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hey /tg/ are you exited about the CAD board game?

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the what?

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I want an entire deck of scorched buttocks

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>inevitable "Girlfriend Miscarriage" card in 3...2...1...

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It fucking figures. Penny Arcade is working on a board game, so of COURSE Fuckley has to do one too.

Fuck off, Tim.

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CAD: Overated, unfunny, not really nerds

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Is there an abortion card?

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hopefully. It's too bad his mother didn't play it.

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Why the hell would CAD make a board game? Hell, why would Penny Arcade? It makes no sense.

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>Scorched Buttocks

So a character with this effect would be... butthurt?

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Penny Arcade's is based on Lookouts, and it's EXACTLY up /tg/'s alley.

The Lookouts universe is so popular they decided they could do this for the fans and they'd enjoy it.


I'm highly optimistic.

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Eh, hate PA. Guys haven't been funny in years. Just man sized douches getting their pride boner.

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I find them pretty funny still, but to each his own.

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Look, no offense. But that web comic is the very opposite of funny. Hell, I think the last time they had funny was the Twisp and Catsby strips.
Granted, they've had some decent non comedic things once in a while, I actually like Automata a lot. But what memorable comics have they made since?

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Not that guy, but here's an idea, people MIGHT find different things fun.
Shocking, I know.

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It's not 'funny', but it's not meant to be. Part of me wishes that they'd cut PA down to one strip a week and do a regular Lookouts strip.

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Humor isn't really an issue here. Like you said Automata is cool and some of their other settings are too. Lookouts is superb one and will probably be an awesome game.No sense hating on it because you don't like other stuff or the guys themselves.

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>Your opinion differs from mine, therefor I must correct you

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Automata/Lookouts, same period.

and dude >>15127529

Look at it. Seriously. No nostalgia goggles or anything. Seriously look at the jokes. You might say they're worth cracking a smile, maybe.
Eh, I mostly am annoyed that they started out as a gamer comic, and now they can't really go on with that. They're goddamn old, more or less. There was actually a strip about that.
What I hate most though? The video series. I watched 2 episodes today. I felt sick to my stomach by the end.

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I don't even understand what's supposed to be entertaining about Lookouts.

The entire thing is one painfully slow 4e solo fight.

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Yes. Yes I must. It is imperative you all understand there can be only one correct opinion, just as there is only one correct reality. We're also not discussing quantum mechanics and even then, it'd be observed already.

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I don't even read PA, never have apart from some random ones I've been linked by friends, so there's no nostalgia in it there anywhere for me.
What I'm saying is that you're going all "stop liking what I don't like!".
People have different tastes, and yours isn't necessarily any better than his, or the other way around.

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You do not read the comic. But you defend a hypothetical humour that may or may not be found withing.
I do read it. I have for a very long time. I've seen every strip. It was funny, it is so no longer. Now it's more of an anecdotal journal for them.

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It's all about the fluff, really.

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Again, you're missing the goddamn point. It is no longer funny in YOUR opinion. Someone else might have a different opinion. Having an opinion that differs from yours does not make it wrong.

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Humour can be objectively measured.
PA has a very low humium particle count.
Case closed, they are no longer funny.

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Yeah, no.

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They've always been worth cracking a smile, maybe. Occasionally they do something worth an actual laugh. I honestly don't see any decline of humor here, they're about as hit-or-miss as always.

Lookouts was great, though, I don't see why you wouldn't like it based off their spotty humor strips.

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Yeah, yes.


See, here's the thing, I was joking about measuring humour objectively, but they do indeed make many more unfunny comics than funny comics. The density of funny comics has declined in recent years. They are now less funny. Overall they were funny, but that has changed to a status other than funny, Therefore unfunny.

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no he's right, humor can be objectivly measured.

In a contolled experiment.

Which you havent done.

Now stop trying to pass opinion as fact faghole. Or to quote something you may understand. CITATION NEEDED

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On the miniscule chance that you aren't just trolling..
No, you can't. You can for your own use, but, and here is the kicker, again, people have different opinions of what is funny. I'm not talking about wheter or not PA is funny, I frankly don't care, it is besides the point. What I'm trying to get across to you is that people have different opinions. It is not a hard concept to grasp.

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Oh course I'm just trolling. Really now.
However, that's beside the point. I say my estimation of what humour is can be said to equal or exceed your own. Dispute this.

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Seconded like the Fist of the North Star.

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>> admit to trolling
>> restate previous point
>> still trolling
Is this one of those "I only tell lies" kinda deals or are you just too stupid to see the difference?

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Of course, my apologies.
Indeed, let's all agree the boy who should have been aborted is a fuckward and a goat rapist.

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Was actually interested in a trolling debate.
No one can win, obviously, but wanted to see some technique. You know, counter-trolling, something. Your reason is woefully entertaining in this scenario.

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Nah, I'm not really exited about it.
Excited? no, not really that either

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>board game

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This I will gladly get behind.


I'm sorry, what? Your estimation of what humor is is... higher than mine? Bigger? Also, there is no need to dispute undocumented statements, they do that by themselves.
I'll concede that you can objectively measure humor, as >>15127719 mentioned, but I'm willing to bet pretty much everything I own that you have not tested it properly, and as such, your opinion is just that, an opinion.
If you find PA boring, that's fine, I'm not disputing that. The few strips I've read have definitely varied in quality, but some people may still find them funny, regardless of what the two of us think about them.

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Please regard my last next to last statement

Bored and not setting foot/IP on /b/

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Lets compare!

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Penny arcade has never been the same for me after finding a picture of the two doing it. :I Sometimes I hate my firends.

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only if there is a spell for CADbortion, in which case we should rename Cadbortion: the game.

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are you trying to say that they have come a long way as producers of webcomics, and have over 8 years refined thier artistic styles along with their brand of humor?

I like PA and do not regret saying so

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Uh, the Giant eagle prison escape strip is much better.

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To be perfectly honest though, they are less funny.
This is fact.

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still way more funney than the shit B^Uckley churns out.

Also PA's charity helps actual people, not buy themselves a new tablet

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Well, you forget, while PA is the devil, Buckley is the ripe asshole of Nurgle. Fact.

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I was just providing an "old PA" (first strip actually) example since somebody was going around claiming they were no longer funny.

Looking at the first few strips makes me think it's not a matter of them becoming less funny, but of whoever liked their strips at first "growing up".

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/tg/ = /v/ = /b/

how the mighty have fallen

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It's okay. War, war never changes.

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Don't insult Papa Nurgle.

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yeah, papa nurgle loves his followers.

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slash ruins everything, homosex destroyes fandoms, this is fact.

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Although, if the onlooker is homosex...

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Doesn't matter, still destroys fandoms. Besides, PA slash isn't that good, I mean they're not that good looking; in real life or in drawings

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It burns the eyes and the soul

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Just my 5 cents: Penny arcade at least gets a chuckle out of me occasionally, and I read every strip. I've laughed maybe... once at CAD, and I felt dirty for doing so.

There's a reason why whenever a new CAD comic comes out /v/ and /co/ start cutting out words or fitting the miscarriage in the comic somehow yet Penny Arcade is mostly left alone. (Hint, it's not because they're jealous of CAD).

As for the board game. Utter, utter indifference is what I wish I could say, but it's very probably that Buckley truly is making this game simply because PA are making one themselves, and that's just sad, so I'm leaning more towards pity now.

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that or they don't like PA.

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Possibly and they are entitled to that opinion since humour is subjective as long as they don't try to say CAD is humorous... because it isn't.

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The rulebook.

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It's funny in a special "so bad its good" kinda way, and the rage it enduces is funny. Plus there isn't any 34 for it so it has that in its favor. Unlike PA.

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no, CAD isnt so bad its good. cad is just baaaad, very bad.
What makes it sad is that some people actually support this, I've seen deviant arts from 10 year olds that are better than this.

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Buckley is also the worst person in the entire internet.

Seriously what a scumbag.

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I used to be a fan of CAD, but then the comics about gaming became fewer and farther between, and he started going with all these personal storylines of the characters that I didn't give two-shits about. I wanted to read a webcomic about gaming, not a melodramatic soap opera in print format.

Plus there's that whole "He showed his penis to a child" thing.

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Didn't buckley get arrested for shoplifting or something?

>> No.15128729

I do not quite think you grasp the meaning of rule 34

>> No.15128730


shoplifting, exposing yourself to a child

tomay-to, tomah-to

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hurr hurr, you know, I actually used to play gunz with him years back (only decent thing I remember from him) but hey if you want to think that I just jumped on the hate bandwagon do think so.

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normally im not in favor of mods doing anything...

but you should be banned for exposing the poor people of this board to that abomination.

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Also I'm probably going to get banned for that, but it was necessary.

>> No.15128773

don't feel too bad, it was actually quite funny.

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Oh, you think I was being sarcastic.

No that post was 100% serious. Buckley is the most despicable internet person ever. I'm not even joking. Fuck the ever loving shit out of that guy. Buckley makes me want to hug Fred Gallagher, and *fuck* Fred Gallagher.

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Well, I wouldnt say worst. You never know who you might find. Maybe worst well-known internet celebrity, yes. but I wouldnt be too shocked if there was someone worse.

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What about CWC?

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Tim buckley's shit started going downhill years ago. And if that preview pic by OP is real, then its a game about his 'players' strips, which are hardly worth mentioning about anything

PA however has only been rising up in the rank of worthwhile webcomics. And the idea behind the lookouts boardgame is pretty thrilling to me. a game of grim survival around fantasy boyscouts. sign me up

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Nah, Buckley is still worse if only because he has such broad fucking reach. And the way he has a cult of pre-teens who alternate between receiving pictures of his penis and defending him with their lives online.

I will forever love Penny Arcade for their "Deluxe Membership" newspost right after Buckley announced his paid membership though.

That shit was the fucking greatest ever.

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Isn't Fuckly also a millionaire?

Think about that for a second.

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CWC is mentally handicaped with terrible terrible redneck parents, I am pretty sure he'd be a respectable person if it wasnt for his upbringing. retarded, but respectable.
I cant really hate someone with such a deficiency.

>> No.15128878

He's in it for the money. Simple as that.

>> No.15128888

I mean really, what has he done to deserve hate?
All that I can remember has to do with him being mentally disabled and his parents not giving him proper education, he never was a douchebag either.

>> No.15128889


if he were a millionaire he wouldn't have to repurpose charity funds to buy himself a tablet.

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I actually like CAD

/me dons pyro-suit

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citation needed

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You're assuming he's not a huge asshole.

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What strip was that?

>> No.15128942


I can't remember, it was forever ago. And it wasn't a strip - at least I don't believe so - but a series of news posts by Gabe which were basically a big FUCK YOU to Tim.

It was glorious.

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"Run for the Border"

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link to this?

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Hot off the presses.

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