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Can anyone point me to some Rogue Trader shipbuilding resources? Things like...

-compendium of applicable rules/hulls/components
-where to find said rules/hulls/components
-example builds
-builder sheets

I'm particularly interested in a compiled list of all the hulls, components, weapons, etc with stats. Does such a thing exist?

Much thanks and some 40k ship art in return.

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2 of ?

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Warp Abacus everywhere

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3 of ?

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aside from the core book and drydock, theres nothing
and drydock is just the shipbuilding section of the core book...

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what do you have?

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Google has no results :(

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Actually Battle Fleet Koronus that came out a couple months ago has a lot more options and fun stuff.

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Flipping back and forth between the Core, Into the Storm, and Battlefleet Calaxis books sucks.

Or I'm lazy..

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Don't forget Into the Storm.

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A fair amount of those ships in Butterfuck Koronus are so good, there's no reason not to take them compared to other ships.

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example semi-completed build using parts from both BF koronus and the core book.
ENDEAVOR-Class Light Cruiser

Speed = 6
Manoeuver +12
Detect: +15
Hull Integrity: 60
Armour: 20
Turret Rating: 2
Space: 0 (total 58)
Power: 9 (total: 60)

Adventurous: +10 to detect when on endeavor, -10 when not.
Finance In Arrears


Prow: 2
Voss-Pattern Torpedo Tubesx2 (1 fixed)
2 str

Port: 1
Sunsear Macrobattery
4 str, 1d10+2, 4 crit, 9 range

Starboard: 1
Sunsear Macrobattery
4 str, 1d10+2, 4 crit, 9 range

Jovian Class 3
Strelov 2 Engine
Warpsbane Hull
Nav tests to pilot through the warp: +10
2 rolls on warp table, navigator chooses result
+2 SP
Void Shield, Single Array
Command Bridge
Vitae Pattern Life sustainer
Voidsman Quarters
MArk-100 Auger Array (external)

Compartmentalized cargo Hold
+100 Achievement points to Trade Objectives
Extended Supply Vaults
x2 time without resupply
+1 Hull integrity when conducting extended repairs
+1 morale
+20 bonus to command for Hit and RUn
When Determining Critical Hits delt by Hit and Run, Choose 1-6
+20 to command tests to attack with this
No need to roll piloting to make a hit and run test

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moar ships!

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So, what's the largest fleet you ever got for a rouge trader dynasty /tg/

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A thread hijack indeed, but god dammit I want to know as well

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Ever sparred with an Eldar ship?

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I stopped counting, just going to find all the ship pics in my 40k folder

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How long would a group need to play to get a fleet of 3 to 4 ships attached to their dynasty?

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Well, my dynasty in my ongoing IRC game currently consists of three ships.

A Dauntless Light Cruiser (Salvage prize/reward for battle-winning participation in major naval engagement as well as rescuing and returning a lost Navy ship to Battlefleet), a Sword Frigate (original vessel), and a Hazeroth Raider (prize ship, captured from pirates)

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The very thought of throwing one at my players fills me with guilt. If played right by the GM, they are just unfair. At least that's what they look like on paper.

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My group had a Tyrant Cruiser called the Windu's Saber, and a Dauntless Light Cruiser called the Paradigm.

For a homie, I built him a fleet.

Stun Gun - Meritech Raider, nothing but disruptor cannons, 16 speed
And We're Just The Escorts - Falchion Frigate, built as a torpedo boat
Clown Car - Defiant Light Cruiser, no weapons, boarding stuff only, 15 speed.
Super Dimension Fortress - The Tyrant Cruiser flagship, technically built by the both of us, built for roleplay and not straight-up combat.

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Nice. I was thinking flagship, initial frigate, transport would be a great all around fleet.

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Oh dear. How do you pull of that much speed on an imperial ship? A CRUISER?

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I wonder if there are fan-made compendiums or ship builders out there?

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I ran out of space far before I ran out of power.

Archeotech special drive, granted a fair speed boost, then an Energistic Conversion Matrix to turn something like 20 power into extra speed. I don't remember the specifics, my homies have the only copies of those ships.

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That's two archeotech devices right? The drive and the conversion matrix?

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speaking of names...

this baby needs a name. any suggestions?

atm I'm thinking about "Gilded Wing" or "His Far-Reaching Gaze"

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Yeah, he gave me some really weird rules for how he wanted those ships built.

He said, "This is a fleet for an Inquisitor in my upcoming game, so use as much Archeotech as you want. However, use NO xenotech. All weapons are Good quality, everything else Regular quality. I''ll leave the rest to you."

I obliged. But nothing said I couldn't have a little fun along the way.

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got plenty more of these to come

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Watchful Servant
Ravenous Intent
Event Horizon...

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Sounds like a fun session. How did those crazy ships fare?

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no flood detection yet...

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My group has been playing Rogue Trader weekly for about... a year and a half maybe? We've missed the occasional weekly session, of course.


My group has engaged Eldar ships twice. The first time was pretty much a solo show by the group's Void Mistress (now captain of the Hazeroth and leader of a splintered off-shoot playing group) who was in command of the ship while the rest of us were on a planet's surface (having had out cutter shot down by an Eldar fighter). The battle was short lived as she is an exceptionally talented gunner, once she managed to get a good sensor lockthe Aconite frigate was blown away in a single salvo of double-sunsear battery fire. This was when our only ship was the Sword Frigate.

The second battle was very recent, and did not go nearly as well. Our Light Cruiser, escorted by our Sword Frigate was approaching an unknown anomaly in space to investigate it when, being cautious and paranoic, I decided to switch the ship's ehterics to active-ping search. Doing so immediately revealed a distorted signal approaching our vessels from behind. Minutes later the unknown contact opened fire, delivering significant damage to the frigate.

This was a poor situation as both ships were not in great shape for a fight, the hulls were sound, but both ships were operating at only 60% crew capacity as we had left port in a hurry. The ship continued to single out the frigate for destruction as we attempted to shield it with the Light Cruiser, however attack craft from the Eldar ship hampered our efforts. Finally the Frigate managed to put some distance (though not before scoring a few glancing hits with her sunsears) and we drew the unknown vessel's attention away from the stricken frigate. Finally got a solid enough fix on it to identify her. She was a *Craftworld Eldar* vessel, a Dragonship!

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There is the Dark Heresy Armoury thats on /rs/, and I've found some fan-made hulls and weapons on Dark Reign, the fansite.
If only I could find a group so easy.....

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Orks is made fer lootin'

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I don't know. I graduated this month, so I won't see them in action.

However, they all have BS of 80 or higher, the most pimped out systems possible, and the Super Dimension Fortress was built around the Voidsunder Lance. I pity the party who has to face them.

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The battle from that point on got very ugly. We finally managed to swing the Dauntless about and savaged the ship with a broadside, dealing 30+ damage to the Eldar ship, however it immediately returned fire, pulsar lances and battery fire savaging our hull, dropping us to under 50% hull integrity, fully half the crew was killed, over 20,000 men lost. Desperate and not really thinking things through, I finished coming about and aimed the Dauntless straight at the Eldar Dragon, Ramming Speed, TPK time!

The Daunltess speared the Xenos vessel, dealing two-dozen points of damage and shattering the vessel's spine. The Emperor was with us, because our vessel only took a single point of damage from the ram. However the Dragon ship's attack craft relauched and further bit into the Dauntless' hull, reducing the ship to just above crippled status and killing even more crewmen. As the two burning ships drifted apart I was sure we'd die due to another attack craft wave, but suddenly Las-battery fire rakes the Dragonship once more as our frigate re-arrives on the field of battle, disobeying my orders for the NPC captain to disengage no matter what happened. The day won thanks to this blatant disregard for my orders, I could not blame him, I would have done the same!

End result, Dragon ship destroyed, Dauntless at 16% hull integrity and a skeleton crew (12%), the Sword Frigate at 40% hull integrity and 42% crew. A close, desperate battle against a superior opponent, won only through crazed gambit. Holofields suck, surprised we succeeded the ram despite them (we roll openly too, no fudging there!).

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What sort of test do you roll to see if you shat your pants?

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Ah, eldar ships. I used some against my players once. A light cruiser and three raiders. The players struggled to take them down. The resultant conversation:

"Oh, wow. We finally beat them." says the Voidmaster.
"Why didn't our moon send help?" demands the Rogue Trader.
>You think they care about you?
"Well, yeah! We own that moon!" he replies.
"If you die, they stand to profit." notes the Explorator.
"Well, they'll respect us now. We beat an entire Eldar battlefleet."
>Um, that was a tiny scouting fleet.
"A SCOUT FLEET? THAT WAS A SCOUT FLEET!?" Rogue Trader's, well, I almost tire of typing this. You know his reaction by now.
>Yes. And now they know where you are. As well as to send actual combat ships now.

>his visage

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Epic, this is what RPGs are about

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Macrobatteries, do you love them?

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? of ?

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Is there a map or deck plan for any 40K ships? I'd like to sue one as a play aid when my group attempts to reclaim their ship.

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I'd like to design an endeavor/campaign to work alongside the machine cult. God emperor knows that payoff would be worth it.

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I don't think I have any, but that makes sense given the scale. Someone could probably do one for the bridge, a part of the engine room, etc, but not the entire ship.

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Still praying for a website or PDF will at least all the components listed

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One of my favorites

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argh. Everytime i read the description on that image, a part of my brain dies.

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running low on pics

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haha, I'm not the only one who noticed that all the antigrav gens in the world won't increase acceleration?

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Handwavium technology of the grimderp future.

Pretty much out of pics. Just some random BFG stuff that I may or may not post. Would love to hear more builds and epic stories.

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I'm kinda bored, maybe I'll build that lance frigate I've wanted

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Currently don't own a ship in our campaign.
why you ask?
My shitty Father (I'm the RT in our campaign) Gambled it away...Now it is my duty to get back the ship, the trade warrant and most of all, the Honor!
I envy you people and your ships....

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My group stole theirs from an out of the way Inquisition station. Explained the rare archeotech like the Wonkavator.

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Which are the components I need for a grand cruiser to be crew friendly?

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crew friendly? depends how friendly. and whether you want all decent stuff, or some good stuff and some bad stuff. For example, if you want a crew reclaimation bay, you might want some really good stuff to balance out the morale loss

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Crew friendly how? There are morale raising items, starvation averting components, health maintaining components.

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Enough for always have high morale and few crew looses.
We are going to play as an ancient RT dinasty which has lost all it's fleet except for the flagship, which is a grand cruisers what dates from the Great Crusade era.

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There's little stuff like vaulted ceilings and that chapel that have an impact on morale. The hard part seems to be not using shit quality parts given the cost.


That might bite you in that ass depending on GM

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I was the GM. And it DID bite them in the ass at the end of the campaign.

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extended supply vaults, voidsman's quarters, a good life support system, one of them void dome thingies(like an observatory on the ship), a hydroponics station, good medical treatment, and you can spend some points on upgrading your crew to crack

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But if you put all that stuff on, you'll run out of space for dakka!

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Medicae deck, Clan-kin quarters, Arboretum, Clemency pattern life sustainers, temple shrine. Maybe a pilots chambers if you use hangers ( doesn't improve morale, but it's characterful for treating the crew well). Maybe buy a better crew rating too

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Grand cruisers have excessive amounts of dakka-space

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You'd be surprised. I tried to build one a while ago. I ran out VERY quickly.

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Well, I could sacrifice the Dakka for be more Choppanh.

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Sorry OP I have a excel sheet of all the components +page numbers but they're at my home computer when I get back from my trip I'll post it on monday

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Doesn't have the Battlefleet Koronus stuff yet, but should have everything else and some custom crap.

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Captain, th' engines cannae take it! I'll run oot o' whips tae motivate th' Armsmen!

>> No.15075499


Heroes of the Imperium, thank you

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File: 1022 KB, 1440x900, FirEvr 1440x900 WS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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so besides notes, pre-made planets, characters, ships and other random encounters/npcs and so on, what should a fledgeling Rogue Trader storyteller keep in mind?

I'm no stranger to storytelling in general, I have a really good group and we all know 40k very well. The game system itself as well as its style are pretty different from anything we've ever played though. We usually play low key mortal World of Darkness horror stuff.

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Fuck me. I rolled a one for Profit Factor / Ship Points. That gives me 30 SP to work with. Any tips?

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If they can't see you they can't curb stomp you.

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This reminds me of the time my RT Party decided 'Hey a Sister of Battle Transport! Those are unarmed, let's board them and take thier stuff!'

They were not clever people.

"What do you mean the troop transports got 3 Barracks and a Stormtrooper Detachment?"

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Maybe get a cheap transport, load up with cargo bays? That should help you get the resources to get a bigger ship. Either that or get a tiny raider/frigate and slowly board your way up to bigger ships.

Also, is anyone else disapointed that the non-imperial ships in Battlefleet Kronos lacked listings for how much room thier parts took? Especially after they released a ship upgrade especially for looting parts.

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I'm trying to see if I can build a Orion-class Star Clipper. Rolled Reliquary of Mars and Nose for Trouble. For the mandatory Archeotech I'm playing with Cypra-pattern drives for the silent running boost. Everything else has been as little power as possible with +SP where prudent. As an example I'm running Clan-kin Quarters for the defense bonus along with +1 SP.

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nice. Good luck with your endeavours.

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