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Post a compelling description of your current character - D&D, Pathfinder or whatever.
If you make it sound good I will draw it.
If you post a character description then have to bail on the thread email me here [email protected] and i'll send yours if it was done.

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Concept idea for a game of Victoriana my GF is going to GM.

Eldren Male, the evil twin of a charitable gentlemen. When he was young he was sold into slavery, but escaped. He lived his life as a con-man, and now he is back to even the score, by destroying his families reputation, and to go on a cross-country stealing spree.

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you're first.

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Okay, how about this one:

Regular human mage, specialized in Conjuration/Teleportation. Has an Air Elemental Familiar.
He is bald, with the moustache from the pic. Wears spectacles.
Sports a breastplate over a shirt with ruffles and knee high pants.
He tends to either sit on a moving earthen platform or just levitate.
Usually smokes cigars, most prized possession is a pocket watch.
Good enough OP?

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He is bald, wears huge pauldrons and wields a chainsaw sword.

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I'd like to request a Phyrexian Priest of Norn, but exceedingly tall and gangly, with exposed musculature that sort of gleams from the blood flowing across it, interspaced with bones and plates of a porcelain like metal strewn across it, across his shoulders is a crudely stitched black robe that exposes his chest and legs. His arms are of equal length but they end in three, bony claw-like fingers.

His face is hidden behind a featureless porcelain plate that stretches out in a sort of crown-like manner, becoming triangular near the top, with the Phyrexian symbol of the Great Work as decoration in the center.

Clasped in his right hand is a long, two-bladed scalpel.

Thanks in advance if you choose to do it, broheim.

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Kaar , The Hand of Unity, Necron Lord of the Eight Golden Tombs.

His chassis is a spider thing, He has 4 arms 6 legs, and 8 eyes. His necronic energy is green. He is holding a staff of light, embellished with 2 orbs that form an 8 figure.
In another hand he is holding an old fashioned ressurection orb.

If you could have him looking at the orb it would be swell!

Pic related its what I tried to make as a portrait thing...

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Forgot the pic.

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you're second

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chaotic good drow sorceror/rdd/fighter
was banished from his academy after accidentally putting a student on fire during a duel
joined up with mercenaries learned how to fight
has dragon wings and wears scale mail with a shield and a longsword

sounds a bit cheesy but it was actually pretty cool

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Yay, drawinganondude!

How'bout a BBEG for a homebrew I'm planning to do, based on metal albums?

The Voivod: a post-apocalyptic mutant vampire knight. Completely insane, warped by magic and science, he prowls the land, seeking enemies to destroy and peoples to conquer. Clad in leather and rust, his face a ghastly deathmask of iron, powered by nuclear wastes, covered in spikes and sigils, his name is Korgull, the Exterminator, the Voivod of the wasteland.
Neutron musket in his hand, runic longsword at his side, and a Stahlhelm on his skull, he knows neither fear nor mercy, lives on crazed hate and feasts on the radioactive blood of mutants.


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Harbleflask Proudstache Ticketbottle, Gnomish Alchemist.
He wears a thick, burn resistant apron over a buttoned coat with protective goggles. Often a heavy backpack containing the pieces of his portable alchemy table, several smoking vials or beakers clamped to the outside to be kept mostly upright while traveling.

Mustache as pictured but larger, bald head with hair on the sides. Weapons are only a dagger and a handful of small sized darts.

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Your stache is prouder D:

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An old western doctor, approx. 30 years old, wears checkered shirts, a large officers greatest, jeans and cowboy boots.
Carries a medical satchel/messenger bag, a revolver and a big ole bottle of whiskey.
Massive scarring to the right side of his face, black hair in a fade/buzz cut, and some thick stubble.
He generally looks pretty slovenly.

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Awen, a female ghost elf druid.

her skin is a pale, glow in the dark kind of green/off white colour, shoulder length hair with no pupils. her skin glows lightly, if that makes a difference. she wears a patchwork set of leather armor and a dark blue cloak.

she's in her early 20s, with a bit of a wide eyed, naive disposition.

please and thank you, even if you don't pick me :D

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Here, email is in emal

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Hello Mr Drawinganondude I am not a player but a GM and I would like to request a drawing for an NPC in an upcoming campaign; actually a god. But I do plan for the players to meet said god.

He is a metallic figure, his face like picture related. Atop his head is a crown, half pearly on the dark sad half and half onyx on the happy white hald. His torso is likewise half black and white, deep across the middle. All apart from an overly large heart symbol on the middle of his torso, half white atop the dark half of his figure and half black atop the white half of his figure. His body is metallic, his torso is about the same proportions of a man but his arms and legs are pipe thin, lacking the bulk that muscle and fat gives to the arms of men. His legs are likewise. On his dark half his fist in clenched, his arm bent at the elbow as if he were shaking it, the hand itself is on fire. On the white half his hand is outstretched in the sort of classical Jesus/Hindu deity "All's cool, brah" way with his elbow likewise bent, his hand exudes a glowing aura on this half.

Ancient God of Emotions, basically.

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Yes, but Zax is Zax, and other cannot be faulted for not being Zax thus having inferior moustaches.

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If drawinganondude doesn't do it (shame on him), will you still be here in, say, three hours?

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A man with large and deep scar that stars from the back of his head and end slightly above his eyes. The skin around his eyes looks like it has been torn away, and his dark eyes are barely visible. His mouth is disproportionated and unsettlingly large. His teeth are diseased but surprisingly they have all stayed in his mouth.

The flesh around his mouth is torn as well, and several scars go over his mouth. He has a small-ish glasgow smile. He has more smaller scars on his face, of which one goes over his nose.

He is pale and dresses in tattered cowled black robes, with long sleeves.

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female twi'lek scoudrel. brown skin, red eyes. whatever armor she had on, it always had a powergirl-esque 'cleavage window'

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Bauldr Horsebane, Warlord and ex-Lieutenant in the King's army. Renowned for his expertise with the longspear. He's retired and in his 40's now.

His hair is brown, of medium length, and he has permanent 3-day stubble. He has a large scar across his left cheek. His expression is stern, something that he never lost from his years in the army.

He is of medium build, he used to be more built, but his retirement has left him with less physical activity than he'd like. He has a commanding presence, which is exactly his role in his current party.

He wears standard issue chainmail armour, and still wears an army insignia on his left shoulder. His longspear is enchanted and the spearhead radiates a chilly aura. On his back he carries a magical javelin, the head crackling with electricity.

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I should be!

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Draw this girl tossing a fireball. That's a mask on the left side of her face, with the design of (picture in the next post)

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The design of this.

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A somewhat generic looking Bretonnian man-at-arms with leather armor and a halberd. As a man-at-arms just out of training, he's very young at about 17 years old, and has short black hair and brown eyes. Pic related, the only real picture of men-at-arms that I could find. Mine looks similar, except he doesn't have a helmet or shield, and doesn't wear any heraldry.

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An Ascension tier Dark Heresy Psyker, left without any memory of his past awakes to find a Hive in ruins.

The dead walk the street as the living tear oneanother apart. Surviving using his wits he joined a fleeing ship of Nobility, murdering the Planetary Governors father, he donned his suit and, taking advantage of the powers of his illegitimate office, contacted the Inquisition to come and save his world.

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I keep reading your name as "drawing on a dude", and it's consistently making me laugh. No offense.

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I might as well request something too.

The Bonecracker King: a freakish ghoul-imp (please avoid making it cute or funny-looking), about sixty centimeters in height, with a wide maw filled with sharp teeth, long wiry hair braided with small bones, glowing, sunken eyes and large hands strong enough to crack a skull open.
He's wearing a crown made of bones (dunno, a jaw and stuff), a long cape/coat/robe made of the shrouds of kings, and an armor made of bones and scavenged, oversized pieces of plate armor.

He could be wielding a shortsword (the equivalent of a long one for him) standing on top of a tombstone or something.

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Yet to be played Dark Heresy character.

Noble born woman in her mid-sixties. Her clothing is a mix of men's and women's Regency era fashions. Ankle length dress topped with waistcoat and tails with a large cravat. She's wearing a small tophat at a jaunty angle and uses a monocle. She has a large walking stick and a small fan as accessories.

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I request a male aasimar cleric of Sarenrae, goddess of healing, redemption, honesty, and the sun.

He is a young platinum blonde man, cloaked in the formal wear of a high priest of Sarenrae; rather than adventure, he remains in the temples and prays for his comrades' well-being. A ceremonial scimitar lies sheathed on his sash, and he holds a staff with an orb of golden light on its very tip. His eyes are green, and he has a soft, peaceful smile, the look of a man who has not yet seen war. Extra points if he's performing a blessing!

Pic related, it's Sarenrae's symbol.

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I would like to get a kobold samurai, wielding a katana and wearing one of those colourful and stylish samurai armors. Complete with a scary demonic face-mask.

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I request a portrait of Beaujacub De Velez. He is a cleric of Oghma, and dresses similarly to the Templars.

However, there are a few differences. Instead of the classic sword, he wields a morningstar in his right hand. Typically his left hand would be raised in a sort of 'HURRAH', inspirational manner, while shouting KNOOOOOOWLEEEEEDGE. Instead of the cross on his tunic, he has the blank scroll of Oghma. He is clean shaven, and has relatively short hair, but it's long enough that it comes down around his ears. His nose looks as if it has been broken many times, yet he is perpetually happy and optimistic, so he has a big silly grin on his face.

All of those are just guidelines, the only real necessities are the morningstar and templar tunic with the scroll of Oghma on it.

I would be supremely grateful if you could draw him for me.

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here you go

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I'll try for some more modern.

A Cyber-Doc from Rifts.

He's a well kept and well spoken individual.

He has short, blach, hair and his natural eye color is blue. His left eye is replaced by a cybernetic eye with several viewing abilities (thermal, nightvision, telescopic, etc..) he wears Bush Enivronmental Body Armor while traveling. When in a comfortable environment he wears a medical coat and attire. He can be found traveling the open road on a hover cycle.

I can send you reference pics, but right now I'm super tired.

To give you a heads up, I'm the one that asked about ConceptArt's forums.


Have a nice day.

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Oh gosh.

>> No.15081019

A Blood Ravens librarian. Wearing standard Mk 7 Power armour, they're missing their helmet, their chestplate and arms are charred and seared, the paint burned away, and they're holding a shattered skull-totem in one hand. The other has a glowing force axe. They'd have a scroll fixed to one leg and and an Imperial Guard melta slung by the strap onto their back. Their exposed face would be fairly young and scout-ish, but with the usual Mahreen bald. Glowing eyes optional.

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Blach = Black.

Bush = Bushman.

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An operator character wearing shorts with a t-shirt underneath light body armor and carrying an AK. Dorf beard and sunglasses optional.

>> No.15081024


Oops, forgot pic. It's the blank scroll of Oghma.

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Eh, never asked for anything in this sort of thread, but I might as well do so.

A techpriest, the twist is... this techpirest has already died once, or almost died, now he lives as a brain within a customised chassis, almost nothing remaining of the man he once was. The machine itself is huge, around 4 meters high and 3 meters wide, standing on four legs and draped in a huge red cloak, sometimes multiple metal tentacles, each tipped with four claws. He hides his body because while he is not ashamed of it he understands the huge mass of writhing metal underneath unnerves others.

Or in shorter words, a huge pilar of metal wrapped in metallic tentacles and standing on four insectile legs, all wrapped in a red cloak and trying to pretend to be human shaped.

>> No.15081041

Eh sorry...

>sometimes multiple metal tentacles, each tipped with four claws.

sometimes multiple metal tentacles reach from underneath the robe, each tipped with four claws.

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Thanks man, it looks better than I could have hoped for.

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Garth d'Beau

A monk who fights with a hand-and-a-half sword and a flamboyant attitude. Garth is a narcissist in every sense of the word, wearing elegant clothes and styling his appearance regardless of the situation. Having mastered psionics to the point where he no longer ages, Garth appears in the prime of his youth; bleach white hair the only sign of his ancient age.The only remnant Garth has from his long forgotten temple is a white haori style coat he wears over his right shoulder, and a stylized tattoo around his left eye. Garth's sword is of general design; the only striking aspect of its appearance is its jet black blade.

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Can you draw my exalted character?

He is based on Doctor Doom. He wears all-encompassing superheavy plate armor that's made of soulsteel, a metal that's made out of souls. Their faces can be seen in the metal and they moan.
He wears a green robe and cloak over the black armor

And he has a green DBZ-esque energy field glowing about him, that appears like a blast furnace escaping from within his armor.

He crafts things telekinetically without any tools whatsoever. It'd be cool if he was making a sword this way, shaping a chunk of metal into a perfect sword.

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A rather short but not overly short woman in her mid 20s, dark hair and a few freckles. She holds herself in a very lady like manner and has a small smile across her face.

Shes wearing an aviators flight pilots G-suit and has her helmet under her left arm. Her right arm from the Elbow down is Prosthetic, but due to the flight suit only the hand itself should be showing. It has the general features of a hand but is obviously not one. She has a holster by her side with a pistol in it and she should have a pair of Aviators glasses somewhere on her, but not being worn.

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female half-ork berseker with two, heavy and curved swords. thing is, in this world, orcs are kinda...bat-like.
they have small eyes and big, bat-like noses.
so a half orc would be... less bat?
dunno, improvise! =D
I envisioned her somewhat like this, if not in appearance, then in feel.

looks: tall, strong (but not a musclefreak) she got scruffy hair bound up in a kind of pony tail, and a big...what do you call it in english? that part of the hair that lies over your forehead?
oh, and if it helps, her alignment is "good"
we dont bother with law and chaos

humm, yeah. if you feel like it.

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Could you please draw a Brazillian Indian with a short hair. He has Neon glowing blue tattoos all over his body. He wears white and Black indian clothes while half of his body it's camouflaging. He is carrying two small axes on his hands

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forum ate my post =\

Will you draw my Exalted character?

He's based on Doctor Doom.

He wears the all-encompassing superheavy plate armor that's made of soulsteel. Soulsteel is a metal that's made from souls which have faces in the armor, and they moan audibly.

Over the armor he wears the doctor doom style robe and cloak, both dark green.

The character crafts things telekinetically by sheer force of will. It would be great if he was manipulating some chunk of metal into a perfect sword via this telekinetic manipulation in the picture.

Thanks a bunch!

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OK so maybe it didnt eat my post, the forum just went all herpey-derpey.

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Garth d'Beau

A monk who fights with a hand-and-a-half sword and a flamboyant attitude. Garth is a narcissist in every sense of the word, wearing elegant clothes and styling his appearance regardless of the situation. Having mastered psionics to the point where he no longer ages, Garth appears in the prime of his youth; bleach white hair the only sign of his ancient age. The only remnant Garth has from his long forgotten temple is a white haori style coat he wears over his right shoulder. Garth's sword is of general design; the only striking aspect of its appearance is its jet black blade.

>> No.15081106


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you're is next, and almost done

>> No.15081117

yours is next and almost done.

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A 3 foot-ish halfling, with jet black hair down to his ass, which he keeps in a nice braid. Braided into it, he keeps several bells of various size and make.
He wears a blue jeweled bandanna over his hair, letting only the braid out, and has a cleanly shaved face with blue eyes.
His feet are bare, he wears a studded leather shirt, and each stud is painted a different color. On top, he wears a human-sized tabard, it's ripped in the front at his knees, but in the back it trails behind him about a foot or so. On the back of it, there are a handful of holes ripped open by knife stabs, and a bit of dried blood around them. On the front, my halfling has painted black lines and red splotches to match the stab wounds.

If it makes him more interesting, he recently became infected by some kind of zombifying sickness, which has caused the veins on his right side to turn a sickly black, his skin to grey, and his right eye to turn black and bulge.

>> No.15081136

drawfag here. just dropping by to say that this shit looks great!
keep it up, mate.

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The game is Hunter: the Vigil, set in modern Miami.

The character is Richmond Chesterson, a twenty-four years old guy from Salt Lake City, Utah. Very devout Mormon dude who failed entering into priesthood and subsequently witnessed (and was forced to take part in) an unholy ceremony in a christian church.

Strongfat build, with pale skin, short light brown hair and blue eyes. Usually wears tight white t-shirts with very short sleeves and large sturdy carpenter's blue jeans. Looks like the average construction worker.

If you want to draw him in combat mode, that would be him with a blunt object in hand (a metal pipe works fine) and shadows under the eyes. Possibly even a stained shirt and a stubble.

If you draw Richmond, I will perform oral sex on you.

>> No.15081157

here you go

>> No.15081162

More background, if anyone cares:
Name: Ser William Weenar Royce XIII
A bastard halfling, born in a fishing village, he knows nothing of his father, only that he was a man of the sea.(The PCs and GMs immediately assumed he was a pirate, and that I should be a pirate also) A recent shipwreck has left him somewhat amnesiac and insane. His bells cause him to be somewhat of an ineffective thief, so he spends a lot of time cramped in little cages or boxes.

>> No.15081165

cheers :)

>> No.15081176

Cliff Bearlore, a big, burly man, the size of a refrigerator, about in his 30's, who got bored with his life as a music tutor. So he took all his money, bought the biggest sword he could afford from the smith, and set off into the forest to make a life for himself. Has a very romanticized idea of what a hero is and does. At this point he has an enameled breastplate and a Lucerne hammer named Lucille.

>> No.15081203

you're so next

>> No.15081208

A renaissance-age lord and gunslinger, holding an outlandishly large pistol crafted from chimerabone - the Desert Eagle of his time. His face is slightly blackened in places from gunpowder burns and marks, and he is regrowing his hair and beard from a recent incident that involved losing it all to acid - it is little more than stubble at the moment. On his person is a dragonbone sword, a shining mithril breastplate, a brace of pistols and a horn of gunpowder. He looks fearless - with a sort of contempt for any man who thinks he can contend with the rather large pistol.

>> No.15081217

A young female human from a northern mountain village.
Her village reveres the chromatic dragons who reside in the mountains, and after her personal encounter with one during her childhood she decided to become a Paladin of Bahamut. She also has a small infatuation with Dragonborn and loves Kobolds.
She has dark hair, usually in a ponytail; pale skin, round features. Wears heavy plate-mail adorned with Bahamut's iconography, a cape, and wields a large broadsword. Even with her meek figure, she's quite the imposing figure in her armour.

>> No.15081218 [DELETED] 

Character I use for a modern wasteland setting.
He's blonde, has a lean build, a slightly long face, squinty eyes. He's young, around 26, but looks older. Usually wears a bandana, a beige coat/jacket that hangs down to his knees or so. Worn boots, brown military pants, a bit hunched. Smokes. Looks like a punk or thug in many ways, as in, he doesn't inspire confidence or give off any reliable vibe. The coat or jacket has a hood and he's got a pair of goggles, which could be around his neck or on his head. Should have a very simple gun holster and often carries a rifle, version older.

>> No.15081229

Character I use for a modern wasteland setting.
He got long-ish blond hair, has a lean build, a slightly long face, squinty eyes. He's young, around 26, but looks older. Usually wears a bandana, a beige coat/jacket that hangs down to his knees or so. Worn boots, brown military pants, a bit hunched. Smokes. Looks like a punk or thug in many ways, as in, he doesn't inspire confidence or give off any reliable vibe. The coat or jacket has a hood and he's got a pair of goggles, which could be around his neck or on his head. Should have a very simple gun holster and often carries a rifle, version older.

>> No.15081235

We could just get you a picture of some Imperial Guard guy...

>> No.15081239

In this case it's not for me, but for TOTEMIST QUEST, the one that's just started running here every other night.
The Character: Osyki the Prepared (also called silvertongue, badass, totemist, schizophrenic, etc)
The way I'd pictured him is link as seen in TP, with a few differences. Ditch the cone hat, the mastersword and the shield. Rustic backpac slung over one shoulder, and in one hand holding a 6foot spear, long bladed, much like a bardiche but still, a light blade, from which a small white claw dangles.
On our necks a coal necklace fashioned after a rune. Our boots are (as of now) solid crystal blue after binding a rock turtle that allows us to JUMP WITH THE POWER OF THUNDER.
also our helping spirits are an imp and a triangle. don't ask.
Also, Osyki smiles. Never seen link smile for more than a second, but a heartwarming smile would be nice. Blue cholorscheme a bonus. 18 years old more or less.
If fanservice is also your thing, we have a mermaid, an elf and a hot girl from the village vying for our attention.

>> No.15081241

Star Wars. A masculine, bearded Hutt force-user. An exile from his race. He has a black, pockmarked hide. Large, sulfuric eyes. Traditionally carries a Sith blade or lightsaber as a weapon.

>> No.15081252

Fuck off, faggot.

>> No.15081259

Let's see if I'm lucky today.

Started with a new character yesterday, he's an evil changeling rogue/assassin; mainly disguised as human (I'll let it up to you if you want to draw him as human or changeling, whichever you prefer). Wears a (mithril) chainshirt, a cloak and in general bulky and concealing clothes.
Fights mostly with a Rapier, if need be he's also got a shortsword. Hidden in the clothes are a handcrossbow, a dagger and a couple of minor items.
He's a little below average size, about average strength (12), dexterous and agile (16).
In case you decide to do me the favor and the thread dies down, see email field
Pic related, mfw these character portraits.

>> No.15081299

>OP has probably moved on
>whatever, posting anyway

My shardmind bard was never a cheerful soul. He only strums a lute now and then to bring joy to others so he can absorb that joy into his crystal shards, soaking it up like a sponge. From his very appearance it is obvious that this is a creature of pure nihilism: Clad in an old, shabby officer's jacket that once shone with polish and splendor, he wears twin flintlocks at his hip. Often he can be found in the crow's nest holding one of these to his head and declaring loudly that life is IRRELEVANT, that all mortal existence is WORTHLESS. He's never really been able to back up these claims, but he makes a good lookout because he doesn't sleep, so they let him stay up there. His "expression" is a crazed, sporadic mockery of a face constructed of many jumbled shards of broken amethyst.

Until recently, he was alone in his misery, and derived a certain amount of satisfaction from his nihilistic mortal perspective. But one night, as the ship lay becalmed on a sea of undead hands, he began to hallucinate.


>> No.15081302

here you go

>> No.15081305


He began to see (a la Fight Club) a mind flayer. An illithid real enough to cause him physical pain, but that NO ONE ELSE could see. This creature appears to be the embodiment of the shardmind's jealousy and despair: it dresses in a flawless black leather trenchcoat with gleaming silver buttons, and wears a very wide-brimmed black hat. For reasons unknown, it also has one crystal hand and a crystalline growth around one eye. This hallucination calls itself Yu, perhaps out of irony, and exists solely to torture the shardmind psychologically. (And he thought being a friendless immortal rock couldn't get any worse!)

A picture of these two in some sort of pose might be nice. Perhaps the shardmind clutching his head or pressing a flintlock to his temple as the mind flayer urges him on. (Yu is an enabler.)

Would this be possible? I'd really enjoy it. More character details on request. Here's a doodle I did of the shardmind before the character was finalized (for reference.)

>> No.15081312

I'd like to add that I really like this current character. I've got an entire psychological profile for him. He's unable to do anything on his own, notbecause he lacks the skills but because he lacks the drive. Still, he has so much energy that he doesn't know what to do with, so he's taken to heavy drinking and troublemaking. He's been trained by an ex-commando, so he's deadly in a well-rounded way, but nobody would ever guess it. He's got experience as well, after having spent four years in a tight sort of freelancing self-deputized raider-hunting patrol unit. But the guy he looked up to and followed was killed in front of his eyes during an ambush when they had their pants down in a small town, and the unit was mostly wiped out, the rest moving on. Jae however has been unable to move on, but he doesn't know what to do about it, and that he's recently become responsible for his younger, naive sister doesn't help either. He doesn't know how to be a good brother, so he's really harsh to her, when he takes time to acknowledge her at all.
He's got major issues, as the time as a hunter-deputy was very difficult for him, as he's a nice guy deep down who hates violence. Still, he forced himself to do it anyway, but when his friend and boss died it turned into self-loathing. Ever since then he's been unable to actually pull the trigger on otherwise try to kill another person. Instead he starts shaking just from the prospect, and if the situation arises, he tends to freeze up unless it's a REALLY bad situation, and even then he can barely stop himself from just running away.

>> No.15081317


>> No.15081323

ok gtg will do more in a couple of days.

>> No.15081329

Oh come on, OP! ;_;
My Halfling will be dead by the next time you pop back up!

>> No.15081332

pic related. is OP

>> No.15081334

Man, now that's a delivery.

I'll try to catch you then, drawfriend.

>> No.15081337

here you go

>> No.15081352

Whoa. Must be an older picture, right? No way you could've put that together now.

>> No.15081353

Go go gadget TL;DR!

Caellach Soren Randall is a member in good standing of the knights Aster. Schooled in magic as well as swordplay, he is deceptively clever despite his straightforward attitude. His knowledge of magic, the peerage, and the doctrine of the church is nearly unrivaled. Despite a tendency towards bluntness, he is possessed of a benevolent tendency that comes naturally to him. Passionate when moved, he has a history of bucking the letter of the law when it would defy the spirit. Though it would be a strike against him, it was this earnest fire that led to his appointment as the bearer of a cursed blade the Order of the Aster guard--The Arondight. To maintain the seal on a demon bound within, the wielder must act in prescribed manners based only on the movements of the stars. Failure to do so weakens the seal, and the demon punishes its wielder for disobedience, causing him to be unable to act in any way but an extreme parody of the actions that triggered the curse. Nonetheless, it was Caellach's intelligence and judgment that led to his appointment, the understanding being that he would know when to bow to the blade's whims, and when to defy them when it tried to turn a situation towards ruin. It is his charge to maintain the seal, and avoid letting it lapse too much, lest the demon gain a temporary foothold in this world.

Caellach is a tall man in gleaming plate armor, all save the gauntlets, which are pitted and burned from grasping the hilt of his blade. The Arondight itself is a lengthy, heavy weapon, with a pair of seemingly-organic horns growing from the crossguard. It is adorned only with the jewel on its pommel, which glows a different color depending on the phase of the Zodiac. Caellach keeps his hair cropped short, and his youthful face is rarely seen without a dogged grin. His armor is adorned with the symbols of station, most notably a bright red cape and tabard.

>> No.15081363

OP... As a drawfag I'm calling you out.

That isn't your work.

If you pass that first picture off as yours? then you're a liar.

If you're just editing them because you're afraid of showing your real talent? don't be. That's no way to grow.

>> No.15081373


>> No.15081378

bump for epic drawfag. Seriously man, your stuff is good.

>> No.15081379

let the arguing commence!

>> No.15081381

But, the second picture there is in the OP.

>> No.15081383

Lets see.

I had a pathfinder character when we were playing Kingmaker. He was a youthful elven wizard. Long silver hair, dressed in somewhat regal crimson and gold robes with a large crimson cloak topped with fur and wore a magical golden circlet. He was the Archmagister of our kingdom. He wielded magic but also had some skill with an elven longsword. NG and openly friends with all sorts of folk, from humans to dwarves and curious about their cultures.

>> No.15081389


And why the hell would he edit his own stuff?

The guy who did the originals is a professional concept artist.

This guy is good, but he' not that good.

>> No.15081390

Those two picture look different enough to me. Similar, sure, but that's because they are both in a rather plain pose.

>> No.15081394

first and second pic is mine. its all my art.

>> No.15081396

Look at the sword (for example), it's, like, the same.
But it's in the OP, so I think it's the same artist.

>> No.15081404


Check the feet bro.

>> No.15081409


Here's the picture that was supposed to go with your post, good sir.

>> No.15081411

OP has a sheet of ready made outlines that he traces over and modifies to draw YOUR SHIT ON DEMAND in a timely manner, chill the fuck out.

>> No.15081424

Beecause he wants to save time, so he edits the more important parts and keeps the generic parts the same?

>> No.15081426


If you were around when the actual artist did those, then you'd know that isn't true.

This guy has a completely different style.

>> No.15081435

Look at the rest of the OP pics. They're all showing signs of template bases. Three in a row in the top all use the same one, for instance.

>> No.15081441


I was around in the thread you're referring to. It's the same artist as ITT, with the same email in the email field. And you're a troll.

>> No.15081444

Tielfing Starlock. Completely insane.
Reddish skin, long black hair, fully purple eyes, Jafar like beard. Large horns, prehensile barbed tail.
He wears a suit(something like early 19th century) into battle, along with a tophat and goggles, which are usually on the hat brim. Has a dagger-cane and monocle.

He also has a cat girl familiar, but that's just silly.

>> No.15081450

not hatin'. just wondering if I get a price for noticing?

>> No.15081452

Vomit. And double vomit for the drow angel... thing.

I'm glad I don't play in your groups. Style over substance LIKE A BAWSS.

>> No.15081465


Drow angel... thing? I wasn't aware it sounded that bad.

>> No.15081474

A bald dwarf wearing leather armor, thick woolen pants and boots. He has a full beard (not too long) and wears an eyepatch over his left eye. Weapon is a short axe with a large beard (something like pic, but the blade is longer). Beard is dark brown.

Pretty generic, I know, but I can't draw for shit.

>> No.15081479


He better act like David Bowie.

>> No.15081487

Hello there, drawanondude! Could you please make a drawing of my new pathfinder character?

-End of an ice-age setting.

I am a 108 year old Dwarf ranger named Thorgrimm. One of the last survivors of my clan. Left the home keep, and joined one of the rising factions who are climbing to power after the ice-age, as a soldier of fortune. (And seeks old tomes of the past, to learn about the times before the ice)
A quite ugly chap. Wears the hide of a wolf's head as a mask. A long grey fur jacket/coat, and under it he keeps a mithril breastplate. He sports a longbow for ranged, and a greatsword for up close-combat. Found of forest-"herbs" and strong drink. And quite social around people, after often spending long times out scounting with no other company than his animal-companion "Nosebiter", a snow-Leopard.

>> No.15081490



>> No.15081502

Man, OP pics have some WEIRD arms.

>> No.15081504

I'm secondin his >>15081363 opinion.

If the first pic is drawn by OP, why to edit that, and not draw more new piccies?

Also, the levitating mage with whiskers and glasses isn't done by same person as OPs starter picture, I'd say.

>> No.15081513

my active work space for these threads.
I will recycle, reference, and repaint any of my stuff at the drop of a hat.

>> No.15081517

Because he wants to get to as many requests as possible. Keep the generic base, put in the specific details and voila. Seems like a smart method, he's just doing portraits for fa/tg/uys to use in games it's not an exhibition.

>> No.15081520

>can't copy his own stuff for faster delivery
>can't try different styles either
Make up your mind, damnit.

>> No.15081530

How long have you been drawing, Ser Anondude?
I've always wished for the ability to draw, and lately, with some of the weird ass characters I've thought up, it'd help my group if I could scribble out a portrait...

>> No.15081536

I don't mean to be pushy, but in the interest of 99% of the people in this thread, could you just ignore the people talking shit about you so you can get more requests done?

It just seems like the thing to do. People like your art.

>> No.15081558


>> No.15081566

My twice-flamed Dark Heresy acolyte. He is a greatsword (zweihander) wielding, jolly and ugly character with the Assassin class but fluffed as a renaissance/viking swordsman.
As I wrote in the first sentence, he has been attacked by a flamer twice so far resulting in a very badly burnt back and face. His head is bald, he is burnt over eyes/forehead and going down and covering a cheek. He got a wedge shaped beard and a manly mustache (blond), that which hasen't been burned off. He is 2.1 meter/7 feet tall, mountains of muscles, undressed from the waist up (due to covered in bandages because of above mentioned attack) and got flak armor covering his legs.
He got a big smile/grin despite it all, it hurts and he may very well die in the near future so there is no reason to go around depressed. He rather face death laughing and smiling than cowering and crying in a corner.
His sword may be pointing downwards, the tip in the ground or it may rest on his shoulder/s.

>> No.15081608

I'm this guy

I am satisfied by this. Apologies for nerdrage. The stuff in this thread didn't seem to match - and the thought of an art thief claiming your work to be their own set my blood ablaze.

>> No.15081619

think those links were supposed to be the other way around, lol.

>> No.15081628


>> No.15081631


How much blood does this invocation ritual require again?

>> No.15081634

heres how the work space has changed since you've all been arguing.

>> No.15081650

rolled 49 = 49

OP, I jelly

I jelly so much

What do you use to draw? And I don't mean just the program, what kind of technique do you use? Might you have a link to a tutorial of some kind?

>> No.15081659

yes i can redraw things from pictures, at no point do i draw over my reference thats lame. heres more things i have redrawn to study.

>> No.15081670

I use photoshop.
to draw well just copy the old masters until you can get into their mindset.

>> No.15081698

Requesting this again. Thanks in advance, o drawanon.

>> No.15081726

Can I re-request this?

>> No.15081739


>> No.15081766

This sounds awesome, a cool way to see someone else's interpretation of my Dark heresy character.
Haxtes Tarvin, Noble-Born Scholar of the Colleges Hetaireia Lexis. The Acolyte Teams source of dubious knowledge and weaponry. Tall and wiry, with dark skin and grey hair, he usually wears heavy mesh robes and keeps his weaponry hidden in specialised boxes. He has Photo-Visors surgically grafted over his eyes and wears a gas mask. In his time in the Inquisition he has been attacked by Dark Eldar and had the left side of his body burnt, and in a recent fire fight had his right arm blown off but has had it replaced with a mechanical arm.

>> No.15081770

I'd like to request a character I'm currently playin.
Human ranger with almost no armor wearing a hood.
On his back he carries a really Large crossbow, only a little shorter than him. Hanging from this crossbow is my character's companion sleeping, a cool Sloth.

Hope my request gets your atention, thanks in advance

>> No.15081780

requester of the Phyrexian priest still there?

>> No.15081784

D&D Character- Urist Fistbeard

A dwarven reaping mauler, Urist stands about 4'5", extremely stocky and muscular, has curly reddish-brown hair, a thick beard braided in intricate patterns, bluish eyes, and a geometric tattoo beneath his left eye. He wears a spiked breastplate, chain-mail greaves, a helmet which looks like Gimli's from the LotR movies, and leather boots plated with steel on the shin, toe, and heel. He has a leather pack slung over his shoulder, carries an ornate pipe in one hand, and has a general hard look about him.

>> No.15081790



>> No.15081806

okay, starting now.

>> No.15081843


Sick, thanks.

>> No.15081855

Would you be willing to draw the halfling I poster earlier, Ser William Royce?

>> No.15081883

quote your post, and I'll see.

some music.

>> No.15081886

A Dragonborn Paladin of Kord in really worn and battered plate armour. No helmet. Carries a warhammer in one hand and a one-handed axe in the other. He's got a Samauri style banner on his back with the icon of Kord (http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/images/219998/Kord_4ed.JPG.jpeg) with stormy colours for cloth.

>> No.15081903

DnD 3.5- A charismatic leader of men driven from his homeland, Magnus Eisenoch has become a privateer to amass the forces necessary to take back what was stolen. A paladin who wields the greatsword of his father (a great general), Magnus holds a terrible secret behind his handsome blue eyed/blonde haired visage. His actual face is terrible to look upon, as he has the blood of his Doppelganger mother.

>> No.15081906

I know technomancer likes to do stuff sexy, so I will not hold it against you if you do

>> No.15081924

An older man, 60-70. He's worn - wind, rain and sun from every continent has gotten into him and aged him. He's scarred - every square inch has at least one nick or ding. Claws, bite marks, sword scars, bullet holes, you name it. He's a tough old bastard - he's an ambulatory (and warm) slab of granite, all muscle without an ounce of fat on him (a LOT of muscle). Typically carrying a fuckoffhuge backpack full of everything he needs to do his best "wandering jew" impression (which he really is), a slightly less fuckoffhuge sword and a modern bride magazine. His boots are usually held together by string and prayers.

>> No.15081945

Norwegian Folk-metal is best folk-metal :3

>> No.15081947

>A 3 foot-ish halfling, with jet black hair down to his ass, which he keeps in a nice braid. Braided into it, he keeps several bells of various size and make.
He wears a blue jeweled bandanna over his hair, letting only the braid out, and has a cleanly shaved face with blue eyes.
His feet are bare, he wears a studded leather shirt, and each stud is painted a different color. On top, he wears a human-sized tabard, it's ripped in the front at his knees, but in the back it trails behind him about a foot or so. On the back of it, there are a handful of holes ripped open by knife stabs, and a bit of dried blood around them. On the front, my halfling has painted black lines and red splotches to match the stab wounds.

If it makes him more interesting, he recently became infected by some kind of zombifying sickness, which has caused the veins on his right side to turn a sickly black, his skin to grey, and his right eye to turn black and bulge.
>More background, if anyone cares:
Name: Ser William Weenar Royce XIII
A bastard halfling, born in a fishing village, he knows nothing of his father, only that he was a man of the sea.(The PCs and GMs immediately assumed he was a pirate, and that I should be a pirate also) A recent shipwreck has left him somewhat amnesiac and insane. His bells cause him to be somewhat of an ineffective thief, so he spends a lot of time cramped in little cages or boxes.

>> No.15081949

Oh. Also typically wears an armour vest nearly as worn as he is, despite being in good condition. Hair cut short and dressed in solid clothes for his unfortunate habit of walking between continents (Bangkok to South Africa? WHY NOT, WALK TIME)

>> No.15081961

Okay, if I still have time left.

I'm currently still on the phyrexian priest because I can't concentrate.

>> No.15081970

Good luck on that, and I'll love you for ages if you have the time :D

>> No.15081980

no, only if I do it right.

>> No.15082079


>> No.15082127

If your still alive and have time

in a modern d20/dnd setting
A diplomatic wizard who dipped into the mindbender class. He constantly struggles with a mindflayer larva that has almost changed his outward appearance entirely but he's magically managing to keep himself in check with fits of deep concentration. Since he's preoccupied with the larva most the time he sends his thralls out to do his dirty work.

>> No.15082164

Does it really matter if he modifies images? He turns out cool looking images. Even if it is modification of photos, he still fills the requests with solid character portraits that people can use in their games.

>> No.15082258

israelian is cool too.

>> No.15082267

Technomancer, if you find time for my halfling's drawing, could you please e-mail me the results? It's 2 in the morning, and I'm about to pass out...
- [email protected]

>> No.15082367


>> No.15082438

and here we go.

might not have the inspiration for the other one, but I'll try.

>> No.15082445

Any chance you could draw a lizardman? It's so hard to find good lizardpeople character portraits that aren't warhammer fantasy battle or oversexualized furry crap.

Physical build like the Saurus in this picture except no finns on his head.

Wearing jagged and roughly patched and sloppily painted red leather armor with metal studs.
Covers chest and shoulders, bracers on forearms and legs, long tasset consisting of leather and rough chains.
Helmet which is basically leather armor strapped onto the top of his head/nose with chains.
Make it look like it's seen battle, not like it was fresh from the adventure shop.

Wielding a pair of large meat-cleaver-ish swords.

>> No.15082461


Once again, your skills dazzle me, Tech.

>> No.15082472

oh, well, finally gonna try this, actually

>> No.15082490

Holy shit Tenchomancer, that's pretty great.

Oh man, I just post up a character I'm gonna use in an upcoming RP but I'm having trouble visualising him.

>> No.15082524

Tech, if you can find enough awesome left in you please do me the favor of drawing this:
Thanks for your consideration.

>> No.15082549

doesn't inspire me at all, sorry.

>> No.15082572


Does this one?


>> No.15082592

Aww dongs. Thanks anyway.

>> No.15082593

A female Grey Orc wearing undecorated but prudently padded and modified leather armor, playing a ludicrously ornate lute while leaning against a battered but still deadly looking spear that's stuck point first into the ground. Most of her face is obscured by a dark blue masquerade style domino mask but some tribal tattoos in light blue ink are visible peeking out from under it. One of her tusks is gone, replaced by a chunk of glowing stone carved into a replacement. Her dark black hair is drawn back into a ponytail held together by a large silver ring, almost wide enough to be a bracelet.

Summon Shadows playing backup band in the background are completely optional.

>> No.15082599

>Technomancer in the thread
By the way Techno, can you recommend any good industrial metal, martial industrial bands? I've had the image you have some music knowledge.

Been listening to these a lot lately:

>> No.15082601


a huge maybe. Be sure to be still here in about one hour when the current one will be finished because I can't tell right now.

>> No.15082625

Here a character I am playing at the moment:

He was recently lost to the shadow plane but his spirit has been brought back. He possessed an unwilling body with the help of a friend and back-packed to the material plane. He must constantly seek new bodies because any body he his possessing withers and dies around him.

>> No.15082630



>> No.15082638

Industrial techno, but I happen to love it as well. The Heart of America Mesmer's Eyes remix is one of my favourite songs.

>> No.15082641


Shiiiiiiit. It's about 1:40 in the morning where I live (Singapore). If you do get inspired, can you email it to me? I would be so so so so so grateful. Thanks!

>> No.15082643

What are the chances of you doing my Lawful Good Doppelganger?

>> No.15082665

Didn't know the second one, it's pretty awesome.

I can suggest you Mechina. More specifically the last album, Conqueror. sounds like Fearfac back when they didn't suck, but with symphonic stuff on top of it. In space.

Also, the CNK (Cosa Nostra Klub, ex-Count Nosferatu Kommando) their last one (a remix of their first one) might sound too electronic, so I recommend you Ultraviolence Über Alles (the first version, very violent and martial) or L'Hymne à la Joie (second one, less violent but with symphonic samples and a more bombastic feeling)

And of course pretty much anything recent by Hansel und Gretyl. Remember that shooped pic of Han Solo in bavarian attire entitled Hans Solo? It's pretty much this, with industrial metal.

>> No.15082683

didn't know there was a remix.

>> No.15082718

I'm usually more into "darker" themes (like Karjalan Sissit), but I loved L'Hymne. Really, thanks.

>Hansel und Gretyl
Oh yes, I'm familiar with the band. Their songs are enjoyable in all their silliness.

>> No.15082724

still drawing the lizard. Does it have to reflect a specific cultural background of your choice, or can I choose?

also, the CNK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1x1urQMLsfs

>> No.15082735

If you want darker (but less violent stuff) there's Ensoph. They're a bit gothic. It's harder to find stuff by them. The Whore and the Atheist, or Kirillow's Bullet are quite cool tracks.

>> No.15082765

All of my want.

The Whore & The Ashetist is pretty good. I think I've heard it a few times before.

>> No.15082785

Imperial psyker in Dark Heresy. She essentially looks like a voodoo priestess. White frizzy hair, skeleton tattoo covering her body, and two cybernetic eyes. She also has a lot of drugs and various small, expensive looking knick-knacks (rings, gold teeth) that she is intending to pawn off for more drugs.
Her name is Venus.

>> No.15082799

only if she's old and ugly.

>> No.15082822

still waiting for instructions for the lizardman's cultural background because I don't know shit about DnD

>> No.15082831

I guess there is no chance for my commission then?

Oh well

>> No.15082845

not really, I still have Sliscus going on so I'm a bit fed up with elves.

>> No.15082911

Here goes my Mind-Cleansed Assassin for DH.
1.75m., 70kg., fit build., shaved bald.
As a Mind-Cleansed, he knows next to nothing about his past before being repurposed for the Inquisition. Now, his sole purpose is to fight the enemies of Man to atone for his past sins.
To have him never forget that, he bears a tattoo on his left shoulder, depicting a set of scales; one filled with lead, the other with golden coins, with the lead slightly heavier.
I would like him depicted with his back to the viewer, standing topless (so one can see the tattoo) in front of a mirror, which he smashes in with his fist.
If possible, I would like to have shards of memories drawn onto the mirror. Among them, I imagine the vague faces of a woman and a girl, the Aquila, explosions and bloodshet.
Thanks for your attention.

>> No.15082914

bump for details about the voodoo psyker's age and the lizardman's culture.

>> No.15082999

oh, well, gonna finish the lizardman anyway (I hate it when some requesters never manifest)

>> No.15083090

Sorry to be a pain, but is this in the pipes? The only other drawing I have is an Anime version drawn by another party member who says;
"I usually only draw Yaoi".

>> No.15083192

what is he even supposed to look like?

>> No.15083211

Even though your party member is obviously a faggot, he seems like an alright lad. Wish I could talk that openly with my party.

>> No.15083220

Here's one, I'm looking for someone to help draw: An adventuring lawyer, think kinda like Ace Attorney if he had to wander from village to village, battling Orcs and Goblins en route from court case to court case.

The guy's 6'2, fairly jacked, a former high-school soccer-player, and looks about to be 20-22. Bodywise, he's more "tank", less "rogue", his skin light-to-moderately tanned as the result of a heritage that's about 30-40% New Kingdom Egyptian, and a mix of everyone else who came down (so he's got a mix of Berber/Iberian/Tuareg, probably some Visigoth/Brit), black hair, and a well-groomed beard and shades. Feel free to draw how you think this guy would work out.

>> No.15083229


>> No.15083268

Goddamit, SOMEONE'S gonna have to do this request eventually. Please draw any, some, or all of the attached characters in your style. Always wanted to see what they look like from someone else's mind.

>> No.15083275

A guy with a chain wallet, plaid shirt, jeans and a pot-leaf t-shirt smoking a bowl on a stump. Also, medium length (just above forhead), unkempt hair.

>> No.15083279

Your party looks like they devour 1d20 dicks per hour.

>> No.15083289

I knew someone was gonna fag it up like that. Nature of the beast, I suppose.

>> No.15083298

aaand another one who just throws his request in the wild.

you know what, I'm gonna finish the lizardman, then open a drawthread, and then we will start again properly.

>> No.15083300

he has mahogany brown hair, dishevelled, lithe build. He looks approachable, not at all intimidating like his title of Interrogator would suggest.

He wears a suit he "found", your general casual suit affair (imagine David Tennant Dr Who for aid), he carries his force sword at his side though it doesn't seem to be any more than your average sharpened hunk of metal.

>> No.15083301

It's especially the tall guy on the left who looks like he's devouring some serious dick.

>> No.15083308

I assume you haven't gotten a sudden surge of inspiration from the previous changeling rogue/assassin?

>> No.15083312

I was going for traveling alchemist, but I suppose that would work too.

>> No.15083315

ah, okay, then.

okay, in the upcoming thread. Should take less than an hour. Watch out.

>> No.15083328

Thanks so much dude, sorry I wasn't clear. I misunderstood your instructions in the OP.

>> No.15083332

no. He sounds extremely generic. the current psyker dude as well, mind you, but he's simple enough for me to spend very little time on him. And David Tennant has a weird face that I'd gladly try to draw.

>> No.15083337

Jareth the Human Bard. Jareth is a bard that shares a striking resemblance to David Bowie. He is a master of contact juggling and is quite cunning. He can use his intimidating personality to bend others to his whim. He music is quite unusual for the times and always seems on the edge. All in all he is just a Working Class Hero.

>> No.15083338

I am not the OP.

>> No.15083345


>> No.15083360

A middle-aged Bugbear with Renaissance-era clothing on, but he wears a somewhat abstract looking mask on his face, and his left arm is slightly over-sized, and also happens to be mechanical, ornately inscribed and left revealed despite the clothing. In his right hand, with the stock rested on the ground, he has a long-barreled wheellock musket, with a scope that extends the entire length of the weapon on the top and a shorter on that is slightly offset on it, and only extends about a third of the way, and a third scope that is relatively small, on the other side. The weapon has a number of dials and nobs on it.

His mechanical arm has a cane, as well. If possible, it should be somewhat ornate looking as well, and tipped with what appears to be the upper body of a goblin female, sans arms, somewhat like the bow of a ship.

>> No.15083376

Nominated for the 'most retarded character of the year' award.

>> No.15083534


>> No.15083586

liard done, starting the psyker

>> No.15083747


>> No.15083811

woot! my favorite one!

>> No.15084216

I hope I didn't miss all the action! I wish I didn't sleep in so late on the weekends. I DnD late into Friday nights.

Anyhow! I am a DM and I wish I was good at drawing. I have come up with a few races for my game, one in particular that I wanted drawn for a while. Here is a general description but I haven't figured out what type of style their culture would have or anything.


Arachnoids appear as arachnid humanoids. Their abdomen and bottom four legs resemble a giant spider, but their thorax and upper four legs appear more humanoid and are upright. The topmost arms are significantly shorter and look similar to a human baby's arms, but still maintain a chitinous exoskeleton and the same color as the rest of the Arachnoid's body. The set of limbs below that, of normal length, end in a hand typically with longer than humanoid fingers.

Their face and head are that of a spider, having eight (sometimes six or four) eyes, chelicerae, and pedipalps. Most often, their main two eyes are larger than the rest. Their eye color tends to be a solid color of black, dark red, dark green or dark blue. Their chelicerae can sometimes be a different color than the rest of their body, often an iridescent color. Their body has hairs that cover it, the density of which ranges between Arachnoids, and can be a different color than the rest of their chitinous body. These hairs can help pick up scent, sounds and vibrations, and air currents.

Thank you!

>> No.15084223

welp, looks like that dude is harder to draw than expected...

Not sure I'll finish it.

>> No.15084242

that's too bad, as i said,I think i'm gonna stop, because it's late.

However,i might open a drawthread on Monday morning (and i'm an eurofag).

>> No.15084247

Ok. I'll keep an eye out. Thank you for the response, though. :)

>> No.15084324

I dont understand wtf you are saying, but have an old picture i drew kinda related

>> No.15084457

oh, i have a darker one too :v

>> No.15084477


Guess I got skipped over. =\

>> No.15084489

Elwood Keebler. Elven practitioner of Pastromancy.

At a young age, he learned from his father and grandfather the ancient art of magical cooking. His life was always filled with pleasant aromas and the living cooked. He was always an apprentice but his time came to pass his rite of passage and become a full fledged Pastromancer.

During his test, he was carefully scrutinized by his father and grandfather, they watched as he ground sacred grains and kneaded the arcane dough. He then had to write out the secret recipe and and bake the scroll into the dough itself and create his familiar, his families signature Breadnaught.

But something went wrong. He messed up somehow and the Breadnaught gained sentience, killed his father and grandfather and ran off. Elwood survived, and willingly goes into exile until he can find and kill the Breadnaught and reclaim the recipe before his clans arch enemy, Nabis (and company) can get to it.

He's effectively just an artificer with bakery themed attacks, weapons and armor. He's always seen with a Gingersteel Repeating Crossbow that fires Pockytipped Arrows and his Candycane Alloy Sabre. His armor ranges from the equivalents of leather to hide, he always wears his families Baguetteplate Vest underneath his MuffinStitched Greatcoat and other vestments.

Other than that, he looks like your general elf. But he's always serious, after the death of his family and mentors.

>> No.15084893

Aaah so sorry I had to go on duty, hope you didn't scrap the picture because I couldn't answer :(

If you haven't, take freedom with culture!

>> No.15084902

Ah I see you finished the drawing anyway!
Apologies again and many thanks Technomancer!

>> No.15084972

A soldier in torn hot weather BDUs, no sleeves, woodland pattern, and an old surplus flak jacket. He's carrying an FAL and his only tacticool gear is a bandolier for magazines, worn across the chest. He has a rather full rucksack hanging off his left shoulder and there's three canteens clipped onto the strap for the rucksack. His left ring finger is missing. He's six feet tall and 57 kilograms. He's very rugged looking and has a beard, but a gag JFK mask conceals his face and head. He also has an IRA tattoo on his right shoulder. (that's irish republican army, not international reading association.)

>> No.15084983

Derp, forgot to mention the system. It's Twilight 2013. It's pretty hardcore operator and the setting is basically china nuked a lot of stuff and other people nuked a lot of stuff and ground war broke out all over the place and now everything's all screwed up.

>> No.15085117

Jareth the Human Bard. Jareth is a bard that shares a striking resemblance to David Bowie. He is a master of contact juggling and is quite cunning. He can use his intimidating personality to bend others to his whim. He music is quite unusual for the times and always seems on the edge. All in all he is just a Working Class Hero.

>> No.15086013

Damn, I wake up and no one picked up Ser William Royce? Oh well...

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