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So are Dark Eldar players not the most magnificent trolls of all 40k players? I don't think anyone else enjoys playing as much as we do. The rage I see on my opponent's face is the reason why I love playing this game. Just today my muhreenfag opponent was holding back tears when I assaulted and wiped out his tactical squads by turn two and mopped up the rest with all the disintegrators and lances I can take in 1500 points. The cherry on top was his quiet rage when I ended with "it's ok, I can tell from your marines that you are new to the game" while making my best trollface.

Anyway, Dark Eldar general. Share similar stories fellow trolls.

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They are trolls in the fluff.
Cultural exchange, the black hole in a box, showing up to rescue craftworld eldar and all that.

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>heavy weapon teams
>ork lootas
>rifleman dreads
>anything with more than one autocannon, really
haha, stupid deldar transports, i hope you like walking through lead rain.

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>night shields


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>Got to go first with Tau against DE player
>Firewarrior sneezes at Dark Eldar transport, makes the flying cardboard box fall apart on turn 1
>5+s everywhere, only one or two pain tokens
>mfw just as planned

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>Eldar vs DEldar
>Try to rip off Mechdar

This happened a lot when DEldar first came out. However they are still a very solid army and I am sorely tempted to just use my Eldar to model rep them until the new Eldar Dex, since apart from tanks and psychic powers DEldar just take everything Eldar do, and do it so much better.

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not really, no
oh please dont take 12" off my 48" range guns, and oh no! not a 5+ save

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>5+ invun
truly, you are the most indestructible thing ever now

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Oh no! I only have 18 auto-canons, what ever shall I do?

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>getting mad over a tabletop game


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Incorrect OP. IG players are the biggest trolls, there is at least one thread on /tg/ everyday with people whining about IG this and IG that.

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And they can suck it because some of us have stuck with IG through 3 editions of being crap before this.

Flavor of the Month kiddies have gotten it to the point that if you drop ANY Guard army the opponent will act like you just brough a leafblower through the door.

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Heh, I made the mistake of setting up my Eldar on the table when my IG opponent had the first turn.

I lost nearly 50% of my list before I could make a move. God damn they bring so much firepower to bear.

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Yep, like I said in the IG hate thread earlier today.
It's proabbly because a good amount of/tg/ got into 40k after playing DoW, and the current IG codex is actually good.
They don't know about the old times when IG was the underdogs, Nidzilla armies were the bane of everything, when Eldar slaughtered all comers and when it was rare to see anything but marines vs marines.

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It could have been worse, it could have been the Tau.

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>showing up to rescue craftworld eldar
Ha ha, what? I hadn't heard that one, got a pic?

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Brigodtroth smacks the Ultramarines space marine in the face with his wicked power claw. With the poisons seeping through the space marine's veins, he is paralyzed. His bolter kicked from him, lying helpless, face down in the mud and his posterior raised in the air.
"Can you feel the wonderful pain, mon-keigh?", Brigodtroth asked seducingly.
"Just wait until I get up, xeno! You will be begging for Calgar to be your spiritual liege!", Brother Veteran Juntalius replied, with a defiant tone.
"I'm sure, I'm sure", Brigodtroth added.
The twin moons of Ulikutis secunda were covered in cloud and barely visible; But still emitted a faint blue glow, giving everything a neon blue tint.
Brigodtroth begins to unhinge is groin-blade covering his privates.
"WHAT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!", Juntalius asked nervously.
Brigodtroth's power claw grabbed the marine's pelvic protector, his claws tearing muscle and sinew in the process. With a satisfying metallic groan, the pelivic protector is torn off and chucked into the distance, leaving the brother marine's posterior naked and unguarded.
"Do your worst, Eldar filth, my faith is strong!"
These words only seemed to serve Brigodtroth's twisted hunger for pleasure. His manhood throbbing, glistening with sweat and dyed blue by the moon's glow. A wicked thing, adorned with tattoos, piercings and menacing with sharp blades.
He grabs the Ultramarine's firm scarred buttocks and teases him with it until thrusting it inside his soft bowels.
What followed is too unspeakable for mere human words. But rest assured, what is laid before Brigodtroth the ravager shall not be ravaged! -In a fast repeating motion, with blood and colon flying everywhere.

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*unravaged, damnit.

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Dark Eldar, flavor of the month? The army that literally didn't have a codex for a decade? Sure is retard in here.

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No pic, but basically Iyanden gets into a scrap with the Orks not long after the Tyranid invasion... it starts off well but goes badly and they have to bring in more and more Wraithguard and Wraithlords.

Before it all goes to shit the Dark Eldar appear and save the day. When Iyanden asks them why, their reply is that they find Iyanden's angst ridden forays in the world of Necromancy extremely entertaining.


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Yea, when they were released, or did you not get the memo that they have a new codex?

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I could troll marine players a hell of a lot better with the old codex than this one.

50% more dark lances and blast template disintegration.

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Players of Dark Eldar, I'm looking to start a Dark Eldar army in the near future, what units should I absolutely definitely not take? any good combinations of wargear/ units you could fly past me? How do you think I should start my army?

I've been out of the game for about 3 years, last army I played was Tau so I'm a bit out of the loop if you catch my drift. Thanks.

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Everything in the army can work if you build it properly. It's about the army as a whole, not about individual units.

I recommend staying away from Special Characters like Vect until higher point games. Cheap ones can be used in lower points though, like the Baron.

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I just troll marines with assaults they can't win - it took a long tiem for my local marine players to realise than archon and incubi aren't the holy messiah of assault units.

Though in general my local marine players get jelly over disembarking + fleeting from a raider. Mainly because these players don't liek it if a non amrine army does soemthing better than marines.

So to this end I try and do as much stuff as marines can't.

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>non retarded DE advice on /tg/

Hory sheet.

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Thanks for the tip.
Yes but units make up armies and army composition, that's more what I was getting at, can you literally just take a balance of everything or just models I think look cool and it'll be a playable army?
I'm just looking for small pointers here really, not asking anyone to write an army list for me, I mean I haven't even read the codex yet.

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>can you literally just take a balance of everything or just models I think look cool and it'll be a playable army?

Yup. The Dark Eldar codex has very good internal balance. You need to know what you plan on doing with each unit, and how they'll work together, but all of the units in the codex are viable. Mandrakes and the Archon's Court aren't amazing, but are still workable.

One bit of advice would be to avoid going over the top on Wargear. I see a lot of new Dark Eldar players loading upgrade after upgrade on their vehicles and taking loads of Arcane wargear on their Haemonculi. Try and avoid this, and only take what you really need. The points are best spent elsewhere on more units.

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I've got respect for people who stuck through lol Virus Grenades, terribad doctrines (aside from like 3 of them), and the herohammer of 2nd ed.

What kind of annoys me (as a Guard player from late 3rd ed) is the "hurr humanity fuck yeah unaugmented humans" schtick that /tg/ loves to pull all the time. Fluff-wise? Sure. But 'durrhurrHFY' with regards to the tabletop game, where IG is not an underdog in any sense of the word, is just grating.

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Aww, the new Mandrakes have such an awesome feel to them though, reminiscent of zombie samurai in my mind.. but I'll be taking them nonetheless, I can't pass that up :P
Thanks a lot for the wargear advice though.

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It's more to do with people who play IG seeing their army as underdogs and thinking cheesy victories are due to their master tactics or THE SHEER DESIRE TO PULL THROUGH DESPITE THE HORRENDOUS ODDS which is annoying.
It's not like this with all IG players but there is one guy I used to play with who was like this, it's very, very grating after a while.

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Mandrakes work well in a Webway army. Take a squad of Mandrakes and Infiltrate them 12" away from a transport carrying a Haemonculus with a Webway Portal. Turn one, the transport zips up and the Haemonculus jumps out, joining the Mandrakes and dropping his portal.

Mandrakes are fairly mediocre as they are, but once they pick up a pain token, get much better. Their Baleblast attack can soften up a foe nicely before charging, and with Feel No Pain, a lack of Grenades doesn't matter so much as they can take blows better. The Haemonculus can also carry an Agoniser, to make up for the lack of one in the squad itself.

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Yeah, but if you're going to bother with the Haemunculus in a transport, you might as well just put him in a unit of Wracks. Then they'll have 2 pain tokens, which means they can reroll failed wounds against marines/orks/genesneakies/necrons on the charge, plus the agoniser you mentioned before.

I agree that Mandrakes aren't useless, but the codex offers sooooo many better options. Then again, it would be a shame for such fun models to never get used.

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Been playing guard through many editions because I like having the common dude against the horrors of the galaxy, with the chance to wind up on top (unless he's all part of a master plan to divert the enemy into a false sense of security, then I still consider it a moral victory)

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I don't play DE, but I can sort of see where one of the problems with buying too many upgrades for your units will come in.

One of the things about the DE is that they traded most of their staying power for extra nefariousness. Ergo, a lot of your upgrades and wargear could easily end up useless when your guy drops to a few solid hits.

With a few exceptions, wargear doesn't help the dead.

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DE aren't that tough if you play IG.

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I think Horrors proved nicely that S4AP4 is worth considering.

Problem being, Mandrakes need to get a god damn pain token first.

Any "staying power" we had before was by virtue of cheaper units. A Punisher+Helm Jetchon was NOT a cheap HQ, but dual DL sniper squads and 3-darklight Raider squads being <110 pts was our "staying power".

>> No.15138581

>you might as well just put him in a unit of Wracks.

Well, yes, but he said he wanted to use Mandrakes. Not Wracks. Wracks are indeed the better unit without a shadow of a doubt, but that's not really helpful to someone who'd rather use Mandrakes, and the Haemonculus slingshot is the best way of making them workable I've found.

Eugh, yes. We had one of those in our club, once. Wouldn't stop shouting 'BAAAAALLS OF STEEEL!' whenever he got off a good round of shooting. Got kicked out for it, eventually.

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3x Trueborn (4), Blasters (4), Venom w/ splinter cannon

6x Warriors (5), Blaster (1), Venom w/ splinter cannon

Heavy Support: 3x Ravager w/ Flickerfield

Take the Duke and that can all deepstrike for free (well, you know).

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The solution still seems to me to be more tanks.

>> No.15138669

Too many Venoms. Raider derpstrike will do you better.

>> No.15138705


That would be an "all comers" list, mind you. To tool up against IG specifically you'd take 9 raiders (w/ flickerfields) and the accompanying 9 dark lances instead of the venoms.

I know.

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I loved playing in the last book when my opponents puts down like 30ish space marines and I put down 1300 points of warriors and Dark Lances (hint a metric fuckton). My archon made me lol all the time he was a master troll of me. He passed all armor saves except the one he needed. 20 lasguns all 2+, 1 powerfist and he's out for the count, maybe he just liked being fisted?

Onto the IG hate I love playing IG, mostly footslugger list mostly because I take atrocious casualties (lose 100 models a match regularly) due often to failing the fuck out of leadership tests. Like every single one. Had a commissar cap my CO and 2iC once. Except the rough riders aslong as 1 remains they fight to the death

>> No.15138728

Blow it out your ass.

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Hi Stelek

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I think your army is a little unbalanced.
Taking lances on the trueborn and placing them on foot presents different targets, and lances that will keep shooting. Taking something like 4 trueborn 2 lances or 3 trueborn 2 lances can work. Taking a haemonculus HQ makes sure at least one of them gets FNP, and you have cover - just go to ground if you get shot at by anything substantial, because you just take wounds on the haemo or the excess wound guy if not. That frees up the venom, and doesn't make it a target obvious for fire.

Also, I would make sure you have the 4+2 concept. 4 Agressive troops, 2 to sit back and support fire. So have like 4 venom warriors with blasters, and 2 raider wracks with the minimum amount of wracks. Then something like beasts to rend tanks and infantry alike to all hell and back. Like 2 or 3 beatsmasters, 5 khymerae and 4 razorwing flocks. Maybe Reaver Jetbikes, 6 with 2 heatlances. Takes nice care of anything that requires melta to kill.

As always, 3 ravagers is a solid heavy support choice but not at all the only one. In this army though, it would be the best choice.

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>implying Stelek invented vemon spam

>> No.15138941

and Stelek would make a better list than that. See

>> No.15138962

>Taking something like 4 trueborn 2 lances or 3 trueborn 2 lances can work.

It really can't. You're looking at 3-4 T3, 5+ save models. Cover or no cover, those are horrifyingly easy to kill, and their own killing power is reduced in turn - they only get two Lance shots as opposed to four Blaster shots, and can't get in close to try and hit side/rear armour or deny cover saves like mounted Blastborn squads can. Blastborn in Venoms/Raiders also benefit from the extra survivability of being in a Transport. On foot, one enemy squad's shooting can wipe them. In a vehicle, at least two will be needed - one to down the vehicle, one to finish the Trueborn. You might take casualties in the crash, but the opponent still has to finish them off, as every model is dangerous. The Blastborn also have manuverability on their side, being able to move 6" inside their transport and fire, while the Lanceborn have to remain stationary.

You can try buffing Lanceborn squads with Haemonculi, but you can do the same with Blastborn squads. Four Trueborn with Blasters and a Haemonculus fits nicely into a Venom, if you want to sink the points into them.

>> No.15138974

>DE trying to survive instead of threatening more targets with more units

>> No.15138979

The thing is, they'll be so far back only long range firepower can dislodge them. Then it's either
>Hydra shooting infantry that will go to ground
>Hydra removing a skimmer

>> No.15139019


You're right, but he sure shouts about it a lot.


He couldn't because he is a talentless hack who jsut shouts and swears at anyone who disagrees until they go away wherein he then declares his greatness.

>> No.15139021


That's why you take 3 blastborn units and 6 warriors w/ blasters.

>> No.15139028


But the blasters have an 18" range. Bolter range.
That is easily getting shot away by things that are meant to shoot them away.

>> No.15139032

I didn't say that the Haemonculi were a good addition, just that it's just as possible to put them in Blastborn squads as it is to put them in Lanceborn ones.

>they'll be so far back

36". Easily within range of a multitude of Heavy Bolters, Autocannons, Multilasers, Frag Missiles, or other multi-shot/blast heavy weapons. Many of which have a 48" range, allowing them to outrange those Lances. Also, a single squad moving up in a transport will be within 24" range next turn. Sure, you can go to ground - and stop yourself shooting, allowing the enemy a turn's grace.

>> No.15139057

If you go to ground, that means you'll probably still have at least one lance left. That one will probably not take any more fire. And of course they'll die. A lot of Dark Eldar things die if shot at. It's about making them shoot the wrong things.

Yes, heavy bolters will shoot at them. That means they're not shooting at things like beastmasters, reavers or AV10 skimmers. And that's 3 shots. With 4 and 2 lancers, that means 2 ablative guys get to take cover saves, maybe one on a lance depending on rolls (most likely.)

And if you stand in cover, I'll say that's a good chance to still stand around.

>> No.15139070

>OP not playing IG for maximum troll

Doing it wrong.

>> No.15139077

Which is why you overload them with targets. That's the advantage of Venom/Darklight spam. It puts so many squads of Blaster-equipped models on the table, all of which need to be forced out of a transport, that most armies simply can't put out enough firepower to silence all of them. The enemy knocks out your transport? You're left in 4+ cover anyway, giving you the same protection as a Lanceborn squad hiding at the other end of the table. While there's an increased vulnerability to small arms fire, there's also more targets that the opponent has to deal with. Trying to hang back and shoot with Dark Lances allows the opponent to concentrate fire on them, ignoring the vehicles until the most pressing threats have been removed.

>> No.15139097

I wanted to play Dark Eldar. But I play Space Marines only win about 50% of my games and they're usually close wins if I do, so I don't think I'm up to playing Dark Eldar, when all I hear is "They're a difficult army to play".

>> No.15139102

Of course, it all depends on the list.

Take a list with, say, 3 trueborn squads, 4 trueborn 2 lances, venom with extra splintercannon.

And then, 2 beastman squads, 3 beastmasters, venom blade, 5 khymerae, 4 razorwing flocks.

Do you want to put anti-infantry in a few lances in the back, or the units that are in your face ready to kill everything?

Take into consideration like 4 blaster warriors in venoms standing around you as well, and some ravagers in the back. What would you shoot at with your ranged anti-tank or anti-infantry?

Considering you would need the ranged anti-infantry in addition to the close ranged (since getting out of transports would be silly with so much SC and beastmasters around) to take out the Beastmasters.

>> No.15139153

>or the units that are in your face ready to kill everything?

Maybe it's just because most of my armies tend to have a heavy assault element to them, but if I was playing against that list? Yes, to be honest, I'd rather rely on using ranged firepower to suppress the shooting elements and count on being able to out-assault the two Beastmaster units. They're nasty, but hardly unbeatable.

>> No.15139224

Like what kind of heavy assault elements? Hammernators etc would obviously be a priority for shooting. Things like TWC WILL be shot to death before they are any consideration for beastmaster squads. As for Tyranids (which I assume you play. Can't remember your armies) they'll obviously get shooting directed their ways, gants that is. Rather drop a blaster and poisoned shots at gants, and let the beastmasters get in to rend MC's weakened by SC's and lances.

I enjoy this discussion by the way.

>> No.15139274

I'm not talking about "heavy assault units", as in powerful deathstar units, but has a lean towards close combat in general army composition. The Dark Eldar army less so, but even then the Beastmaster units don't really scare me.

>> No.15139289

Like what? Lots of boys, Greyhunters, Juiced up BA? There aren't a lot of CC worth talking about.

>> No.15139323

Grey Hunters and BA wouldn't really be an issue to Beastmasters at that size. They'd need significant weakening before they could be taken out, what with a lot of wounds and 4+ inv saves and 2 excess beastmasters.

And things like that will be under heavy fire after blasters and lances open up transports and such,

>> No.15139328

Lots of boyz are not a cc threat unless you have bog-standard gimmick-less infantry. They're more of a threat if they've got shootas. And a double-threat if there's a grot charge-screen in front of them keeping your CC powerhouse unit from wiping them out through 5th ed's shitty "combat resolution".

>> No.15139338

Normally? Waves of Hormagaunts, Genestealers, Warriors, Trygons. Depends on the mood. My lists change around too often to really give an accurate idea of what's likely to be in one. But none of them are geared towards being heavily competitive, and that Dark Eldar list you outlined just doesn't look that worrying. I'd rather run a general take-all-comers Tyranid list against it than against a twinked IG list.

>> No.15139344

IG or Space Wolf list, rather. My bad.

>> No.15139348

Venomspam DEldar would probably benifit from small Reaver untis w/ blasters/heat lances. The more dangerous shit you can get out there the easier it is to overwhelm the opponent.

>> No.15139393

>implying fire warriors arent shit

>> No.15139395

I wouldn't be worried at all from hormagaunts, stealers or trygons. Warriors on the other hand can have venom cannons, threatening my skimmers.

Trygons would get blasted with so many poisoned shots before they became a threat, they wouldn't really matter.

>> No.15139415

A list I've put together, but haven't built yet:

Duke Sliscus �- 150 pts

5x Kabalite Trueborn (2x Splinter Cannon, 3x Blaster) - 200 pts
-Venom (2x Splinter Cannon, Flickerfield)

10x Wyches (Hekatrix w/ Agonizer, 2x Razorflail) �- 220 pts
-Raider (Dark Lance, Flickerfield)

10x Wyches (Hekatrix w/ Agonizer, 2x Razorflail) �- 220 pts
-Raider (Dark Lance, Flickerfield)

9x Kabalite Warrior - 161 pts
-Raider (Dark Lance, Splinter Racks, Flickerfield)

Fast Attack
6x Reaver Jetbikes (2x Blasters, 2x Cluster Caltrops) �- 202 pts

Heavy Support
Ravager (3x Dark Lance, Flickerfield) - 115 pts
Ravager (3x Dark Lance, Flickerfield) - 115 pts
Ravager (3x Dark Lance, Flickerfield) - 115 pts

TOTAL: 1498 points

>> No.15139419

How possible is it to make an ultra fast DE army? One with lots of Reavers and all squads in transports and such?

I just love the concept of an ultra maneuverable raiding force lead by jetbikes that cut shit up.

And how possible is it to ignore Wytches? I find them silly.

>> No.15139432

Speaking of which how different is WH40k from Fantasy? I'm making an ogre army but my local gamestore has almost no Fantasy players, so I'm thinking of making a 40k army first.as

>> No.15139440

DE are all about fastness, which is why you can put pretty much every unit into a transport vehicle.

>> No.15139483

>Trygons would get blasted with so many poisoned shots

That they'd die in a couple of turns, yes. I play DE myself and know that very well. Against that list, I'd be Deep Striking them, with them arriving on a 3+ due to Hive Commander. They're giant targets, designed to soak up a turn or two's worth of fire while the rest of the army deals with the Beastmasters and shoots a few Venoms out the air.

I'd drop the Blasters from the Reavers. They're best off dedicated as either pure anti-infantry or pure anti-tank, and the Ravagers plus Raiders give you enough Darklight for a game of 1500 points.

All Dark Eldar armies are ultra-fast, bar heavily themed Haemonculus Coven lists. Wyches are useful for tarpitting troublesome enemy CC units, but far from essential.

>> No.15139544

Well if you deep strike them, the beastmasters have free reign to move around (obviously, other parts of the list could affect this) and any skimmer could just fly away from them. Granted, they shoot a neat salvo but nothing a turbo boost wouldn't solve.

You also have to consider the very real possibility of tank shocks. Gonna outline the list I have in mind in the next post.

I'd take heat lances over blasters, and drop the caltrops.
As a general rule, I never have units above 200 points, as that means less spread of firepower.

With the wyches, I hope you're not aiming for them to be super awesome in close combat, because they won't. Lowering the number, removing fancy wargear and giving them haywire grenades will assure turn 1 assaults against aggressive parking lots - assuring full suppression and stop in the parking lot. Granted, the unit will get shot up - but hey, you just stopped an entire parking lot dead in its tracks. Also, a smaller unit of wyches will still scare a tactical squad. A large unit will scare it just the same. It's the Khorne Berzerker conundrum, only the wyches actually have good uses - apart from the khorne berzerkers who are just huge beatsticks that take up valuable points from other things while regular CSM do the same job.

Don't you need to be 10 warriors for a dark lance by the way? Also, splinter racks are largely useless. If you have a lance, that means sitting in the back holding objectives.

So, lower wych count, get another unit of wyches, give them haywires. That is, if the points fit.

Having both SC and Blasters on trueborn is bad though. I'd remove the blasters and use them mainly for anti-infantry alongside the venom. Also drop the number a bit.

>> No.15139587

Have a WIP.

Haemonculus, thank you for not costing over a hundred points. - 50
3 trueborn, 2 lances, venom extra SC
3 trueborn, 2 lances, venom extra SC
3 trueborn, 2 lances, venom extra SC
Warriors, 5, Venom extra SC
Warriors, 5, blaster Venom extra SC
Warriors, 5, blaster Raider, Flickerfield, shock prow, aethersails.
Warriors, 5, blaster Raider, Flickerfield, shock prow, aethersails.
Warriors, 5, blaster Raider, Flickerfield, shock prow, aethersails.
Beastmasters, 2, 4 Khymerae, 4 Razorwing flocks, venom blade
Beastmasters, 2, 4 Khymerae, 4 Razorwing flocks, venom blade

Now, the lances on the trueborn doesn't HAVE to disembark. But it's a valid tactical choice.

>> No.15139597

damn captcha

>> No.15139609

Inb4 thin your paints

>> No.15139629

Already said by someone else ;)
Also, just noticed I've splurged paint all over the place.

>> No.15139634

Oh, 1500 points? Yea, there's fuck all I could do about that. I thought we were talking about 1850.

>> No.15139649

Pretty sure I totalled it up to 1747

>> No.15139678

What would be a good 1500 points list against IG that go with Basilisk, Manticore, Vendetta, Leman Russ Demolisher and a bunch of meltavets in chimeras?

>> No.15139701

So it does, but the Beastmaster units are illegal. You can only have two Razorwing Flocks per Beastmaster, so you'd need three Beastmasters per squad there - one for the 4 Khymerae, and one for each pair of Razorwings. Though that's an easy enough swap, just to replace one Khymera with a Beastmaster.

>> No.15139716

motherfucking Deldar

i play a static gunline eldar army

i shot down 7 raiders 2 ravagers and most of his bikes on my first turn, next turn mother fucking incubi are lucky enough to bial out of there transport and fleet into combat, remarkably he was never not in combat, somehow he only ever managed to kill all but 1 unit. mother fucking incubi, and those mother fucking shock prow sky bridges.

>> No.15139741

fuck that pack as many terrorfex and horrorfex in the army as you can and laugh as the entire footslogging force is shut down for the entire game

>> No.15139762

OP sounds like the biggest tool.

Why would you act like such an asshole to your opponent?

Are you TRYING to alienate anyone willing to play with you?

It's all well and good mopping up someone's army but instead of acting like your opponent should be massaging your balls for you why don't you be a little more humble and discuss with them what they did wrong and how to better improve their strategy.

And no, Dark Eldar players in my experience are usually pretty cool bros, or at least they were before people like you switched to them.

So, you know. Maybe don't act like such a dickhead because you'll soon start running out of players willing to tolerate your shit.

>> No.15139773

>static gunline eldar army

wtf am I reading

>> No.15139781

The terrorfex and horrofex grenade launchers were dropped from the codex. It was a bit of a shame, as it was great fun being able to force so many pinning tests that some where bound to fail.

>> No.15139785

So it is.
I originally removed the beastmasters so I could get the dark lance trueborn in, and armybuilder didn't give me any errors on it. Goes to show, always double-check with the codex!
If I were to change the two venomwarriors to wracks, then bump it up to 5 khymerae 3 bm 4 razorwing, it would be 1750 on the dot. Hmm...

the new wrack models... delicious.

Something like... Haemonculus
3 trueborn, 2 blasters, venom extra SC
3 trueborn, 2 blasters, venom extra SC
6 Wyches Haywire Grenades, Raider with flickerfield and shockprow
6 Wyches Haywire Grenades, raider with flickerfield and shockprow
6 Wyches Haywire Grenades, raider with flickerfield and shockprow
10 Warriors, Dark Lance, Raider with Flickerfield and shock prow
6 Reaver Jetbikes, 2 heat lances
6 Reaver Jetbikes, 2 heat lances
2 ravagers

>> No.15139796

Why are you guys making me want to start playing again?

Don't you know I'm living on a sofa?

I have a book to finish goddamnit, I don't have time to paint little mens.

>> No.15139798

But people that rage and cry over their little plastic dudesmen would not take any critique well AT ALL.

Trust me, I've tried :\

>> No.15139834


>The terrorfex and horrofex grenade launchers were dropped from the codex.

They were!? OMG!

Is it Point Out The Obvious Day?

>> No.15139839


They can sometimes. You've just gotta sandwich it between two things they did well.

Positive reinforcement works best with the hobby I've found.

>> No.15139844

For what it's worth, the only serious attempt at a semi-competitve list I could bring would be:

Hive Tyrant w/Heavy Venom Cannon, Lashwhip and Bonesword, Hive Commander. Spirit Leech, Paroxysm. 220 points.
--2 Tyrant Guard. 130 points.

2 Hive Guard. 100 points.
2 Hive Guard. 100 points.
2 Hive Guard. 100 points.

Tervigon w/Cluster Spines, Catalyst. 175 points.
15 Termagants. 75 points.
30 Hormagaunts, Adrenal Glands. 240 points.
3 Warriors, Venom Cannon. 105 points.
3 Warriors, Venom Cannon. 105 points.

Trygon. 200 points.
Trygon. 200 points.

>> No.15139863


What the fuck, man?

>> No.15139883

Anyone have this month's WD? A lot of people are saying how amazing the new DE terrain is in it. Could someone toss some scans up if they got it?

>> No.15139884

I'd drop hormagaunts, get another tervigon. Also drop termagants to 10, maybe get devourer if you go 2 troop tervigons. Also, AG and Toxin Sacs on the tervigon.

Also, Tyrannofexes. Very very underrated.
I would drop a tyrant guard. You only need 1 to give yourself cover. Points saved. Spirit leech is the wound regen power, yes? Also, I'd look into squeezing in Old Adversary. That, combined with counter attacking poisoned gants or furious charge gants is ridiculously good.

But it looks good.

>> No.15139891

Can do. Just give me a few minutes.

>> No.15139919

>get another tervigon

I have only one model, and loathe fielding it at the best of times due to the shoddy conversion work. Maybe another if an actual kit was released. Similar story for Tyrannofexes - they're very good in a competitive Tyranid list for their ability to bounce Krak missiles, but I don't have any. That list is just what I could put together what available models if I wanted to be semi-competitive.

I've never once had problems getting a 4+ cover save with two Tyrant Guard. Maybe my local meta uses slightly taller terrain than than in other areas, but keeping the Tyrant itself hidden along with his runty little Guard has never really been difficult.

>> No.15139921

I assume they meant the terrain from the battle report.

>> No.15139981

Hmm, not that bad. I was expecting more from the conversations people were having. But I do like that webway portal assembly and the torture post things.

That tower in the middle I'm not to keen on. Problem with DE and Eldar terrain is always 'how did it get there' as they don't live on these planets, most of the time they attack from air craft or webways etc.

If I make DE terrain I'm going to try and make it look like something that a ship would drop on the surface to assist in the war efforts.

Thanks for taking the time to scan it in.

>> No.15139983

Well, due to how units work, you only need 50% of the unit covered in able to get cover saves. Have a single tyrant guard behind a Gant, and 50% is covered. No problem ;) That's why you only kinda need one.

Also, there's no such thing as 'meta'. It's a silly word when used for things such as mechanized armies.

Take LoL as an example. Champion selection is not meta-gaming. Doing Baron before Dragon, or roaming support is meta.

Army lists equal champion select. It's not meta-gaming ;)

Silly tangent, but I just needed to get it off my chest. the word meta annoys me :\

>> No.15140024

I know how units work. But like I said; just by sticking to terrain, I've never really found a problem keeping the Tyrant protected, and the extra two ablative wounds does come in handy.

And "Meta" was just shorthand for "area in which I play". I'm afraid I've no real idea what the rest of your post meant...'Baron before Dragon' and whatnot. Some sort of tournament vernacular? I've never entered one, and tend to avoid that sort of scene like the plague.

>> No.15140071

You're welcome. Also, the background story of the battle report implies that the DE brought the parts of the tower/parasite machine with them through the webway and then assembled it on the planet's surface.

>> No.15140072

Hmm, I've really been considering getting some Dark Eldar, but I'm not sure what to pick. I'm tossing between Haemonculus Coven and Kabal on Transport. I've heard that Grotesques are a bit mediocre though, but then again I figure you can just attach a Haemonculus to them.

>> No.15140125

Grotesques aren't amazing, but on the other hand they aren't abysmal either. They soak up a hell of a lot of punishment, and can steadily force quite a few saves in CC every turn with a bulk of high-strength attacks. They do need an attached Haemonculus though, which means you can only put four in a Raider. Consider bringing them in from a Webway Portal if you want to use a bigger mob.

>> No.15140152

I didn't refer to you specifically, my apologies. It's just the mis-use of the word meta on sites like Bell of Lost Souls and Blood of Kittens annoys me. One should avoid those sites like the plague.

What I meant was that meta is things that happen within the game, and used League of Legends situations as something most people could relate to. Hero or army selection is not meta gaming. Doing certain things in game can be meta gaming.
Reserving everything? Meta gaming.
Mind games with the opponent? Meta gaming.
Shooting his prized unit? Meta gaming.

Grotesques are fine.
'Hope you didn't forget S10'
1 Urien Rakarth, 190 pts

2 Haemonculi, 140 pts (Agoniser)

8 Grotesques, 320 pts

8 Grotesques, 320 pts

7 Grotesques, 280 pts

10 Kabalite Warriors, 115 pts (Dark Lance x1)

10 Kabalite Warriors, 115 pts (Dark Lance x1)

5 Wyches, 60 pts (Haywire Grenades)

5 Wyches, 60 pts (Haywire Grenades)

5 Wyches, 60 pts (Haywire Grenades)

5 Wyches, 60 pts (Haywire Grenades)

5 Scourges, 140 pts (Dark Lance x2)

5 Scourges, 140 pts (Dark Lance x2)

Total Roster Cost: 2000

>> No.15140196

Idea of the army is to have Grotesques charge in, and if they were to say get tank shocked, there would be a wych unit in the way with haywires to stop it with death or glory. So you'd always be protected, shooting would have to go into grotesques, fire support is decent enough while kind of little, but it is low-priority.

Once the grotesques get anywhere near close to something that needs a beating, it will get beaten to all hell and back. They can't be stopped.

>> No.15140300


Choosing lots of Melta because you know your local environment is meta-gaming. Keeping everything in reserve isn't really meta gaming, it's a battlefield tactic.

>> No.15140305

Nice! I'm going to have to try to get a few of those Grotesques then. I'm very interested in Wracks and, well heck, everything that Coven has to offer looks wise.

>> No.15140386

No, getting anti-tank is just good list design. It's building a balanced competetive army. There will be tanks, there will be infantry. All of those are possibilities to meet.

Building to handle everything is good list design, not meta gaming.

>> No.15140416

Mind games is not meta gaming. Not as long as you keep it on the field and don't make it games off of the board.

Nor is shooting his prized unit. It's not like a sniper can't tell that someone is a commander when he dresses like the way they do in this game.

>> No.15140420


unless your local environment has few tanks in it, then it's stupid list design. Stacking more than average melta is meta-gaming if you know that the local has more than average tanks, just like the oppisite. Stackign heavy bolters if it has 6/10 ork players is meta gaming. Keeping your list in reserves so you can loose to kroot is not meta.

It's not including melta, it's building your list to take on what you think you will face given the local environment. But yes, they do overuse it. Same with spam, two choices =/= spam.

>> No.15140552

But what will those heavy bolters do if the ork player suddenly decided to one day bring battlewagons? That's bad list design. If it's meta gaming, you would have to see what your opponent has in his list, then tailor specifically to that list. And that's just bad form and won't give you anything in tournament play. There is no meta.

You don't build towards a local enviroment. It's building towards the game in general. There will be space marine variant players. Will they take rhino chassis? VERY LIKELY. What do we do then? TAKE ANTI TANK.

Will there be infantry elements? VERY LIKELY

It's not meta gaming. People just think it is.

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