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Think of your most favorite starship from any given universe.

Got it? Good.

Three D'deridex class warbirds have just de-cloaked off your port bow and are locking weapons.

How fucked are you?

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Commencing Daedalus maneuver.

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"lol why u mad tho?"

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and then Captain Gloval said, "Fire the main gun!"

and Roy Fokker was like, "Shit just got real."

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they will feel the love of the plaugefather

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They should run, far and fast.

It will not save them.

But they should run.

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the first thing I thought was the enterprise-d.
they've been through worst

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>Sovereign class starship

Three Warbirds is a tough fight but not insurmountable. Hit their engines and get the fuck outta there.

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By any reasonable comparison of relative defensive capabilities and weapon loadouts, I'm fucked.

But if you think that matters at all, you've never piloted a starbridge.

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M'lord three gnat's have appeared off the port Bow

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the machine spirit protects

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Thought of the Normandy.

Looks like Shepard's gonna be brought back from the dead again.

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Time to show our new teeth, fire the main gun.

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Attacking us?!

Who the hell do you think I am!?

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I have the most powerful weapon in the two universes!

...then again, that's my ship's only weapon. I might be in trouble here.

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herald what are your orders?

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>Star Trek ships
>threatening to more than 5% of sci-fi universes

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>wait it is

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Nothing that can't be resolved by macro-canon broadsides and a few bombiers.

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I'm pretty sure I put out more firepower than a D'deridex... but they certainly can take a bigger beating and have more shields....

I scramble fighters (Because Akiras have those!) and distract two of the ships while firing heaving on the closest one, and pray.

But yeah Im pretty fucked.

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Everything is proceeding just according to plan. You'll be mine this time.

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The tech level in Star Trek is so far beyond that of the average sci fi setting that if the Federation bothered to outfit one of their shuttles with proper weaponry, they could destroy the typical battleship of another setting.

That said, they won't, because that's not really the point of Star Trek.

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Pretty sure they're fucked instead.

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rolled 1 = 1

>"The ship AI has hijacked us."
>"And it just commandeered the alien ship, too."
>"And it's teleporting our security officer all over the place."
>"But... wasn't he designed to open and close doors?"

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So we can get cloak and warp upgrades off them right?

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I'm actually pretty happy.

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Nice choice there bro. There are a number of excellent ships in that game. Pic related.

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>How fucked are you?
How can I be fucked when I have God on my side?

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I put on my trollface and wipe out every sentient being in the galaxy.

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Enjoy your missile spam.

PS: I tried to get myself Eamond Flannigan's starbridge but when I boarded the fucker the plot took control and instead of a boarding chance I got a "you lose".

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>The tech level in Star Trek is so far beyond that of the average sci fi setting that if the Federation bothered to outfit one of their shuttles with proper weaponry, they could destroy the typical battleship of another setting.

Your trolling is weaksauce.

And the answer to the original question for most scifi verses (save for a couple of really low-tech ones, like Babylon 5-verse, if we discount its precursor races) is "LOL, this means to be a threat?".

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Actually this poses a question.

Could the Asgard outfitted Daedalus defeat ships from the star Trek universe? Considering their beam weapons and shielding. But I'm not sure how well the two universes mesh.

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If you're going through all the trouble of capturing ships, you may as well assemble a fleet of Kestrels. Nothing like abusing the game engine to build a fleet of 'unique' ships.

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Who knows or cares, between universe comparisons are pointless and usually impossible to do properly.

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Super Class Star Destroyer, coming in at Eight Kilometers of death, I think I would be just fine.

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>Three wild D'deridex class warbirds have appeared!
>Titan uses Doomsday!
>It's super effective!
>Three D'deridex class warbirds have fainted!

Lol Eve.

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I'll be fine.

>The Vasari's faces when.

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Executor class Star Dreadnaught

You better bring the whole damn Romulan fleet. Cause after my 5000 turbolaser emplacements are done warming up, i'm gonna go glass your planet.

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I deeply approve.

Brofist to the heavens.

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Just imagine what an Eclipse class could do to the damn verse, let alone any faction.

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Well this should provide minor amusement.

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My DPS renders any hostile offensive action too risky to be worth it.

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All I need is just one R-Type player ship to commence an obscene amount of anal bleeding. The Arrowhead alone would suffice.

A Gradius ship is fine too. Vic Viper would curb-stomp some shit.

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Despite how scary those two speed demons can be, my heart always belonged to this old gal. Sure, she wasn't too fast and she turned like a brick and I'll concede that from the wrong angle she looks like a black hole's sex toy...

But lordy when you open those guns up, boys I tell ya the sight is glorious.

Warbirds decloaking, you say? Sonny, I've got eight different colors of death heating up in my turrets.

I look forward to selling any of you still intact enough to capture after the first volley.

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Not really much of a fight when you go up against the most powerful warship in the galaxy (besides the Resolution of Hector)

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I was thinking of the ROU Falling Outside The Normal Moral Constraints

yeah, you're all so fucked that you wont even have time to realise how fucked you are before you get fucked

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Pic related?

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Round vulcan.
Everybody dies.

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If you run now, one of you might survive.

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I thought of the Heart of Gold. The chances if such a craft surviving, let alone winning, a battle like that are remarkably low. That means I GOT THIS.

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I'm in a Nyx, so I can just shit out bombers and laugh at their attempts to get through my armor. I take rounds from nukes, high powered lasers, and anti-matter shells, so what are a few underpowered lasers gonna do?

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is dat some freelancer?

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The Lexx.

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My favorite? No.

Coolest? Yes.

And they're fucked.

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Syrinx. Shields, massive weapons, support satellites, interstellar capabilities... Highly maneuverable as well which is good as star trek has consistently shown small craft can easily avoid incoming fire and tracking.

While I will admit a Ragnarok II would have an easy time, I love the syrinx, rynex and gauntlet...

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Hopefully I've got enough shields up.

Otherwise I hope I've got bombs.

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That is some freelancer. An outcast sabre. Probably the best ship in the game, even counting capital ships and dreadnoughts.

It's probably freeware by now.

Here's something bigger.

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I'm all good here.

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I've got the Gundam and tons of plot armor, so I might be alright.

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>Sovereign's face when the Romulans have no Shepard to save them.

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Mere grunts cannot stand before the might of the VIC VIPER!!!!!

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I should be able to hold long enough for CONCORD to rape them sideways

>> No.15142970

Especially when Vic Viper: Extra Rape Edition is activated.

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I thought of the USS defiant.
Guess it depends how pissed off Sisko is.

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My lightsaber is the lightsaber that will pierce the heavens for massive damage!

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Congratulations on winning Most Old School for this thread.
There was plenty of strong competition, but I think you've earned it.

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Nah. Depends on whether or not he has the goatee.

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I fuck them up with glorious duktape!

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And the bald. Do not forget the bald.

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Oh yeah.

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was he ever not bald?

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Run, little insects, run.

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I can't remember if Vic can Zero Shift in versus mode of Second Runner or not but if it can the trolling would be even more outrageous.

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Whatever gets these damn movies off the screen.

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This is true, if Sisko is bald, everyone is FUCKED

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Fist season I think.

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Once my ursine companion is here you're all fucked.

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Very fucked.

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Beat that end screen and score.

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>Three D'deridex class warbirds have just de-cloaked off your port bow and are locking weapons.
>How fucked are you?
Considering my port bow, along with the entire ship is in its own time/space inclusion? Well, not fucked at all. I can either ignore you, or just drop your warbirds into their own inclusions with laws of physics that will destroy them.

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Culture. Nice knowing you.

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Gundams =/= Starships

Try harder.

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I have no image, but I do have a ship that was masquerading as Earth's moon, called Dahak. I'm not fucked. I don't even notice the romans as I use my artificial black hole to drop into hyperspace.

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I'll run. To give them a chance.

>> No.15143081

Would a Culture ship go out if its way to upload sentience into the warbirds just to verbally belittle them?

I like to think so.

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>> No.15143099

It's not the Culture, and that ship isn't even a proper warship.

Culture doesn't have Wars. Nobody knows what Wars really are, it's just what comes out of extreme +time inclusions if you put nano optimized for finding the best way to kill everything and some matter inside, and let it brew for a couple million years. The best part: people who crossbreed them are called mort-eugenicists.

Wars were used once, and they kinda collapsed the entire Milky Way.

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The Scrin would be an interesting fight, as would the Covenant.

Regardless I like Homeworld.

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I'd say you're pretty fucked. What do you say, Picard?

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How do you like that, you sons of bitches?!

>> No.15143174

Looks like Q needs to get punched in the face by Sisko again.

>> No.15143180

My favorite starship is a D'deridex Class Warbird. Come at me bros.

>> No.15143190

I doubt Sisko systems will exist as a company that far in the future. Maybe companies like IBM. But not Sisko.

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done and done

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All you bitches are nothing next To Battlestar Galactica

>> No.15143224

I wanted to like this show, I really did, but the pseudo swearing was just too painful to listen to.

>> No.15143226

Shields up! Fire the naquadria-enhanced nuclear missiles!

>> No.15143235

This would be Fun!

>> No.15143237

They better bring a whole fleet with them.


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I wanted to think highly of the Prometheus, and the show tried to say it was a powerful ship, but was there a single episode it was in that it didn't get the crap kicked out of it? I mean I realize it was usually traps and uneven odds, but not once did it really kick ass.

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this freelancer game reminds me of an old freeware demo of a space trading game, much like the old 'drug lord' games, where there was no graphics other than 2d pictures to show you what you were up against/where you were, but you could go from piloting a small one man boat to captaining massive capital ships, you guys wouldnt happen to know the name of the game im rambling about would you?

>> No.15143251


feels good bro

Dragons on the starboard bow
(shake them off, Jim!)

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yeah, pretty much fucked, totally outteched at this point

>> No.15143279

I chose you Starvampire!
>I'd be unconsciousness and on it's back but also tiny in comparison. If they noticed me and shot fucked.

>> No.15143293

Pretty fucked.

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You are all small time.

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Dude, ships in star trek can blow moons to pieces, the enterprise alone could blow a moon to bits, just like that, remember that episode where the planets moon was going to crash into it? "Should be blow it to pieces" "don't think that will help"

>> No.15143309


Sadly the Prometheus was used more as a plot tool. It didn't see much combat. The two major times were in Lost City and Ethon.

It did go down in Ethon, but that was against Ori tech which is on the level of the Ancients. The Prometheus was only ever Earth tech with stolen Goa'uld and some help from the Asgard.

The other time was over Antartica where the Prometheus and it's F-302 complement held off a ton of Al'kesh and Death Gliders.

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Would do okay, I think. <Fires shield-bypassing drones.>

>> No.15143313

Not a ship, or even a mecha, it's closer to the shit Green Lantern's make using their rings.

>> No.15143320

At full power I've got them...easy.

>> No.15143324

Oh shit, this was one of my first NES games, nostalgiad hard!

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>come under attack
>turn parallel to incoming fire
>fire ze missiles

Fuck yeah, IDA frigates. That said, however...

Fuck those warbirds.

>> No.15143329

Technically, it does fly in space. Just because it's powered by concentrated awesome doesn't mean it isn't a ship.

>> No.15143340

Launch Vipers.

>> No.15143346

I repeat, it's not a ship or a mecha, it's an energy construct.

>> No.15143359


A heavily armed Tyrant-class Cruiser with more guns than necessary and with a heavily modified prow for extra ramming against 3 pissy warbirds.
(The ship is named Immortal and has a statue of a man in black leather, spikes, long black hair and corpsepaint on it.


>> No.15143387


So it's a ship made from willpower, and that means it isn't a ship?

>> No.15143392

Launch the Attack Kermits

>> No.15143404

yeah i think i'll be ok

>> No.15143406

>ramming romulan ships

You do remember that those things are powered by black holes right?

>> No.15143422


>powered by black holes

Seriously? Fucking seriously?

>> No.15143424

That's nothing compared to being powered by the God-Emperor Abbath.

In worst case scenario I'll just have to use the nova-cannons.

>> No.15143439

They must be losing a lot in the transfer. The TARDIS is powered by a black hole as well, and look at what it can do.

>> No.15143443

This is because Doctor Who is derp-science.

>> No.15143448


>The TARDIS is powered by a black hole



>> No.15143450

Yes, all romulan warbirds generate power by means of an artificial singularity.

>> No.15143455

Yes. They use artificial quantum singularities to power their ships to help with their cloaking.

A race of aliens that incubate their young in black holes once mistook one for a natural black hole, hilarity ensued.

Star Trek ships fire planet wrecking weapons at each other, their shields can probably take it.

>> No.15143462


...they based major plot points for three different episodes of TNG off of "things going wrong with the Romulan Black Hole drives."
One episode involved the black hole drive SHATTERING TIME. It also gave us this screencap.
I don't know how you missed that.

>> No.15143463

The Romulans use it for power. Nothing else. The Doctor uses it to manipulate time and relative distance. The one time the Romulans tried to do that (DS9), they got caught in an endlessly repeating time loop. Knowing that and knowing how hilariously unreliable the TARDIS is, if you had a black hole, would you use it for power, or to manipulate time?

>> No.15143470

Not at all. This thing literally creates a pocket fucking universe and inverts it to create a shield that is utterly impossible to penetrate. And then, while dicking around in hyperspace, has a great time detonating planets to create shockwaves to hit you with - oh, and that's the weakest weapon it has - it's 'fuck off' setting. The really big setting does something nasty. God I love Peter F Hamilton.

>> No.15143472

They do manage to be pretty fucking invisible, while maintaining weapons that can wreck planets and shields that can defend them from similar weapons, and power their replicators and everything, it's not that bad of a deal.

Plus in the future the romulans will have their own time travel.

>> No.15143477


>incubate their young in black holes

>> No.15143483

They must be suicidal.

It will give the bored gunners a bit of target practice.

>> No.15143484

>The TARDIS is powered by a black hole

No it's powered by an 11th dimensional entity that exists across space and time. It's all of the Time Lords OTHER stuff that is powered by Black Holes or paradox machines.

I mean the Time Lord's basically invented Black Holes if you believe everything The Doctor says.

>> No.15143489

>star trek calling anything derp-science

Best reverse the magnetic tachyon flow in your positron flux capacitor, bro.

>> No.15143491

star trek is derp science
dr. who is derper science

>> No.15143492


I am perfectly happy to land centuries off-target, because I'm fucking TIME TRAVELING, BITCH.

>> No.15143496

They are a race of beings that were out of there, like Q sorta, they needed the super high gravity and something to do with time.

>> No.15143498


No shit, I can think of quite afew things that might go wrong with CREATING A FUCKING GRAVITATIONAL SIINGULARITY or in layman's terms some thing of INFINITE GRAVITY in a ship. Namely the universe ends.

>> No.15143500

Fuck your manufactured ships with their cloak and lasers. I AM MY SHIP, AND I'M A FUCKING T-0! FIRE THE FUCK YOU BEAMS!

>Thread full of EVN love

>> No.15143503


Technically, the tardis is off-target because it happens to be a sentient ship, and takes the Doctor where he needs to go, not just where he wants to go. Quite a few episodes have talked about it, and then there was the one not a month ago that had its consciousness planted in a human being.

>> No.15143512

>if you believe everything The Doctor says.

>> No.15143520

Trust him. He's the Doctor.

>> No.15143529

It's ok, some genetically engineered dudes decided that they needed to stop the universe ending. They think manipulating subspace to lower the mass of the universe might help.

>> No.15143530

That's his Tardis though.

Other Tardis's can actually be controlled.

>> No.15143532

>Implying the Neutronium Alchemist is a ship.

I hope you enjoy your unshielded, slow, unwieldly ship getting pounded to shit before deploying it.

Unless, of course, you're rocking a voidhawk. Or you're piloting Tranquility.

>> No.15143538


>> No.15143546

Looks like they're packing considerable amounts of beam weapons, which I guess could get a bit hairy depending on coverage arcs, but blasting them off should be quite doable. Actually destroying the birds afterwards will take bloody ages though unless I can call in a bomber wing to assist.

>> No.15143551

Every Tardis is sentient, and can probably make its own decisions. It just usually goes along with the Time Lord who bonded with it rather than doing what it feels like doing.

The Doctor's is just a bit more quirky than most of them.

>> No.15143552

I am on CPP Potkustart

I am fucked, and so is everyone else, no exceptions.

>> No.15143558

Fortunately, those are small quantum singularities, and thus won't do much--after all, they have to be small enough that the mass of the black hole itself won't start sucking parts of the warbird into itself. Not to mention all the problems with acceleration that significant additional mass would give them.

Honestly, they're probably not much bigger than the artificial singularities the LHC has been throwing about.

>> No.15143559

>Zen, activate the force wall. Clear neutron blasters for firing.

Not a clue, but it would be fun to see the results.

>> No.15143563

>>15143558 the artificial singularities the LHC has been throwing about.

What, when did this happen? I know there's been experiments with creating virtual black holes elsewhere, but I've never heard about the LHC actually making anything such, only attention whores and crackpots claiming it would.

>> No.15143564

>Implying you can destroy an Eluder before it gets out of range

>> No.15143572


>small quantum singularities
>artificial singularities the LHC

Yeah that didn't happen, plus a small quantum singularity? A small thing of infinite gravitational pull?

>> No.15143608

I hope I'm too small and too fast for them to hit with their giant disruptors and plasma torpedoes.

>> No.15143635

...I apologize. I could have sworn I read on a Pop-Sci article recently that they'd achieved quantum singularities, but I can't find the article for the life of me. I may just be full of shit.

Quantum singularities don't equate to infinite gravitational pull--they have the same amount of gravitational pull something else of their mass has, modified by the fact that they've been collapsed into an incredibly small area. Thus, intense gravitational pull really close to the object (enough to bend light inward towards the object), with normal gravitational decreases as distances increase.

With the LHC's work, in order to make a stable black hole of a dangerous size, they'd have to be able to provide enough mass for its gravitational effects to be noticeable at greater than the subatomic level. This would take half the mass of the Earth.

At the moment, what they have (or have been working on) are microscopic buildups of protons that theoretically have enough mass to produce black-hole-like-effects on the really small scale, and emit Hawking radiation as Black Holes are supposed to.

>> No.15143655

> This would take half the mass of the Earth.
we have the technology

>> No.15143657

"Oh boy. And I thought that this patrol was going to be uneventful."

Seriously, if they're anything like they were in Star Trek: Bridge Commander they'll be slow and easily out-maneuvered even with their cloaking devices.

>> No.15143665

>>15143635 quantum singularities
Does the word "quantum" have anything to do there beyond suggesting a really small scale? Because if not, then it falls under "buzzwords" and should be killed off ASAP.

>> No.15143677

And insufficient land mass for afterwards.

As a former STO player, I can pretty much say I got this.

Nope. Just indicates the size of the singularity (subatomic size, for most of what the LHC is working on right now). Silly buzzwords.

>> No.15143683

I think it was originally a term used by sci-fi to mix quantum mechanics and relativistic mechanics (something we still aren't doing very well, quantum relativistic mechanics is still fairly untouched)

>> No.15143687

...Yeah, I really should have just put singularity in that second paragragh. Sorry about that.

>> No.15143703

>And insufficient land mass for afterwards.
there are other planets

>> No.15143715

Can I keep the plot armor?

>> No.15143735

AND THUS we devolve into theorems and moderatly derptastic ones at that, defended with such conviction by most physicists that even religous fundamentalists would blush.

>> No.15143762

I have three new Three D'deridex class warbirds.

>> No.15143785

> I have three new Three D'deridex class warbirds.

Sorry bro, the Mothership got blown up. And we can't fit those fuckers in the carrier. Better just scuttle um for scrap.

>> No.15143797

>Ship name: You May Not Be The Coolest Person Here

well I think the ship won't destroy them. but those guys will realize that they are far out from their league

>> No.15143828


>> No.15143872

>A better Culture ship name is 'StarTrek SUCKED Deal With It'.
>Romulan's meeting that ship would be even more golden.

>> No.15143885

No, cockbrain, I'm talking abuot the ships in his latest works.

>> No.15143894

and not a SINGLE fuck was given that day!

>> No.15143990

I like to pretend the void sequence was never written.

Only good part was Aaron murdering innocents.

>> No.15144026


>> No.15144061



>> No.15144105

>Star Trek ships fire planet wrecking weapons at each other, their shields can probably take it.

That's why their shielding is so pathetic that a grazing collision between warships's hulls at dozens m/s or swarms of small projectiles flying slow enough to be tracked by human eye can easily penertrate it, I guess?

Face it, Trek weapons and shielding are utterly pathetic.

>> No.15144114 [DELETED] 

because giant 20km long churches are kinda cool

>> No.15144137

thats my favourite piece of art in all of 40k

>> No.15144162

What, only three?

>> No.15144170

Battleships are usually around 8km long, at least going by RT standards.

>> No.15144300

The writers admit that they fudge shit to make the story more dramatic, the specifications of hand phasers is so ridiculous that this is the max setting "causes shielded matter to exhibit light mechanical fracturing damage. Approximately 650 cubic meters of rock are disintegrated per shot."

If you listen to the numbers they say rather than the visualisation you really notice how rape tier star trek is.

>> No.15144302

MFW People still fail to realize that Star Trek weapons and shields are always plot driven!

>> No.15144335




>> No.15144374

All I have is one question - what color are they firing?

>> No.15144386

Omega class destroyer.

I'll lose but hot damn the fight will look amazing. Particularly if I get to ram one of them.

>> No.15144398

An omega would beat the shit out of all comers. They even give the boneheads a hard time.

>> No.15144405

I hope you like Zero Shift.

>> No.15144420

No Heavy Interdictor support? I rape them as much as I please with some fighter bomber wings, then jump out to the comfortable home of my bail-out cynosural field.

>> No.15144430

Silver Wings of Morning from "House of Suns".

Considering it's 250km long and the cargo bay contains warships larger than the D'deridex class, I think I'll be fine.

>> No.15144441

This isn't even remotely fair. I'm a goddamned singleseat fighter!

...Admittedly the best singleseat fighter design out of all the Younger Races, but come on!

>Not like this, not like THIS! If I'm going I'm taking you bastards with me! Full thrust, Afterburners on my mark! MARK!


You'll lose the Omega but you'll take at least one D'deridex with you. Maybe two if you can get Ramming Speed.

>> No.15144443


What exactly IS a Cynosaural field? I hear about here and there as I bimble about doing missions in my PVE Caracal but I don't exactly know what they do...

>> No.15144451


Think of it as a warp bridge between two systems.

>> No.15144462

Tight-frequency, high energy modulation field generated by consural generators that jump drives can lock onto.

See? Simple.

>> No.15144529

The Pillar of Autumn from Halo

Is Keyes at the helm? I got this.

If not. Those point defense phasers will fuck over anything I throw at them short of a MAC round. Better arm all personel, clear out all unessecary compartments, fire wildly with everything I got, Ram the closest sumbitch, and board the fucker.

>> No.15144531

I've already won. The Jupiter Mining Corporation registered shuttlecraft 'Starbug' has no weapons, no supplies, and a drive that can be outrun by most milk-floats. But good grief, this thing is indestructible. It crash-lands, it catches fire, it gets flooded, it's shot to pieces... and it still. keeps. GOING. I could nudge the enemy ships until they fall apart.

>> No.15144542

Shields up, weapons online.

Not equipped with shields...well then, buckle up!

>> No.15144551

It's not fair bringing in a Culture ship, even if a normal GSV isn't exactly focused towards combat

>> No.15144558


>> No.15144567


>has no weapons

Was upgraded with 'Laser Cannons" in Gunmen of the Apocalypse. Despite the lame name they DID shit all over the Rogue Simulants "Battle Class Cruiser" by one shotting it.

>> No.15144576


So it's like a portable jump gate?

>> No.15144582


For the sake of simplicity, yes.

>> No.15144598


...sooo why does Concord restrict their usage then? I mean, I get why they'd restrict the Doomsday guns* but why the Cyno's?

(* for now anyway, there's a fair bit of healthy discussion floating about indicating that could change if the Sansha ever figure a way around these restrictions.)

>> No.15144601


Also Krytens "Waste Disposal Cannon" used in Psirens. If it can one shot asteroids it can sure as shit rape Trek ships.

>mfw Starbug shoots the 3 Warbirds out of the sky with tin cans and banana peel.

>> No.15144615

"Only three? Miss Rand? Meet me in my quarters whilst Mr Sulu deals with these scum"

>> No.15144616

dude, one guy brought Xeelee. The Culture is the least of your problems if your gonna be like that.

>> No.15144624


To prevent Capships in highsec.

Also, it'd take all the fun out of running logistics for a nullsec alliance. Could just Jump-Freighter straight into highsec from a secure system and then jump back.

>> No.15144636


>> No.15144661

Meet the Eucharis, though but a minor corvette it can out run and out last anything short of the Tardis itself.

Instantaneous 'Boson Jumping' with accuracy within thirty centimetres deviation from target point and Time Travel. (The accuracy of this however is still suspect)

>> No.15144675



And this is the crew the Romulans will be facing.

God help them.

>> No.15144681

>Millennium Falcon
It's cool, I'll just go evasive while the navicomputer readies us for hyperspace.
>Hyperdrive is down

>> No.15144698

Let them dock in one of the smaller cargo bays, I imagine. They might amuse at some point.

>> No.15144710

So long as they don't have a Sarlacc pit, I think I'll be fine.

>> No.15144718

Not particularly worried about romulans. Shadows, maybe. Other ancient races? Definitely. But a group of militaristic pointy-eared humanoids whose ship are neither telepathic, nor capable of self repair, nor capable of launching droves of fighters to swarm their enemies with weapons that were perfected well over ten centuries ago? Not particularly worried.

>> No.15144741

Time to get out of here.

>> No.15144779

Looks like I just acquired three D'deridex class warbirds

>> No.15144794

well, his is an older model designed to be piloted by six highly trained Time Lords at once. And he's flying it solo. I'm fairly certain that is cause for a margin of error.

>> No.15144800


>> No.15144836

>star trek is derp science
>dr. who is derper science

since when was Dr Who science? its fiction, and makes no pretences to any such science. never has.

>> No.15144937

Um.. yeah.. ill go with that huge star destroyer up on top.

And i qoute >>15142816

" Then ill glass your planet"

>> No.15144963

I've the TARDIS, Ill be alright.

>> No.15144965


It did have a bunch of nitroglycerin in the middle of it, IIRC

>> No.15145007

Dr. Who...the hell cares.


More seriously, Dr. Who is one of those painfully stupid shows that britfags like to pretend are better then mainstream american programming.

>> No.15145016

Why pretend when they're probably right.

>> No.15145049

>Implying American programming is the only mainstream programming

Yeah, no. I'm American, and some of my favourite shows were made in Britain. Granted, most are comedies- Mr Bean, Red Dwarf, Monty Python. But shows like Doctor Who are great too. It wouldn't be the longest running show on television if it wasn't good enough.

>> No.15145065

D'deridex vs D'deridex?


>> No.15145067

That image needs some 40k ships added in.

>> No.15145071

It's because of the material it's made out of. After plane crashes they found the only thing that survived was this little doll..

>> No.15145083

That's cute.

I'm so big, I fuck up the gravitational tides of planet I orbit. I'm so Goddamn big, I can create intergalactic wormholes that can ferry whole fleets through in an instant.

I am so motherfucking big, doomsday weapons able to kill entire planets in one shot needs dozens of hits to kill me.

I am so big, you need to strip mine a handful of moons to complete me.

You are small time.

>> No.15145089

launch the intercepters and hope to god void rays and or phoenix's show up to back me up!

>> No.15145095

>longest running shows
>in england.
big deal

>> No.15145120

I know, right? Who cares about the longest running program in England?
The US has been around for MUCH longer than them.

>> No.15145131

>The writers admit that they fudge shit to make the story more dramatic, the specifications of hand phasers is so ridiculous that this is the max setting "causes shielded matter to exhibit light mechanical fracturing damage. Approximately 650 cubic meters of rock are disintegrated per shot."

LOL. No. According to canonic tech specifications energy output of Trek weapons amounts to piddly shit and won't scratch even warships from verses which tech is deliberately toned down to allow naval-style space combat (WH40, SW, Honorverse). Actual ubertech verses, like FTL parts of Zones of Thought verse (never mind deliberate wank-civilizations, such as the Culture) will blow every major power in ST away casually.

And what we actually see on screen in Trek also amounts to piddly shit. With hand phasers being stopped cold by every obstacle ever.

>> No.15145168


>> No.15145183

Do they have warp scramblers?
Because if not, I'll be thousands of kilometers away before they are even aware i'm running.

>> No.15145188

I loves me some Long Shot.
The General Products #4 Hull should be able to shrug off the effects of a big ass particle disruptor, I mean its called an indestructible hull for a reason.

Suppose while the disruptor shots bounce off I sail over and turn my four big ass fusion engines on 'em and see how that works out.

Final Verdict: I'd say not all that fucked at all.

>> No.15145191

It flies through space!

>> No.15145204

> since when was Dr Who science? its fiction, and makes no pretences to any such science. never has.

"The programme was intended to be educational and for family viewing on the early Saturday evening schedule. Initially, it alternated stories set in the past, which taught younger audience members about history, with stories set either in the future or in outer space to teach them about science. This was also reflected in the Doctor's original companions, one of whom was a science teacher and another a history teacher."

Yeah... it was never about science and history...

>> No.15145206

Damn that Yang Wenli, he's done it again!

>> No.15145222

>longest running shows
>in england.

Lol no.

"The programme is listed in Guinness World Records as the longest-running science fiction television show in the world."

You see that... The WORLD.

>> No.15145247

Yeah. Macross ftw. Honestly though, If I had to pick a point during the timeline I'd probably go with the frontier just because it comes standard equipped with a nice safe shell to put a really big city in rather than the tiny cramped stuff on the sdf macross.

>> No.15145263

I don't think we're counting giant robots, much as we dig them.

Unless it turns into a normal spaceship, like the macross does.

>> No.15145286

That is a tough question. By all rights the romulans should win- they're each carrying around a black hole because it sounded like a good idea. The fact that they can move the thing around at will while still using it to generate energy means I'd trust their shielding a bit further than I'd trust Dadelus' shielding. On the other hand, Stargate people seem to think the Dadelus can outrun just about anything, with some people claiming speeds as high as 803 trillion mph, which is at least 40 times faster than the Romulan ships can go for any extended period of time, so it's no contest in that sense, as long as the Dadelus can get it's hyperdrive prepped in time.

>> No.15145296


..What? It has a stardrive, shields, and weapons. It's a starship.

>> No.15145308

Don't mind us, nanomanipulating you from the other side of the solar system while still cloaked, and don't forget the planetary wide shields we're behind.

>> No.15145321

its only a small artificial black hole, but that aside moving a black hole would be no harder than moving any other heavy object.

>> No.15145343


>No harder then moving any other heavy object

You do know what a black hole is, right?

>> No.15145348

>Yeah... it was never about science and history...
It was never very good at the science bit and these days it doesn't even try. Back under the first Doctor there was a story where something got out of kilter in the TARDIS, so the crew showed up before they actually arrived, which meant they were incorporeal and invisible to others for some reason. Anyway, they go into this museum and find duplicates of themselves frozen on display and are like WTF? So the Doctor figures out what's going on and explains to everybody that it's actually them, or what is going to be them if they don't prevent it. And -- here's the awesome bit -- they'll know that they (and the TARDIS) have fully arrived when their display selves disappear. At that point they'll be corporeal again.

So try to follow this time line:
1) The crew shows up and gets effectively mounted for display.
2) The crew semi-shows up invisible and incorporeal and sees themselves on display.
3) The TARDIS fully materializes and their display selves disappear like it hasn't happened yet, except that it clearly has as they haven't gone backwards in time.
4) My brain hurts.

>> No.15145359



>> No.15145362

Step 1 - Cloak
Step 2 - Put warbirds between 10 and 2 o'clock
Step 3 - ???
Step 4 - Profit

>> No.15145368

Defiant class. When federation goes to war, they design one of the most unimpressive looking and smallest ships in the galaxy, classify it as a heavy scout, a heavy scout that slap the shit out the largest Klingon battleship hundred times it's size and several standard battleships.

Truly the kind of vehicle from whose bridge you can tell aliens with retarded cultures to fuck their culture and traditions.

>> No.15145373

to be fair their shields take rounds from nukes, high powered lasers, and anti matter shells, too, so it all comes down to how you deal with the pseudoscience molecular destabilization beam weapons they have, or who can take the most antimatter warheads. Though I have no idea what EVE fighters are capable of, so that may be the Romulan's downfall.

>> No.15145374

You beat me to the Liberator and yeah, I have no idea how it would fair. I'm guessing it's outmatched as it's 3 to 1, but I really have no clue.

>> No.15145380


Compacted star. You can move a star. Just takes enough force.

>> No.15145392

The Colossas from Freespace 2. I am not too worried, as long as the beam cannons can take that kind of punishment.

>> No.15145402

I'm pretty sure that in EVE, they actually invented the substance 'Death' and let Fighter Bomber pilots have monopoly on it.

Enough Fighter Bombers can take out titans in minutes.

>> No.15145426

rolled 92 = 92

why not just ram the fuckers, like some 300m diamiter powerball of death

>> No.15145427

it takes more than force- any force you send at a black hole would just be absorbed. Moving one takes some feat of science we don't have any clear understanding of yet. And they can do this as a means of generating massive amounts of power. So both of them are theoretically capable of infinite power, or at least close to it (the Dadelus only has batteries charged by ZPE, not direct ZPE access) and can run away 400 times faster than the romulans pursue due to superhax space travel tech, so it's not going to turn into a fight. I'm just not sure what railguns do to Star Trek ships, but they do laugh off nukes to the point where they've stopped using them entirely because shields just stop them dead.

>> No.15145437

Launch all fighters, the koenig bomber, and heat up the main gun. Let's show them why despite its size, that the Macross Quarter earned its place as a Macross class ship.

>> No.15145439

We are here to cleanse your species in accordance with the Eternal Doctrine.

Please enact whatever rituals your species finds necessary preceding death.

>> No.15145453

>mfw when I still think that the plain old Star Destroyer is one of the most visually impressive space ships of all time
>mfw even in it's own universe it's not that good

>> No.15145473

outside of it's universe it's a real killer though if anything tries to stand and fight it. Star Wars LOVES throwing around the biggest numbers almost as much as 40k does.

>> No.15145476


>> No.15145490

Roll pods. Deploy Ghost Rider sensors. Roll to starboard to place our wedge between them and us.

Laugh as hundreds of bomb-pumped X-Ray laser head missiles hurtle towards the Romulans, whose pathetic anti-missile defenses are overwhelmed by Apollo guidance and countermeasures.

>> No.15145493

It is an impressive ship, so many redundant systems, so much armor. Every turret has it's own reactor, which has two backup reactors, which are connected to a shipwide array of powercells managed by AIs. Pieces of a star destroyer will continue to have power and life support decades after the main ship has been destroyed.

>> No.15145494

Obviously the Romulans have some sort of force that doesn't get absorbed (depending on how they work, tractor beams could do it too). At that point, it's just a matter of moving the actual mass the black hole contains. If the Earth were condensed into a black hole, the moon's orbit would be unaffected. It's not like black holes have greater pull at any distance that would be outside of the original body before it's collapse. It's just that you can get closer to black hole than you can to the center of the original body (because at a certain point, you'd be inside the thing, and some of its mass would be pulling on you in the opposite direction).

>> No.15145500

>You do know what a black hole is, right
A black hole is simply matter that's been compressed beyond its own schwartzchild radius.
An ARTIFICIAL black hole kept under pressure could probably made weighing only a few thousand tonnes.

Also, it's easy to move even normal black holes, you simply surround it with a very strong sphere with a hole in it, and the hawking radiation will do the rest, spewing out the hole like a ridiculous engine port.

Of course sticking a fusion candle up uranus is easier.

>> No.15145501

Immediately thought of the Falling Outside the Normal Moral Constraints.

Not only am I perfectly fine, but the ship would enjoy the exercise

>> No.15145554

>Think of your most favorite starship from any given universe.
>Three D'deridex class warbirds have just de-cloaked off your port bow and are locking weapons.

>> No.15145557

And when those x-ray lasers fail to penetrate their navigational shields?

>> No.15145567

SD Lucifer. I can survive this.

If it was three Scimitar classes, I'd have a harder time.

>> No.15145577

You cheeky twat.

>> No.15145607

Battlecruiser of the Galactic Empire. Hyperatomic motor allowing instantaneous jumps traversing light-years. Travel from one end of the galaxy to the other in a week or two, in style. Ultrawave transmitter/receiver allows instantaneous communication with any other vessel or installation equipped with one, regardless of distance. Atomic explosives and Q-Beams ensure offensive superiority against most vessels, stations, and planets. Atomic shielding protects from anything less than a full fleet of similar vessels, or maybe an exploding star.

And Asimov came up with it, so you know it's awesome.

I think I will mount what remains of the Warbirds in my dining room.

>> No.15145611

I form the Winter Tempest and tear their hulls to shreds in four seconds. Terrible drain on my energy, though. If any more show up I might have to resort to the Autumn Petal.

>> No.15145612

Repulsive-class Grand Cruiser She's One of Ours
>Fire Strength 20 Disruption Macrobatteries, completely shut down Romulan power sources
>D'Deridexes consume themselves once black hole containment fails
>Problem, Romulans?

>> No.15145647

>how fucked are you

i'll be fine, i guess. wake me up when the automated defense systems are finished with them .

>> No.15145651

I'm not too sure, an indestructible hull is nice and all, but lack of warp travel pretty much seals the deal. Not sure if the Romulans couldn't just beam a kill team aboard, either. (there are ports in the hull, after all)

>> No.15145658

I'm just surprised no-one suggested it sooner.

THINKING of someone doesn't mean you HAVE it.

>> No.15145694

i didn't know anybody else had played that game ever

my dad played the shit outta ascendency, but it won't work on comps vista and later

>> No.15145705

They don't finish decloaking.

>> No.15145713

A Skipray. I dont care how overpowered SW stat-ed ships are I'd still be fucked.

>> No.15145804

I thought of the Bakunin.

Who wins?

>> No.15145963

Oh look. They've 'decloaked'. That means it's sporting to atomise them now, right?

-- every half-competent scifi universe ever

>> No.15146042

actually, that would only be a large normal wave, not a tidal wave

>> No.15146181

heart of gold...infinite improbability drive FTW!

>> No.15146289

black holes don't work that way, you can apply force to them like any other object.
A magnetic field would be all you need, so you can push it around without actually touching it. and if its the power source of a ship it'll probably only weigh a few tonnes.

>> No.15146475

"I am the right hand of vengeance and the boot that is going to kick your sorry ass all the way back to Earth, sweetheart. I am death incarnate, and the last living thing that you are ever going to see. God sent me."

Oh yes. Oh hell yes. Those pointy-eared bastards are fucked. So very fucked.

>> No.15146496


Is to much of a 40kid to realize that D'deridex class warbirds are comparable to Dauntless class Imperial cruiser being one of the largest non-borg ships in star trek.

>> No.15146505


> it'll probably only weigh a few tonnes.

What? What good is a black hole that will only exist for a fraction of a second?

>> No.15146542


Its crazy when one looks at that diagram and realizes that the most powerful ship is the Defiant at just 122 meters.

>> No.15146560


Exactly, thats why everyone hates it. Because its pointless fap-fiction.

>> No.15146581

well it'll still go out in a large puff of radiation which is bound to do some damage

>> No.15146583


Shut your whore mouth and go back to fapping over the original series. I'll be here in the TNG era, or when star trek was actually good.

>> No.15146591

Nope. Krenim Temporal Incursion Ship beats it, due to having easy-access time travel.

>> No.15146600

Hammer the Infinite Improbability Drive button without shielding.
Wave at the space fish that are now floating next to me.
Drink Gargle Blasters.
Like a boss

>> No.15146602

>the TNG era
>the The Next Generation era


>> No.15146611


Federation beats it by reversing the polarity of the deflector dish and channeling the tachyon flow through the dish, getting the other ship in a temporal lock.

>> No.15146620

...like souring the mother's milk! Of course!

>> No.15146623

A photon torpedo with a yield of 25 "isotons" could annihilate a city. This seems respective of a 2.5kt explosion; I think this sets the low end @ 1 isoton = .1kt.

A 54 isoton charge could destroy a small planet. I have no idea how to quantify that manner of force; the asteroid that supposedly made the K-T event (and did not destroy an earth-sized planet) struck with about 96,000 gigatons (96 million megatons) putting an appropriately minimum estimate of 54 isotons = 96 million megatons / 1 isoton = 1.78 million Megatons.

On the low end, 1 photon torpedo has a yield of 25 "isotons", on the high end, 1 "class 6" photon torpedo has a max yield of 200 "isotons".

Supposedly the shields on a Constitution-Class starship could take 90 photon torpedoes at once; on the lowest end that means a pretty bare minimum of 25 isoton (@2.5kt) x 90 = 225kt/940,000 gigajoules.

However on the highest end, you have 200 isotons (@ 96 million megatons) x 90 = 1.92x10^10 megatons/8.0x10^10 Petajoules.

tl;dr: Star Trek weapons are as powerful as the crackhead writers of that particular episode want.

>> No.15146625

The Defiant does not come standard with Temporal Shielding, which means that the TIS can erase it from existence at any time. Even Voyager was only able to destroy the ship by ramming it, despite having Temporal Shielding of its own.

>> No.15146630


Oh ok.


The puff of radiation happened back in the ship yard when you turned on the drive for the first time.

>> No.15146655

There is no mention of temporal shielding.

>> No.15146662

Iso as a prefix means equal, so if we take
then a 25 Isoton explosion would be smaller than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. (15 kt)

>> No.15146669

Star Trek ships. To begin with their only scientifically feasible aspects, they are churning out power on the level of a gram of anti-matter a second at the LOWEST. That is their simple, ye olde constitution "totally not a warship" and it only gets more insanely powerful and world wrecking from there.

Then add to that the ships full capabilities of entirely imaginary energy and physics breaking functions and standard fighting speed of warp flight, and you have entire fleets of untouchable world destroyers.

>durr hurr but two ships with shields up still collide with each other.

Yes, yes two shields capable of stopping world wrecking energy interfere with each other when they collide, why is this surprising? That's like being surprised two steel cars wreck into each other and then calling steel "weak" because the cars broke.

If your ship is not a planet killer, it's weapons are not comparable to Star Trek weapons. If your ship cannot fight at faster than light speeds, where a five minute battle can begin in one solar system and end in another solar system, then you will never touch a Star Trek ship.

So Naturally, the TARDIS has already won all fights ever. Deal with it.

>> No.15146700

Wat? Since when do ST ships fight at Warp speeds? As far as I can recall, only Picard ever used Warp in tactics, much less fight entirely from it. Where are you getting this?

>> No.15146717

Have you read the books. Trek ships fight at Webers knife fight ranges. Ships communicate over enough distance for the message to take an hour to arrive. A missile barrage can take 30 min or longer to reach the target. If the human eye can see your ship, you are well within graser range. And failing to bypass the shields, the missiles own wedges could probably overload them on contact.

Plus if the trek movies are to be taken seriously, most honorverse ships could swing the wedge up to smack them before they entered weapon range.

Failing all that, the romulan ships would not be able to do enough deep damage to keep a ship from building speed, or hopping into the alpha bands.

I like the trek series, i do, but they lose this, they lose this hard. And don't even get me started with them teleporting on board ships that come with marines in powered armor ready to respond to anything they could throw at them.

>> No.15146732

Nope. They have to sabotage that bad boy to win.

>> No.15146740

In any case, before anyone starts mentioning the time honored tactic of "Transporters everywhere", an Honorverse wedge blocks everything. Everything. Nothing goes through, or comes out. No way for transporters to establish a lock.

>> No.15146759

Yes, I have read all of the Honorverse books. The Honorverse would not fare well in a war with the Federation, because, while the Honorverse leans toward the Hard end of the sci-fi scale, Star Trek most emphatically does not. The Honorverse has absolutely no defense against technobabble, nor can they match even the most common Star Trek technologies, such as the replicator, transporter, warp drive, force field, etc.

There is no reason for me to transport an away team onto your ship when I can just start removing its critical systems instead.

>> No.15146775

Incorrect. Weber himself stated that an SD-grade graser could penetrate the wedge and damage the starship on the other side. The problem is that it would have to be within a few tens of kilometers to do so. Wedges are impenetrable to solid objects, but not to radiation. Otherwise, you wouldn't be able to see through them at all, which you can.

>> No.15146788

What Picard did was the Picard manuver, a miniwarp jump near a ship to take advantage of lightspeed lag to save his ship.

Most fights, if you actually watch the show, are at warp speed, OR they must be taking centuries since a fight can begin at a planet's orbit, then end up at a star, then end up in a completely different solar system. One of the first battles in Star Trek against the first cloaking romulan ship took place across several sectors.

>> No.15146801


>D'Deridex Warbirds - 1.3 km long
>Emperor-class Battleship - over 4km long

Gnat-size? Eh, not really. Does the Emperor-class care yet? Lawl, no.

>> No.15146819

Just off the top of my head Odo was attacked by 3 jem hadar ships while at warp.

Also if you include the 29th century+ stuff, we know that the weapons they have then are basically fracture spacetime where you happen to be.

>> No.15146832

>them teleporting on board ships that come with marines in powered armor

This made me laugh. "Away team" vs RMMC grunts in full power armor. Hijinks ensue.

>> No.15146833

The Honorverse would fare very well, because the Federation has idiot officers. Have you seen the way they organize an engagement? At the ranges that ST ships regularly fight in, any Manticorian fleet has already launched several salvos of hundreds of missiles which, depending on the commanding officer of that fleet, may be impacting at the same time. As the Federation has never displayed missile countermeasures beyond shielding, nearly every one of those would hit a target. Do the math.

>> No.15146854

Close range is 200,000 km according to Picard. They just never visualise that because it's much less interesting to show 2 ships that can't see each other than it is ships that are close.

It amuses me that they will say "get within 200,000 km" and then the visual will have the ships appear right on top of each other.

>> No.15146882

I'm afraid I can't do the math, because Star Trek shies away from concrete numbers, and for good reason. It's not ruled by realism, whereas the Honorverse, for the most part, is. Assuming that Honorverse missiles would even pose a threat to a Federation starship, there are easy ways to beat them. One of them is to go to warp. Unlike hyperdrive, warp drive is not constrained by hyper limits. A Federation starship could go to warp well before a salvo of missiles would reach it, and reappear somewhere else. It could very well repeat this indefinitely.

Star Trek's characters are idiots because, if they weren't, the universe would break. Any one of a number of their common technologies would absolutely destroy the story if used properly.

>> No.15146902

Exactly, combat ranges anywhere from 200,000km to 400,000km. at 400,000km wonderful physics makes lasers unuseable as a weapon by themselves.

The ships being on screen at the same time is a visual convention so we can see the fight. the ships being on display screens inside of each ship is just how sensors should work, letting the people in the fight actually see the fight.

>> No.15146906

See, VOY Equinox I and II
See, DS9 The Way of the Warrior
See, ST: Nemesis

Federation starships and a number of other fleets fight at warp speeds, it's typically limited because the only thing that works at warp speeds are photon, quantum, and other torpedoes due to the fact that they create their own warp field. Phasers, disruptors and most beam weapons (FUCKIN BORG, HOW DO THEY WORK) do not work at warp speed.

As for the honorverse? All that tech (except the warshawski sails and wedges) is typically based on gravitational and high yield electromagnetic particle distribution. That's fine and dandy, but not good for ST ships which have demonstrated, repeatedly, that they can fly through the coronae of stars, into anomalies filled with radiation, without using their "combat" shields.

The only thing the Honorverse might have on the Trekverse is the wedge, and I'm not even sure about that.

>> No.15146995

That's odd, because in TNG 23 "Symbiosis", we are shown that x-rays are capable of penetrating shields and wreaking havoc on the Enterprise's systems. I assume a bomb-pumped x-ray missile, the standard Honorverse anti-ship missile, would have similar effects.

>> No.15147028

Internal consistency is not a top priority.

>> No.15147055

That's good, because in "Descent, Part II", it is estimated that the Enterprise's shields will fail inside of five minutes in the corona of a G2V class star. Such a star would be very similar to Earth's Sun, for reference.

>> No.15147079


>> No.15147082

They had just got out of a fight with the borg when they flew into the corona.

>> No.15147093

22 was symbiosis, and no x-rays got through ship shields in that.
23 was skin of evil. Nothing about x-rays in that.

>> No.15147127

The transcript of the line from Episode 22 (sorry) is thus:

WESLEY: Captain, deflectors are being hit by a huge burst of X-rays (bridge panels begin to short out) ... Sir, my console seems to be overloading.

>> No.15147156

...and? Consoles overload every time the Enterprise hits a speck of dust. A burst of pretty much goddamn anything will damage the shields and make sparks fly on the bridge.

>> No.15147450


True story, bro.

>> No.15148046

Yeah, I watched the episode again. Magnetic disturbance effects the shields when they fly close to the sun, allowing the x-rays to go straight through, and this causes no actual damage, only interferes with the systems until they fly away.

And anything that messes with the ship has to have an effect on the bridge for dramatic purposes.

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