblins. And that is really SAAAD

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Although I don't really get the hate for this comic, I do appreciate all the other comics suggested. If I could ask another question, are any of those also a continuous storyline like goblins or are they broken up and just a weekly thing like penny-arcade?

OP here.

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Since we already have a thread about comics... I find it peculiar that noone on /tg/ mentiones Commisioned Comic. No love for O and his D&D sessions? Or Cyberpunk stuff (which I don't know when ended, didn't read regularly past 1500th page).
Also, worth noticing is the artist perfecting craft. Compare the begginings to the newest comics. Especially session ones, they have better graphics.

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Unsounded, The Meek, Cucumber Quest, Digger, Vattu/Order of Tales/Rice Boy, Homestuck, Dead Winter and Erfworld are all continuous. Oglaf is weekly with a recurring plot.

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O is the best!
got a commission from him this year. well, its gonna be drawn much later this month, but I'm sure it will be awesome.
Here's another piece by O

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Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic started out as some NC-17 monster girl porn that happened to have some kind of story. When it gained in popularity, the author stopped putting in as much porn. I believe it is still running, and that it has some kind of plot.

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long running fantasy story about non-humans or other abnormal main characters traveling a long distance and overcoming obstacles while presenting metaphors for human nature and the struggle of self-control and self-improvement. Unsounded does it well. Goblins does it poorly, relying on multiple story arcs to distract the readers and failing to establish solid personality traits or emotional consistency with the characters.

As for Dominic Deegan, it's a long-running fantasy comic with internal consistency, well developed main and secondary characters. Some of the plot developments and story obstacles/results feel a little contrived and arbitrary, and I think it's approaching the end of its run, but it's still worlds better than some of the garbage out there. I appreciate a good narrative, and DD delivers.

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I like Hemlock a lot. The story doesn't seem anything special so far, it's a pretty new comic, but I like the art.

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Theres this annoying girl that i have no attachment to and i have to defend her from everything while she yells at me and insults me. yet i am extremely powerful and totally not a pedo. i hate this girl lots but would never ever think about abandoning her because thats totally not what a reasonable person would do to someone that constantly insults them.

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You guys don't seem to have noticed this one yet, seems to be right down your alley.

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I can't bring myself to not hate Unsounded. It's just so ridiculously fucking grimderp, and the art, while good, does nothing to dissuade from it.

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Dark Places is pretty great.

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that's stupid you're stupid

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Actually, it would seem like there is an actual reason why he puts up with her. The whole setting is unraveled slowly, a lot of the illogical things and general weirdness that might put some people off seems like part of a storytelling technique of sorts.

Not that you can't have an opinion and dislike it, mind.

Art has a lot of weight in a comic though, and Goblins seems like a visual mess to me.

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yeah, i just can't get past all of how annoying it seems. and part of the magic of goblins for me is that the drawing is kinda bad along with the tongue in cheek everything about the story. granted the current arc isn't as meta or interesting or fast as i'd like. minmax is the best character.

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Might want to look up 'responsibility'. Dwayne is acting like any adult saddled with an annoying burden.

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responsibilty makes the comic good? i have responsibilities but seriously if a kid wasnt family and a bratty little annoying piece of shit like that i would deal with it.

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Oh god this is like xkcd meets 18+ section of Drowtales. And somehow this combination just doesn't work at all.

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Otter Soldiers is good, but can't be truly appreciated unless it's Christmas.

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He's given his word of honor to see her safely to her destination and back. Honor seems to be a fundamental facet of his personality. Same with responsibility. And there's the whole blackmail thing, too.

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Best cure is to upgrade. Get yourself hooked on better stuff, and you won't care about the lower quality comics.

If you like the idea of an ordinary mortal stumbling into the deep end of the World of Darkness, Finders Keepers makes an excellent comic. Good art, excellent characters and interactions.

If you've ever enjoyed a mutants and Masterminds game,
this should be fairly amusing. Sometimes the author takes week-long breaks and drops lots of filler, but that's usually between chapters. Good art, great characters,

And if fantasy is your thing,
Unsounded makes for a good read. Just the right mix of magic and mundane to make for a good fantasy setting, good art, great characters.

And if you want a little something closer to home,
A comic about fa/tg/uys being fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls being ca/tg/irls, with a little mystery, suspense, and drama. Great characters, but the art is a little weak. Lots of referential humor, but any gamer should get the jokes. Mind you, it also has drama mixed in, so not every strip is going to end in a punchline.

Try these out, see how you like them. Try to

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Both Duane and Sette are fairly unlikable characters. Intended to be by Word of God, in fact. Regardless, to not get Duane's reasons for looking after Sette you'd have to have read about ten pages and then stopped.

Jivi is my favourite character so far. Looking forward to the introduction of Bastion, Murkoph and Will. They all seem much more interesting than Duane and Sette. Also the Peaceguard are cool.

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>responsibilty makes the comic good? i have responsibilities but seriously if a kid wasnt family and a bratty little annoying piece of shit like that i would deal with it.

I somehow doubt you have guts to kick a kid from a precipice or blast her so hard her body leaves a gouge in the earth, which Duane does before turning the first dozen of pages. He is as much and more of an asshole to her as she is to him and protects her due to his own agenda.

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I might accept that the writer is one of the most annoying grognards of history, and sometimes his perspective and action scenes might be a little off sometimes. (well not just a little, and not just sometimes).

But /tg/ doesn't know a shit about "art" if it thinks the drawings are just straight bad :/.
Go buy your mainstream DC/marvel comics, i'm sure you will have lots of fun with Ultimate crisis of the thousand mutants.

Both the drawings and the script are "ok" or if you're not that forgiving "regular" . Also It has a pretty enjoyable story(when he is not in his "i'm the best DM of the world" mode) and the jokes are pretty decent.

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but he counters the blackmail argument easily by saying 'ive had to move before'. all im saying is it annoyed me so i dont really like it. plus, was pointing out that it isn't very close to goblins. if you think the story being about overcoming boundaries and being about human nature makingthem similar then you have to include almost 2/3 of every fictional book written, which doesn't make them very similar. And in goblins it's written to feel like people are actually playing a tabletop that is shown as a webcomic, hence the emotional inconsistency and not very real personalities.

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exactly, i couldn't get past 10 pages. that's what im argueing. i usually don't force myself to read stuff that doesnt interest me or annoys me

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>I couldn't get past 10 pages
Okay! That's cool, then.

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They're supposed to be unlikable? Didn't work on me. I find Sette hilarious and pretty clever considering her upbringing and Duane is just an immensely quotable bad ass. They even get along better now after the last chapter. That hug Y_Y

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