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its time for an art inspiration thread... todays theme: creatures. doesn't matter if they're real or not. some of the best campaigns i've played were filled with unusual creatures, it just made them so much more interesting. join in if you'd like, i'm dumping a bunch of pictures either way.

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by the way don't actually have the book in the beginning, i just like the t-rex on it. i've heard good things about it, though.

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i've actually used that thing as a bbeg

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>Frosted Butts

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>Anteater riding a Carnotaurus

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this ones my favorite

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>knows what a Carnotaurus is


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fucking great book op

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rapidshare? or torrent, or something please, that book looks awesome,also do someone here has any kind of cool looking dinosaurs and prehistoric animals book i can download?

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anyone know where i can find it?

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Oh fuck! Snipper!

Someone, start a skill chain so I can Magic Burst! If he uses Scissor Guard more than once we're gonna need that magic damage!

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old school

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i was going to chastise you for posting an unrelated picture, but then i realized it was more related than i originally thought

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>Bee Golem
dear god...

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"There was bees up there."
"Were there?"
"Mad bees!"

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Any more crabfolk art?

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http://iririv.deviantart.com/ has a bit of dinosaur and prehistoric critter art. does lovecraftian and others too

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From a book about zoology of the future.
Scans of the whole book are here if you're interested; http://www.sendspace.com/file/yy877w

I'll dump a few of the best

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What's happening, angels?

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I really dislike those stupid looking penis-neck monsters that all have hairy asses and legs that would never work.

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That artist really likes weird shit coming out of creatures' chests.

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it's their mouths.

the beaked thing is actually their genitals.

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Thank you for the delicious nightmare fuel.

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I bet he's one of these sci-fi artists who falsely purports to understand biology.

Even that out of consideration, he could have picked a less stupid system to incorporate across ALL creatures.

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Why do they have their dick on their chest?

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Actual biofag here,

Artist went full retard with some of this stuff.

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I actually know this artist somewhat, and can confirm that he's the kind of sci fi artist who thinks that most sci fi is way too "unrealistic" and "inaccurate", and goes way out of his way to make stuff that are as alien and "innovative" as possible. With the result that they look goddamn retarded. That's a problem with most hard sci fi, or at least sci fi that regards itself as hard.

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are golems creatures

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No, they are magical constructs.

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unless they are animated by a organism, or hive cluster

hence the bee golem could be valid

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Do you have the source of these?

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Some species of army ants form bridges and ladders when marching to easily cover uneven ground. Fire ants can form floating rafts together.

I see no reason why other social insects couldn't do the same with a massive mobile conglomerate of many individuals working together.

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I know I saved the source somewhere. Now if only I knew where I'd saved it...

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I can now see people killing them and wearing the capes.

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