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/tg/ Im in need for some advice.

I have an old friend in my Dark Heresy/Rouge Trader gaming group. And hes becoming a major issue. Hes never happy with his character, constantly complains that he cant play his character due to the make up or actions of the rest of the party. And is very prone to outbursts. To appease him recently I've let him play a Deathwatch Librarian, which even though I knew it would be rather difficult to deal with on a mechanics level (compared to the rest of level one PCs) I wanted to be nice and I figured maybe he would finally stop complaining. Well he managed to bitch non stop about everything, get mad when he kept rolling one hundreds, tried derail the campaign by asking if there were giant mosquitos, and proceeding to talk to them. He then got stunningly angry when that same mosquito he tried talking to charmed him into a whole(Hey man he said there was candy there). And then was almost killed. So /tg/ whats some advice on this I could really use the help.

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Also Im sorry for the disjointed paragraph.

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kill him and take his stuff

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I run the campaign, and I dont run DMPCs, just never something Ive been cool with tbh.

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Have you tried talking to him apart from the game? Just as a friend? Point out that while he was talking to the giant mosquitoes everyone else was sitting around, and that this was after, against your better judgement, you let him play a character that was unbalanced with the rest of the party.

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Tell him to stop whining. Tell him that instead of complaining about his character, he should just try and use his abilities creatively.

The fact that he complains even he's playing a goddamn LIBRARIAN indicates that he will never be satisfied. It sounds like he wants the game to be about having his personal wishes fulfilled.

And that's terrible.

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Talk to him one on one out of character.
Don't acquiesce to his whining anymore, you should not have given him the Librarian.

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I knew I probably shouldnt have when I did. But I figured Id give him the benefit of the doubt. What I dont understand is why he cries about everything. He killed that giant mosquito and then complained about using two of his bolt shells.

Also Im contemplating bringing the rest of the party up to par with his Marine as per the Deathwatch rulebook. Such as each non marine PC having 14000 XP under their belts. Im thinking this is a good idea, what about you guys?

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punch him in the face pussy.

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Thanks for all of the constructive advice guys.
In thanks Ill drop some pictures I have.

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You'll have to buff up the enemies, too, but go for it. If he complains about not being special anymore, see >>15151437

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Our Party consists of as it stands an Ork freebooter(another special circumstance, but he plays an ork better than he is at being human), a Adapt whos dabbling in sorcery and arcane arts, a seneschal and a guardsman who carried over from our Dark Heresy games. And everyone is happy, the Ork is a sanctioned xenos, as per Into the Storm. and no one knows about the sorcerer being one except for me and that player.

Basically right now they're stranded on an Eldar maiden world. I kinda chose Eldar because they dont exactly have to be brutally in your face to be a challenge for a marine, especially a psyker to boot. And the fact that they can be rather cunning at the same time.

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Also taking 40k related dump requests.

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Throw Wraithguard at the problem until it goes away.

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Your saying kill him off? Or the entire party?

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Your party sounds hilarious. The whiner, however must be introduced to wraithcannon because he whines.

Incidentally, I find the situation hilarious. The last time I threw Eldar at my players, it led to swarms of Wraithguard and a one-sided deal with a Dark Eldar (where BOTH sides thought they got over on the other, but only one side did).

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My party is awesome, like I love the personalities and for the most part the players. All accept this one dude. Also care to elaborate on whatcha did? Also what are some good eldar resources for the game?

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I am with Shas; your party sounds great, especially as I imagine the Ork trying to wear imperial style clothing and coming off as a sort of Jack Sparrow style character. With shinnannigans.

The Librarian needs to eat a Lascannon round. Give him a taste of what things REALLY not going his way is like, and he'll stop crying about inconvienences.

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I'd just give him corruption when he bitches

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It's a long story involving bombs, a drug deal, and a farseer in a bacta tank. I'm far too exhausted to tell the full story.

Suffice it to say, they tried to give her back, and they fought Wraithguard. Then they saw Dark Eldar who hesitated to kill them only because the Voidmaster remembered they met the Archon.

That said, For Eldar, you have some in Creatures Anathema (Rangers and Dire Avengers). Ascension has the Exarch. Rogue Trader Lure of the Expanse has bona-fide Wraithguard, Farseers, and Warlocks. Eldar ships can be found in Butterfleet Koronus.

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Excellent I have all of those except the battlefleet book.

>>15151593And I'm game, any suggestions? I always figured a space marine would undoubtably be the biggest target in a combat for one.

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I suppose I should provide this - an index of all official enemies so far, I think. It may be a little outdated but I think it will do. Do not recall where I got it.


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As I recall you telling it, Shas, only the Trader thought they'd gotten a better deal over the DE, and the rest of the party was trying their best not to strangle him.

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Also have there ever been Archon or Dracon stats done for the game?

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no gaming is better than bad gaming.

I've got a friend like you describe OP.

Total bro, but he's a fucking pain in the ass while we game. Board games, pnp vidya. It dosn't matter.

So I just drink with him and essentially never talk to him, since I'd rather be gaming most of the time. It sucks, but the older you get the more you'll put up with shit like that from people you know.

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>any suggestions

My party fought a Talos once. That was a fun fight.

The Wraithcannon should be good though. Warp Weapon leads to hilarity. Dark Eldar blasters are also good, with 2d10+5 Pen 8. Should nuke through even a spess mehreen's armor and some of their toughness. You're gonna want high pen high damage like melta-equivalents for the mehreen.

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Also do you guys have any handy tips for running the game?

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Haemonculus, yes. Archon, no. I had to kustom-make those.


You remember well. To date I have only alluded to that set of endeavors. I have not yet recorded it.

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You mentioned it offhand once, when talking about why the party ended up in Commoragh in the first place. Something about a Good-quality Agonizer for one unconditional favor.

I have a good memory for random stuff. And that statement was astounding enough that I'd have remembered it even if I couldn't remember for shit.

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Yea whats the deal it it dude. I dont know what happened.

Hey since youd probably know Shas, how do the Tau work out in game?

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Define handy tips.

Generally, don't be a douche. In RT the players have lots of freedom and an army of redshirts. Let them do whatever, but always be mindful of their consequences. Try not to say "No," instead try to figure out how to say "Yes."

And try not to lose your temper like I do if a player starts whining.

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I don't know too much about Warhammer in general, but I did play a Deathwatch with a few friends a while back. If I remember correctly, if a Librarian fails at using their power, isn't it possible for them to be transported into the warp for a few seconds?
If so, send this guy there when he messes up. Give him insanity points or whatever they're called. Or what about mutations, can't exposure to the warp or doubles make stuff like that happen?

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Tau guns are ricockulously good. They need to be.

But in RT all you get are the guns. It's deathwatch that you get the Tau proper. Your basic fire warrior is pretty much a guardsman with a great gun. Gun Drones are rapists if you get a lot of them together because they network (their BS increases the more there are), otherwise every gun drone you kill weakens the squad.

The battlesuits are fun. You will never see your death with the Stealth Guy, and the Crisis Guy will destroy you with mounted plasma and missile pods. Put simply, battlesuits will nuke RT players unless you make certain adjustments.

Then again, I ran my players against a kustom XV-9, and they did fine. But my players were relatively higher-powered.

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>play a game of Deathwatch

fixed it

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>Try not to say "No," instead try to figure out how to say "Yes."

This. Leads to barrels of fun and FUN!

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My general style of DMing has always been to let the party do whatever they want. I always figured I should give them things to do but make the world evolve to their actions. my motto has always been you can do whatever youd like but there are always consequences. I think Ive only said no half a dozen times in the last year and a half of DMing.

But just things like keeping the game moving, and how to involve more adventure. Also plot hooks if your feeling generous.

One member of the party, who due to beign abandoned by the marine in an eldar ruin has already met the farseer that the rest of the party is going to meet. Thankfully she ran into his companion Gyrinx beforehand and was exceptionally kind to it. It saved her life. That and it being her second gaming session ever. But with what they may have to fight, that might very well happen.

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>My general style of DMing has always been to let the party do whatever they want. I always figured I should give them things to do but make the world evolve to their actions. my motto has always been you can do whatever you'd like but there are always consequences.

A man after my own heart, or what's left of it. A good memory also helps, to explain exactly what/why event caused the reaction, and a good grasp of the rules to explain how.

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I keep notes of every session. Just for that sort of thing.

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Needs more angry Chaos axeman.

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Fucking pushover.

Letting the PCs 'have fun' and 'do what they want' =/= letting them have every goddamn thing they want if they whine enough (i.e. fucking libby in a RT game) Shame on you OP you are indeed a fag

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Ha. I do too.

I remember one day Voidmaster asked me "Why is Rogue Trader getting so much flak?" I was able to give a comprehensive list of all the Rogue Trader's idiocies. She then asked "Is it justified?" I pointed out his Vendetta, and tied everything into that. She then understood where I was coming from.

Incidentally, Rogue Trader had been running around saying, "I'm not going to take Noble Born in (my) campaigns anymore. He'll just use it against me." I couldn't help but laugh.

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And I try to remember each characters backstory to help integrate them into the campaign and each players play styles to make sure everyone has a chance to do whatever they like to do. I honestly like being a DM more than a PC anymore.

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Generally I dont, I was curious to see what would happen. Letting them have free reign to go where they want and make the game what the want to play is kind of necessary. I dont really enjoy railroading my group and with the exception of one guy its worked really well for the last year or so.

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To be perfectly honest, Shas, I'm surprised he'd even want to be in any of your campaigns anymore, given how much you punished him for his stupid decisions and complete lack of grasp on the setting.

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Sounds like my first DM, except the preference to not being a PC. I'm so happy he finally gets to play a PC and not have to help the new guy with the current game; he was trying to take out his frustrations on the players, since the DM gave him the go ahead to take the training wheels off.

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Would you not have done the same? I was quite frankly surprised he chose a path that included a Vendetta. Hell, two players did. And thus, there were two main antagonists. But I digress.

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whoa Shas care to elaborate?

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I had two main antagonists - a rival pimp who was always mucking up their business and competing with them (assigned to the Rogue Trader) and a Mechanicus agent who worked closely with the Inquisition to bring them in and purge their (underworld) kind from the sector (assigned to the Seneschal). Eventually the pimp sold out to the Mechanicus agent, and things got weird. But I have already revealed the ending.

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I didn't mean you punishing him was a bad thing, after all, he deserved it. I was just surprised he apparently managed to fail learning that you punish stupid decisions yet still wants to play in your campaigns.

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He ain't the brightest tool in the shed. And he refuses to accept when he is wrong, or things can change over errata or editions.

Let me share an unrelated story, where he was in a 4th edition intro game I was running. He was a barbarian.

>So you all get to the capital of the Technocracy. It's carved inside the largest mountain of the range. You can see numerous dwarven forges, elvish shops, and a few spelljammers moored in the docking bays.
"Wow. It's big." says the Sorceror.
"So where is the guy we're supposed to meet?" asks the Runepriest.
>You see a bunch of signs and shit. Reading them, you get a rough idea of the are-
"No." says Barbarian.
"I don't." he says, oddly happily.
>Why not?
"I'm a barbarian."
"I can't read."
>Yeah you can.
"No, I can't. Barbarians are illiterate." he laughs.
>Uh, not anymore. Barbarians can read just like anyone else now.
"What? That sucks! That ruins my entire character concept!" he screams.
>...your character was "i use huge sword" for a one-shot. You said this yourself an hour ago.
Barbarian then walks around the city covering his eyes so he can't read. I described him bumping around and people treating him like some sort of idiot, and he was furious. But the Runepriest, Sorceror, and Wizard couldn't stop laughing.

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I would have an aneurism with this player.

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Does anyone know the sauce on the OPs picture?

Reminded me a bit of this and was wondering if the same artist

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I remember the crappy MS Paint edits of that picture we did.

Oh what fun.

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You mean this one?

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I'm going to guess yes
and then BEG FOR SAUSE.

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