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How does a man leave a lasting legacy?

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take a good chunk of the planet with you when you die

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High killcount.

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Woops, ignore the name, was just from another thread.

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By making sure everything within a 200 mile radius of hi randomly bursts into flames upon his death.

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fuck bitches, be everyone's ancestor.

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You make a fancy statue with a plaque declaring you're the King of Kings.

Since stone, for instance, is immortal, unlike humans, the statue should remain forever and make the mighty despair.

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doing it 15 minutes ago

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Become a philanthropist.



Jurassic Park

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Leave something behind that either endures or is remembered on your behalf.

So launch a nuke or something. Or just have a Hydrogen bomb rigged to explode as soon as you die.

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You become a Prince of the Universe. Gotta pass the the test, first time.

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His genetic code, which lives on, albeit piecemeal, in his children.

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- Kill a political leader.
- Lead a mass pacifism movement.
- Rape over +1,000 women to ensure your descendents live on in tainted memory.
- Build something grand and incomprehensible by yourself for future generations to question "how", BONUS points for leaving being clues of cryptic messages like "I understood how to manipulate gravity".
- Destroy a national landmark or building.
- Learn genetic engineering and create a cross breed of two species BONUS points for a half-human.
- Win a hotdog eating contest.

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Define "lasting".

Some memories persist past generations, but nothing can last forever.

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>be everyones ancestor

genghis khan has something like 20 million descendants today, yet no one remembers him for fucking bitches, more like beheading them.

how would i leave a legacy? painting my face on the moon, for everyone to see. should be good for the next 3 billion years.

pic related

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Better question.
Why would you want that?

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Goddammit I wanted to post that.

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-Kill someone else with a lasting legacy
-Kill a lot of people without legacies
-Kill a significant religious, political, scientific, or other figure
-Start a cult
-Start a cult and turn it into a mainstream religion
-Start a cult and do terrorisms
-Start a cult and provoke the government into seiging you
-Start a cult and do only good things
-See how many grenades you can fit in a baby
-Rape a nun while standing on the Washington Monument
-Set off a nuclear weapon
-Defuse a nuclear weapon
-Create a website, make it famous
-Conquer an African nation, turn it into a first-world powerhouse
-Take on Britain's nanny state
-Get killed trying to motivate social change in China
-Get on television, do outrageous things
-Eat the pope
-Reconcile Israel and Palestine
-Unite Korea
-Get China to accept Taiwan's independence
-Successfully maneuver Greenland into war with Europe
-Declare yourself king of Antarctica, build an actual kingdom
-Fuck a polar bear in Times Square
-Set fire to the Amazon. Yes, all of it
-Cure a major disease
-Cure several minor diseases
-Weaponize cancer
-Resurrect an extinct species
-Blow up the Moon
-Build your own spacecraft, successfully orbit the Earth and return, without being arrested or shot down
-Terraform a desert
-Construct something massive
-Construct something massive, but only out of shit
-Create a new race that will supersede humanity
-Create a new race that could supersede humanity, then kill them all
-Poop a Cadillac

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Win a Nobel Pri--wait, that's not a guarantee anyone will actually care.

Only surefire way is to kill millions of people.

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None of these things will cause a legacy that lasts at least 10,000 years

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Actually, they will.

You're just not bright enough to see it.

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two words:

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>0.5% chance I'm related to Genghis Khan

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Start a Religion

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Most of them will not.

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You can't know that.

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People who did this 10,000 years ago we still don't remember.

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Nothing lasts. All information will, in time, be destroyed.

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10,000 years ago people were more concerned about surviving for one more day than whether or not people would remember them thousands of years later.

Nowadays with the huge flow of information and speed with which it travels worldwide, it's far more feasible to have your name and deeds recorded and remembered for a much longer time in the future.

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As I said, you can't know whether a legacy will last 10,000 years. It might fall short, it might stick with humanity (or whatever humanity becomes) until the end.

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Its a legacy.

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How about making a legacy that lasts 100,000 years?
Isn't that long in the scheme of things.

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>implying we even know humanity itself will last 10,000 or 100,000 years.

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There is, however, also much more information around. Information yours is likely to be lost in. I think the best time for getting immortalized is over. Newton, Euler, Lagrange, Planck, Bohr, Einstein - I think these are names that won't be forgotten for a long time. But these days you need large teams to make significant discoveries, so individuals are more likely to be drowned in the mass of other individuals, so to speak.
And yes, I think science is the best way to leave a lasting legacy, because science doesn't work without older science.

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Considering that we have no idea what's going to happen to us even in the next 50 years, there's no way to know. Unless you take "leaving a lasting legacy" to just mean "leaving a lasting change/effect," in which case blowing up the Moon or something would still be valid, even if humanity died out or forgot about it.

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Actually it is true. There is a 5/1000 chance that you are related to djenghis Khan.
In china it is like 20% chance.
And how did he do it? New girl to have unprotected sex with every day.
Nevermind walking around the chinese wall either :P

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As long as there no alien threats or supernova exploding near us, we're going to last quite a while. The real question is: will civilization last?

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Look if you want you name to forever be remember for 10,000 years then you have to murder millions but can just be anything silly like that you gotta take the Hitler approch.
Turn it into a machine, a machine that is never turned off till you say so (lol yeah right) or your taken out and someone with a soul will but the damage is done already. In fact, fuck Hitler. He's only remembered as a footnote next to you... you killed billions. Men, women, children, black, white, yellow, blue, it doesn't matter who they all much march into the machine. This machine could do anything for you.
Build materials for the war effort (lol try doing all this in peace time), feed the masses (Soilent Green, anyone?), disturbing medical experiments that every scientist, in fact if you don't surround yourself with some of the sickest minds of your generation your playing softball boy you need to get your act together.
Do this and they will write who libraries about you, your name will but utter as with discontent and discus, no child will carry your name anymore, but in the end they will remember you.. they have too for fear of repeating the same mistakes, thou little do they know it'll happen all over again no matter what.

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What if I also gave a disfigurement to a large portion of the gene pool.
Would that not also leave a physical legacy?

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How does a woman leave a lasting legacy?

Have a famous son.

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It's funny cause it's true

>> No.15061723

It's not; you're just misogynist.

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Evolution would exterminate it.

>> No.15061752

So it would not last.
Good point

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Just like evolution has removed cystic fibrosis, haemophilia and every other genetic disorder or defect.

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Yeah, Margaret Thatcher's son is really famous. As is Boudica's. And Marie Curie's.

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Other then Joan of Arc, name the oldest widely known woman.
Remembered for at least the last 1500 years

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It did, but the G-man put it right back in there. "Vaccinations" my bum.

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You dont seem to know what that word means.

>> No.15061778

Give it a little time man.
But yeah I guess you have a point.

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By having already left it thirty-five minutes ago.

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So why are you people immediately jumping to the conclusion that this legacy must be something negative? I'd say creating something that future generations will use would be a far better way. Like building the first space elevator or inventing cold fusion or something.

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Except that sometimes the genes that carry those diseases have other benefits. For example, the genes that predisposed a lot of people from the Mediterranean to Sickle Cell Anemia, also makes them nearly immune to malaria.

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That stuff's hard. Killing a bunch of people is relatively easy.

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>blowing up the moon wont be remembered in 10,000 years

assuming humanity survived you would probably still be remembered as the that asshole who blew up the moon

>> No.15061813

And the pussy's way of doing things.

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>None of these things will cause a legacy that lasts at least 10,000 years
>Blow up the moon

I don't know this sure seems like a likely candidate

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Meaning that any other asshole can do it too. Killing more people than anyone else could is just as hard as inventing something.

>> No.15061821


Because inventors tend not to be remembered too well even if their invention has saved millions, while complete bastards are common knowledge.

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>Last 10000 years

Sit on the Golden Throne you created, guide Mankind through the warp.

>> No.15061868

>Implying the pariahfest that is Earth has any need for an emprah

>> No.15061877


Are you saying you don't love the Emperor?

>> No.15061880

The only lasting legacy is yourself. Find a way to live forever, and your legacy shall never end.

>> No.15061892


>Discover Immortality.
>implying people who can actually contribute to humanity come here

>> No.15061896

I'm saying that if he showed up, he'd disintegrate as the gargantuan pariah wankfest that we call the earth's population took effect.

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I have a question on the other side of the coin:

You have two parents. Your parents have four parents. Their parents have eight parents, et cetera. The number of your ancestors in any given generation starting with you 'n' is 2^(n-1)
Let's give a standard generation 20 years. That's five generations per century.
By this logic, twenty six genarations earlier, in fifteenth cetury, just when people started move out of europe, more than three billions people lived in europe. Every generation, the amount doubles and only get worse.

What the fuck?

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All that lives must die. Second law of thermodynamics.

>> No.15061926

>pariah wankfest


>> No.15061928

Incest. Ideally with relatives so far removed that noone even knows or cares that you're related.

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If you outlive humanity, you've come close enough to immortality for it to not matter.


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That sounds an awful lot like heresy there bro.

>> No.15061941

Seen any psykers lately? Seen anyone turn to chaos lately?

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A theory /tg/ had from a thread long, long ago. That earth as we know is exists in the 40k universe. Why no daemons, psykers, or spess murenz around? Because every goddamn one of us is a pariah.

Every. Goddamn. One.

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You're also set for a very boring life, I'd say. But yeah I was just being a pessimistic smartass. I think the role suits me.

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There's a reason for that, citizen.
Why? Do you have something you'd like to report?

>> No.15061969

You don't scare me, meat. That pistol won't fire.


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>Seen any psykers lately?
Yeah, on day time TV offering their services by phone for money.

>> No.15061972

really? I was working under the assumption that we were completely cut off from the rest of the galaxy by a Warp Storm engineered to shield the massive craftworld that is Pluto from the eyes of the Imperium

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Hey guys, quick question?
Who invented the Chariot?

>> No.15062007

Assubinal, who lived on Maryinaz street in Shanidar. Why? You wanna meet him? You're a bit late.

>> No.15062008

Some dude named Chariot. Duh.

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Name the most brutal african warlords and mass murderers from before 5000 BC.

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Oy! Get 'im, the git gonna feel MY CHOPPA!

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I am going to use this as an argument when some moralfag tells me that incest is dirty.

The moment where it's six billion in the following and twelwe in the one before that is really, really mindfucking, though, and I'd like it explained, seeing as the amount of people had to be smaller instead.

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>moralfag tells me that incest is dirty
>Implying all but the sickest of people won't tell you that incest is wrong
>Implying that we can't scientifically demonstrate that incest is wrong.

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As I said.
Merge two branches of the tree that is your ancestors, and a large part of it just vanishes. Repeat.

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Nooooo! My ....powers ....are...failing! My, acting is ...going...Shatner.

>> No.15062078

The problem with the scientific method is how it also tells you that fucking monkeys is right.

>> No.15062086

It does?

>> No.15062087

>implying not a troll

>> No.15062090

>forced to obey the laws of physics
>makes people go Shatner

That's enough reason for me to kill you, Mr. Nullifyer.

>> No.15062092

Pretty sure it doesn't, and you don't understand the scientific method, and you may or may not be a butthurt christfag.

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>go Shatner



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Do not exacerbate the situation by acknowledging him, dolt.

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You're right. It's my achilles heel. I'm easily trolled.

>> No.15062121


All according to Plan.

>> No.15062127

You fool! Consider the cruelty of the natural universe, how could such a being as Brian Blessed exist without some sort of divine or arcane meddling?
Now you will suffer. We will ALL suffer.

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Implying this isn't in the Plan.

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So is the emperor's voice actor:
A: Brian Blessed
B: Freddie Mercury
C:Morgan Freeman
D:All of the above?

>> No.15062149

It isn't your fault, it's like a superpower. They can draw you in, like a siren, and then BAM. 328 replies.

>> No.15062163


D. Definitely all at once.

>> No.15062167

I would've guessed a combination of Tim Curry and Carl Sagan, but that's just me. Barring that, D.

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The most diabolical thing, though, is that these posts are the troll's work as well. So is this one.
The only real way to win is to lose.

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>implying Morgan Freeman's voice doesn't belong to Tzeentch, who uses it to compel mortals to do his bidding.

"Well now, sorceruh, I've gotta say, you've come AWful fah now, but theya's just one li'l bit left. Yo-uh soul."

I'd give my soul to Morgan Freeman in an instant.

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I harken back to those early days, when I assumed that all of /tg/ was me, and three lictors that had learned how to type and troll.

>> No.15062188

>Implying it wasn't the Eldar trolling you
>Implying Lictors are smart

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Your pretty good, though.

>> No.15062198

>Tim Curry


You know it. You fuckers all know it.

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All things to nothingness descend,
Grow old and die and meet their end,
Man dies, iron rusts, wood goes decayed,
Flowers fall, walls crumble, roses fade …
Nor long shall any name resound
Beyond the grave, unless 't be found
In some clerk's book, it is the pen
Gives immortality to men.

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I'm not saying that they were made by the troll. I'm saying that they're made in response to the troll, containing nothing relevant to the thread. They are just as much part of the
191 posts and 23 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.
as any post from anyone who got "legitimately" trolled.

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>Lictors aren't smart
>Implying that this precludes them from trolling

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Slaanesh was in Muppet Treasure Island?

>> No.15062250

This is now a thread about miscellaneous things and trolls.

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Puppets for the puppet god!

Felt for the felt throne!

>> No.15062325

So, we've got the voices of Emprah, Slaanesh and Tzeentch.. Who's Khorne?

>> No.15062339


I see what you may or may not have intentionally done there...

>> No.15062353

Samuel L. Jackson?

>> No.15062374

Oooh. I like it.


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>> No.15062413

Tom Waits.

Why the hell not.

>> No.15062439

Mick Jagger.

>> No.15062528

Necron Lord?

>> No.15062616


>> No.15062618

For the great David Bowie? Nothing less than one of the C'Tan.
He has a whole world under his direct control, to the smallest speck and most secret thought.
Then again, he could very well be The Deceiver. Fits him.

>> No.15062678

Gork and Mork.

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What I'm stumped on is Eldar...

>> No.15062826

Hugh Laurie is Eldrad.

>> No.15063131

And now I must demand that someone think of a character for Stephen Fry.

>> No.15063774

Hum. Is there some kind of Grand Librarian on Terra? Because he'd fit that role perfectly.

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