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There is little to not role-playing in Deathwatch RPG.

That's a common conception and I'd like you guys to prove that wrong by sharing your best role-playing moments in Deathwatch here with the rest of us.

Or prove the view right by not having anything to share.

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>...little to not role-playing in Deathwatch RPG.

...little to no role-playing in Deathwatch RPG, of course.

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Well, it can be a little dry at times. Roleplay is hard to come by when a lot of my group is very much of the "a space marine just has to run, scream, and hit things" mentality, but it does happen. If only in small bits.

For example. We'd been given a vortex grenade to take out some big bad tyranids. My tech marine was the only one who knew how rare this particular piece of equipment was.

Assault Marine: "Ok, there they are. Use that grenade and bring down the Emperor's holy fury!"
Tech Marine: "Hold brothers, there are certain rites that must be observed before we are ready to use this most precious artifact."
Assault Marine: "Just chuck that thing and let's get the hell out of here."
Tech Marine: "One does not simply "chuck" one of the rarest relics of war to ever see the light of the Emperor!"

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Landing on a planet in the path of a tyranid splinter fleet, our killteam approaches the governor's palace across the bay under cover of night.

Though some of planetary authorities had been subsumed into the genestealer cult, the troopers of the PDF remained loyal, if badly shaken. While the rest of the team met with the Planetary Governor, I, an Ultramarine scout sergeant, remained outside with the guardsmen, who were awestruck at the very SIGHT of a space marine. I then proceed to join them in casual conversation. We talked about the seasons and normal weather cycles for the world, I commented on the view from the dock across the bay (the capital garrison could be seen from the palace).

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Tiringly, far too many stories seem to include shenanigans such as trying to make a pet out of a living killing machine enslaved to a vastly superior intelligence by mounting it and trying to coerce it around by jabbing it with powered armored boots.

As long as they're having fun, I guess.

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Ever watched 300? That is how you roleplay Deathwatch correctly...

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At length, a young man of around 16 spoke up, albeit timidly. He asked me just what the tyranids were. They hadn't ever really seen one, and now a hive splinter was about to drop on their world.

I explained in detail what they were. I told them about synapse creatures, and explained how the ripper swarms work and what they could expect. I went into great detail about Lictors, and how they could be avoided.

Obviously, this shook their courage. The private spoke up again.

"Forgive me, sir, but...it doesn't seem possible to win this...how can we overcome what you describe?"

I nodded grimly.

"That's true. Few worlds survive what is coming here." I paused, "It may be impossible."

I drew my combat knife and gave it to the private. "...and before today, I suspect you thought it impossible to eat a meal with one of the Emperor's angels of death. Not only have you done that, but tonight, you will carry a weapon born by the Ultramarines with you into battle."

The private was awestruck, and took the combat knife, which was more or less a sword to him.

I inquired of the DM after the game what became of the private I'd given my knife to. He told me that he'd been awarded six individual medals of honor, posthumously, for holding the palace courtyard through the night.

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This, pretty much.

Lots of ham and scenery-chewing.

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Your DM is awesome.

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Lots of yelling, death and sweaty manlust all while insisting that no, there is nothing gay about this at all?

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>Lots of yelling, death and sweaty manlust all while insisting that no, there is nothing gay about this at all?

That's right: heterosexual men can experience yelling, death and sweat all around without having a single homosexual thought.

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Well, when I was GMing Oblivion's Edge, one of the Imperial Stormtroopers accompanying the team onto the Hive Ship was mortally wounded. The Ultramarines team leader understood the situation fairly quickly to my surprise and was bending over the dying, removing his own helmet too.
The stormtrooper reached out to touch the Astartes face and because it looked like he might not make it, the Ultra guided his hand to his face.

With that the Stormtrooper died, leaving a bloody mark on the Space Marine's face.

I awarded my player 1 temporary Fate Point for the rest of the mission for that proper reading of the situation.

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I just play 3:16 instead. Its like Deathwatch, only better.

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Whats 3:16? Never heard of that before

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Deathwatch is, imo, a million times better when its one Kill-Marine with a rogue trader or acolyte cell. My merhene is, naturally, the supreme diplomancer, while relying on the acolytes for sheer brute strength.

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well im actually planning on starting a Deathwatch game with my friends this weekend. having them all start at rank 2 respected with 3000 xp to spend from the start. planning a sector wide campaign where their unit is put on high priority and is jumped from one major conflict to another on the border worlds basically thinking of setting the tone of constant and never ending fighting on the unimaginable scale. probably throw them multiple missions at once and forcing them to choose who gets saved and who gets left behind. hell maybe some republic commando homages will show up

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The default premise is a little uncomfortable and awkward, though my librarian is planning on gettin' it on with a female mega-psyker to BREED THE PERFECT SPACE NUMENOR BABY, and is going to have his spare progenoid transferred to their son.

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'I am the will of the Emperor made manifest, his strength made flesh. You stand before me, a filthy xenos. I will cleanse you by blade or by flame, in the Emperor's name.'

>Deathwatch champion charges a Hive Tyrant, kills it, by dies afterwards.

>Hive Tyrant probably didn't appreciate the speech.

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I don't know, it would probably be poor form, but i kind of want to take the Dagon Overlord and pit it against a group of rank 1 acolytes.

Then when they break out in rage i explain that i was merely giving them the authentic Tyranid experience.

After all, there are more worlds and Tyranids and Imperial citizens than there are Space Marines, right? Right?

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OP here. Not that many role-playing stories so far, I must admit.

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thats just the way the game is OP. its about actions speaking louder then words.

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"Fear not, my boon companions, i, Hrolfr the merry, will not steal your glory.

While you battle the ferocious Slaugth, i will accept the lesser task of mollifying the planetary governor and woo his daughters aided only by my trusty cask of ale.

Should any of you be so lucky as to fall during this most momentous task, be certain that i will craft for you a mighty poem to celebrate your valor. Why, even the skalds of Fenris would know that you are the equal of any heroes from that rimecrusted land."

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all right i got a story for ya OP so this is the first game i run of Deathwatch with my friends who have only played what, two sessions of Dark Heresy before hand so not a lot of role playing experience. the team consists of a space wolf tact, a storm warden tact, a blood angel devastator with an outrageously thick german accent, and of course the ultramarine apothecary whos player just doesnt know when to actually talk. so i have them investigate a loss of communication with a high ranking known radical xenos inquisitor that was digging up some ruins that were possibly xeno related hoping to find some juicy xeno tech. as they proceed through the mountain paths towards the dig site it turns to night and they find their way to one of the mountain villages on the world. they find the locals have been converted to chaos by what appears to be hulking black giants (CSMs duh) purge through bolters and chainswords occur. they make their way to the next village and find it totally blackened out and silent. apothecary checks auspex or whatever is the vital reader of the surrounding area and find life signatures inside the houses. storm warden and space wolf proceed to smash down the doors of two houses sword and bolter ready to purge. what they find instead are only women and children cowering in absolute fear in the darkness barely able to stand from their fear.

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what proceeds is probably the best example of space wolves and space wardens actually caring for imperial citizens. as the both marines holster their weapons, take off their helmets and try to humanize themselves to the scared shitless women hoping to get them out of the intial shock of having a 10 foot tall armor clad giant smashing down your wooden door with gun aimed right at you. eventually they get ladies to talk and tell them that another villager had shown up speaking of heresy and lies about the god emperor and proclaiming the mighty powers of the warp or whatever he was talking about. the men of the village dragged him away into the village church

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Gaunts haring it towards the Kill-team. Storm Wardens librarian does the whole psychic lightning thing, fries one. Black Templar assault marine turns, sniffs, says "Pretty little light show brother, but allow me to show you how a true warrior of the Emperor fights." Revs his jetpack, lands in the middle of them and proceeds to cleave one from gullet to groin. Everybody blinks.

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sad thing is now that i think about it that entire area probably got purged to shit after the village men helped defend the dig sight from chaos converts from other villages. that was the only village in the mountain pass that stayed loyal and defended itself from chaos heresy.

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Hahaha, yeah. its funny how you can't really minmax an astartes to be that stronger (few option books out so far) but you should be able to get social skill totals of 120+

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i shed manly tears just now

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We've had several missions that nearly went "boltgun-free", and our Tactical Marine is...odd. Let me put it this way: he brought a buggy onto the strike cruiser from his parent chapter, tried to power-hug the heresy from a void station captain (the heretic survived for interrogation), and went off to scout and came back with a renegade PDF commander who he'd "borrowed" from the command post and had slung over a shoulder. So yeah.

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That guy sounds awesome. What chapter was this Tac from? and why oh why did he have a buggy?

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>Much borrowing

He can only be a bloody magpie.

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Homebrew vaguely Islamic chapter. Party joker and all around awesome guy.

Did I mention the Commissar "serf" who he commandeered at the end of said mission? (No one's told the Commissar about his new status, or the regiment...) Said Commissar is now tagging along with a plasma gun, doubtless very confused, and generally being more badass than us. (Slayer of genestealers, wounder of broodlords...)

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No, but my Librarian character was and is in awe at his skill. My guy only got a melta and plasma gun, this guy stole an officer, an armour, and a commissar. Oh, and suggested gluing an Inquisitor and his Sister bodyguard to the sides a Razorback with armour cement when it turned out there wasn't room for all ten inside.

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Bumpan for Deathwatch

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QUESTION: Is there a way that a Librarian can ever dual wield?

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They already can. Anybody can. However, I assume you are asking whether they can ever get the Two Weapon Wielder and Dual Shot or Dual Strike talents.

The answer is that as of the errata the Two Weapon Wielder talents are on the General Space Marine Advance tables, while Dual Shot or Dual Strike will have to be taken as Elite Advances.

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Im playing deathwatch for the 1st time this weekend.
Any tips/advice?

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You using the weapon stats in the book or the alternate set of stats in the errata?

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I think the errata

GM has yet to decide

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The book stats, especially the heavy bolter, will tear through anything and everything and you really won't need anything else ever.

The errata stats I prefer, everything is toned down and it definietely makes the game more challenging. However, people say you lose the feel of being an unstoppable space marine who can shoot through anything.

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thanks for the heads up

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Even with its broken stats I failed to kill anything with it in my last session. In fact last sessions I managed to be shot by 7 warp spiders, get back up, have a smoke nade dropped on me, fail all of my BS tests to hit anything, jam my heavy bolter, be shot AGAIN by warp spiders, get critical damage, have my armor wrecked and my black carapace showing lying on the floor of the cave of which we were fighting. No one else got that badly kicked, and THEN I had to listen to another player winge that the GM refused to give him an extra melee attack.

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maybe the emperor just hates you

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Probs. Chaos is looking pretty smick right now.
But TBH the only thing that really annoyed me was the other playing wingeing about that attack. I coped all that shit and the bad dice rolls in good humor but this guy cried so hard the GM had to take a 10min smoke break to get away from him. First thing I am doing when I get my ass back up is "accidently" shooting his character.

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Our group has a few awesome stories, including one where we managed to save a world from final-stage Nid infestation by, in order, killing the hive ship in orbit, dropping a Rhino onto the Tyrant's head from about 500 feet with us in it, and then fighting off the massive consumer ship that had been lying in wait to crack open the planet's crust and devour everything the hive ship failed to. If you want, I can give the full story, or share others.

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Just secretly join Alpha Legion and have him die a graceful death lol


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might as well share everything if you don't have anything better to do

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I sadly don't have anyone to say DW with, though I wish I had.

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Okay, just didn't want to type it all out again, since I didn't save it last time.

Our group is as follows:

Ultra Tactical Marine (Tacitool/Tabletop General out the ass, nominal team leader and the guy we looked to for grand strategy)
Dark Angel Devastator (He was the "Hold the line" type, and almost as tacticool as the ultra)
Black Templar Assault Marine (The knightly paladin type)
And me, the Salamanders Tactical Marine (A bit stereotypical, in that my specialty was MELTAGUN WITH EXTERMINATOR ATTACHMENT BWAHAHAHA, but it was a fun character, and one I stole a lot of mannerisms from Samuel L Jackson for)

This was our first time playing Deathwatch, and wasn't a hugely serious game, more 'Imperium, FUCK YEAH' against Nids for the most part.The best part of the game wasn't the combat so much as the interactions and stresses between the PCs, their different viewpoints and backgrounds, and the styles of them all. My Salamander got into a lot of conflict with the Ultra for being insufficiently versatile versus me thinking the whole Ultras thing was seriously overblown. But...this mission was one we'll remember for a while.

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The mission itself was to travel to a world that had failed to fight off Tyranid infestation and was in the final stage of infestation: Spores everywhere, totally Tyranoformed, people literally tripping into reclamation pools. Surprisingly, the local Guard was mostly still intact, their fortresses being the last bastions of resistance and being slowly worn down by the swarm. The =][= wanted us to get down there, gather as much info on final-stage infestation as possible, with biosamples if we would be so kind, and see if we could save the planet while we're at it, or at least get the Guardsmen the fuck off of it for later use.

We were sent off with a little more than the kiss on the forehead that Acolytes get: A full cruiser under our command, with a squadron of raiders and a Firestorm for escorts. We arrived in-system to bear witness to the hive ship sending down its escorts to wipe out resistance from the skies. Well...we couldn't have that...

In an epic battle using rules cribbed from Rogue Trader, we engaged the Hive Ship and managed to drive it off, severely weakened, then ported aboard for good measure. We fought our way through the ship, through hip-deep Gaunt swarms and maddened Tervigons, to storm the egglayer creche and kill the Norn Queen. As soon as the Queen was dead and the eggs burned, the entire ship started to quake and shiver, and we fled back to the ship.

With the Hive Ship dead in space and our stormtroopers cleaning the hulk and taking samples, it was time to turn our attention to the planet below. The Black Templar suggested drop pods, to get the fuck into the battle zone faster, but he was overruled. We decided on a Thunderhawk, but then I, the Imperial Armour reader I am, said, "Wait...can't we attach a Rhino to the bottom of a Thunderhawk?"

Every eye turned towards the GM, who said, "Sure thing. You guys riding in it?"

Fuck yeah.

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Alpha Legion? Nah. For RP and fun, go full spikey. The Black Legion is always recruiting, and you get 20% off on the soul-tithe for your first daemonic possession!

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a Samuel L. Jackson salamander?
certainly an interesting Idea

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give us some details on the character and we can find the perfect warband for you!

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>Space Wolf Librarian summons daemon prince through perils of the warp test
>party is struggling to kill it barely doing any damage to it
>librarian jumps on it's back and climbs up it using his lightning claw and force sword as climbing picks
>finally gets on it's back and shoves a string of meltabombs and krak grenades down it's throat
>blows off the daemon princes head and the librarian goes flying 40 feet
>gets up and brushes the daemon prince's giblets off his armor, he's completely fine.
>the party's face when

>> No.15118338

This is your deathwatch party.

>> No.15118352

So a reasonable Black Templar a Blood Angel a Salamander a Space Wolf and 2 Ultramarines?

>> No.15118354

So we rode down to the planet surface in the Rhino, planning to drop off outside the combat zone and ride into the primary Imperial fortress surviving. However, our pilot chimed in before we got to the planned drop point, noting that a massive Tyranid wave was heading there ahead of us. We immediately diverted course, and saw that the Hive Tyrant itself was leading the the swarm, with no less than four Tyrant Guard and dozens of Warriors protecting it, ahead of a vast cloud of Gaunts. We knew we could re-enact 300 and still get nowhere near the Tyrant, so we were disappointed, until the Ultra told the pilot, 'take us up, now, high and fast. Can you get us to hypersonic with the room we have?"

The pilot is clearly puzzled, but says sure, and the Ultra does some calculations (Aided by a very nice Logic roll), and tells the pilot to release docking clamps on the Rhino. We hurtle foward, 500 feet up and at hypersonic speed, and impact directly into the Tyrant's face, crushing it into roadkill, along with one of the Guard. We immediately jump out, me spraying flamer juice fucking everywhere and spraying the surviving Tyrant Guards with my melta, while the Angel and the Templar laid waste to the swarms and the Ultra provided me with support fire.

From there, cleaning Nid pulp out of the Rhino's tracks, we made our way to the Guard fortress, which was out of everything not laser-related and still laying waste to swarm upon swarm of Gaunts. We fought our way through the swarm and started setting up teleport homers, ready to port everyone up to the cruiser and get the fuck out while fresh regiments cleaned out the planet. All was going well: With the Tyrant dead and the Norn Queen gone, the synapse should start breaking down, so we could retake the planet.

Until the cruiser's scanners reported something fucking massive emerging from the gravity well of the system's sun.

>> No.15118372

>>Hive Tyrant with four tyrant guards
>>"Something huge" coming out of a sun's gravity well

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Ok Ok. Cause /tg/ is so nice and I wanna see what you guys say if I do end up going Chaotic.
My SPEESMARINEs most recent back story is he was part of the Deathwing, acting as a gunner on ships and a adviser to captains in shock and awe assult tatics, an oddity in the DA. His distinguished service lead to him being seconded to the Deathwatch as part of the chapters regular tithe to them but also with the orders to be part of a communications network of various other DA's in deathwatch service and in the general vicinity of his operating sectors. The networks purpose, while always to serve the emperor in any way it can, is mostly to find and kill The Fallen. He is a dev by personal preference to heavy weaponary, also after being a gunner for many many years in the Ravenwing. He has forbidden lore in adeptus astartes and traitor legions because of his time in the Ravenwing and objective of hunting the fallen and interogation because thats what you do when you find fallen.


>> No.15118447

The 'something massive' turned out to be a Tyranid consumer ship, basically a hollow hive ship built nearly ten times bigger and mostly consisting of empty sacks meant to hold several entire planets' worth of magma and liquified biomass to feed to the central Hive Fleet. Problem was, it had tucked most of an escort fleet into itself for just such an emergency when it saw us in orbit, and hidden itself in the sun's gravity well, rightly suspecting that the radiation would blot out its profile, if we even bothered to look there.

Normally, it wouldn't have emerged until the last of the resistance was gone, but the Hive Mind was desperate and decided to make a mad dash for the planet, to crack it open, guzzle it, and run like hell. The Ultra got the most grim fucking look on his face, and ordered the fleet to start porting absolutely everything and everyone non-essential -down- to the planet's surface, and we ported onto the flagship to attempt to destroy the fucking thing before it ate the planet.

We engaged the consumer ship and its escort fleet when it was still in the system's solar belt, and began scourging both it and the escorts with lance and macrocannon. The drones died like flies, but the krakens accounted for our entire raider complement, and a tentacle stab from the consumer ship destroyed our Firestorm. The battle drew to a standoff: Just our heavily-damaged cruiser with crippled weapons and shields, and the lone consumer ship, devoid of escorts. Deciding to ignore us until later, it began to swim off towards the planet to finish it off, then deal with us.

We wouldn't have it.

>> No.15118454

But Chaplains are responsible for interrogating Fallen.

>> No.15118482

Since Dark Angels the obvious thing is he joins the fallen through them revealing something to him that deludes or changed his mind about his chapter.For example hearing that the Lion turned traitor while Luther remained loyal.
Since you said shock and awe I immediately thought Nightlords.

>> No.15118493

A brief conference with our Mechanicus buddies told us there was no way to have both weapons and shields back online in time to save the planet, and that a single swipe of those tentacles on an unshielded vessel would be catastrophic, so our best bet was to sacrifice the planet and revenge ourselves on the consumer ship when it returned. We'd lose the planet and everything on it, but we'd have a mostly-intact consumer ship to study.

The consensus achieved was 'fuck that noise'. The Ultra put it bluntly.

"Ready the shields, tech-priests. All spare power to engines. All personnel to battle stations. We won't let those bugs gain another inch of Imperial soil, not while we still draw breath! WE RAM THE CONSUMER SHIP! The Emperor Protects!"

We rammed it from behind at an appreciable fraction of C, with our plasma drives already starting to overload. The impact killed it. The secondary explosion ripped it in two and vaporized most of it. Total. Party. Kill.

The planet itself, with the help of the stormtroopers left behind, was retaken, inch by bloody inch, and the Tyranids mostly cleansed. The new biosphere left it a death world, with feral nids fucking everywhere, but no synapse creatures in sight. This made it an ideal choice for a recruiting world when the Imperium reached the 27th founding...and wanted to make a chapter specifically meant to counter the Tyranid invasion. GOOD END.

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I've always wanted to try Deathwatch. Sadly, none of my regular groups will play it with me.

>> No.15118539


Your Ultramarine is my spiritual liege.

Kidding aside, for all the fluff wankery, the Ultras I've encountered playing DW have all been total bros. Space wolves and vampires are fucking insane, Templars are stuck in the 14th century, and Salamanders are often cackling pyromaniacs, but Ultras are all "Stay in formation, protect the civilians, hit the objective fast and hard, be home in time for dinner and a rubdown from some sweet young chapter serf girls. This one's by the book, people, let's roll."

>> No.15118543

Fuck everyone who says you can't have good stories in Deathwatch. You did it right, broseidon.

>> No.15118546

Fukken saved.

>> No.15118551

>>Tacticool Ultra tac-marine
>>Also tacticool DA Devastator
>>Knight Black Templar
>>And Samuel L Jackson the Salamander

Your group sounds...interesting.

>> No.15118553

that is quite awesome.
Congrats on practically destroying a splinter with 4 marines, a ship and some guardsmen

>> No.15118560

I have been wanting him to go Deathwatch Chaplin once he hits Rank 4 since my GM approved Rites of Battle. (kinda) EXTREME HEAVY WEAPONS CHAPLIN. Oh and he wears a beaky helmet cause beaky is best.
Hang on I have a drawfag pic here somewhere that a ncie drawfag drewfag for me. I am going to have him get that wargear talent and use plasma. Cause I like Plasma.

>> No.15118598

To be fair, we also had a squadron of destroyers, a firestorm frigate, and a detachment of inquisitorial stormtroopers, and died doing it...but still, we kicked ass.

>> No.15118759

If it wasn't for the military doing things like this in real life I'd "Wat." Pic related, although they never do it with crew in the vehicle and a lot of times it causes the plane to crash and kill the crew. Kind of a last ditch sort of thing. Like your game.

Glad your party died. Even more glad your party died so gloriously. You did what normally would take an entire chapter to accomplish, and that sort of shenanigans is why I sometimes prefer weekend-long bat-shit-crazy RPGs to extended campaigns. Less attachments to your character means less being careful and trying to live! ^^

Really wish my friends played Deathwatch or Rogue Trader.

>> No.15118816

To be fair, drop pods impact with much greater force and from a greater distance. Astartes are just that friggen tough, but it was definitely a move of desperation.

>> No.15118980

Someone archive this shit on suptg.

>> No.15119868

Bump for more awesome stories

>> No.15119885

No. Fuck off. This is a cool ass story, but why the fuck does everyone feel the need to archive EVERY LITTLE FUCKING THING?

>> No.15119889

Had a pretty sweet campaign a few months ago. We had to head down to a forgeworld that had just fallen to the nids, make our way through a labyrinth under the primary cathedral, and extract priceless data of an STC/Xenotech/Intel related nature, as well as activate a series of planet wide self destruct fail-safes that were more fail than safe.

Our party:
Crimson Fist Apothecary: "Honored TechPriest, this holy reductor may prove to be of insufficient size, I demand to be furnished with one of at least Terminator Scale. By which I mean attach a chainsaw to my powerfist!" Never chainfisted anything because he got his hands on an inferno pistol. Shortest Marine by half a foot, played up fake Napoleon complex.

Storm Wardens Assault Marine: "For The Emperor, and my sheep!" If your marine had a claymore, what's the first thing you'd track down? That's right, Flak Kilt.

Space Wolf Assault Marine: "Lo there do I see my father. Lo there do I see my mother and my sisters and my brothers. Lo there do I see the line of my people, back to the beginning. Lo there do I see Russ and the All-Father. Lo, they do call to me, they bid me take my place among them, in the Halls of Valhalla, where the brave may drink...forever." Life is very simple, first you kill all of them, then wenches and mead.

>> No.15119928


And myself Dark Angel Devastator: I played up the stoic secretive antisocial Dark Angel. Until they coerced me into drinking whereupon I was almost conspicuously bad at holding my liquor and got quite "loose lipped." That time we pulled out of the Catalan Crusade, leaving thousands to die before the Guard could pick up the slack and grind the separatists into the ground? Long range augurs detected Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub's warband in the area and we launched a lightning assault in order to prevent him from establishing any sort of powerbase in the area, boarded his space hulk, and after loosing his power axe in a Nob'z chest the Master of the 5th Company punched him in the face. We successfully sent Nazdreg packing.

That time when we destroyed a Black Templars Battlebarge? Taken over by Night Lords under a Daemon Prince by the name of Zephira the Abyssal. We responded to distress signals too late and were unable to retake the Battlebarge the last of the Black Templars fell while we prepared to sabotage the Teleportarium. The Emperor's Champion himself was the last to fall, smiting Zephira and remaining in the Teleportarium to ensure it was rendered inoperable.

Why don't we mention this? We are the Dark Angels, sons of the Lion and the Emperor himself. First of the Legions Astartes. With as long, distinguished, and glorious a history as any other in the Imperium. We exist outside the normal hierarchy, and answer only to the Lion and the Emperor themselves. We are not required to disclose the reasons for our actions, and when demands are served upon us we become even less amicable thereof. *Giant Belch* AND NONE OF THEM! EVER! SAY! PLEASE!!!

Also I pulled a DA style never fall back moment against a charging Carnifex in a cramped corridor and wound up head butting it to death

>> No.15119944

Because summer. We're just lucky they aren't spamming "archive requests."

>> No.15120552


Nah, he is just playing a Lamenter.

>> No.15120589

I played two sessions of Deathwatch.

The first was fucking awesome. I was a Black Panthers assault mehreen. We were doing the basic intro thing from the book. I carried around this random adept named Hallis we found, who was the only one who knew how to Tech Use. He ended up proving himself above and beyond the call of duty. So I picked up a piece of shrapnel, carved a huge man and a tiny man into it, then repair cemented it to his chest.


We also fucked up the fear rules. We didn't realize Astartes were immune. So a single Hormagaunt pops out from a box, leading the entire squad to a SHAMEFUR DISPRAY. That was hilarious.

The second time? Not so much. Hell, I get yelled at by the GM for going off his rails. A ten minute rant about why I was wrong, and then he refused to continue the game until I agreed to follow the rails. The only reason I was in that game because one of the other players offered to buy me dinner if I sat through it.

>> No.15120642

>>I get yelled at by the GM for going off his rails.
>>A ten minute rant about why I was wrong
>>and then he refused to continue the game until I agreed to follow the rails
I have no reaction image to convey the monumental retardation this man displayed to you.

>> No.15122842

lol, one of my players must of been in this thread. I GM this game.

The guy in question is from a RoB creation rules chapter. Basically an Arabian styled chapter he rides an over-sized lizard that eats stone into battle. He has also whipped up some guardsmen into a zealous frenzy after they mistakenly fired on the characters (believing them to be chaos marines). He convinced them to drive a truck laden with explosives into the wall protecting an Imperial Governors Palace (They needed to get inside, go figure).

More recently he has acquired a commissar serf to fight alongside him and is developing relationships with The Canoness Commander of a force from The Order of the Bloody Rose and with an Inquisitor. He also took Trade (armourer) to make little trinkets/trophies from enemy kills and he gifts them to friendly forces/fellow kill team members. He is also teaching his commissar in the smithy arts.

He is a pretty bro marine.

PIC: The commissar serf (they took him along with them on a genestealer hunt, crazy fucker only had Dark Heresy level weapons and he managed to down 3 stealers on his own due to RF's. The group comments regularly that he is blessed by the Emperor.

>> No.15123811

bump for moar

>> No.15123926

related deatwatch question since i probably will start playing this with some friends: how do you scale encounters?, what its a "good" space marine-enemy ratio? if i have a 5 man kill team a regular encounter should be a horde of 25+?

>> No.15124528

There's no regular horde size, it depends on the horde. If a hormagaunt horde of mag 25 can charge a KT, expect Fate to be burnt. If the marines have a round of shooting, expect the horde to vanish or at least diminished to badly that they cease to be a factor on the battlefield.

It all depends. My advice to inexperienced: fudge with the horde size on the first 3 encounters. By then you'll have developed a feeling.

>> No.15124579

OP, what are you talking about?

My group roleplays a fuckton while playing our Deathwatch campaign. We're constantly acting out how we'd polish each others headpieces, cleaning each others weaponry, and giving each other rimjobs while we praise the God Emperor.

... did I mention we're all gay?

>> No.15124591

My Lamenters apothecary gave his life last night.

The party consisted of Two assualt Marines (Space Wolf (Called him Wolf Brother) and a Blood Angel (called him Blood Brother) and a dark Angels Librarian.

We had suffered heavy fighting attempting to act as a vanguard for the main assualt force. The goal was to get in and distract the main 'nid force while the main Imperial strike force hit a small research lab. Zorael (My Apoth) had recieved robotic replacements for a number of limbs by now. This was a suicide mission from the get go.-

>> No.15124634

Zorael and his team were dropped into the heart of the swarm. Seems we'd had a mishap when dropping and we were engaged from the start. They fought their way through the horde and killed a few synapse critters, hoping to break the back of the horde long enough for the main team to get their shit done. The Wolf went down first, ripped from gullet to groin by a Carnifex. Zorael managed to patch him up enough to keep him alive. The Librarian was mortally wounded fighting a Zoanthrope and the team was forced to fallback to the evac point to hold out there. Together with his blood brother, Zorael held the line for what seemed like ages. They activated the beacon for pick up when the time came, the Blood Angel was clinging to life after a lictor burst out and mauled them. -

>> No.15124656

In general, it's very easy to notice which people can't roleplay in Deathwatch.

They're always cunts.

As the GM, roleplaying a space marine is a requirement for playing along.

If you can't roleplay a space marine, you don't deserve to roleplay.

>> No.15124673

With three marines down, the small squad wouldn't last long so a great sigh of relief fell across the table as a valkyrie lowered and opened it hatch. Inside were guardsmen, all of them wounded. The pilot then warns us that he can't carry much more. Zorael is the only one concious, so he asks how many will have to stay. The pilot says he COULD carry three of them if the weapon mounts were removed, so that's what Zorael did. Using the 'feat of strength' solo mode, he tore the guns off the ship and threw his wounded brothers on board. Then he ordered the pilot to go.

Everyone just stared at me, expecting me to leave the Jerk of a Librarian behind, one who had constantly mocked or annoyed Zorael. I just shrugged and said this is how he'd roll. I had no fate left so it was basically "How do you wanna go out?" -

>> No.15124705

My ultramarine tactical squad commander thinks our black templar assault marine is a bit of a pussy, and is constantly testing him and his honor.

Finally, after days of this, we come upon what was a fairly tough diviner psyker and various adds. as myself and the devestator start working on the adds, I order the templar to go crush the psyker, which he glad goes to do.

The psyker makes a mockery of him for like ten rounds. halfway through this, the devestator and I have wiped up all the trash, and I tell the devestator to hold his fire, as this is a matter of honor for the templar.

Finally, after many rounds of failing to strike the psyker (and the psyker causing some pretty righteous damage to the templar's armor), our templar strikes the psyker down with his chainsword and guts the psyker, taking his head as a trophy.

Upon returning to us, I nod at him, call him 'brother' for the first time, and we go about our business. Since then, we've been a pretty solid unit and I don't give him crap anymore.

Role play doesn't have to be over the top. sometimes subtle is the best.

>> No.15124713

In a very calm voice I then set the stage for Zorael's shining moment. He pulled out his knife and slammed it into the ruined defensive baracade. Taking out his signature bolter, he made ready to die. He took his helmet off as the auspex on his belt started crying in agony as the horde approached. He placed his helmet on his knife and pulled the charm he wore around his neck. A single kraken bolt shell on a magnetic necklace. He loaded it into his bolter and stood his ground. He last 15 rounds as the horde surrounded him, choosing to detonate his melta bomb and krak grenades than be eaten by the swarm.

If you're not role playing, there's no point to playing. You're group either sucks or you suck.

>> No.15124883

My current group:

>Flesh Tearer Assault. Loves his lightning claws but is batshit insane, takes no prisoners and has to be constantly reined in because he will, and has, butcher anyone who gets between him and a target, be in civilian, friendly or hostile.

>Solar Knight Assault. Dual-wields bolt pistols like a boss. Always ends up as squad leader because he has the best fellowship and command skills, usually acts as spokesman for the kill-team when dealing with NPCs.

>Storm Warden Devastator. Pretty much hurr-durr-shoot-stuff, doesn't roleplay much and can be relied upon to drop out of a session half-way through.

>Ultramarine Librarian. Total bro, makes good use of his psychic powers but the others often accuse him of being too defensive (loves his Force Dome and Iron Arm). Roleplays well.

>Black Templar Tactical. Has only played one session and already lost an arm. This player's third character, since he refuses to use Fate Points to save his characters, I'm still not 100% sure why.

>Ultramarine Apothecary. Roleplays well (his previous character, a Dark Angel Tactical, was totally paranoid and sadistic but a hell of a shot) but he's missed the last couple sessions so no opinions on the new character yet.

>Space Wolf Techmarine. My character. I keep the DMPC'ing to a minimum, keeping him as a character the kill-team can share findings with and bring items of technology to for research after a mission. When I do get a chance to play, can be relied upon to be a tough-as-nails motherfucker. Gets on well with the librarian.

>> No.15124943

does anyone know any open groups? I'd love to try getting into this game sometime

>> No.15125347

How could I have forgotten the suicide bombers? Thanks, antoine. You described it better than I could have.

>> No.15125365

>does anyone know any open groups? I'd love to try getting into this game sometime

The Deathwatch forum on fantasyflightgames.com has a player finder thread.

>> No.15125435

Have their ramblings and crazed rants rub off on him. Have him get sick of being unappreciated, used by lessers, left behind to rot while others steal the glory.

In other words, have him inadvertently be Luther 2.0, going renegade because he's sick of following stupid, inexplicable orders and wants to do something for his own benefit, to be the master instead of the servant.

I'd say leading his own warband, probably Red Corsairs to start with.

>> No.15125483

>Space Wolf
>Space Wolf
>Get along with librarian


>> No.15125503

Love can bloom?

>> No.15125534

I fail to see the issue, the space wolves aren't black templars

>> No.15125542


they haet sorcery. only their priests who call upon the storms of Fenris blah blah blah

>> No.15125617

I really wish that the deathwatch game me and some internet friends talked about setting up actually got off the ground. We got up to the stage of most people having rolled characters, but some people having rl stuff come up and the GM not being able to fathom how to use maptools kinda killed it. Does anyone have any advice for running games online that could help me kick it back into progress at some point? The main problem as I said was the GM not having the time to learn maptools properly, so are there any simpler alternatives you could recommend? Any other advice welcome too. And keep the stories coming, I don't want to hijack the thread too much.

>> No.15125723


For people short on time but high on patience, Play-By-Forum or Email is good enough, I suppose.

>> No.15125736

Maptools are meh, standard IRC is really the way to go.

>> No.15125738


Didn't trust him at first, and I did make comments about him using the wyrd. But he's proven his mettle plenty of times, and on several missions we've fought back-to-back and/or come to the aid of the other.

>> No.15125803

Oh gods, what is up with the proportions in that picture? It's like someone drew loads of detail over a three year olds doodle

>> No.15125852

Playing my Blood Angel Librarian Vincian. Landing on a planet with renegade leadership, trying to save Inquisitor whose negotiations to bring the system back home had violently failed.

KT gets ambushed by attackers with plasma/pulse tech of some form (also with Astartes vehicles (what?)), defeats the ambushers. My Blood Angel takes a bite from a deceased to learn what's going on but he was a special forces and didn't know much beyond his orders to kill the Inq.

We find the Inquisitor and set up extraction, then get attacked. My jump-packed Librarian slams into the wall of a building, ready to drop a Nova Grenade on an advancing Pred outside. Inside the building 3 more Karosian Special Forces, all armed with those plasma/pulse guns.

Vincian draws on the memories of the Karosian solider he has ingested and addresses the men by name (=ID number, actually). He acts as if possessed by the spirit of the fallen solider he has taken a bite off, reassuring them through his inside knowledge and informs them that their government has been betraying them. The men let their guns down, being stunned (I have been triggering Calculating Personal Demeanour) and Vincian asks them to open their minds. Then he starts streaming images of the Emperor (they followed a distorted version of the Imperial Cult) and his Primarch through short-range telepathy. He capped it off with images from Sol and Terra that he had personally witnessed during his sanctioning passage to Terra (Vincian has Rite of Sanctioning talent) when he remembered that the Karosians were worshipping some place(?) called Sol.

After sufficiently impressing the Karosian Special Forces soldiers he orders them to part ways and to each start insurgent cells, distributing the truth they had seen and fighting their own corrupt government.

>> No.15126001

Speaking of Deathwatch does anybody know if there will be any release of the Ultramarines movie soundtrack? Id like to have it as background music while playing.

>> No.15127521

The Dawn of War soundtrack is far superior, and available free.

>> No.15127598

Dawn of War II is better still.

>> No.15128188

Indeed it is. Any other awesome stories to share?

>> No.15129397

What, are you saying that space wolves, like the Emperor, are too fucking retarded to tell the difference between psykery (psykana)?

>> No.15130196

More like intentionally blind.

>> No.15131944

Those Space Wolves which join the Deathwatch should be able to handle Librarians though.

>> No.15131960

But no one bats an eye when a Black Templar in DW rants and raves about "Abhor the psyker". How much are Chapter weirdnesses really tolerated? Do people just ignore Ultras being massive ponces? Do they tolerate Bloody Magpies stealing shit?

>> No.15132028

Black Templars have their Imperial Fists buddies and the Crimson Fists spread throughout the organization. They won't agree but just consider their brethren a bit over-enthusiastic and will lobbby for them if necessary (or turn a blind eye). Ultras are Ultras and always well-connected.

Space Wolves? There are rarely any SW among the Deathwatch officer corps.

>> No.15132091

Here with another (Much briefer and less epic) story about our group, from (Obviously) a prior session.

This was a rather simpler mission: The local Arbites had discovered Genestealer infestation in the Underhive and wanted that shit purged hard, and it went deep enough to demand a Deathwatch kill team. Of course, things never are as simple as they appear, especially not fucking genestealers.

The underhive was pretty much what you'd expect it to be: Dark, cramped, and full of pollution. There were sections where we were literally wading through hip deep toxic waste (That's hip deep to a 2-meter Astartes, for those of you playing along at home). Thank the Emperor for sealed power armor.

Things started out badly, playing like a scene from Alien, with genestealers doing hit and runs from the vents, trying to rip us apart and seperate us. Our Black Templar had killed one by literally drowning it in sludge, after pulling it out of a vent by the neck and held it under with his bare fists for over two minutes. I'd gotten paranoid and started filling the vents with firebombs; the occasional shriek of surprised pain proved I'd chosen wisely.

However, with no map and no clue where the fuck we were, we weren't getting any closer to the genestealers, so saying 'fuck this shit', I voxed command, at the surface.

"Hey, Command," I said, "It is Brother Jules. We are down here without any idea of where we are going...I want to know if there's a central air dispersement system somewhere around here."

Of course there was...buried by a cave in. Great. So I, being a reasonable marine of the Salamanders chapter, came to the obvious conclusion, unslung my melta, and slapped in a fuel canister.

Quoth Jules: "Everybody stand back, things are gonna get hot."

>> No.15132105

Ya know, I've been wondering... Is Deathwatch as awesome as it sounds?

>> No.15132135

space wolves take a shit on the inquisition whenever they can, they almost never contribute to the death watch

>> No.15132160

Several melta shots later, we had a new hole through the cave in, with the sides still cooling. A cautious grenade through the hole produced no genestealer screams, so we went inside...to be immediately presented with a barricade made of a mixture of bone, wood, trash, and metal. One with about a dozen autogun barrels poking through it, now.

The Ultra and the DA immediately withdrew behind cover as the Templar charged, but I had a better idea. Using the Templar as cover (Hey, he had a storm shield, he could take it), I got to the front of the barricade, and slapped a melta bomb onto it, then ran down several feet and added another, both on a couple seconds' fuse. A moment later, we were greeted with a red-hot pile of slag that used to be a barricade, perhaps with defenders.

The Templar advanced further, into what looked like a combination crack house, brothel, and temple to Slaanesh, as we witnessed the aftermath of an active Genestealer cult's celebratory orgy. There were still Maelignaci and a few new captures chained to walls, and the rest, I would rather not draw a picture. Now it was full of genestealer hybrids, hurriedly dressed, and with whatever weapons came to hand. A much more pitched battle ensued, with the DA Devastator taking his time to shine by spraying most of the room with bolter fire.

As the last hybrid died...we heard a screech of pure, absolute rage, as the patriarch stepped into the light, flanked by close to a dozen genestealers and his Broodlord.

>> No.15132214

>Is Deathwatch as awesome as it sounds?

Only with players and a GM in the right mind-set.

>> No.15132223

We didn't waste time with banter, as the DA began giving the bolter-hose to the genestealers, and the Templar and I rushed the Patriarch, as the Ultra drew his chainsword and rushed to hold off the Broodlord. The purestrain genestealers actually fell embarrassingly quickly, due to some good rolls on the DA's part and multiple hits, but the patriarch proved a bit of a larger challenge when he telekinetically threw the two of us into the nearest wall. Meanwhile, the brood lord was taking the Ultra apart in single combat, and things were looking grim...so I hatched my cunning plan. I communicated it to the BT, and he agreed.

He rushed the patriarch, getting thrown again, but that gave me the moment I needed to jump onto it and slap an armed meltabomb onto its back. I barely got out of the blast range before it went off, melting the patriarch into a puddle of goo, and clipping the broodlord, melting off one of its arms. The Ultra took the opportunity to fall back as we all drew our holy bolters, and delivered, in unison, the Emperor's Holy Justice to it. The corpse that was left was hardly recognizeable, and best described as 'bug juice'. That ended the cult and most of the genestealers, but we still had to clean the survivors out. That story, however, is significantly less epic, so I will leave it. Just be satisfied that we rigged up a device to blow cleansing flame through that entire sub-level, since it was deemed beyond saving.

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