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I'm gonna make some tokens for my players to use in my d&d/pathfinder games on battle boards as characters. But I wanna design something that will make things quicker and easier in long, drawn out fights.

My question is this; what do you find difficult to track or would like a better visual of on your own battle boards in table top games?

I was thinking something something with a damage counter or pieces with different sides that have different conditions on them, but I wanted some other opinions in the matter.

pic kinda related, made those yesterday and glued them on pennies to use as player tokens.

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there are a lot of sites that sell singles of the prepainted plastic D&D minis on the cheap. Tell people to go through, pick out the mini that they want to represent their character, throw the loot in a pool, and place one order so you can combine shipping.

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Njoi these.
Maybe you can use them on your pennies or something.
Or not, whatever. Still pretty cool.

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