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>Molag Bal is the Daedric Prince whose sphere is the domination and enslavement of mortals. He is known as the King of Rape.

So who's your favourite god?

Hard mode: No 40k bullshit.

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Slaan- I mean, Sluunosh, The Princess of...Temperance?

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The Judeo-Christian war god Yahweh. Iron Chariots be damned.

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Delrick, the common god of commoners

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Arioch, the bishie prince of shpower.

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My favorite god? The Lake God, for he is the only god you'd ever need.

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He doesn't know what he's doing, he's just fucked up as shit. And his quests were fun.

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Hephaestus, god of the forge. Building the iron chariots that rape your god's followers.

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I don't give a fuck


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Sounds mediocre. What is his portfolio of powers and aspects?

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>Hard mode: No 40k bullshit.

More like impossible mode. You do realize /tb/ is actually /40k/, right? That damn near the entire board userbase consists of unimaginative fuckwits? The very act of mentioning 40k has doomed your thread.

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Crom: He gave you a fighter's spirit and a sword-arm to back it up.

And you'd best not ask for anything else, son.

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Nariko at the end of Heavenly Sword


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Khorne is so blunt and boring.

>hurr durr godufwah killemall

Slaanesh is the only interesting and somewhat 'creative' deity in Warhammer.

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The Iron Maiden, of course.


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>D&D gods
>Greek gods
>Egyptian gods
>Hindu gods
>Shinto gods(do such a thing exist?)
There's plenty of gods to pick from, so I hardly consider it impossible.

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>Éowyn tingleat
I guess that might work too.

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Allah, The one true god.
Allahu Akbar.

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The God of Bacon

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He said /tb/

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>list doesn't include Germanic/Norse gods

I feel insulted. Also:

>Germanic tribes will never be recognized or refered to in mainstream pop-culture, it's always just Scandinavic vikings eventhough they weren't anywhere near as successful or hardcore as they always claim to have been.

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Santa Muerte.

Skeletal goddess of death and shadows, and protector of criminals.

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zarus, got of HFY

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Lady Gaga, the sun goddess.

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Well, Delrick's pretty good at farming as long as the rain god sends rain... and the earth godess is generous... and a whole bunch of other gods do their shit too.

Basically, Delrick is like any mortal, besides one power. He can't fly or be everywhere at once or ascend planes or shit like that. But he can't die.

And I mean, ever. Squash him under a mountain slide? He reforms on top of it three hours later. Throw him the ocean with rocks tied to his ankles? It'll take a while, but he'll walk out. Chop him up into tiny pieces? Again, he'll just reform.

In fact, it's pretty much accepted by the other gods that Delrick will be around forever, even past when they die. But, since he can't do shit when they laugh at him from other planes, he is just then god of commoners.

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Urza is my god.

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Trog here, Crom is a pussy.

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The Small God of putting an onion ring in the bottom of a regular medium fries.

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>orcs appear fukken everywhere
>xom giggles
>you have died

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I think you'd best be careful you you invoke

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Hades. Because he wasn't evil, he made the best out of a bad situation, chilling in his underground kingdom. Also, he was known as the rich king, and he had a helm of invisibility, and a bident.
Plus, he pulled the first "kidnap her and keep her in the basement" move, and got away with it.

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>they weren't anywhere near as successful or hardcore as others always claim they were.
Fixed for truth. For we're actually taught what they did.

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The Speaker of the Vast Croak. A frog-totem deity who represents growth that outpaces decay, life that outpaces death. A person dies, but their children live on. His portfolio also touches upon the themes of "light", "dreams", "prophecy", and "growing up".

(I'd post my runner-up too, but it'd be against the rules.)

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That's not a god, that's the angel of death by another name

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Seriires, the Goddess of Mirrors

You know when you're in a dark room, and there's a mirror just in the corner of your eye and you can swear something is moving but everytime you look there's nothing?

Yeah, she's a bitch like that. Even worse is when you look and she actually is there in her true form. Bitch actually scares people to death.

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Ironically, a Mexican deity.

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Aosk-*flaying noises*

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No offense intended, I swear! I was simply going off the top of my head to name a few. I'm sure there's all sorts of gods I didn't mention.

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Menoth, the god of HFY.

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I don't know a whole lot about real-life or fantasy (see how I avoided using the term "fictual" here, implying there aren't any true gods in the universe to begin with, just to piss a bunch of theists off?) deities but I think Lolth is pretty fun.

She turns men into females and doesn't afraid of anything. Why would male Drows even pray to her?

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Vectron, the totally real and most powerful god. Praise his golden wings!

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Qenith, the God of Unrequited love.

He inspires those who are in love to continue loving the person they are infatuated with, but he also generates a sense of shyness in all those he encounters.

The only love that is true in his mind is the pure love of those who hide it.

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Cayden Cailean: The Drunken Hero

becoming a god on a drunken bet


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There's a goddess of corpse-stenches and necrophilia.
Not kidding, but I forgot her name or where she was from, somewhere in the far east near Australia.

I'm also not sure wether "necrophilia" means she was supposely necrophilic or if she blessed those that were.

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my favorite god is God.

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I dont know too many gods, help me find one.

Steel, machines, forges, blacksmithing, what gods are there that cater to these areas?

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The Grey Tuner

A death deity, the Grey Tuner is the conductor of a long, black train that carries the souls of the sinful to hell.

Those who have lead wicked lives, when they near death, suffer hullucinations of walking on train tracks, seeing the headlights of locomotive, and hearing the laughter of some evil being over the rumbling of a great train.

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idk, dwarven gods? you may have to grow a beard though. Who am I kidding, you should grow a beard anyway

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The Narts, race of giants who beat other people up

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There's Karn, the Father of Machines.

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Use a real god, not some DnD crap

Hephaestus is the only one I can think of, but there are probably others

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I don't need a god, I follow the Blood of Vol.

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Loui (LOU-ie) the God of Blacksmithing.

Sometime in the ancient past Loui was given the holy mission of smithing the Great One's sword, which will be used in the finial battle to strike down the Wicked One. To this day he has yet to finish.

It is said that thunder, lighting, and volcanic activity are all signs of his great work. When the skys are clear and the ground is quite, Loui has paused from his work and has turned his eye towards the mortal world. It is then that those wishing for his blessing should ask for it.

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>what's your favorite god
>you: durr ima gonna say something stupid and lame

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You seem jelly that your faith doesn't serve the Blood of Vol's favorite beverage, the Blood of Vol.

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I don't need a faith

And the thread topic was "what is your favorite god"

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My favorite is Cel the Shield, god of protection.

Motherfucker has taken so much shit from all the other gds and still he stands up for the mortals.

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"Loui" sounds fucking retarded though.

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Fucking BROMAX tier.

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Wasn't he practically a god who taught humans how to use fire? Against the will of his fellow god brethren or something?

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the emprah all these other "gods" are obviously false

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Yep. And then he was punished by having his liver eaten out every day by a giant bird iirc just to have it grow back overnight.

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The great Prometheus deserves reverence for what he did for mortals but I would not worship him. Give thanks to him, but he is not my god.

Hephaestus does seem like a good one for what he represents, but it shows how such things were treated in times of old that he was lame and deformed. Still, he seems like the best so far.

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And then got his liver ripped out fr eternity by a giant fucking eagle. Yep.
IIRC, when Hurc tried to free him, Zeus got all NOPE.avi on his ass.

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Ahura Mazda. Supreme goodness is a pretty attractive business plan, all things considered.

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In the days when the Gods of heaven did battle with the Goddesses who lived on earth, there was one god who was famous for his skill at battle. His name was Armour

A warrior, Armour slew more goddesses than any other god. Realizing his power, the underhanded Goddessess hatched a plan to keep him out of the war. Late one night, while out in search for more kills, Armour came across a young female mortal. Taking pity on her, he stopped and put aside his weapons to help. At that moment, the mortal faded away and it was then Armour realized he had been fooled by a illusion. Then, he was ambushed by a company of the strongest goddesses. Even without his weapons, the Goddessess could not slay Armour so instead they stole his soul from his divine body and put it in a suit of metal. Unable to escape from his current form, Armour travels the earth looking for some way out or atleast another enemy worthy enough to fight him. He's also very distrustful of mortal women, believeing them all mistful illusions

He is where we get the word Armour from as mortals were inspired by his metal form to create suits of "Armour" for themselves.

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>Fucking British and Americans and their instance that other languages are "Retarted"

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Does Atlas count? He's my favorite.

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There's only two reasons why to worship a female deity.

1. Fertility
2. Sex

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Prometheus was a Titan, not a god.

Captcha: subjuses 02:00

I guess captcha is going with christianities god.

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I can't believe no one has mentioned Kessen, the great salamander the world rests on

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He was a titan though, not a god.

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Is this real?

I don't know of a mythos where male gods and female goddesses fought a war...

>> No.15110719


Thor, God of Thunder and wielder of Mjolnir. Next question.

>ranche available.
I sure hope ranch dressing is available, in Valhalla.

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The god of children named Melvin.

>> No.15110741

Kord, God of the Brofist

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Didn't Athena beat Ares sorry ares all the time?

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The many faced god (A Song of Ice and Fire)
he is the gods of death from every religion rolled into one.

>> No.15110760


Yeah, but that guy is talking about "Gods in Heaven" and "Goddesses on Earth"

And he say's war, not "Sibling's fucking with each other"

That doesn't seem greek to me.

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Ahura Mazda was a Zoroastrian GOD, actually. He was the good counterpart to Angra Mainyu, the primal spirit of evil, who was also referred to as male. Locked in eternal battle, blah blah blah, neither side omnipotent.

Once again: God, not goddess. I realize that the name might sound girly depending on what language you speak, so it's an easy mistake.

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Irish main god

>> No.15110827


>Irish Main God
>Not Catholic God

Huh... I could've sworn...

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>I don't know of a mythos where male gods and female goddesses fought a war
lots of them. Especially slav myths, where war is is the domain of every known god but Moishe, who is the goddess of harvest and opening fissure under people who disrespect her.

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Lord Inglip
>lentsys culture
Yes, he is responsible for the entire Lentsys culture.

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Hard Mode answer:

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Vectron the totally real and not pretend god that exists!


Lord Inglip
>"Chasio Matricies"
I will create some for you lord

>> No.15111349

Well, lah-dee-dah.

Nyarlathotep. Soul and messenger of the Outer Gods, fuck yeah.

>> No.15111361

Eclectic, I'll give you that.

>> No.15111370

Deal with it, lesser races.

>> No.15111372

Reach heaven through violence. Become the Ruling king.

>> No.15111373

Iä! Iä!

>> No.15111374

well, you gotta love Gork.

>> No.15111432

Every seat of power is Vectron's seat of power.

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Odin. He cut out his eye and hung from the world tree with a spear through his gut for a week to gain knowledge. Sure, it isn't the most academic way to learn shit, but it certainly shows your dedication.

He also completely dooms himself in an attempt to avoid his own death by imprisoning Fenrir.

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I don't recognize this one.

>> No.15111522

Lady of Pain.

If she's a deity, that is.

>> No.15111537

Well, I hope you like agonizing death.

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That's a flayin'

>> No.15111569


flay mind

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I don't have a favourite god, but we can all agree that Baldr was a fucking Mary Sue, right?

Baldr is actually Old Norse for "Fucking Mary Sue". I shit you not.

>> No.15111575

but I didn't even worship her ;_;

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It's just divinity, man. Don't make such a big fucking deal out of it.

>> No.15111613


sorry bud, but that's close enough.
We don't make the rules, we just inform you of them after the fact.

>> No.15111615

Good point. I suppose you get to keep your dermis. Touch luck about the epidermis, but that's a fair warning.

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Loki is a troll god.

>> No.15111685

rolled 8 = 8

...says the god who wrote a 36 book series about divinity.

>> No.15111698

Only as instructions to Nerevar so that he may surpass him and take his place.

>> No.15111705

THE troll god, baby.

>> No.15111733

Creatrix and the all father

>> No.15111739

Vesta, mother of earth, hearth and flame. Oldest and youngest of the gods, keeper of mount olympus, first and last in sacrifice. A sort of Mother earth/fire goddess who was worshipped at the heart of Roman religion as a household god of sorts. If the Lares, the Penates, or the Familiaris can't help you you'd talk to her.

To many Indo-European religions the angel of death is a god.

>> No.15111745

Either Neit, Thor, or Set.

>> No.15111747

Considering that his most noteworthy ability was "his mommy asked everything not to hurt him", I think I can let "most beloved of the gods" slide.

>> No.15111754

Kali, or Baron Samedi.

A Bast, Chernobog, Rama, Raven, Coyote or Odin is fine too.

>> No.15111757

Myself. I plan on amassing a large enough fortune that I will use to construct naked, granite, monolithic effigies of myself sporting a massive, erect cock so that future civilizations will believe I used to be worshipped as a god/

>> No.15111766

Brian Blessed god of ham

>> No.15111807

His other noteworthy ability was that EVERYONE FUCKING REFUSED TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT HE WAS A MARY SUE. Therefore, Baldr was a Mary Sue AND a mama's boy.

My logic is impenetrable. I win again!

>> No.15111818

>She turns men into females and doesn't afraid of anything. Why would male Drows even pray to her?

But seeing how females run the Drow society, isn't that a good thing? Or how does that even work?

>> No.15111835

I'm pretty goddamn fond of Jehovah. It's like I'm worshipping Rovagug with more fucking rage and trolling.

>> No.15111839

cant i pick a pantheon?

>> No.15111844

Pelor: the Burning Hate

>> No.15111851

This motherfucker.

This motherfucker right here terrified the population of the Orkney Islands for years. Plus, he has no skin and breathes fire. What other god can claim both?

>> No.15111857

height of the franchise imo

>> No.15111863

The God of Salmon

>> No.15111871


Spinä de Mul, get back to Italy!

>> No.15111882

The god of Bard-ery

>> No.15111893


>> No.15111895


I thought Hades was the oldest, Hestia was the second oldest? I know Zeus was the youngest, and Hera not much older.

>> No.15111896

Sugaar, because oh those Basques.

>> No.15111899


Some people made a very convincing argument for why Pelor was actually evil. I can't remember it off the top of my noggin, but its around here somewhere.

>> No.15111905


Atlas got major booty.

>Software tiohat

True that, captcha.

>> No.15111907

It's from an old thread, in which it was decided that Pelor is worshiped by vampires as a destroyer-god.

>> No.15111908


>> No.15111910

I've got it.

>> No.15111912

Hades was Zeus' fucking brother.

>> No.15111921

Baron Samedi, god of bros

>Loa of the dead
>dresses like a pimp
>loves to drink, smoke, make obscene jokes, fuck with other spirits, and other debauchery
>also god of sex
>basically takes your soul to party when you are dead

Fuck yeah this god is a bro.

>> No.15111926

The idea is that Pelor is simply Zarus masquerading as a good god. Also, vampires worship Pelor out of fear.


Just look for the posts mentioning Pelor. You can find even more fleshed out arguments on google.

>> No.15111939


Thats... What I'm saying. I'm just saying that I thought Hades was the oldest. The other person said that Hestia was the oldest.

We on the same page now?

>> No.15111943

Cthulhu, motherfuckers!

>> No.15111944


Whoop, I see my mistake, the other person said VESTA, not Hestia. My bad.

>> No.15111945

Of the "real" gods - that is to say, those worshiped in the real world, I'd have to go for El/YHVH. However, my personal favorites are Yog-Sothoth and Azathoth.

>> No.15111946

mah mind is fulla shit.ogg

>> No.15111949

Vesta was swallowed first and disgorged last. I don't know the specifics, it's more of a greek myth that was later imported to rome. I mostly ignore the Greek myths.

>> No.15111954

OK, I'm convinced.


>> No.15111964


Of the real gods? Herne's a pretty cool guy, Susanoo was like Wolverine, but japanese, and who doesn't like Hades, the Stay-at-home Dad, while his wife goes off and works in other countries for months at a time.

Of the "fake" ones, Azathoth's pretty high up there too, but my favorite's gotta be Om, from Discworld.

>> No.15111995

Vesta is simply the Roman Hestia, though the romans had a different relationship with her than the greeks.

>> No.15112097

Yog-Sothoth needs more love.

>> No.15112125

>>Real Gods

>> No.15112177


>> No.15112259


I fucking hate LOLRANDUMB discordians but have to agree with Eris being my favourite even though she is horrible bitch that I hate as much as I love.

>> No.15112292

Zardoz is my god.

>> No.15112302

I think Aśtar Śeran is pretty cool guy he protects us from the reptillians and isn't afraid of anything.

>> No.15112304

Now I remember that there was a film in which Sean Connery wore a nappy.

And later a bridal gown.


>> No.15112307

They can laugh when they're a more important voting constituency than pikeys.

>> No.15112324


>> No.15112333

Yahweh. Got a problem? Take it up with the lake of fire, ya cunts.

>> No.15112337


>> No.15112344

YHWH, actually, with his fire and eyes and wings fetish and utter ruthlessness.

>> No.15112361

Other lame gods will just give you love and shit, Zardoz will vomit guns in exchange for grain.

Truly Zardoz is the best choice of deity by far.

>> No.15112364

I think this thread's been pretty imaginative, all things considered.

>> No.15112383

So, who'd win in a fight between Zardoz and Yaweh?

No, no specifics given. Just "a fight".

>> No.15112394


That does happen when you're the Goddess of DEFENSIVE warfare.

>> No.15112396

I am pleased!

>> No.15112424

Lord entropy. So many unspeakable things to do, so little time.

He turns everyone who he meets into a monster simply by exposing them to the evil which lies in his soul. He also is the one who brings laws to what are effectively gods.
Cruel law, but law all the same.

>> No.15112469


>> No.15112470

Demeter, Hera, Hades, Hestia, Poseidon and Zeus. Those were the six, and IIRC that's the order they were born in.

Zeus was the youngest of them, and his mother Rhea replaced him with a stone for Cronus to eat instead. When Zeus came back, he beat Cronus' ass so hard that he vomited up all his siblings in the opposite order to the one they'd been eaten in. Because Zeus was out "first" though, he was now the oldest of them.

So Zeus is both the first and last (Alpha and Omega, oldest and youngest) of the sons of Cronus.

Also, Romans took most of their gods and attributes of the gods from the Greeks. There's a joke that while the Romans may have beaten Greece militarily, they wound up trying hard to be Greek anyway. They even eventually wrote the Aeneid, which jumped right off Troy and implied that the Romans could trace their ancestry back to that war.

(Which, hilariously, means that the Romans are, through Greek myth, tracing their ancestry to a city that was destroyed by the Mycenaean Greeks.)

>> No.15112533

You're a cunt

>> No.15112547

Siduri, goddess of beer and getting asked for directions.

>> No.15112609

Pic Related.

>> No.15112636


>> No.15112668


>Not successful

Nigga u dumb.

>> No.15112693

Seth, Egyptian God of the desert, storms, darkness, etc.

While most religions had their 'traitor' god prattle on about like some playful little fuck, Seth was straightforward "GET HIT BY A TRUCK FULL OF BURNING DICKS" and chopped Osiris up into a bajillion little mummified pieces.

>> No.15112717

>Discovered America
>basically founded Russia and Sicily
>pillaged fucking anyone, including the entire English coast, Paris and parts of the Mediterranean
>had the largest trade network in Europe at the time by fucking far
>was the preferred elite guards by the Byzantine court, the most powerful European power at the time.
>not successful

You trolling or something, chump?

>> No.15112723

He once filled a hole with clowns...or were it clouds? Nevermind.

>> No.15112730

Anoia, goddess of things that stick in drawers.

>> No.15112735

>basically founded Russia and Sicily
The fuck are you smoking and where I can get some?

>> No.15112749


You don't know shit.

>> No.15112752

I secretly worship the Lady of Pai- OH GOD WHY WHY HELP ME!

>> No.15112753

Nyarlathotep, or Cthulhu if you think it counts as a god

>> No.15112758

Vhaeraun, The Masked Lord.

>> No.15112761


>Implying that Cthulhu is a God.

Cthulhu is small time when compared to the Elder Gods

>> No.15112790

Vikings created trade stations all over what is now Russia back when there was basically nothing more than retarded steppe Slavs living there. They were trading stations following the rivers down to the Black Sea to Constantinople (with whom they had extensive contact). Over time these trading stations grew, incorporated the local people who moved into them and became proper cities. This in time grew into all the Russian pre-nations such as Novgorod, Muscovy etc. Which then became Russia. Problem?

Oh and the Normans conquered Sicily from the Italians and set up shop there, creating the most tolerant state in Europe at the time and one of the most successful Italian states of all time; becoming the Norman Knights.

>> No.15112810

And here's me, a swede saying the following:
The development of the old norse gods are very interesting. First there was Tiwaz, he split into Tyr and Wodan then Wodan split into Wodan and Donar, then they changed name to Oden and Thor, then Oden split into Oden and Loke, then Loke and Thor shoved Oden into an advisary posistion, more or less retired him. Then for some reason Tyr comes back and is almost like Thor but not really, only to get the Ragnarok myth to make sense, since Thor has to be doing something else while Tyr is doing the hand-in-fenrirs-mouth-thing. So the myth wouldn't work unless there was a separate entity that was Tyr and not Thor, therefore there is Tyr, again.
As far as gods go, old germanic and viking gods are the same.
Oh and somewhere in the middle of this, the fertility-cultists of Frey somehow merged the two religions into one pantheon and that's really all that separates viking from old germanic.

>> No.15112834

Orlanth. Beer, beef, battle and bitches! Shit is so cattle.

>> No.15112849

Actually Rus just means "Swede", Swedish vikings (mainly very wealthy traders with some armed men) from Roslagen (Where the Rus rule) were asked by a bunch of slavic tribes to unite and protect them, for taxation-rights. The vikings agreed, and soon enough, "Russia" was founded. Allthough today very little of viking culture remains in the area, more or less just the name. (We're talking maybe one viking in a thousand, meaning the culture was quickly subsumed)

>> No.15112861



>> No.15112863

The Gnostic interpretation of the Demiurge, the creator-'god' who brought the physical universe into existance. Which was, of course, a bad thing to do.

>> No.15112867

Thor, Son of Odin the All-father, Wielder of Mjollnir, God of Thunder, Slayer of the World Serpent, and Protector of Mankind.

>> No.15112876

give me three balls and im happy

>> No.15112889

do i need a better reason? the proof is all around us!

>> No.15112903

aaabout that... he was kinda...eaten... by the world serpent. at ragnarok.
but I'm sure he got better...

>> No.15112924

Even better

>> No.15112952

Well, shit.

Looks like you got the Christians there.

>> No.15112970

Pele. Not the 60 year old brazillian soccer player, the hawaiian god of fire.

>> No.15112971


>> No.15112975


>> No.15112983

Hircine Lord of the Hunt, one of the few gods who always keeps his sense of fair play.

He once peeled his hide off and gave it to a mortal who escaped his Hunt as a trophy.

>> No.15112988

Either Vivec or Sotha Sil.

That said, I'm more like Telvanni in my outlook as far as gods are concerned.

>> No.15112998


>> No.15113009

Hey guys, it's me Ra.
Yeah, me, hope you enjoy your horrible torture, 'cause in the afterlife, your asses are going to be all mine.

>> No.15113017

I have an artificial heart.
will this affect the outcome when anubis weighs it?

>> No.15113022

Corn is my favorite.


>> No.15113024


>> No.15113046

all hail the all-knowing GOOGLE

>> No.15113052

Bitch please. I'm going to be hanging out on the Isle of Elysium with Achilles and Helen long after you've gone the way of the dodo.

>> No.15113060


/tg/ Im disappoint. It took you that long to mention the great old one?!

>> No.15113076

Al about Cratlak. Dude is the greatest stoner-bro ever.

>> No.15113077

Cthulhu isn't a god, he's a priest.

>> No.15113086

Fuck you and your shitty priest. Nyarlathotep was mentioned. >>15111349

>> No.15113098

My favourite god is the Pope.

>> No.15113100

you know only some of the grandest heroes went to elysium?
even achilles was booted off into hades

>> No.15113136


On the island in Elysium Achilles married Helen (she really got around - Menelaus, Paris, Achilles, Zeus, Proteus, Theseus and Hercules just to name some of them...) and lived there ruling over the great heroes and "good people" (whatever that meant) for the rest of eternity.

Oh, and Eurydice went to Elysium, as I recall. She wasn't a great warrior or anything, either.

>> No.15113145

Azura. After all, she helped me out from time to time in her manipulative, indirect way. Otherwise I'd still be in that prison cell I woke up in.
>Azura is the Daedric Prince whose sphere is dusk and dawn, the magic in-between realms of twilight. She is also known as the Queen of Dawn and Dusk, Mother of the Rose, Queen of the Night Sky, and the Anticipation of Sotha Sil. Azura is one of the few Daedra who maintains the appearance of being "good" by mortal standards, and presumably feels more concern for the well-being of her mortal subjects than other Daedric Princes, as evidenced in books such as Invocation of Azura. However, although she is never overtly deceitful, the way Azura always gets what she desires in the end, and how titanic events always follow her interventions, can be portrayed as disturbing.

>> No.15113155

Sheogorath the God of madness. You don't to want mess with him if you don't want to spend rest of your life as retard.

>> No.15113367

Or do you....I can never remember which

>> No.15113579

By Vectron's kindly claw!

>> No.15113595

Armok the god of blood!
Strike the Earth!

>> No.15113614

That picture is terrifying

>> No.15113634


Which one? The ordinary Pope, the Battle Pope, the Mahjong Pope, or Darth Ratzinger?

>> No.15113653

Hambol is a pretty cool guy eh, makes worlds and doesn't afraid of ruinous forces.

>> No.15113661

ITT: Comparative theology, and Scandinavians explain their great historical relevance.

I love you, /tg/.

>> No.15113703

>Someone who knows Voodoo gods
well thats unusual

I personally am a friend of
not in the terms of worshiping but as a metaphysical process.

>> No.15114658

Definitely Corean, the Avenger. Scarred Lands is definitely the setting that turned me onto playing paladins if only because of how badass Corean is and how many interpretations of the concept there are in the fluff.

>> No.15114693

I am my favorite god, for I craft worlds.

I am my favorite god, for I am a grand clockmaker, building a perfect system and then allowing entropy to set in.

I am my favorite god, for I do what I do not for my own pleasure, but for that of others.

I am my favorite god.

For I am GM.

>> No.15114722

A real Chaos Deity.

Older brother of a chaos god who takes the form of a young girl wielding a massive sword, in love with a deity trapped in crystal and always looking for blood and souls and amusement? Sign me up for the Queen of Swords, thank you.

>> No.15116005

>>Also fuck Athena just because she's the general goddes of nerds doesn't make her the best general by default.Ares can come up with nifty strategies and plans too if they imply killing

>> No.15116079

Most of the Roman gods were slightly different from the greek gods. The romans just took the names and imagry from the greeks after they conquered them, but that was an urban thing for the most part.

The rural plabians probably used the greek names only rarely.

>> No.15116088


>> No.15116134

There is no God but Batgod.

>> No.15116163

Ronnie Soak
The fifth horseman of the Apocralypse who left before they became famous.he Rides a chariot rather than a horse and wields a sword so cold that it has negative heat – it radiates cold, and he runs a dairy that delivers perfect dairy produces precisely 7:00 a.m. simultaneously at every household that buys from him.

>> No.15116326

>ctrl-f Cas
>0 results
No love for the Moose-headed god of Spite and revenge from Heroes of Horror?

>> No.15116565

aww come on /tg/, no love? He's a MINOTAUR with the head of a MOOSE. Maybe i'm overreacting cause i'm canadian. (totally wearing my Moose Lee t-shirt right now, shit is so holla holla get canadian dollas)

>> No.15116657

Hail, Lord of Terror!

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