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I have a game I'm building for a few sessions /tg/ and it revolves around Aboleths. I was inspired by a thread a few months back where some elegant fatguy really made me see how much of a cool villain these can be. The campaign idea revolves around this.

Aboleths pass their memory down to their children. All Aboleths remember everything their sire did. Because of this, Aboleth plans can last for centuries before coming to fruition as the knowlege of such plans is passed from generation to generation. The BBEG of this campaign would be such an Aboleth, or rather, one that is dead. My plan is to have one of the first adventures for the party to be the adventurers finding an Aboleth lair, but when they incestigate it, the Aboleth is already dead, possibly for months. They also discover the egg shells of probably 3-6 Aboleth offspring. Now they need to discover what this alien creature's plan was and how to stop it.

My problem is, I can't come up with a centuries spanning evil plot that isn't "lol evil gods" or something like that. So, let's have a Aboleth thread and see if the creative juices get flowing.

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Teach man the secrets of fossil fuels, thus instigating globol warming, melting the polar ice caps and raising the sea level. So that nowhere is safe from the aboleth.

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I always played them as aquatic beholders, but a group of aboleths working together would be some scary shit.

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Here's a couple ideas that got thrown out for offspring in the other thread as well.

1) Circus master - there's a circus that travels the local areas that features exotic creatures as part of it's freak show. One of the creatures that it exhibits is an Aboleth, who seems oddly contented by this fat. That is because the Aboleth has long since dominated the ringmaster and all members of the circus and uses them as information gatherers, slave takers, and meals.

The Bishop/King - One of the Aboleths was born with an odd mutation that makes it small, but able to survive for long periods outside water. It sits under the hat of the Bishop of the capital city's largest religious sect, influincing the the King through his puppet Bishop.

3)The cult leader - Publicly opposed to the Bishop, the Cult leader provides a refuge to the downtrodden of the somewhat Draconian capital city. This of course leads to endless dominated slaves. The cult leader appears as a human if you're not looking too close, but many things hide under his mask and robes (Half Aboleth human or something like that)

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Here's one.
1. Begin abducting humans
2. Embed genes that turn them into "Sleeper Agents"
3. Embed genes that guarantee a certain number of powerful sorcerors.
4. The Sorcerors are released into the populous of humans with embedded arcane/psionic triggers. Such as "Release all arcane might onto the palace of the king." or "Reroute a river through a city." Basically things that destablize the surrounding population centers.
5. The Plans ultimately culminating when all of these sorcerors reach a certain age. They will all recieve a compulsion to visit something important. And then explode. And I'm talking like Tsar bomb devastation.
6. The Aboleths ride in on the wave of chaos that ensues guaranteeing themselves power and slaves from that continent for the rest of time.

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become "decent" merchants, helping people out where ever they go. they create mass amounts of decanters of endless water, designed to never stop pouring at max speed, and give them to towns and cities all over the world allowing people to grow crops much easier. however, since each one puts out several hundred thousands of gallons of water each day, eventually, over the course of centuries, the global see level will rise, and eventually cover the planet. even after killing the aboleth, the PCs will still have the problem of a worldwide flood, and most people will not want to get rid of their water supplies.

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4) The Pugilith - This Aboleth once wanted to do his father's bidding, but has since become enamored by the mortal races sports, specifically hand to hand combat and boxing. He has since chosen to devote a few decades to mastering hand to tentacle combat and fights in underground fight rings so as to try and not disrupt his brother's plans.

5) Big brother - The eldest of all these, the big brother does his best to keep everything on schedule. Easily the largest and most powerful of his brothers, he may as well be an exact copy of the father.

I sorta like the fossil fuels idea. that's hard to build an adventure around though.

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A centuries spanning plot? Well, aboleths are creatures of the Far Realm, and as we all know, it's a pretty fucked place, unfathomable, and it is assumed if anyone sets foot into it, they'd be dead.

The premise of one of my campaigns was that the Far Realm was actually a byproduct of the thoughts of sentient creatures. The more active thought was in the world, the closer the Far Realm would encroach.

The aberrations in my campaign were villainous because they actively brought an age of enlightenment to the world. Thanks to the players, education spread, wars began to stop, the entire world began to enter a golden age, the players crusading everywhere to ensure freedom of both state and thought could be brought to the world.

By playing on the liberal views most players have of the world, I got them to destroy the campaign setting. As time progressed, the Far Realm began to bleed over due to the actions of the player characters, their benefactor turning out to be a mind flayer.

Perhaps your aboleth is a likeminded so-called revolutionary, masquerading as an alien entity intrigued by the quirks of the sentient races, gladly offering them the secrets of their species so that they too may "flourish?"

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I like this idea, but with a bit of >>15170064 mixed in. Like, a lot of sleeper agent sorcerers that once a certain trigger is hit, they all begin channeling water spells with the end result target to be flood the world.

I'd been toying with the idea of trying to bring back the Endless oceans to the world by way of Elder Aboleth gods, but this works just as well.

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you could turn them into the goa'uld. rather than creating some sort of cross breed just have them develop a spell that makes humans into a host, using the abdominal cavity as a holding sack after casting reduce person (or some equivalent that works on non humanoids) and permanancy on themselves a few times.

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It's a pathfinder setting, so I was thinking Aberrant bloodline sorcerer. What's a goa'uld?

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Alternatively, there's another D&D race that does live inside people that's also an abberation. Tsochar make flesh suitso ut of people or something.

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>not skum
What the fuck are you doing?

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For anyone who's new to the board:

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basically a small snake that can take over a human by attaching itself to the spinal cord. they pass on genetic memory and in order to help breed they turned some humans into incubators for their young (think making humans into marsupials). with the aboleth they wouldn't need to get to the spinal column since they could just psychic/magic the mind control and could use the new sack on the human host to move around on land since they could keep it filled with water and they would blend in perfectly, right down to getting all the memories of the host

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I thought Aboleths detested the idea of deities? Well, at least in the huge chunk of a supplement book in 3.5 they did, at least. Something about since they literally have memories as old as the world, they just see gods as uppity new kids who have no business meddling in Aboleth territory.

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but do they detest the idea of having people worship them like dieties?

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I think there was something about an Far Realm aboleth progenetor, but I may be mistaken.

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>4) The Pugilith - This Aboleth once wanted to do his father's bidding, but has since become enamored by the mortal races sports, specifically hand to hand combat and boxing. He has since chosen to devote a few decades to mastering hand to tentacle combat and fights in underground fight rings so as to try and not disrupt his brother's plans.


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Actually Aboleth are amphibious, its just they work better in water due to their body structure. Illithids are experts at swimming. An Aboleth plot may seem strange to adventurers, hell it should be considering the strange alien mind of these creatures. I do like the earlier stated Circus idea. Aboleths (as per second edition Dungeons and Dragons) were very talented psionicists. One usage of them could be that one of their mortal pawns is supplying adventurers who go out and go kill monsters who proved to be unthrallable such as certain undead, giants, or other races they haven't had much luck in enslaving where its proven to be impossible (undead) or that prove to be to difficult or costly to the species (Giants, Dragons, and other strong willed monsters). As for Aboleth theology, it would depend on the city, and ancient Aboleth city that has ALWAYS been would have no gods but rather historical figures that are capable of granting spells. Younger ones would perhaps worship the Elder Elemental God, Jubilex or the Dark God, however it depends on the civilization just remember that Aboleth cities will have some dry land areas so to speak, but they will be built with no stairs or ladders, but with ramps to allow the lords of the city to get around at ease and slippery as fuck (possibly neccasitating a balance check should someone charge)

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Shameless bumpan for more ideas.

I like the idea of their main quest hub being an Aboleth Thrall all along. I also want to talk about Skum, since they'll be a main adversary as well. What do you like to see in your Skum? Ugly lizard men? Mucusy sort of recognizeable humanoids? Lovecraftian Deep Ones? I'm thinking about makeing them recognizeable as the person they were before becoming Skum. The first adventure I have planned out would involve the PCs investigating a town that has been going into slow decline and finding that the place is now Skum. They would eventually find an extensive underground waterway. In Pathfinder, all Skum are male but can breed with female humanoids to make more skum. So they'd find in the underground breeding pits of sorts with the village women still mostly alive, and even some trying to protect their Skum husbands. Thoughts?

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Aboleth progenitor fell out with the established Aboleth, and has set out to destroy them by doing something stupidly dangerous/exciting. Since they have genetic memory, cue 6 different plots on how to destroy their cities/plane ranging from "Mind Control the Mage City" to "Merge the Plane of Acid with the Prime Material!". Also, Lichaboleth appearing as a surprise boss at the end.

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Check out the Pathfinder module "From Shore to Sea". Its almost the exact same plot.

>Aboleths dominate island king. King starts demanding tribute of maidens/young men. They all get "sacrificed" to Deity X by being dropped into dark hole. Hole leads to aboleth, they get dominated/eaten.
>Aboleths actually trying to keep out Cthulu-esque outsiders, powerful abjurations require sacrifice.
>Aboleth seeks domination of Plane of Water.
>Aboleth uses dream manipulation to inspire adventurers, turns the successful into slaves, eats the weak.
>Aboleth seeks to use "natural" selection and breeding to produce weaker and weaker mortals, thus making domination easier. PC's discover several "low stat" families.
>Aboleth seeks MacGuffins of Religious Significance in order to corrupt them to it's evil ways, and thus defile the entire faith.

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How does Spelljammer handle Aboleths? Are they space faring like Illithids?

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Never played it, but I assume they swim through space.

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