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Hey /tg/

Everyone seems to enjoy the creation of Marine Chapters, but we have plenty so far, so why not use it for something else. We'll clearly need to make a few amendments but it should be fine.

First 1d10 for the reason this Order Minoris was made.

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I'm not sure how you roll dice, so let's try.

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rolled 10 = 10

noko+dice+1d10 in email field

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rolled 4 = 4

It's dice+xdX in the Email field. Case in point but not counted for generation

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rolled 2 = 2

It's dice+xdX in the Email field. Case in point but not counted for generation

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rolled 8 = 8


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rolled 8 = 8



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rolled 9 = 9

It's dice+xdX in the Email field. Case in point but not counted for generation

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rolled 10 = 10

I do like them some Crazy Paladinesses.

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rolled 8 = 8



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Show me 7.

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I do like me some Crazy Paladinesses.

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rolled 5 = 5

To experiment with lesbianism. (as in have lesbian sex, not injecting chemicals into lesbians)

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Great time for 4chan to break. Any of those rolls work for you, OP?

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rolled 1 = 1

Where are you, OP?

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rolled 4 = 4


Shit, sorry, that too way too long to appear.


Ok, 8.

They were created as a standing force, most likely to guard from something.

1d10 for when we were created (Removed the non-applicable options.)

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rolled 10 = 10


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I said 7, motherfucker.

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rolled 4 = 4


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rolled 5 = 5


I will do once more without noko in case if it's something that would bother OP.

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rolled 8 = 8

Could you post the charts after this OP?

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rolled 7 = 7


Sorry, 4chan wasn't posting for me for a bit, and then id did it AGAIN.


Apparently we have no sodding clue when we were made, we have been in that much fighting.

1d6 for founding Order.

Order of the Bloody Rose, Order of the Sacred Rose.Order of Our Martyred Lady, Order of theEbon Chalice, Order of the Valorous Heart, Order of the Argent Shroud

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I'm using the Rites of Battle ones with some amendment. I'll post the options from now on though.

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About time the sisters got some more attention! Also 4chan seems to be shitting itself. "Connection with server reset" indeed.

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rolled 5 = 5


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rolled 46 + 1 = 47

Jesus 4chan
get your shit straight
anyway rolling for the next thing

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Seemed like good fun. And yeah, 4chan's ticking me off there too. Hopefully it will clear up.


A Order Minoris Daughter of the Order of the Valorous Heart

Sister's don't have geneseed so we'll just roll for a flaw.

1d10 8+ means they have a flaw due to thier training.

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rolled 1 = 1

Don't you also have Orders that are founded by taking Sisters from other Orders Minor or even an equal mix from multiples of the Orders Major?

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rolled 5 = 5

Flaws are awesome.

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Right, we do. Ok, let's redo the geneseed thing, as that's where they covered it.

1-4 Pure Order of the Valorous Heart
5-7 Mix, Primary Order of the Valorous Heart
8-10 Divergent Training (Chapter Flaws)

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Pure as pure can be.

>> No.15102739


Eh, we'll go from when I stated the new options.

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rolled 5 = 5



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Ok, we got ourselves a mix, almost completely Order of the Valorous Heart but with a bit of others.

We want to go for a flaw anyway or we happy with this?

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rolled 2 = 2

What the hell?
10 mins to post my message?
What the hell is wrong with 4chan?

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rolled 6 = 6

Flaws add character. Let's put some in.

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Ok, I get another one supporting this and we got a flaw.

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It's not happy today. Took forever to pose every part of this thread bar the first.

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I'll be waiting for the upcoming Black Crusade RPG. Maybe there'll a system how to create a Chaos Space Marine Warband/Renegade Chapter. And I've got a idea of a Chaos Warband (one that compared to the Black Legion, is actually much less psychotic and gets shit done).

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Let's have a flaw.

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Flaws are cool.

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They are all horny for sex.

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With corpses of impotent neckbeards. Let's get some flaws in here.

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Ok, we got three for flaw

1-2 We stand alone
3-4 Pride in colours
5-6 Faith is Suspicion
7-8 Eye to Eye
9-10 Bad Ecclessiarch Relations (Due to unusual beliefs. Replaced Chapter Cult)

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rolled 2 = 2

Go go battle bitches!

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All of these sound lame.

Make them all horny bitches.

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We stand alone. This order does not like to work with others, prefering it's own.

Chapter Demenor time

1 Swift as the Wind
2 Clense and Purify
3 No Mercy, No Respite
4 Purity Above All
5 Scion of Mars
6 See But Don't be Seen
7 Suffer Not the Alien to Live
8 Suffer not the Work of Heretics
9 Sisters in Battle
10 Uphold the Honour of the Emperor

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rolled 1 = 1


>> No.15103071


They prefer lighning raids and quick movement to holding the line. They are quick both to be angered and to laugh.

Now, what stats do these Sisters have that make them fight differently?

1: BS and WP
2: WP and Int
3: BS and WS
4: STR and Perception
5: Wounds and Variable
6: T and WP
7: Agi and Fell
8: Per and Int
9: WS and Fell
10: Fluid Style that favors no stat.

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rolled 7 = 7

Are ya gonna post this time?

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rolled 9 = 9

Emperor, guide our dice!

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>> No.15103161

>> No.15103169

>> No.15103171


The are very favor agility and being personable.

Lets get 1d100 for our Order Legend

1-20: A founder, roll again.
21-50: Canoness Superior
51-60: Saint
61-70: Seraphim Commander
71-80: Celestian Commander
81-90: Sister Superior
91-99: Batttle Sister
100: Other.

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>> No.15103178


>The are very favor


They favor agility and being personable

>> No.15103187

rolled 50 = 50


>> No.15103191

rolled 8 = 8

Rolling rolling rolling..

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Ok, the current Canoness Superior is thier notable hero. What did she deal with?

1-25: Orks
26-50: Chaos
51-70: Rebels
71-85: Eldar
86-90: Vanished
91-95: Other Alien Race
96-100: Many, though fallen to an assassins hands.

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rolled 94 = 94

Once more before bed.

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>> No.15103296


'The hero was the first to face some new undiscovered race and utterly responcible for it's total destruction. Centuries Later, only the Order remembers it's name, so utterly was it and it's works destroyed'

Next, the home world

1-20: Hive
21-45: Civilised
46-70: Shrine
71-80: Medieval
81-90: Uninhabited

>> No.15103314

rolled 33 = 33


>> No.15103315

>> No.15103354


They come from a civilised world, where the standard of living is good.

What is the terrain of thier homeworld?

1-25: Jungle
26-50: Desert
51-60: Ice
61-70: Ocean
66-80: Wasteland
81-85: Urban
86-90: Airless
91-100: Temperate

>> No.15103377

rolled 22 = 22


>> No.15103381

rolled 83 = 83


>> No.15103394


Hmm...a jungle world with a high standard of living? Interesting, seems like it would be good to combine it with the other roll.

The world is covered with jungle and city, civilisation reaching out of the wilderness.

>> No.15103395

shit urban'd been a load more cool than jungle

>> No.15103405

Now, how do they relate to thier world?

1-2: Rulership in all but name.
2-6: Advisors
7-10: No involved in government.

>> No.15103431

rolled 4 = 4


>> No.15103442


Hence why I combined them.

>> No.15103452


They do no rule the world but have a strong position of advisors. The government does few major taks without at least asking them and weighs thier opinion highly.

>> No.15103478

Now, how are they structured? We'll work out the specifics when we get a doctorine.

1-5: Standard
6-8: Slight Variation
9-10: Radically different.

>> No.15103522

rolled 1 = 1

rolling for nines

>> No.15103524

rolled 9 = 9


>> No.15103558


Heh, one person with a nine, one person rolling it.

Hmmm...this is a cooperative thing. If I get 3 people wanting the 9 I'll let you take the 2nd roll.

>> No.15103568


Sorry, that was me.

>> No.15103577


Derp Derp Derp.

>> No.15103595


I'm up for it. More interesting, and fits with thier odd mix.

>> No.15103599

rolled 2 = 2

Let's make it different. From what I remember the orginization for standard sisters is fairly simple, going by size rather than speciality.

>> No.15103626

I like the idea of different.

>> No.15103677


Ok, that's the three I needed. They have an very odd way of structuring themselves.

Now, thier tactical doctorine

1: Close Combat/Fireteams
2: Ranged Combat
3: Armoured Assault
4: Stealth
5: Lightning Strike
6: Orbital Insertion
7: Close Air Support
8: Seige
9: Shock and Awe
10: Terror

Slight Changes made due to lack of drop pods and thunderhawks.

>> No.15103726

rolled 6 = 6


>> No.15103738


Orbital Insertion. These Sisters may not have Drop Pods but they have Drop Ships and Assault Boats.

>> No.15103797


Now lets see if they have an unusual weapon/charm/tank.

1-Traditional Weapon: They favor a weapon over all others.
2-Personal Charm
3-Modified Jump Pack
4-Beastial Companion
5-Rare Imperial Weapons
6-Large Supply of Blessed Objects
7-Special Mount
8-Modified Vehicle
9-Unusual Fighting Style
10-Modified Weaponry.

>> No.15103814

rolled 92 = 92

Eviserator/flamer multi-weapons please.

>> No.15103831

rolled 7 = 7


>> No.15103840

rolled 8 = 8

going for a modified tank

>> No.15103880


Hmm...Sisters with mounts...interesting...

Now, thier personal beliefs

1-20: Honour to the Hero (They speak of their hero with reverance and frequently, instead of the primarch)
21-40: Emperor Above all
41-50: Honour those gone before.
51-60: Death Cult
61-70: Purity of Man
81-90: Steel Over Flesh
91-100: Esotic Beliefs.

>> No.15103896

rolled 12 = 12


>> No.15103920


They hold great reverance for the Cannoness who was their hero, frequently speaking of her.

Now, what is thier status?

1: Endangered
2-4: Underpower
5-9: Nominal
10: Ranks Completely Full

>> No.15103927

rolled 9 = 9

we will thrive

>> No.15103994


Yes they will. There is always room for more in a chapter but thier numbers are high, making them one of the larger order Minoris.

Now, roll 1d100, we are generating allies!

It's a huge list...I really don't want to type it all. Replace Marines and Sisters with each other on this version.

>> No.15104009

rolled 36 = 36


>> No.15104031


Adeptus Mechanicus allies. The Boys in Red like these Sisters.

Roll again for enemies

>> No.15104041

rolled 76 = 76


1 or 2, 1 or 2!

>> No.15104081


We have a Demon or Demon Prince out to personally get our Sisters. Maybe related to the Alien Race the Cannoness slaughtered?

>> No.15104095

rolled 67 = 67


Or perhaps one of sloth/speed as a backstory to their Quickitudiness?

>> No.15104136


>> No.15104162


>capcha: ingingl Chongyon

>> No.15104242

Alright, we have the name left to do. However the Marine naming scheme won't quite work here and I've not written up the huge list required for such a thing for the Sisters, so we'll work on this manually.

Things of Note:
-Originally Created as a Standing Force
-Mixed Order, though vastly the Order of the Valourous Heart
-Unsure about the exact time of their founding, the records having been lost along the way.
-They prefer to work alone if they can in the battlefield.
-They are both quick to anger and to laugh, prefering quick thinking over long plans.
-They pick thier recruits on agility and being personable.
-Thier battle doctorine favors orbital instertion, likely by Drop Ships rather than drop pods. They also have unique Cavalry.
-Thier Hero is a Cannoness, who was responcible for wiping out a now-unknown alien race. They speak of her with respect even now.
-Thier home planet is both heavily urban and jungle/forested, with civilisation mixing with forest constantly. They do not rule, though they are chief advisors to those who do.
-They are at full power, though there is always room for more.
-Thier traditional allies are the Adeptus Mechanicus and thier for is a Daemon/Daemon Prince/Circle of Daemons who wishes to destroy them.

Any ideas on a name for this chapter?

>> No.15104275

Most Holy Order of (his) guiding lights.

>> No.15104316

Mix of jungle/city - Hunters (Huntresses?)
Against demons - Purifiers (spelling. . .?)
Speed - Panthers? Tigress?

>> No.15104333

Was thinking more of the drop ships for this one. How whoever is on the ground will see the lights of the ships as well as the sisters demonstrate their faith.

>> No.15104365


Rather like that one. Though maybe shorten it to 'The Order of the Guiding Light'

>> No.15104465

They're very humane, passionate and use lots of technology/airships. The Order of Guiding Light seems to fit in my opinion.

>> No.15104481


Most Holy Assembly of St. Lucias Tears? - but it lacks "jungle feel", if you know what I mean, heh.

"Sisterhood of Hatred Does...?" - my, I'm not good at this.

>> No.15104513


If no-one finds themselves morally opposed to it, I think we have our name.

>> No.15104518

Doesn't necessarily need a jungle feel. Perhaps go with something Spanish themed and run with the Conquistador in Americas aesthetic?

>> No.15104547


Oh, good riddance!

Btw - I'm for the Order of Guiding Light, but if it's ok with you, I'd like to keep brainstorming for a little.

>> No.15104558


Guiding lights could work there too. Maybe that's how the first ship found the planet+aliens, lost in the warp, followed a guiding light thought to be the Astronomicon?

>> No.15104621

Could go with Sisters of <Name>, with the name being that of their heroic canonness.

>> No.15104633

Order of Valiant Reconquista

It indicates why they were deployed at first (against vile aliens) and what they have done after this (guarding the system against Ancient Demon Prophercy)

>> No.15104643

rolled 7 = 7

So they found somthing like a alternative Astronomicon? HERESY!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.15104648


Could work, fits thier original creator well, as well as thier goal.

>> No.15104691


Maybe it was a creation of the purged xenos?

>> No.15104743


Wow, ideas are multiplying.

Holy Order of Guiding Rays of Valiant Reconquista?*

*just kidding

>> No.15104772


Something seems off about it...

Order of the Valiant Reconquista or Order of our Valiant Reconquista or something sounds better.

>> No.15104777

I think "Holy" is pretty redundant when it comes to sororitas orders.

>> No.15104823


Yeah, truth. Btw, do we all establish that origins of our order are in brave woman (our cannoness) that stood a la Joan de Arc against foul xenos who usurped power over whole system(s) by using Dark Age of Technology item that was in their posession?

>> No.15104890

rolled 7 = 7

Sounds good and when we wiped them out, we took the Dark age relic and gave it to Adeptus Mechanicus, or let them study it and thats why they like us so much.

>> No.15104896

Sounds good.

>Their battle doctorine favors orbital instertion, likely by Drop Ships rather than drop pods. They also have unique Cavalry.

I'm guessing this makes them a very aggressive order, more involved with crusading forces then standing in defence of Ecclesiarchal territory.

>> No.15104901


Xenos created/found alternate astronomican. However, they were not prepared with the consequences such a large psychic target would bring. Demons used it to travel to their worlds, and possess them. The Demonxenos then used their enhanced navigational prowess to attack the Imperium. However, they were eventually defeated in a daring raid by the order.

Now, the sisters guard the second astronomicon from demons while the AdMech try to turn it to furtherance of the imperium

>> No.15104941


I'm not comfortable with there being a second Astronomicon, it would change a lot. How about we make it disabled until the mechanicus can work out how to use it safely (i.e whenever the plot chooses to advance)?

>> No.15104962

Ok, so we go with a Guiding Light, Our Valiant Reconquista, mix of them or something different?

>> No.15105010


A second astronomicon would be a huge thing, heretical or no. It's the sort of thing that the entire Imperium would react to, even if it isn't as far reaching as the true Astronomicon. It's also quite likely that the Adepta Sororitas would see it as heresy most foul (xenotech imitating the divine glory of the Emperor).

>> No.15105057

or why not just make it some astropathic relic dating from the era of the great crusade made by man that xenos had taken over

>> No.15105073


Prevents them purging it immediately, sounds good. A prototype perhaps, faulty, incredibly short range but still a possibility, hence the mechanicus interest.

>> No.15105121

rolled 7 = 7

So this then?

>> No.15105156


Seems like a good backstory to tie the hero and enemy together. Though we never agreed on a name. Narrowed it down to two by the looks of it though.

>> No.15105210


What are you prefering OP? Or maybe do you have some other ideas for name?

>> No.15105211

Well, if there is going to be psudo-astronomicon stuff going on, then the Order of the Guiding Light seems like a good fit.

>> No.15105275


I like the Name Order of the Guiding Light personally, though I like the Conquisidor feel a bit. But that can be represented in story, not name.

>> No.15105295


Ok, so let's have it that way.

>> No.15105303

i like it

also i'd like to see these girls with hellguns that fire golden hued beams

>> No.15105330

Relative isolation from resources means that bolt ammo is even more scarce than usual, while the presence of the Mechanicus also means that the types required to maintain rechargeable hellguns are about?

>> No.15105348


Fire is crude, they sear their enemies to ash with the golden radiance of the Emperor's light!

>> No.15105356

rolled 4 = 4

Sense it's not ready to be tured on quite yet, and they don't seem to be the type to sit around and guard thinges maybe there looking for a way to finish the damm thing.

>> No.15105386


Maybe, or they use every little excuse possible to get off planet.

"Oops, war happening, gotta purge! Bye!"

>> No.15105434


Maybe, though I'm not sure I want to see Hellguns be the primary weapon...maybe the longlas as a Celestian weapon option for a point or two each that you can give the whole squad?

We have a unique cavalry to design, maybe give them access to a Carbine Version of the Hellgun. Range 12', Assault 2?

>> No.15105452

they're proactive in their defenseof their homeworld

in fact, they consider anything that falls within the light of their astropathic relic to be their turf and heretics that even so much as step near it earn their wrath

>> No.15105460

carbine hellgun's would work

>> No.15105523


I like it. They are on defence in name only, being very interested in taking the fight to any foe that enters thier 'defencive area'

>> No.15105569

What's their exact view on the not-astronomicon going to be? Is it an evil to be watched and kept from the wrong hands or is it a holy relic to be purified and protected? Is the order in disagreement about it, or concealing its true nature from the lower ranks? How do they feel about the Adeptus Mechanicus and their tampering with it?

>> No.15105602

Well if we make it clear that its an early imperial relic ,like say it has some artistic reliefs on it that depict the Emperor uniting Terra and Mars or something, then it could be a holy relic to both the Sisters and the AdMech that had been stolen away from them by enemies till they reclaimed it

>> No.15105608


I'd personally say they consider it a gamble, and thus worth both watching carefully and not destroying. If the mechanicus can suceed, most excellent, if they can't? Well that's what they are there for.

>> No.15105610


I would rather say that they aren't so much seeking war, as actively opposing regimes and cultures differing even slightly from their homeworlds. They may not be interested in shifts of power spanning over a dozen of systems as long as it doesn't threaten the ideal of Emperor as "being of radiant glory emodying mankinds collective wisdom". If worlds nearby would start to worship the aspect of the Emperor like "wrathful warlord", they could proceed with consuming billions of life's genocide on a planet. Or if their rituals would start to differ. Something like infighting in ortodox church, but I'm still thinking about Spain and battles against muslims.

>> No.15105640


Not so hot on that. Repeated genocide on imperial groups seems a bit iffy. Perhaps they are concerned with Heretical cults instead?

>> No.15105669


As long as they follow the Imperial Creed and remain dutiful subjects of the God-Emperor, they don't give a fuck. But anything that so much as thinks of tarnishing the Holy Light gets seared away by the light.

>> No.15105710

Which is one of the reasons the Tzeentc Daemon hates them so much, there allways killing his pawns before he can do anything with them.

>> No.15105711


Seared away with the light...hmm...It's a pity Sisters can't have armed ships, Orbital Lasers would have made a cool image.

Instead perhaps thier Drop Ships have heavy laser weapons?

>> No.15105719


And they stole his light theme, having masquraded as a Sun God to the aliens.

>> No.15105723

AdMech orbital support?

>> No.15105740

+++INQaSITOlkj-#@ ARcHiiiv...E+++

++Corr88pt9ion o7f arCHi9ve++
"Mathus, are you ready?"
+Always, mamzel Canoness.+
Though the psych speak stung due to the impromptu construction of the link, I was glad to be able to speak with my trusted advisor once more. As our heavily under

armored dropship sank into low orbit of the jade and spruce planet below I knew I would be thankful of his quick wit as well as his mighty claws. I tugged the strap of

my harness, and thumbed my vox bead as I cleared my throat.
"Today our order, of which its mettle has never been tested, shall be tested by our enemies guns and the demons will. The xenos will throw everything they have

at us to protect their discoveries and their pathetic lives. Each and every one of you will rise to this challenge, I have trained you all well, you can fire a bolter

and can spear any tosser this side of mccragge without breaking a nail girls. Get your kit ready and prepare your battle rites!"

>> No.15105749


That could work. An Admech Cruiser that is permanently stationed in a support position to thier transports. As a Cruiser it's more than enough to deal with most orbital defences, allowing the Sisters to assault without as much reliance on the imperial navy.

Also there is a Armech Faction that fits perfectly for thier allies. The Divine Light of Solex. They are masters of Laser Weapons and concider them the incarnation of the Emperors Wrath.

>> No.15105767

+Not your best, mamzel.+
"I hate to admit it, but I'm just as jumpy as they are."
+No need to worry, I can protect you+
"I'm not worried about myself, I'm worried about them."
The dropships pilot Milot crackled over the vox "Mamzel we are coming down on the bluff now, opening bay doors in 5 minu-"
The vox crumbled as the ship began to rock under infantry fire from the ground, as I gazed from one of the four bays viewports I saw a large anti-air battery mounted

to a large spire begin to turn and engage our squadron.
"grap, open the friggin hatch now Milot!" I shouted over the vox.
I suppose he heard me as the bay door began crawling open, it must have sustained heavy damage for the doors were designed to open in less than a second for rapid

"Ah shit, ladies mount up! Milot how far up are we?
"--ahh t-enty mee-ters mam-" his already suffering vox cut out as the cockpit of the dropship erupted in flames, I was at least thankful we did not have to
listen to his dieing screams and wished him on his way with a quick prayer.

>> No.15105779


>> No.15105790

"On the count of three, charge the door with all you got sisters!" already mounted, each sister nodded agreement or made the sign of the aquila at their
throat. A twenty meter drop, even in power armor, would be brutal.
"3...2...1" With a roar of courage We plowed through the bay doors and began falling, the drop was stomach lurching but thankfully our mounts handled it
gracefully. Each sister landed with barely a scratch atop their armored war bear and began to survey the battlefield. "Sisters! With me!" I shouted as I mind nudged
Mathus towards the tall spire adorned with the AA gun that was ripping our sisters in the skies apart. As we charged at a speed faster than most vehicles could manage
we laid into cultists and xenos alike, Mathus grabbed a foul xenos creature by the arm which constricted it long enough for me to decapitate both of its wriggling
heads, before they even hit the ground Mathus had ripped the throat out of a cultist and began pummeling a large mutant form with the corpse while I began shooting my
two hell guns point blank into the nearest enemies as my sisters did likewise. As our rapid assualt team created a wedge of death, dismembering and agilely blasting
anything that got out of range of our claws and swords we advanced towards the vast spire in the distance.

>> No.15105845


Pistolier Cavelry? I like it.

>> No.15105851



>> No.15105866

>Adeptus Mechanicus
>friends with Sisters order
>hence friends with Ministorum
That's retarded and makes zero sense.

>> No.15105873



>> No.15105939

I don't want to sound like no-fun guy, but I would rather get some other mount than bear. Something more along eldar dragons or slaaneshi mounts. It has to be fast.

>> No.15105947

the one thing i wasnt sure about when i was writing it out was if there were cultists on the planet as well as the aliens.

the warbears have telepathic implant links with their sister rider which were gifted by the mechanicus.

i thought the whole idea of sticking girls into power armor on top of bears in armor into dropships into space ships would be pretty funny.

>> No.15105954


Maybe a varient grox, bred for combat?

That's basicly a huge lizard with huge jaws.

>> No.15105968

You want them to literally ride daemons. Are you clinically retarded?

>> No.15105969


I'd say yes to cultists, but only minimal ones. They are the ones leading the Xenos in worship of the fake sun god Daemon.

>> No.15105972

we really ought to come up with a name for the planet, the canoness and the demon prince if anyone wants to write additional fanfic

>> No.15105977


I think he meant 'Unusual and cool' rather than 'daemon'

Bears, though cool, are a little overdone.

>> No.15105988

lets get votes in!


>> No.15106013

i think it was an example saying that they need something fast

maybe some native creature to their foresty homeworld that is capable of switftly moving through the woods

>> No.15106016


Araceli Cortés for the Cannoness? Araceli means 'Altar from the Sky' and most people know who Cortés is.

>> No.15106017

>slaaneshi mounts
>mounts of slaanesh

>> No.15106023

i was thinking originally of going with white lions, but then i remembered that was more of a warhammer elf thing, so became against it.

i wanted something that would be complimentary to their fighting style and sense of honor as well as their visualistic style.

as overdone as bears are (especially on 4chan) not much can be as brutally rending as a bear yet still be noble and visually striking with nice armor choices.

plus i like giving the bears and sisters a unique bond as if they raised each bear from birth to adult hood.

>> No.15106029


Yeah, as >>15105977 said - I just wanted to go with something more unusal, especially when we have AdMech as our companions.

>> No.15106032


I say Grox. They are likely not the most agile things out there but at the same time they would move like a frieght train, fast and heavy.

>> No.15106039

the problem is though, that they were a mounted cavalry unit before they reconquered the world, another reason i ruled out lions originally as i thought they would be a cool thing that could be domesticated from the jungle yet didnt place well on the timeline we've constructed

>> No.15106051

lets not use grox for yet another thing, its a big fucking galaxy their world can afford to have its own wildlife that's useful

>> No.15106055

I vote for cyber-unicorns. Or cyber-pegasi. Or cyber-wyverns. You get my drift.

>> No.15106070

I like cyber-wyverns

>> No.15106073

i like that name personally

the point of useing a bear imo was that the mount was just as deadly or even more so deadly as the sister riding it, with a grox.... the thing would just kind of sit there while the sister gets slaughtered or raped.

>> No.15106101

what the fuck is a cyber wyvern?

would it be possible for the entire chapter to get one? and would it eliminate the need for dropships?

dont forget that the chapter focuses on orbital insertion

>> No.15106105


>> No.15106114

what about something like a more horse-like qilin?

>> No.15106132

cyber pegasi would be pretty cool

how about white servitor stallions grafted with augmetic wings and suspensors allowing sisters to drop from low orbit while brandishing huge melee weapons or something and reading litanies

>> No.15106140

like this?

>> No.15106153


Maybe. Pegesi seem a little odd, though they might work...

Simply horses would be a relatively dull but simple option, maybe cyberneticly enhanced.

>> No.15106203

i like the idea a qilin with more horse like proportions. The sisters found them while trying to purge a shrine world that had been overrun by mutants and noticed that while the creatures would viciously attack mutants but would never harm the faithful (inborn repulsion to warp mutation or something). The sisters quickly decided that these beasts had been sent by the emperor to aid them and they've been with them ever since.

>> No.15106248


They are basicly a scaled evil-hating horse, right?

Something to note, though clearly too big/scary for regular calvelry is that Dragons turn up a decent bit in Spanish Mythology. The Iron scaled, fire breathing sort too.

>> No.15106268

yeah exactly

now put armorclad evil-hating women on their back armed with laser carbines

>> No.15106319


>> No.15106367

...I'm giggling...

>> No.15106401


It looks quite ok.

>> No.15106417

I can go for it. Perhaps they are a Grox/Horse Crossbreed for both agility and toughness?

>> No.15106430


>> No.15106440

Bitch loves strangling horses

>> No.15106444


Not sure crossbreed is the right term actually. What would be the term for two creatures geneticly modified to mix them?

>> No.15106469

does it even matter if they are their own species or a hybrid?

>> No.15106532


I would say it would be better if it would be a different species - you know, hybrids are dangerously close to being seen as mutants. On the other hand, if they are alien species, but one that despite its foul visage seeks the light of the emperor - they can earn to die for him in battle, serving his most beloved daughters. /*yeah, yeah, I know that they are no daughters */

>> No.15106571


Eh, the frequently mentioned Grox is also not terran. I don't think the Imperium cares about non-intelligent races.

They work as a cavalry, something slightly odd but close enough to a horse to work.

>> No.15106721

I'll never forget the day the light returned to our world, carried in by women in radiant armor that shone with a brightness on the God-Emperor could bestom, far greater than any mere star could hope to shine. They came down from the sky to deliver the light that would drive out of the mutant and heretic that had darkened our fair cities, riding upon swift and fearless antlered steeds of golden hued scales with weapons that shot searingly bright golden rays. There was nothing they heretical filth could do stop them, their light was too strong.

I remember too, the fear that gripped my heart when they brought their light to the streets to purge the mutant. I had heard rumors of these sisters ruthlessness when it came to cleansing the unclean, and while in my heart I knew I deserved only punishment for failing the Emperor in the defense of this world, my mind knew only fear. I had been reduced to a meager urchin of the streets eking out a living, hoping that one day I might once again serve under His holy light but I knew that I had been stained. I resolved myself that I would accept whatever fate they deemed me worthy of and that in the end the Emperor would recieve my soul.

...but when they cleared out the hovel I had been reduced to living in, they did not cleanse me with their light though they were prepared to. It was their holy steeds that saved me. I now realize they mighty creature had been blessed by the Emperor to smell the taint of evil upon a man for they creature moved between myself and the woman of the light and stood staunchly in defense of the worth I did know I had. They were surprised to find someone who had remained pure of heart while others around me had fallen to heresy and mutation, and they commended me on my faith to which I could only weep tears of eternal thanks that I once again be allowed to serve the Emperor.

I now help spread his Light to those still shrouded in the dark, just as the Sisters of the Guiding Light led me to it.

>> No.15106748


I like it. Golden Scaled creatures that can smell taint.

>> No.15106792

Ran a random planet Generator a few times, how does this sound for the planet?

Function: Manufacturing/Processing
Government: Monarchy
Gravity: Standard
Day: 38 standard hours
Year: 135 Local Days
Starport: Stellar class
Temperature: Temperate

38 hours in a day would give a very long night and a very long day.

>> No.15106825

as long as it comes out to being forests/jungle with urban settlements woven into it thats cool

>> No.15106835

also the thread has been archived

>> No.15106881


It didn't, hence why I didn't post that part. The rest of it just seemed appropriate.

Fundamentally earth-likes, save for a screwy nigh-day cycle and some serious Ecosystem.

>> No.15107020

OP left thread?

>> No.15107033

Where d'ya get the planet generator?

>> No.15107131

I have an idea for a character, though it's maybe too early for it.

Diana Maya, Priestess of the Sun.

Due to Poor Targeting, A Strong Forcefield and possibly a little Divine Intervention Diana bears the unusual honour of being one of the few people to survive a lance strike untouched. She beheld it's magnificence for a moment before it faded. She has spent her life trying to recreate that moment, leading squads of Qilin Pistoliers into the fray, weapons blazing. Those that have fought beside her claim she has an inner glow that they have seen nowhere else.

One Priest in a Sisters of the Guiding Light army may be upgraded into Diana Maya for + X Points.

WS4 BS4 STR4 T4 W2 I4 A2 LD 10

Special Rules:
Priestess of the Light
Bathed in Light

Power Sword
Power Armour
Qilin Mount(Stats included)
Orbital Strike Relay

Priestess of the Light: Diana has an innate skill with laser weapons that would have made her a master techpriestess amoung the Divine Light of Solex, had she chosen a different path. She may reroll failed to wound rolls with Laser Weapons.

Bathed In Light: Should her squad be wiped out in close combat or suffer a sweeping advance, she may immediately target a Lance Strike (As Orbital Relay) on herself. This attack will not scatter.

I made the assumption that the mounts would give something like +1 STR +1 T, using the Thunderwolves as a base in the fact that it counts towards instantdeath.

>> No.15107140


Nah, I'm here, I've just taken off the OP tag when I don't want to weigh things too heavily. I'm OP but I'm also an idiot with ideas.

>> No.15107151

fancy, i like it

>> No.15107160


rancorpit. It's a site for starwars stuff but it's not hard to ignore things that don't apply to 40k

Designed for starwars

>> No.15107185


So she's crazy enough to drop a lance strike on herself to take the other guy out too? Between STR 10 and her reroll to wound, I can see the enemy being very unhappy with whatever her squad charged. Even if they win, they still lose.

I like it. Simple, stats are not crazy high and got a couple of nice tricks.

>> No.15107194

As a special rule their unique cavalry could take the fatal blow for them, so instead of losing their last wound or being removed from field, they'd lose their mount.

Also, when we decided on them having unique mounts, the first thing that came to mind was don't ask don't tell bestiality. Sisters would be on patrol with their mounts and report a "disturbance" that required observation for about 10 minutes. Everybody knows what it means, but nobody says a thing because they all do it.

Am I a bad person?

>> No.15107195

so are we calling their homeworld Enorsha?

>> No.15107206


well it'd happen just as often as it happen here in the real world (which is probably horribly underreported because no one wants to think about)

of course i don't want to think about it any further

>> No.15107230

how does blindingly bright floodlights to strap onto vehicles sound?

>> No.15107237


I'm ok with it, it works as well as any other name and it sounds cool.

>> No.15107247

well tihere are a pile of worlds that fall within the bounds of their light

let me go see if i can dig up anything from mythology that is particularly light based

>> No.15107257


Sounds simple enough. All thier stuff comes with free spotlights that maybe get to designate 2 things or maybe even 3 a turn. They can be seen but so can all three of your hammerheads.

>> No.15107282

Spanish Sisters?

Clearly they need Sister Rodriguez as a squad upgrade character.

>> No.15107345


Cool as that would be, Sisters already have
'Dies a lot' as a trait.


Link to the archived thread?

>> No.15107403




>> No.15107420


Looks cool to me. She's got a generall +1 across the board from a standard Priest but some of that is the mount and 4's seem fine for a hero priest.

And I love the idea of them charging a squad of sanquinery guard and both players knowing no one is coming out alive.

>> No.15107606

the sister's homeworld should never experience the true darkness of night, only a soft twilight casts by some dim white dwarf stars that have been captured by the planet's star

the positionion is such that the dark side of the planet is always lit by at least 1 of them.

>> No.15107688


Maybe, or perhaps they make it part of their duty to make sure the night never falls.

Though a cluster of small stars does sound cool...even if the physics of it leave me confused an unsure how that works (Not exactly got a degree in it)

>> No.15107751

think of our solar system, replace jupiter with a white dwarf

>> No.15107764

also a giant array of space mirrors to light the planet would be cool too (maybe the mirror arrays are relics too)

>> No.15107792


Ah, ok. That makes sence, and also explains how the hell this place manages to have plants, mechanicus AND a high standard of life. Huge Solar Panels and such that can be used every hour of the day, maybe orbital. And if anyone can do solar, it's the Divine Light of Solex.

>> No.15107825

Hey, an SoB thread!
Question: Do SoB's have any alterations done to them along the lines of SM's and assassins?

>> No.15108079

let's call the planet Pasiphae, named for a Daughter of Helios. It comes out to meaning 'wide-shining'

>> No.15108185


Yes, yes you are. That being said, it's noted that this order doesn't like working with other. Perhaps the feeling is mutual. Maybe this is an ugly rumor spread by the less faithful

>> No.15108243


That sounds awesome. And rather appropriate.

Also, any ideas on on the fact they have a rather divergent method of structuring?

>> No.15108372

they don't like to work with others because it THEIR responsiblity to guard all within the reach of the notAstronomicon relic (we should give that thing a name)

Anyone else that shows up is trying to show them up

>> No.15108393

well they make use of qilin mounts, using orbital insertion to get them into the fight where they can put their quickness to use

>> No.15108419

when they have to step outside their designated zone, they are very respectful to others and will often ensure that they aren't stealing the glory of any other faithful servants of the Emperor (deals off if you are lacking in faith)

>> No.15108699


>> No.15108878


I get the feeling even then they would still prefer to work with themselves and the Divine Light. Nothing personal, they just prefer those they can count on without a thought.

>> No.15109206


>> No.15109751

Pasiphae is a shining jewel of emerald forests and cities that shine like silver and gold, a prized world of exemplary faith and servitude to the Imperium. The planet remains ever lit and has no true night, thanks to the system's main star having captured (or possibly they've always been there) three small white dwarf stars near the end of their life that orbit in a manner so that Pasiphae's dark side always one of them shining on it. Because of this, the night is not dark, only composed of a soft twilight in comparison to the glorious radiance of its day. To add to this, ancient technological relics can be found in orbit that are composed of vast arrays of mirrors that can allow for sunlight to be beamed as desired.

The world is composed of several small continents with seas that seem more like colossal rivers than proper oceans stretching between them. Almost the entire surface of Pasiphae is covered with verdant green forests and jungles that are composed of towering trees to create several layers of canopies that can sometimes reach over thousands of meters (particularly around the equator). Urban settlements have built themselves in around these truly behemoth networks trees to provide an almost surreal landscape that sets it apart from other civilized worlds.

>> No.15109758

Despite all this, the true value of Pasiphae lies in the Temple of Divine Radiance, a technological relic that can be likened to a miniature Astronomicon, built upon the world's northern pole like a crown of light. This great relic, and those found in orbit above, are cared for by the Divine Light of Solex of the Adeptus Mechanicus and guarded under the watchful eyes of the Adepta Sororitas Order of the Guiding Light.

Pasiphae was not always such a blessed place, as the technological relics and the world itself once was tainted by xeno hads that had stolen it from it's original human colonists shortly after the 31st Millennium. The world and it's enslaved human populace toiled under the hands of their xeno masters until by the will of the God-Emperor the combined forces of the Divine Light of Solex and the Order of the Guiding Light reclaimed it.

>> No.15110205

final bump

>> No.15111111

and the bears, dont forget the bears

>> No.15111376


Very Awesome

>> No.15113282

bump to see if anyone from other time zones want to help.

>> No.15113435

In lieu of drop pods, and given their relationship with the Adeptus Mechanicus, what about Stormravens? Those things can be kitted out as crazy laser/melta platforms, and are arguably more aggressive than a drop pod, if less "lightning strike" -ish.

>> No.15113503


Perhaps. It is an option, and an already in-universe one, rather than making up a new drop ship.

>> No.15113527


I dunno, I sorta saw their dropships as heavier than the Stormraven. Less Gunship, more dropship. To quotes battletech "It's a dropship, it doesn't fly, it drops"

>> No.15113573


So what, you thinking a regular skimmer to the fast one that most fliers are?

>> No.15113628


Either that or a more turret like version of the Drop Pod to represent the fact It can't really fly by.

More Armour, More guns, many more points and likely a fast rather than a transport option but just as lacking mobility as the Drop pod

Sorta like the Union from battletech in function, though smaller unless we want to make the drop ship an apoc thing.

The Imperium has dropships in fluff but you never see them on the TT for some reason.

>> No.15113682


As much as I love the Union I'm not sure stealing the Marines drop pods and up armouring them is the best idea. Maybe allow it to go back into reserves to represent lifting off?

Eh, all of this is secondary until we work out more fluff stuff I think.

>> No.15113712

rolled 6 = 6


>> No.15113915

OP Here.

Wow, this has gone a lot futher than I expected. Cool. I guess I'll make another thread when this one stops bumping then.


Nice description for the homeworld, may need to be tinkered with as fluff changes but a great start.

>> No.15113996

It would be a good thing to do a summary in next thread and possibly to gain attention of some drawfag to sketch Pasiphae or mounts of the Order.

>> No.15114012

Also, not nearly enough SoB art.

>> No.15114032


Shall do. I'll start the next thread with the Summary and the description of the planet.

>> No.15114079

You mean in this thread or in existence? Because the latter is just plain false.

>> No.15114302

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