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where be all da threadz about us boyz?????????????? doz umies be tryinz to take over but da green skinz are here now!!!!!!!!! Boyz letz do this

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God help me I think I like him better than Gorgutz.

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im new to 40k and immedately the orks stood out to me so this thread is about what to feild etc etc i was thinking a green tide thing maybe....what army list do you guys field?

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Armorked Krumpany

ALL BATTLEAGONS, ALL THE TIME. FILL THEM WITH BIG MEKS (KFF), GROTS (Capturan' Objectives), NOBS (Mega or not, they bring MOAR BATTLEWAGONS) AND MAYBE SOME 'ARD BOYZ. Fast attack full of more cheaper vehicles, for the lols.

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i like that seems pretty badass

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Big meks with Dreadnaughts. I mount one mek in a battle wagon with something hard and a force field and the other with the shokk attack gun to provide some entertainment. Fill the rest of the army up with kanz and trucks filled with boyz and grots and probably bikes and you'll be good

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Warboss in my Speed Freeks army. 14 Bikers, 6 Koptas, 3 trukks of boyz, and 15 lootas

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should i go with CCW or gunz??

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I usually deploy with either close combat weapons or flamethrowers, points and opponent depending. That way you can run, and the dreads are way better in close combat then at range. If you need ranged support that badly, play with lootahs.

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ok thats what i was planning im figuring on doing a kan wall type deal

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also i want to make my own WAAAGH but i cant for the life of my think of an armour color scheme i want liche purple in there but other than that no clue any suggestions?

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in hopes that this thread wont die,, what makes you guyz love orks some much?? and i want to know more about them fluffwise like i understand that they are a fungus pretty much so does that mean in 40k there are no ork women or are all orks pretty much genderless? what do you guys hate most about them damn umies??

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There are no Ork women, yes. They may have penises but only for going toilets.

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Needs more Dakka

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I've heard Kan wall is decent. Deploy as many as you can and then back it up with Dreads and Meks. The only problem is that there heavy support so you lose access to the battlewagon, which is an incredibly solid piece of machinery. Maybe take Nobz to get access to one? I dunno how your going to deal with AV14 without one. I guess take ranged kanz and lootahs and move slow.

I play orks because I love the fluff of an army of krazy weapons and armour descending on the trained masses of the imperium. Hence I play with the Shokk Attack gun.

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hmmm interesting, are there any books from the orkz point of view? or are they always the imperiums point of view?( sorry if these are dumb questions im quite new to 40k and i love fluff and getting a real feel for my army)

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Deres dat Deff Skwadron Komik
I kood storee time et roight now iffin you be wantin

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see i love the fact that everything looks like it should be held together with duct tape and mostly the fluff that i have read is awesome

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Not really. Well, they have a comic at least (Deff Skwadron).

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i is be wonntin it

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also how well do da boyz do against elite armies such as GK? thats the only army im worried about going up against

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i take it tank bustas cant to anything against AV14?

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On it boss!
First few pages are all the credits and whatnot so it may be a few before the story actually picks up

And 'ere we go!

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uz iz a loyal nob someday uz may be bigboss

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Glance on 6's, which means you can't destroy it unless you immobilize it and destroy all it's weapons first. You can bring it down with power weapons on the dreads, but tankz be hard to catch. The bastardz are alwayz runnin away.

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hmmm so you said pretty much the only way to kill tanks is to get a battle wagon or two?

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Alright da fights startin next page

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Only AV14. Transports/light armour disappears pretty fast to lootahs, tankbustahs, rockits in general. But if you have landraiders you either need to power fist them and then get ready to get slaughtered by whats inside or run 'em over and shoot the contents.

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how do you run them over??

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Deff Rolla on Battlewagon. Inflicts d6 strength 10 hits

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oh okay thats badass are looted wagons worth taking at all?

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I take one for shits and giggles


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what model do you use? a leman russ converted to look orkish?

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No, don't bother. Almost everything in heavy support is better. There to damn unpredictable. If you put a gun on them or boyz in 'em therez always a chance you'll roll bad and it'll move itself to somewhere useless. If you want something battlecannonesque take it on a battlewagon and fill the thing full of something with some ranged firepower

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Falcon anti grav tank

IIRC it gives it higher Front Armor than the normal Falcon


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hmm thats a good plan, and how do you play apocalypse? i know its pretty much a large scale battle but is it really fun to play it with orkz?

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What he said
I only field it when I just want to dick around


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dude these komiks are fuckin awesome!!

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if you have a pc of it that would be awesome

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Well of course they are
They are about ork fighter aces
How can they be anything less?


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Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it on this computer and it is currently packed away back at my parents


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i have a painting question, how to you paint the checkered style on the armour? because im not that good of a painter (slowly improving) and the checkered pattern seems like it might be quite difficult

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I paint very thin gray lines onto it first. and then fill in one colour at a time. Starting with the light colour and cleaning up with the dark. The first colour must be DRY DRY FUCKIN DRY before you start the second colour.

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so i need to use a very very thin brush to do it then

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This is going to sound gitish but "it depends how big/small you want your checks" There is no "easy" tricks to cecks i'm afraid other than using very thin gray lines as a guide.

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well i guess ill just keep tryiing until i get good enough at them

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This here is my favorite part

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Haha, good ol' Killboy.

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And dats da story about da best flyboyz ta ever fly

Just some extra bitz afta dis

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you sir are awesome for doin this

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This is pretty much the /tg/ bible.

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I try

I'll just give the extra watsits now

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One more after this and done

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And datz dat

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how effective are deffkoptas? they look badass im just not sure wether to use deffkoptas or buggies/trakks also whats the difference between the warbuggies and wartrakks?

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Lissen up ya gitz! I'z gotz me an idear!
Roight, so, dey say dere'z neva enuff dakka.
"Yoo kan neva 'ave enuff dakka" dey alwayz sayz.
Well I've been finkin' 'bout dis fer a loooong time now, 'n I fink I 'ave da ansa!
So, fink about it: Wot kan you neva destroy?
Wot'z indestruktible?
Wot lasts foreva?!
So MY finkin' iz, if yoo kan make a shoota dat can DESTROY nuffin', den yoo've made enuff dakka! Nuffin' iz no longa indestruktible! Nuffin' no longa lasts foreva! 'Cuz yoo kan destroy it now, see?

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i literaly fell out of my chair laughing

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wot edition codex do orkz got? 4e or 5e?? i cant remember

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Orks are currently 4th edition. We got revised for 4th literally months before 5th got released. :/

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wait so theres a revised codex? im just looking to download a pdf until i can get to a GW tommorrow so do i have to look for a special thing or what? a link to the pdf download would be nice

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or did you mean revised as in the 4th e codex came out right before the 5th?

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Try /rs/ love em dearly.

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I mean Orks got a 4th Edition codex just months before the 5th Edition rules got released.

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oh okay sorry for being derpy lol

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Aww yeah, Deff Skwadron

Thanks for posting some Killboy.

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There is a short story for Orks in the Fear The Alien book, so far it's the only BL stuff for them.

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God I love Orks...I've still got that pile from Assault on Black Reach still in their sprues...I REALLY ought to build them but a couple o' Deff Copterz and Boyz does not an army make. :(

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