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>MFW Kroot > Tau

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>kroot > IG

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Gold plated LIKE A BAWSS

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That picture is just silly.

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I don't remember Tau city being a mix of Shanghai and Tokyo.

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I love pics like that of civilians in 40k.

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looks like stuff done by Darius, of course it's silly and weeaboo.

But it looks fun.

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Look at him. He's not even going to give her a pity fuck.

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Given that shirt he's wearing, odds are he doesn't even like women.

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Of course not, he's busy, that burrito isn't going to fist itself.

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Why won't it? Tau need lots more elaboration.

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uh, moar?

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Somehow I doubt the Kroot are as much into race mixing as the humans are. In addition, I bet there'd be certain physical inconveniences.

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IIRC, they do everything with their mouths.

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Fucking ow.

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Are Kroot even intelligent enough for t-shirts? They always seem to be wearing scraps of hide.

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Well all Tau structure we've seen (From Vidya, Images and Miniature) are clean and round not disco light hanging with wires.
A Tau city looking like this is not expected.

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>Are Kroot even intelligent enough for t-shirts?
They build spaceships.
They just have a bunch of weird pheremone and absorption things to do with their skin, so I assume that's why they leave it covered.

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okay i started cracking the fuck up.

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shut up, water-caste faggot.

Kroots are extremely adaptable, intellectually speaking. They're certainly intelligent enough to pilot spaceships.

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they've got their own spaceships, so i think that if they don't wear clothes is because they don't want

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that's the slums, dude. Everyone knows that the pretty cities are just the tau districts, and that "guest races" stay in dirty gritty cyberpunk ghettos if they're lucky.

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>Piloting spaceships
Weren't Kroot claustrophobic or some shit?

Anyways that Tau will never get some Kroot-lovin'.
Fucking Ethereals hooking people up all the time.

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So that tau chick is "slumming" so to speak?

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Once you go kroot,
it's for the greater good.

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Kroot Warsphere, they fly them all over the galaxy to merc it up.

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but weren't most of those military structures though? It would make sense to keep them undertoned where possible.

this could just be the inner city

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>Kroot have no penis
>Why does that Tau have tits?

This picture is inaccurate and the situation is improbable.

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Tau are mammals, mammals have mammary glands, in bipedal mammals these glands are usually located in the tits.

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again, tautits

may I remind you that your "source" had its front thorax removed entirely?

>> No.15153711

we don't know if they are mammals.

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They got hooves.
Close enough for me. Though you ever seen a horse with tits?
Of course not.

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They can't be mammals, mammals are an Earth thing.

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they have grey skin, so they are actually granite rocks with cobalt inclusions, that's close enough for me. Have you ever seen a rock with hair?

>> No.15153738

Its just a classification made on Earth. Mammals can still exist elsewhere, under a different name

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Aha, but you see Tau do have hair. Are you saying they are rocks that wear wigs? What a silly thing to say.

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point still stands, they may or may not be mammals, they may or may not have tits. Hell, maybe they actually have tits on their asses, who knows?

I, for one, won't jump into that trolling bandwagon and will weep on fapping to human-looking tau girls, because I fap to dat blue ass, anyway.

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Tau tits are almost as bad as Necron tits.

>> No.15153754

oh shit!

but that means... that means that they can have tits, no matter what you compare them to! how amazing!

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tau women prefer other races males (and orks and nids and daemons and necrons) over tau men

>> No.15153760

so that means that they're the most glorious and lovable thing? I disagree, I prefer cron tits.

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So you now say their tits are fake along with the fact that they wear wigs? Sir I am offended, the Tau are nothing like that. I suggest taking your tastes in people onto the streets of Las Vegas, not here.

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Do we even know if they have live birth?

>> No.15153770

I see, I understand...

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>Adding tits to a skeleton.

I seriously hope you guy don't do this.

>> No.15153776


ITT: we troll logic itself, not each other anymore.

>> No.15153778

>Necron tits
So they treat other race like shit? I wonder why they're still working for the Tau then.
Ok. I guess that makesense.

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now that you think about it. given that the tau take in almost any species that will listen wouldnt it be possible for interspecies marriage to exist?

fluff wise do they have some law that forbids this?
i wouldnt be surprised if the guevasa<sp?> mingled with them tau chicks after missions

>> No.15153788

Watch this pic, and realize how dumb and uneducated your opinion was, and then go back to your house, your shameful boner standing as a sign of your stupidity.

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Tau can only other Tau and only within the same caste and only with Etheral permission.

>> No.15153803

they still work with them because that's still better than anything else.

they have healthcare! Who wouldn't sacrifice their independence and pride for healthcare?

>> No.15153805


Tau treat other races as second-class citizens.

Everyone who is not the Tau treats other races as target practice.

Seems like living in a ghetto is the better deal there.

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Maybe they don't even learn how to form babby before being asked to.

>> No.15153815

It is hideous.

Sorry bro, the Necrotyr might not of even had tits. If they did they were probably just tumors.

>> No.15153816

do you mean i will not have a sexbot in the future?

>> No.15153821


so much hypocrisy. Anon, why are you so tsun-tsun for delicious, firm and shiny metal tits?

>> No.15153822

Don't fret my good man, the japanese are working on that as we speak.

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So she's trying to get back at her conservative daddy by sneaking off to slut it up with aliens?

>> No.15153830


Either that or she's a pervert.

>> No.15153832

Tits should be soft and squeezable.

Now get your iron satan tits on a space skeleton out of here before I call the space police.

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hell, if this >>15153813 is true, she may not even know shat the fuck she's doing, and she's just trying to imitate the human chicks.

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Now we need a Tau dakimakura until they create the bots, someone wants to design the case? -my nagomi dakimakura is great but just think about a tau female dakimakura!!-

>> No.15153836

>soft and squeezable

you mean squishy? squishy like your grandpa's nuts? Nonsense, the firmer, the better.

>> No.15153844

>Who wouldn't sacrifice their independence and pride for healthcare?

...Nurgle worshippers?
Eldar? (pic related)

>> No.15153847

I'm picking up the phone, don't make me dial the number.

>> No.15153850

>space cops

What seems to be the problem here citizens?

>> No.15153851

well, there's this! a tau robot chick getting pomf'd. But that looks lazily done.

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Considering that the Kroot were capable of using the Ork technology genome to produce stable technology which was as sturdy as orkish one (imagine being able to fix your brand new gaming pc by hitting it with a fist and it works better afterwards), they are actualy a more powerfull and capable race than the Tau.

If only they had more time to develop before being hit by a full scale ork WAAAGH, it might now be the Tau working for them as mercenaries.

>> No.15153860

You're here fast!
I didn't even call yet!

Well officer it seems like we've got a pervert around who wants hard skeleton tits. I don't want this man around my children. Take him to space jail.

>> No.15153865

>(imagine being able to fix your brand new gaming pc by hitting it with a fist and it works better afterwards)

>Implying I can't...

>> No.15153867

Ah, it seems that someone around here is making a fit of "STOPLIKINGWHATIDONTLIKE", and, while I respect his medical condition, I'm afraid he might become dangerous.

>> No.15153873

Very well the-:KABOOM: Shit, Sinestro Corps attack, sorry buddy, looks like you're on your own for now, let's show those yellow ring using bastards who's boss boys!

>> No.15153881

play it cool, play it cool, here come the space cops

>> No.15153906


I fixed a computer whose power supply got burned out by a lightning strike by putting the computer in the middle of a runic circle, lighting candles in an octagonal pattern around it, then etching a geometric sigil into the case while chanting latinate prayers under my breath, and it turned on immediately and worked perfectly for months.

>> No.15153927


Pic related, Doc.

>> No.15153943

Green Lanterns, prepare to fight!
To fear, to die, that is your right!
That yellow sun, blazing at night!
All cower down before SINESTRO'S MIGHT!

hmmmm...that's really cheesy, I've got to stop taking bad guy motto tips from bizarro.

>> No.15153959


The last two lines were pretty good.

>> No.15153986


>This whole discussion.

>> No.15153992

"those don't look like tau buildings"
->you need to learn how an empire works. If the rulers built every building, it wouldn't be an empire, it would be a nation. An empire is a group of disparate peoples linked to a central government by conquest or treaty. The subservient nations almost always outnumber the ruling people, ie most people in the roman empire weren't roman (including in the army, by a certain time) so most tau territories weren't initially built or settled by the tau.

The purpose of conquest is to take other peoples' shit, so of course the tau didn't build every city in the tau empire.

>> No.15153994

In Blackest day. In Brightest night! Beware your fears made into light. Let those who try to stop what's right -- burn like my power -- Sinestro's might!

That better?

>> No.15154263


That States are primarily black.

>> No.15154271

thought they were mainly hispanic

>> No.15154297

>dat pic
Man, first they attack us for invading other cultures and shit. Now we're under attack for having better quality of life?
Goddamn it. Cannot Win.

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