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So what is everyone's opinion on the new stuff so far?

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I think that pic sums it up entirely.

>fucking airbubbles.

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I've gotten 3 models so far. 2 I am really happy with, one is workable and not too bad. The material is nice.

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Went into a GW an picked up blister after blister to see if it was as bad asit looks on the internet. It wasn't really. Only some small bubbles, but enough to put me off buying.

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Simply Said, GW could of done 2 things that would greatly reduced the amount of people complaining.

1, not go on about how fucking good Fine Cast would be.
2, not fucking jack up the price the same day as it's release.

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Sure is viral in here.

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How so, Haruhi?

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>he doesn't know what viral means

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Due to the fact that all of thses post are in direct opposition to what a majority of other buyers have been saying; I think that these folks maybe the type to support GW regardless of the situation.

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Have you bought any? Do you know first hand? Yes there were problems, but some, including me, like them more than metal.

Pic related, my Finecast Wyvern that I will be starting tonight.

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>OP makes basic thread asking opinions
>Opinions on both sides shared
>Berate naysayer for questioning GW

Good work /tg/

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Two people in this thread mention buying less than a handful of models and both of them mention flaws. One was okay with them and one was not. I don't really see how that's so out of line with the experience of most other people or how thats in any way a ringing enforcement of GW.

Also, the term "viral marketing" refers to an actual marketing campain where people are paid to shill for a company on the internet. GW has enough fanboys to never, ever need to actually pay anyone to talk up their products online.

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I think we refer to them as trolls.

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Go play something else then. Enjoy your second place games.

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> not fucking jack up the price the same day as it's release

yah but the 12-year olds who are GW's main clientele won't notice.

they did the same thing back in the white metal days

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>a majority of other buyers have been saying

People like to complain. They like to complain far more than they like to praise something. Of course the people who don't like a product are going to seem to be the majority; the ones who do like it are more likely to just to carry on as they did before, rather than start ranting at the internet about how terrible everything else. It's the same with everything from videogames to Warhammer to music or anything else you can imagine.

I've not worked with Finecraft yet. Until the two boxes of Wracks I preordered arrive, I'm not holding any opinion on it one way or the other.

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>everything else

Er, everything is, rather.

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Are you really a girl?

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If the ones you get have flaws, will you just fix the flaws and move on or send it back?

If the equivalent in metal wouldn't have these minor but noticeable flaws and would still cost less, isn't that proof the product is completely inferior and shouldn't be supported?

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Does it matter?

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Depends on the size of the flaws. If they're easily enough fixed, I'd just fix them, rather than go about the hassle of getting replacements.

If the material is easier to work with than metal (flash is easier to remove, easier to cut/bend for conversions, final model is less fragile and doesn't need pinning, etc), or the detail is sharper, then I'll be happy so long as the casting errors aren't huge. If it's no easier to work with, or no more detailed, then together with the casting errors I'll freely say it's inferior. But until I've had first-hand experience with it I'm not going to join the hate bandwagon or try and defend something I've no knowledge about.

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Over priced resin.

Plus I cannot order from a place who will not charfge 30 dollars just to ship it to my house.

So I'm done with GW because of Finecast and their new policy.

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overpriced, no extra detail, vulnerable to warping. If it was $4-6 dollars for a tiny model made out of cheap resin (it is cheap) then I would buy it. They often are charging like $20 for an individual little one, which is a price I cannot justify.
And no, it does not make me poor to be happy spending $5 instead of $20 per model, it means I'm intelligent and don't instantly lose all my money.

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