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OK so in the group there are;

- A guy who can teleport and fights by teleporting thigns inside of people
- A mind controller
- A super fast speedster
- A kamen rider super strong fighter
- A green lantern sort of guy

What can I do to counter them/their powers? It's a superheroes game, although I don't *have* to have superpowers if there are other ways to counter them.

I'm not the DM for clarity.

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Then why do you want to counter their powers?

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He could be Batman.

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If I need to devolve into a villain at some point, to be able to take them on. I just need ways of countering them really, if things come to conflict.

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With GUNS!

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> - A guy who can teleport and fights by teleporting thigns inside of people

lead vest

> - A mind controller

lead hat

> - A super fast speedster


> - A kamen rider super strong fighter

more glue

> - A green lantern sort of guy

paint the lead yellow

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Something I have considered, and would definitely put a damper on at least 2 of them.

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-robots/things that can fight but have no internal organs
-robots/things without minds
-Water. Unless they have a traction power or are speedster by being propelled in a flighty way, putting them in water will keep them from going anywhere since they'll float or down not floating.
-If he's got a metalic body, magnets. If not, Put him in a situation where his strength is already being used (perhaps to prevent innocents/weaklings from being killed)
-use the mind control guy to blank his imagination. No cognitive ability, no shaping energy into things.

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Lead vest won't stop metal rods teleporting inside my organs.

Nor will a lead hat stop mind control.

Glue might work on the speedster.

Not the Kamen Rider.


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If you can't stop all of them with GUNS you're doing something wrong

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Should have choked that bitch to death.

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The speedster can dodge bullets, the Kamen Rider would take loads of bullets but might succumb.

The green lantern guy can just do shit like a bullet shield.

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The only thing you need is an ooze monster.
- A guy who can teleport and fights by teleporting thigns inside of people
- A mind controller
>No mind
- A super fast speedster
>So he can run away? fine, he forfits. He attacks it? He's stuck and slowly digested
- A kamen rider super strong fighter
- A green lantern sort of guy
Impacting ooze is laughable

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Lex Luthor/Doctor Doom school of villainy.

Be the president of a country and enjoy diplomatic immunity.

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But she was cute! Also, Aeka would have become the evil one and she was supposed to be pure and understanding and whatever (even though she almost killed her there).

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Now that's something. I could run with that. Thanks for one solution to this problem.

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not op but that is fucking a great idea

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Like I said mate, doing something wrong

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>A guy who can teleport and fights by teleporting
thigns inside of people

Intangible guy. Walks through walls, bullets go through him, All those Puppies your Super popped in his chest cavity? they fall harmlessly to the ground.

>A mind controller

Mindless automaton. Giant Mind, Meet Giant Robot. Stompa-stompa.

>A super fast speedster

Unstoppable force, meet immovable object. Your generic indestructible guy works well against speedsters, especially if they have some long-range Killy ability, like heat-vision or something.

>A kamen rider super strong fighter.

Mr. Intangible again. Muscle also counteracts muscle, for what it's worth, and two mega-muscles will effectively brawl until technique wins out.

>A green lantern sort of guy

There is no hard counter to the green-lantern-type, Which is why Green lanterns have the most bullshit weaknesses in the DC universe (Wood, the color yellow, girlfriends in freezers, etc.) Your best bet is to soft-counter him with Intangible Guy or someone who can bypass his creations.

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That was one consideration I had, playing a terrorist.

If I can't just kill them outright in combat, then put them in situations where they would have to make difficult choices and stuff, break them down overtime.

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yellow is the best counter to anything. search your heart you know it to be true.

You could also fuck with his power source.

playing someone who leech's powers does the trick as well.

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Another possible consideration, just use a gun or a knife, and put all the rest of the points into power negation.

Such a high degree, they'd be powerless, as I would too, but my guy has a gun or a knife.

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Person transformed into sentient morphic ooze, using heavy full enclosing body armor to maintain semblance of humanity, fine manipulation.

Keeping in human shape keeps him from "flowing out": forgetting what he was, when braincells intermingle with normal cells intelligence falls and turn towards a omnivorous "The Blob" "feed, replicate, feed" style ooze.
(Bonus when flowed out mind would be to simple, disperse to directly control, like manipulating fungi)

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This is pretty good. This thread in general has some good ideas.

This is also good. You could fight indirectly (using others/robots) or turn one on the other. Guns are always good. One on one though:

>A guy who can teleport and fights by teleporting things inside of people

He can't get you if he can't see you. Take away his vision somehow or make him unable to see you. Smoke screens and so forth. Anything that fucks up his balance will work as well.

>A mind controller

This depends on the limits of his powers. If it is only mind-controlling, then messing with his senses may work, but he can still find you mentally. A sonic attack will fuck up his concentration, as will extreme pain. Tear gas and a gunshot to the head may work as well.

>A super fast speedster

A sonic attack or something to mess with his balance/give him vertigo would work well here. Any substance that messes with the friction of the ground works here as well. Smoke bombs and smoke screens as well. Running, he is also limited by his sight, so blinding him would fuck up his day.

>A kamen rider super strong fighter

Shoot him. Super strength does not equal super durability. Some increased hardiness but nothing an armour piercing bullet can't fix. If not that, kill him with fire.

>A green lantern sort of guy
A neural inhibitor of some sort, or something that prevents him from concentrating. Or you could blind him, since he would not be able to gauge what he is making if he can't see. A sonic attack or something to mess with his balance/give him vertigo would work well as well.

At the end of the day, disorient the hell out of them and kill them quick.

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>- A guy who can teleport and fights by teleporting thigns inside of people
A Ghost
Or, A cloaked/stealthy enemy that can attack without being seen.
>- A mind controller
Things without minds. Robots, insects.
>- A super fast speedster
Effects which cannot be dodged. Defense is by concealment, being unable to be touched, or heavy armor.
> A kamen rider super strong fighter
Least threat. Flying, rapid movement, or stealth for defense. Any offense valid.
>- A green lantern sort of guy
First strike.

Stealthed/Cloaked robot, that can hit from long range or beyond-visual-range with high speed weaponry, and resume concealment.

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Also recommend: Robot Ghost, or other "No mind, no body" type enemy.
Glitch in the laws of physics, that manifests as a hazardous anomalous zone, perhaps?

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Device designed for tunneling and stealth, with no mind of its own, powers to glitch physics or fry minds, centered on the location of Superpowered Entities at ranges of at least 1km.

It's really amazing how much "Brainfucker/Physicsfucker with ESP that burrows underground out of range" can kill.
Heck, that's how I made my first super - stacked Precognition, Physicsfucking, Teleportation, "Can exist underground". Eventually killed by AoE spam of every single thing in its teleport range. Your team lacks AoE.

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I would say that the only problem, small at that, that some of the suggestion so far have had, is that I'm trying to steer clear of using henchmen, or minions, constructs, whatever.

If I am to oppose the other characters, it should be my own guy and his abilities. Allot of the suggestions so far have been able to be utilized in this way, though some not. Like the mindless thing, probably won't work if I'm playing a guy who's pretending to work with them for awhile.

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>>A guy who can teleport and fights by teleporting thigns inside of people
The Human Devourer, a 1000 pound man who can eat anything and won't be harmed by having things teleporting in his massive distended stomach.

>>A mind controller
Robots, or mindless creatures with an uncontrollable overmind.

>>A super fast speedster
Someone who doesn't move fast at all, but can exude waves of energy around them so he doesn't really have to hit the speedster to injure him. You can combine this with the aforementioned robots or fat guy.

>>A kamen rider super strong fighter
Perhaps a ranged, speedy person. He won't get beaten if he can't get hit.

>>A green lantern sort of guy
An Eldritch grey force that represents banality and the death of creativity. Alternately, fight fire with fire and have someone who can one-up him in creativity.

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>Ghost robot
"Listen to me. I am a ghost that lives in the head of a robot. If you pierce my chest I will be unharmed. I will fake my death, and together we will fight against Zeus."

Holy shit Venture Bros is weird.

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Who is the character in your picture? He looks hot-blooded.

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Off the top of my head, assuming they're capable of burning to death lead them into a trap.
Like go to a rail yard in the city where there would be a lot of cargo of flour, get the strong guy to break that shit, then start a dust explosion.
I have no idea what game you're playing though so I don't know if that's even possible.

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