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greetings /tg/! I am conducting an interboard survey of shenanigans!
/a/ gave me futas
/b/ gave me dicks
/k/ gave me german chicks
/v/ gave me samus

and now finally its your turn /tg/! Post your waifu and or favorite character. After you comes /d/ by the way.

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sage in all fields. Fuck off

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die in a car fire, OP

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A very special satori.

Not very /tg/ though.

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>/a/ gave me futas
now I wonder what's left for /d/

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Brides are waifus, right?

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How about you go to /d/ and ask them why they're all so gay, instead of spreading your weeaboo faggotry here.

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I'll play for the sake of posting somehting without a wall of text

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Exactly everything else.

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It's like if Friend Computer had a sexy voice.

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OP here, I didnt say it had to be japanafag content

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...Why the fuck did Beatrice turned black ?

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Mai /tg/ waifu

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For some reason someone always wants a browngirl shop of every picture ever.

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that is glados

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No question.

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/tg/ has no need for waifus

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/tg/ has an obsession for dragons.
What was the name of that one-winged red dragon that got spammed all over the board a while ago?

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I can approve of these.

Cute, capable heroines are the way to go in general.

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>ask for waifus
>shitty Japanized word and shitty roneryfag concept
>totally not anime guys ^_^*

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everyone knows /tg/'s waifu is /x/tan and our consort is horo

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cultist and xenos take them and go OP

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Post your waifu and or favorite character
posted this on /k/ and they decided on german girls

german =/= jap

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ah, there's /x/-tan too, right.
And Xeno! she's a cute and powerful heroine and...
yeah, right. No.

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Bullshit. Cirno-chan is /tg/'s waifu.

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no love for amelia or that other blonde elfgirl?
>has not watched wakfu

I though we were pretty dead set on them

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Everyone knows that /tg/'s gal is a dwarf female with giant d20's for tits. Sage for shit thread

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If by "Horo", you mean "Leman Russ", then yes.

Russ related.

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no, touhoufag.

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I'd say either Cultistchan or that sorcerer chick from Pathfinder. Every time someone mentions one of them /tg/ jizzes their pants.

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everyone knows that /tg/ has a beta-boner for musselgurls.

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>implying touhou is not /tg/ related and therefore waifu material

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cultist-chan isn't popular anymore.

even Culexus stopped drawing her.

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When you get to /co/, save yourself the trouble and go straight for the pony threads.

Mind you, there's also Squirrel Girl... Power Girl... the latest /co/ crush of the month...

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not even /a/ was that low... they were bizzare but not... that

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I submit Lavender Lil.

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Plus any and every character from Homestuck.

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our waifu is invisible. you see, the new mod has a very itchy b&hammer.

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Truly, /tg/ has many waifus. Evangelyne would probably be one of them (DEM HIPS), if our mods hadn't decided that Wakfu mostly belongs in /co/.

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I must formally disagree with all you good folks. Our significant other is clearly this fine specimin, who bears a striking resemblance to our great Fabricator-General, Scriptarius.

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wait... what?

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You've never visited /a/ before have you? Nothing is too low for /a/.

For all /tg/'s failings, at least we don't shit ourselves over GETs every day.

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Victory. Victory is /tg/'s waifu.

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What the shit? That girl actually looks like someone I know.

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/tg/'s waifu is Space Marines or whatever the 40k flavor of the month is

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Only 22 years to go to wizardom.

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it's the commissar hat, you know...

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Fuck you, this is shit kill it with fire-tier.

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I don't know what's wrong with you guys. THIS is clearly the girl for /tg/.

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You did that on purpose.
But, yeah. /a/ is usually shit as shit can be.
Late night /a/ can produce some funny stuff that usually ribs /jp/, and that can make my night. Rare as hell, though. They're too obsessed with being right and not being called out.

/tg/ is more /a/ related than /a/ is. /a/ don't even watch anime, though I doubt that /tg/ makes a habit of it either.

I'm fairly new here, so if my newfag stains your shirt I'll pay for it.

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This is /tg/'s waifu.

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That is not a duckface my good sir, just a simple kiss, THIS is a duckface.

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Sanguinus is my Waifu.

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Damnit, from that thumb I though that was a cock in holo's mouth, I am disappointed.

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We're all going to get smashed.
But whatever.

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i cum on omegon he infiltrate penis 17/14 would watch again thx OP

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we cum on cat it hiss at penis

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+1 for Annah/tieflings in general.

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inb4 stupid comic references

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this. Because she looks cute and half of the wh40k fans would rage about it

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Did you folks forget or something?

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I thought she was pregnant from looking at the thumbnail. Had to click to realize it's her helmet.

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sorry, bad news...

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Yep monster girls are so amazingly /tg/.

Hips hips hips!

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are you sure that's her helmet? I mean there is blood on her face and the helmet is unharmed. Maybe she took it from an ultrasmurf or something

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/x/ is going to give her not /tg/

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Personally I liked Ribbon more but Cestree is more general /tg/.

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but /x/ is /tg/s girlfriend! We love /x/ so much that we sit back and do nothing when /b/ rapes her...

Tenderness is not /tg/s strong suit....

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Let's be reasonable here.

>> No.15146099

that's bullshit and you fucking know it

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fun fact: We love /x/ but /x/ don't love us. Life is hard...

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How about we give you.....


>> No.15146115


I have an answer for your heresy:


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X-tan is our beloved

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You're not using it right

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You know it, no matter how much you act like you hate 'em.

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OP, don't listen to them... they're trying to hide their waifu from you.

THIS is /tg/'s waifu. /tg/ has a serious hard-on for massive gay bears in power-armor, in hopes that one day hugemus-maximums from the Emperor's Fisters chapter takes them and butt-rapes them with his 4" rod of diminishment.

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I do not have a waifu as I am not a faggot.

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Lady of Pain is my waifu. My worship should be secret, so don't rat on me, ok?

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So, is that supposed to be a Discworld joke?

>> No.15146166


/x/ loved /tg/ when /x/ actually was /x/.

/b/ killed /x/ and now there is nothing of any value there.

I'm an e/x/ile.

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I think it'll come down to Paladin Chicks, /x/-tan, Cultist, or Sisters of Battle (a.k.a. Paladin Chicks IN SPAAAAACE).

>> No.15146179

I don't see the joke, but it is Discworld.

>> No.15146187

screw you, blueberry pie superior!
I think you mean "lady scented body wash for paladins in space"

>> No.15146189


Is that who I think it is?

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I'd say this thread illustrates perfectly well that the people that say that /tg/ in general ever agrees on anything should just stop typing and go slap themselves moderately hard in the face a few times.

>> No.15146196

i'd like to see the reaction you get from /sp/ for this

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The God-Emperor of Mankind

>> No.15146202

This hasn't been posted yet?

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where is this from

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Something similar to this. The /x/board is where /x/ lives. Back when /b/ started raiding heavily, a few boards fought back, then /b/ couldn't raid any board anymore so started picking on /x/, a board too small to fight back. /x/ starts asking /k/ and /tg/ for help and we gladly drop in, /k/ brings their well armed conspiracy nuts and /tg/ brought motherfucking cthulhu.

After the third rescue it all got wearisome so /x/ asked to spend the night here while waiting out the /b/ raid. Eventually /x/ was just living here and the /b/tards did to /x/ what they did to /v/. When we realized this, /x/ was HERE, we married /x/.

And that is the present situation. /x/ and /tg/ are married, /b/ lives in /x/s place where she keeps her stuff. /b/ also lives in /v/s place.

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they'd pick Tony Kornheiser, obviously.

>> No.15146209

That's because she's the waifu of only a very few, but quite active posters, like Xeno.

>> No.15146215


and then there is some weird business with /ck/ and /co/ and it's just all kinds of awkward.

>> No.15146216

>they'd pick Tony Kornheiser

Why!? ...oh, right.

>> No.15146222

Going Postal live action film.

Yeah the e/x/iles usually come out for the horror/mindfuck rpg threads.

And things like monster girl and creatures of the deep threads...well before the mods started trashing those.

>> No.15146223

Shut up, Laughing God, she will never be your waifu, no matter how much you pay for it.

>> No.15146224

Ingrid Bolsø Berdal Going Postal

>> No.15146227


from one of the discworld movies

>> No.15146231

Yup, Angua.

>> No.15146237

>Going Postal
Thank you :D

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/ck/ and /tg/ used to date. She married /co/ though for being more compatible with her interests and having a damn job at the time. By day, he's a mild mannered journalist and self publisher, by night, he beats up drug addicts behind his house for money and calls it crime fighting.
Then /k/ married /an/ for similar interests.
We married /x/ because she was our damsel, we were always rescuing dat ass.

>> No.15146247

Not to mention that we just LOVE stating illogical horrors.

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>> No.15146250

oh lawdy, dat paranormal ass...

>> No.15146251

OP, the thing all these girls have in common is they are fantastic fantasy girls. All of them have some superpower, supernatural attribute, or science fiction technology. They all go on the adventures that we dream of.

>> No.15146254


but we got divorced because /x/ is a whore actually

>> No.15146258

whiteknight on


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