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For The Greater Good.

What is the history behind these guys? How did the Kroot and Vespid end up becoming part of the empire?

Wikipedia barely gives anything.

If this is wrong forum I'll go elsewhere.

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OK so the tau's whole deal sense they were introduced is they are extremly imperialistic and expanded rapidly claiming nearby planets and systems. They saw the benefits of allies and so they would ask w/e species they encountered to team up with them

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try the warhammer wiki (not wikipedia itself)
much more detailed

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Tau helped the Kroot out against the Orks when they met them, Kroot pledged their allegiance to the empire
The Vespids gave themselves to the Tau when they met, suspiciously just after the special helmets the Earth caste designed to allow communication were constructed

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Kroot still work for other factions IIRC. But not "officially", because their allegiance is supposed to be Tau-exclusive.

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Not OP, but what are the differences between wh40kwiki and Lexicanum? I usually use Lexicanum, but are there any pros/cons for each?

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Yeah, they try and stay fairly inconspicuous, seeing as the Tau would get pissy at them if they discovered the Kroot were still going full mecenary. Part of the reason they do it I believe is to maintain genetic diversity.

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Is there an official lore to the 40k universe? You can play any faction in Dark Crusade (only one I've played with Tau being the only faction I've played) and it will give you a different result.

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in the dawn of war games you can pretty much do anything, but there is an "official canon" ending (space marines kick the shit out of everything up to dark crusade, i think the tau won soulstorm. not sure about that last bit though)

there IS an official lore for 40k in general, but it is usually spotty and contained to single events (such as the horus heresy or the damnation crusade, etc)

just pick up some books if you want some real lore. best way overall

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Was thinking of doing that. Don't know if the creators of this lore/canon will change stuff after the fact or just add something that wasn't there. I tend to like the official version of things.

Do you know what the official story is on the fate of Kronus? Will all my fighting be for nothing?

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samefag here

I played dawn of war 1 as my first foray into 40k. loved it. bought many of the books and comics, plus sifted through the wiki pages once in a while.

I have never played the tabletop or read the codex for any race, but i am fairly comfortable with the lore in general.

i think the videogames/books/comics are pretty much the least painful way to get the story and general feel for the world if you are not interested in the tabletop

if you are SORT OF interested in the tabletop you can also try some of the "closer to codex" mods for DOW games. they are still not true tabletop but they are a nice middleground (and if you find you don't like even those mods it saves a lot of money on figures)

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This. The DoWXP mod was pretty fun. Ion cannon Hammerheads and Crisis suits that aren't shit tier.

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I just took the dawn of war games out of the lore completely to be honest.

If i whooped everyones ass as chaos, then fuck it. chaos won that war.

i am sure one day someone will write a dark crusade book for black library (at that point it is pretty much canon for the most part)

just take it as it comes. your ending is as official as you want it to be.
a good rule of thumb if you are unsure is that the imperium is a sore loser and usually destroys the whole planet in the end.
so if you are unsure, imperium wins...
easy way out i know, but sadly true

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Why are the CSM and IG considered enemies in Dark Crusade? They gave me a quick line in game but I completely forgot it. If the Imperium wasn't so damn xenophobic they could ally with the Tau and maybe Eldar and purge the galaxy of the 'evil' races.

Considering that's my viewpoint, it's obvious why I like Tau.


I've been interested in the painting thing since I was a little kid. Never got into it. My parents got me some figures and paints, which I still have. I think it's LotR, which I'm a fan of and it would be a good start. Money is an issue though. As for books, how many are there? I still have to read my Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft books. Good thing summer starts on Friday.

I have no idea what a codex is. I saw you guys talking about it in another thread and was completely lost. :P

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to the first part
the imperium often does team up with other races on some occasions.
they have been known to work with pretty much any alien when it comes to fighting chaos forces at least temporarily
some space marines legions and IG regiments are more open to this sort of thing and others would rather die fighting everyone than work with aliens
it all depends on the legion

to the second part, there are a metric ton of books. i suggest starting with the "horus heresy" series since it does not require a whole lot of prior info
make sure to get (in order):
Horus Rising – Dan Abnett
False Gods – Graham McNeill
Galaxy in Flames – Ben Counter
The Flight of the Eisenstein

to the third thing
a codex is basically a rule book for the tabletop game, but more dressed up in lore and pictures than a straight up manual

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CSM are enemies because they are CSM.
Blood for the Blood god, orgies for the orgy throne does not sit well with the imperium at large.....and the fact that they turned traitor.

The IG being enemies was kinda shoe-horned in there, but the gist of it is, they disobeyed orders to withdraw from the planet, so the Space marines have the complete right to murder them.

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General rule of thumb for books.

If Dan Abnett, or Aaron Dembski-Bowden on the cover, it will most likely be a good book.

The Horus Heresy series is set in the golden age of the Imperium, When the Emperor still walked amongst men, and the events that lead to the Imperiums current state.

I also recommend the Xeneology book, and you could "aquire" a copy of the tau codex for fluff.

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pretty much this

the IG being an enemy in dark crusade really didn't sit well with a lot of the fans, but it is generally accepted because it is just part of the game mechanics

that said, if there is a tau, chaos, eldar, orc, and necron force on a planet large enough to draw the space marines... odds are there would be no IG left on the planet to fight. especially anything that would ever pose a threat to a late to arrive marine legion

i would have preferred it if they just came out and said that the IG on kronus feared to be tained by the chaos and were to be purged outright

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Blood Ravens are there to secure relics that are for the eyes of their chapter's inner circle, and nobody else. (They probably provided damning revelation of Kyras' heresy, but this would be an excuse available only in retrospect. However, even at this time the Blood Ravens are described as being incredibly secretive about their past, which they may know more about than they are letting on.)

The Guard are led by an ambitious young Governor-Militant with a direct line to Segmentum Command, and presumably the Inquisition. In his victory scene it describes him gaining favor with the Mechanicus by granting them access to Kronus' archeotech. He may have been ambitious (or pious) enough to expose their heresy, with the Blood Ravens' extermination just an incidental consequence of his rise up the ranks.

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Read "The Last Church." It's about the Emperor right before he starts conquering space. It shows how much of a massive douche he was and how for the last 10,000 years he's been trapped in an ironic hell with only himself to blame.

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I should add that if the Governor got his hands on evidence of the heresy widespread in the Blood Ravens' upper echelons, he would be duty-bound to report it. Failure to do so would make him complicit. And whether he is a devoted and pious loyalist or a cynical career-chasing politician, it is unlikely the Blood Ravens could bribe him into turning the artifacts over and forgetting what he saw.

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Its not his fault he didn't hug Lograr enough.

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Eh, he was trying to combat Chaos by cutting off their supply lines. His public face was that of atheism, but inwardly he was a maltheist - A viewpoint too well-justified to require any elaboration.

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Since this is a Tau thread, lemme ask this here:

Why do Tau players think Vespids suck? I want to play Tau someday, and I love the look of these critters. Their guns are awesome, they fly, they're relatively cheap.

Do they suck in a vacuum, or is it just that there are better things in the FA slot? It seems to me that a lot of units that 'suck' have that caveat; they don't suck by themselves, it's just that there's that one REALLY GOOD thing in their slot that you should be taking.

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I think you're mixing up Planetary Defense Forces (aka, local Militia) and the Imperial Guard (the freaking hammer of the imperium)

The Guard is fighting the worst enemies of mankind on a daily basis, all of them on all fronts. It just does it with less geneticly modified designed superhumans and highend hitech equippment, but brings enough manpower to the field to counter that shortcomings.

And it's not that uncommon for armies of the imperium of man to fight each other. Astartes acting up? Could be traitor legions or a Chapter going Rogue.. or just plain old Astartes who think they are somehow above the laws of the Imperium of man and need a little reminder that those laws also apply to them.
Imperial Guard Regiment who does not willingly cooperate with the newly arriving Marines. Probably Heretics, be it willingly or because of corrupt leadership.

Every imperial Faction can find an excuse to wipe out a few thousand people of another imperial faction, and if just to cover up their own, not quiet so noble goals.

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Wow. For the Greater Good?

I always get weird shit like dubs in boards where nobody goes nuts over them. :V

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Get the fuck out.

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See? I only get dubs or trips in boards where people hate dubs or trips.

And I want to play Tau, too. I guess I just can't win. :V

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I know, right? Yesterday I got a 40000 get and nobody even noticed.

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the IG on kronus was supposed to be a single regiment with limited armor and no reinforcements

basically a suped up PDF with a better command structure and slightly better gear

either way, i doubt without reinforcements even the cadians could fight off so many races on one planet AND take out a chapter of space marines.
that said, i have mad respect for the IG. i just think this one would be a losing battle from the moment the necrons woke up and the tau decided it was time for the imperials to go...

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If only they had those 100 Baneblades....

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Anyone? Anyone tell me why people think Vespid suck?

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They just cost waaay too much for how fragile the unit is and what its supposed to do. The Neutron Blaster is fine as a MEQ killer, but on a BS3 unit with one shot a piece, you're not likely to kill more than 1 or 2 with a volley and the 12" range makes an assault almost unavoidable. The strain leader is pretty much a must for any stingwing unit since without it you're at Ld6 and can't benefit from markerlights. The Tau aren't in any particular need of any more jump units and the only thing that makes them special in this regard is they don't have the JSJ capability of most of the Tau's other jump units. Fleet means less now in 5th edition because of the run rules. The new cover rules didn't do these guys any favors either since if you'll notice, stingwings don't have any grenades for assaulting units that are in cover.

tl;dr there's a lot of little shortcomings to the unit that don't justify the FA slot and 16pts/model.

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because they are paper thin flys that go down too easy if you do not babysit them, and they are really fucking out of place in the tau empire (kroot were enough of a stretch. vespids are just too far out there)
other than that they are not "bad"

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Vance motherfucking Stubbs is the only reason i gave Soulstorm another chance (With a bug fix mod of course, those fucking loading times would kill me)

I also tried the DoWPRO mods, funny thing is that i can easily win against a hard compute in short 1v1 maps but in bigger 2v2 maps i tend to get slaughtered after a while

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I'd actually rather take a gun drone squadron over Vespid personally. The extra 6" range and JSJ capability gives them a total 24" threat range. TL BS2 will actually hit more often than BS3, and they're cheaper to boot.

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vespid suck because they have a high points cost, short range, no armor and they're not particularly fast especially now that fleet only allows you to assault after running.

However i don't think they're as bad as everyone says, for one thing they're jump pack troops meaning they can move 12" and have decent threat range with their weapons.

skilled fliers mean they can jump into terrain easily

finally they benefit from marker lights, so their shitty bs3 can be improved or enemy cover saves can be removed.

they look like meq hunters, and they are, but they shouldn't be going to tac squads, you should be using them against priority targets, higher priced marine squads or annoying combat squads.

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Aaaaah. So they're like my Ogryn in a sense: not useless, but things have to be absolutely perfect for them to work the best.

Good deal. I was worried they were Sisters Repentia-levels of bad.


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i get slaughtered on the large maps as well against AI
I am just too slow at keeping up production AND managing the units AND planning combat
against a human player with the same shortcomings i do just fine, but the AI seems to be able to do all of this at once

that is really an issue i have with most PC strategy games... the computer can just manage too many aspects of the game at the same time while i have to move around the map, select, click, upgrade, build, etc.
every second of gameplay for a hard AI amounts to about 10 seconds for me.
i end up running into unending walls of guys that reinforce faster than i can kill them

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They did, just not at the main base.

Also, who needs 100 Baneblades when you have volumes of RAW MANLINESS at your disposal. (Although still only half as much manliness as General Sturnn)

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you do realize that vespid can move 12" and shoot 12 and also have that 24" threat range.

honestly they're underated. not that they're great, but they're not absolute shit that other anons would have you think.

then again, i like to mix up my tau list.

Ethereals however ARE as bad as they are.

though i have fun surprising people with an ethereal in a very crisis suit heavy army. if the suit flee their price of failure they just flee away from the enemy, and preferred enemy makes up for their shitty WS in close combat and makes crisis suits an actual threat in close combat.

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Woops, I meant regular Space Marines.

This doesn't need to be an exclusively Tau thread. Mostly because I am interested in the lore. Where the hell did the Tyranids came from?

I'm going to have to save some of this stuff in notepad.

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Tyranids are some bioweapon/species that come from another galaxy.

they've traveled through the void of space and now they're hungry for anything that can be digested.... which for them is everything. they pretty much just eat the best parts of a planet and move on.

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tyranids are an extragalactic "happy birthday son, btw your mother is dead" card

basically when the imperium just started to sort itself out, the tyranids showed up from god knows where and started fucking their shit up on a scale unseen in the galaxy.

nobody can actually stop them. even the largest engagements involving unfathomable imperial forces and that are considered major victories, have only put a pinhead sized dent in the smallest hive fleet.

basically tyranid= holy shit...

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>sigh, sure is summer

Ok, that's done. Moving on-

The Nids are extra-galactic, assuming that's a real word. First contact was a Hive Fleet that hit the Ultramar system, home of the Ultramarines. It considered the second best defended system in all the galaxy (Cadia is first) and has full Marine companies chilling there. Not even Chaos has gone after it.

The Nids managed to tear apart their defences, get onto Macragge, the 'capital' if you will, and would have nommed the entire planet if 1st Company didn't hold the line infront of their last defence system to destroy the fleet. End result- entire 1st Company, all the veterans with centuries of experience, wiped out.

But Macragge survived, the Nids were hunted down, and all was good. Then they discovered the Hive Fleet was a small recon splinter group from a much, much, much larger mass... since then, there have been 2 or 3 more Fleets, all bigger than the first. And they're still just the vanguard.

Hell, they have such reach that one of the Hive Fleets managed a sneak attack by hitting from 'below'. Yes, the Nids OUTFLANKED AN ENTIRE GALAXY. Creed has nothing on SCREEEEEED!

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How did manage traveling such a massive distance? Do they live long enough to avoid having to constantly reproduce or did they use some faster than light travel?

Did they cleanse their former galaxy of life?

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I don't now about DoW but I play a lot of StarCraft.
The trick is hotkeys and control-groups.
Oh, and actual mass production.
Build several unit production buildings for each type of unit. (Dont know the names for DoW) For example:
Have 3-4 buildings for Space Marines. Set them to a control-group and set waypoints on your current army.
Now you can move your current army (also a control-group) switch back to your production via control-group and hotkey the production of reinforcements and set them to follow-up with your main force (waypoints) - and all that without switching the view from your army back to your base.

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this should clear up just how "fuck you" tyranids are

>> No.15055613


Don't leave this tidbit out: After studying their movements and migratory patterns, the Imperium has concluded..........



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>best parts of a planet and move on.

They eat all of it.

Some hive fleets crack the damn planets to get at those delicious heavy metals.

>> No.15055634

wait... seriously?

>> No.15055642

just because they're bugs doesn't mean they're dumb,

well the little ones are but they're all controlled by a hivemind, they have some FTL but they use bioships. each individual nid will be reincorporated into the ships, they essentially exist as fat when they're not in use and then they're produced on a per need basis.

which means they can consume their dead and just make more nids from it, so victories against the nids are short lived unless you can annihilate the entire splinter fleet (which is just a tiny branch of the main nid host)

weather of not they have consumed their entire host galaxy is unknown but most probable.

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>The Nids are extra-galactic, assuming that's a real word. First contact was a Hive Fleet that hit the Ultramar system, home of the Ultramarines. It considered the second best defended system in all the galaxy (Cadia is first) and has full Marine companies chilling there. Not even Chaos has gone after it.
Ultramar is third best
Cadia is second
Terra is first.

>> No.15055669

Has it been confirmed how much of the tau border O'Shovah actually controls right now?

>> No.15055677

they don't eat the mantle or the core, but they do eat the atmosphere, the oceans the upper crust... i.e. the best parts.

>> No.15055678


>sigh, sure is summer

Whats this supposed to mean? :[


Interesting. Looks like the galaxy is fucked.


Terra being Earth?

>> No.15055695


I stand corrected. Specifically, Sol is best defended, what with Titan, Mars and Terra all ready to fuck up and insurrections.

FTL- no idea personally... I know they use gravity drives for interstellar travel (basically, an organism that can 'reach out' to a planet, and fuck up it's gravity well to draw them close) but do they actually FTL?

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>sigh, sure is summer

means "i am an asshole who assumes that everyone who doesn't know everything about an obscure games lore MUST be underage"

tl;dr "must be summer" means please ignore me, im an idiot

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1. it means he thinks you're a moron since you don't lurk moar
2. the galaxy is always fucked
3. Yes.

>> No.15055722

nids don't have to FTL.
time is not really an issue for them since only the hivemind is smart enough to actually experience it fully

the rest of the fleet just recycles itself over and over

there is no rush

they are like a slow cancer. time means nothing, it just moves on.

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Just that there's been an influx of 'hey guis 40k wut do' and such other threads. A good deal have that feel of trollin' for the lulz and other /b/tard activity.

And yeah, Terra = Earth. That's where the Emperor chills in his Golden Throne, located at the ancient burial ground of the GW Home Office.

>> No.15055737


Meh, whatever. Won't stop me from asking. My only knowledge comes from youtube videos, playing Dark Crusade, and reading.

I'd rather learn from discussion and q/a than reading pages upon pages.

>> No.15055745

wait...explain yourself now.

>> No.15055753

Tyranids want to eat the"Astronomican" and it is believed this is the reason why they were drawn to this universe.

>> No.15055759

i am personally happy when someone takes and interest
it is fun talking to someone about it who doesn't already have all his opinions formed and is entrenched in his own ideas

it means you can have an actual discussion instead of a debate all the time

this thread has been pretty 10/10 so far, and i have learned lots myself

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Also it is located on Terra itself.

>> No.15055773

either of these would be fucking awesome

>> No.15055785

Nids do have FTL, but they go from planet to planet to fill up.

i'm sure its in the nid codex, i remember it.

since i used to think they just took their time and argued for the fact that they probably just slowly floated their way in a sort of spore state.

but i was proven wrong.

wish i had the direct info.

also yeah no probs on the questions, anons like to be dicks for no real reason sometimes. but we were all newfags once.

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I'm still a bit wary of potential troll, since OP has dropped a few comments that seem like he knows more than he's letting on. But I'll take those as coincidence.

Mostly it's just a little grating since the accepted way of doing things around here is "lurklurklurk for years until you know enough to join the neckbeard elite", and there is a bit of a stigma against not knowing what you're talking about. Still, I won't hold that against OP, and hope he enjoys his glimpse at our nerdy little world.

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In the grim darkness of grimdark future, there is ALWAYS something bigger to fuck you up.

>> No.15055800

>i think the tau won soulstorm. not sure about that last bit though)
The winner of Soulstorm is unconfirmed. The only thing we know is that the Space Marines lost.

And they lost to show Relic's cognizance of Soulstorm receiving bad reviews from the players.

>> No.15055803

no problem bro
never hurts to be on the lookout for trolls

>> No.15055816

if it annoys you and its a troll then all you have to do is ignore it and go away. the troll just wants your reaction

if it annoys you and it isn't a troll then why are you here, you could easily ignore it and go away. why be in a thread you dislike

if you enjoy it and its a troll then the troll has failed spectacularly.

If you enjoy it and it isn't a troll then you're in a good thread.

>> No.15055823


>drawn to this universe

Biostuff traveling to and from parallel universes? What's the Astronomican?


Not a troll but I understand why you guys might think so. Like I said, I know little bits and pieces from my limited exposure to it all. What comments are you referring to?

>> No.15055839

i think he meant galaxy, not universe

>> No.15055846

he meant galaxy and not universe (i don't get how people mess these words up so much. A galaxy is so insignificant compared to the universe)

>> No.15055864

>parallel universes? What's the Astronomican?
He didn't mean universes, he meant galaxies. The Tyranids are estimated to have been to and left between 5 and 8 separate galaxies before hitting the Milky Way. I think the number may have been 6 or 7, don't recall.

All of your questions, OP, type into Lexicannum. The Astronomicon is the psychic beacon which forms the basis of all human warp travel. An enormously powerful light in the Warp that is used as a guide to navigate through a realm with no time, no shape, and no distance. It was originally created single-handedly by the Emperor, who could sustain it passively, but now it's required to have dozens of psykers devote themselves to its maintenance. They die extremely frequently. Most don't last any more than two weeks.

>> No.15055877

the astronomicon is a psychic beacon that is being broadcast in the warp. the warp being an emotional based parallel dimension that is directly connected to the real world.

For FTL space travel in 40k, humans travel through the warp. literally traveling through hell to get anywhere. but because of the way the warp changes its hell to travel through.

the psychic beacon allows every navigator on the ships to know exactly where in the warp earth would be and as such they can navigate using that as a point of reference.

>> No.15055888

>The Tyranids are estimated to have been to and left between 5 and 8 separate galaxies before hitting the Milky Way. I think the number may have been 6 or 7, don't recall.

I've never heard this before,

>> No.15055890

Haha universe was a typo. He meant galaxy.

The main things that set my troll senses tingling were >>15055609 , since there is speculation that they did indeed "cleanse their former galaxy of life". Also the fact that you didn't know what a codex is, but I suppose that's just me not used to being forced to deal with people outside my little nerdbubble.

>> No.15055917


Seems a logical conclusion based on what they're doing in the current galaxy. :P

If it had been universe, things would have gotten much more interesting. Although with all this stuff you guys are bringing up about the Nids, that's just being greedy.

>> No.15055928

It's part of that "the 'nids are running from something" theory. The idea is that they've been to multiple galaxies already and the Milky Way is just the next block in their path. Naturally I don't know the source of the theory.

>> No.15055940

They eat. They eat everything. They don't stop eating. We had a thread a while back arguing over theme songs for each faction. We decided the Tyranid Theme Song is


>> No.15055946


>> No.15055954

Sorry I did mean galaxy, it is essentially a big crystal ball powered by the Adeptus Astronomica(a group of psyker) the ball allows you to actually sense and see the warp (only if you are a navigator or psyker though) it is said to create an actual light within the warp so without it all Imperial Warp travel within the galaxy would be impossible and most psyker would probably go insane. This is also were the edge of the galaxy comes from it only affects an area which is around fifty thousand light years so you can't get outside of that zone, this zone is called the halo zone.

>> No.15055966

Except imagine it sang by this fucker.

>> No.15055981


How would ships enter the Warp?

As to the Nids, perhaps they consume so much to gain enough strength to face what it is they are running from. Buying time.

Also, while playing DC I think they mentioned the daemons being from the Warp. How does this work? Do the Chaos gods live there or something? What are the Chaos gods?

>> No.15055988


>> No.15055991

>Also, while playing DC I think they mentioned the daemons being from the Warp. How does this work? Do the Chaos gods live there or something? What are the Chaos gods?

Just READ.

>> No.15055998



>> No.15056018

Oh, and if we're still unclear on the whole Astronomican thing-

The whole deal with the Emperor is an entire saga in itself. But do to a series of incredibly grim circumstances, the decrepit remains of the Emperor of Mankind, a walking god who almost single-handedly built the Imperium of Man, are now entombed on the Golden Throne on Terra (Earth). He may or may not be still alive, or more likely trapped in some sad half-life of eternal strain. Every day a choir of Chosen Psychers (rare telepaths) sacrifice their lives to feed what is essentially a psychic lighthouse beam across space, focused by the will of the half-dead Emperor. Without this beacon, humanity would have no faster-than-light travel and the Imperium would collapse almost instantaneously.

>> No.15056022


Dude, chill. He's asking basic questions, not stupid ones. Basic questions are allowed

>> No.15056045

And they can also be answered very well by him reading the Lexicannum.

>> No.15056049

To expand- FTL isn't as simple as, say, Star Trek or Stargate. It's more like Halo mixed with Event Horizon- you cut a hole between dimensions, the Materium (the physical universe) and the Immaterium (the 'emotional' universe, the Warp) You head through the Immaterium until it intersects a point in the real universe where you want to be, and then you transfer over again.

It does work, but with a few catches-

1- No navigation aids. The Imperium relies on psyker Navigators who can 'see' the flow of the Warp, plus the Astronomicon which is, as said, a psychic version of a lighthouse.
2- It's made up of emotions, essentially- radiant psychic activity (like feeling angry) from humans, eldar and the like give it power. This can be formed into physical apparitions, such as Bloodletters.
3- All Imperial ships have Gellar Fields to keep the ships safe, anytime it fails = Event Horizon, everyone either dead or completely fucked up.

tl;dr, the Warp is dangerous, the Imperium only uses it because it needs it, the Eldar and Tau both avoid it (Eldar have an alternative, Tau deemed it too risky and unnecessary)

>> No.15056052

the warp is a parallel dimension which instead of having matter it is made out of energy, so if you a good fighter you create energy for the warp based on being strong, enough energy can essentially create daemons, a chaos god is when a single emotion is given off so much energy that instead of creating a daemon it creates a god which can feed of the emotions which created it, Since 40k is all grim and dark all the main emotions of the galaxy are all corrupted creating evil chaos gods.

>> No.15056074

or... you know... answered here.

anyone else sick of people asking a question on a board/forum/site dedicated to the source material, then everyone just linking to OTHER boards/forums/sites and saying "read this"?

it is like when i ask a question and i get the "just google it" response, then i do and get linked to a thousand other similar forums and have to sift through hundreds of pages of "i am having this problem too" and "just google it" posts...

>> No.15056076


The Eldar have a Chaos God that their excess and hedony actually CREATED waiting to suck their souls if they dip their toes in the warp, so they settled for the best alternative they could (Stargate)

The Tau took one look at the idea of flying through HELL ITSELF and went "Fuck that, I'll get there a little slower if it means I get their with my insides still on my inside."

Humans went "FOR THE EMPRAH!" and dived in.

>> No.15056087

I think in this case the issue is that there is in fact entire Wikis full of the interesting answers to the questions he's asking. Plenty of us read that shit for fun, so if someone is too lazy just go and do their research like the rest of us it grates a little.

>> No.15056099

The warp is Hell+Hyperspace you get into it with warp engines, you see where you are going with Navigators, navigators look to see where the Emperor's Astronomicon is, it is powered by the Emperor's mind trapped in his corpse, the Adeptus Astronomica who are psykers with their minds chaind to it, and the sacrifice of 1000 weak psykers EVERY DAMN DAY.

>> No.15056107

that is like saying school is fucking retarded because there are books we can just read on our own

sometimes people want or need a teacher/discussion

and as i said before... this board is dedicated to this kind of thing.
why have threads at all? just have a sticky with links to other sites

>> No.15056136

>it is like when i ask a question and i get the "just google it" response, then i do and get linked to a thousand other similar forums and have to sift through hundreds of pages of "i am having this problem too" and "just google it" posts...

Nothing more infuriating than the first 16 pages of a forum being nothing but people confirming what the OP said

>> No.15056142

We're totally fine with discussion. As the existence of this board proves, we LOVE discussion.

It's when someone doesn't have the slightest clue what we're talking about, and expects us to explain it to them instead of familiarizing themselves with the subject matter through the wealth of great sources already set up for the purpose.

To use your classroom analogy, a discussion of Keynsian Economic Policy would make for great debate. But if someone walks into the middle of the classroom and goes "Alright, I'm new, how does this whole Supply/Demand thing work?", they would throw a textbook at him and go back to debating.

Argument aside, I personally don't mind explaining things to OP, but that's just because I love being a know-it-all.

>> No.15056175

note that the tau use warp travel, they just don't go so deep into the hell. they sort of just skim across the boundary of real space and warp space.

its safer, but at the cost of 1. speed and 2. you have to do many smaller jumps to get where you want to go.

the tau also navigate using star charts and need to come out of space to ensure that they're going the right direction.

>> No.15056178

>they would throw a textbook at him and go back to debating

probably not for this reason

>I personally don't mind explaining things to OP, but that's just because I love being a know-it-all.

people love nothing more than being smarter than someone
even the dumbest hillbilly enjoys teaching his son how to pull a 4x4 bigblock out of a lake with a trick his granpappy taught him

>> No.15056212

git back frum dem gas fumes yuh id'jit, deys gun give yuh cancer *inhales off cigarette*

>> No.15056226


>> No.15056267

this is why i love coming to /tg/
the little things...

>> No.15056383

Welp, time for me to start my economics essay. Worst part is I don't even know if I have to do it. Not going to risk it though...

Thanks for your time and info guys. I'll be picking through and keeping some of it.

You'll probably see me again. Just not under this tripcode. This is the first thread I've ever made on 4chan and wanted a legitimate discussion from. And I'm not one to tripcode unless I make the thread or feel it's necessary.

>> No.15056408


Another addition- the Tau don't have psykers, because they're essentially 'nulls'. They aren't affected by the Warp, which is kind of useful until it starts spawning Daemons that can disembowel you in an instant.

Hell, they're so inexperienced in the Immaterium, they killed a Lesser Daemon of Slaanesh, and actually believed they'd killed one of the Chaos Gods.

>> No.15056562

>they killed a Lesser Daemon of Slaanesh, and actually believed they'd killed one of the Chaos Gods.


>> No.15056611

Wrong picture, you must mean...

>> No.15056629


>they killed a Lesser Daemon of Slaanesh, and actually believed they'd killed one of the Chaos Gods.

Not quite true. Tau have no idea what the Chaos Gods are so they don't really attach any significance to their names. When they heard the CSM army praise "Lord Slaanesh", they naturally assumed that the lord being praised was the Sorcerer leading the army.

>> No.15056662

Not gunna lie, that's pretty lulzy.

>> No.15056668


Most people in the Imperium don't know the Chaos Gods exist, much less their names. Just because this information is common to the players doesn't mean everyone in the setting have access to it.

>> No.15057675

Most people in the Imperium know the dangers of chaos, since its pretty much indoctrinated into them, and they have the ability to understand.

The Tau literally have no frame of reference. They have no psykers, and as such, the warp is not a natural part of their lives, the only reason they have warp drives is because they found an old imperial ship and reverse engineered its engines.
Also its implied that some greater power in the universe (maybe the C'tan?) had a hand in the Tau's extremely fast evolution.

>> No.15057708


C'Tan would make no sense.

>> No.15057788

Lexicanum is ran by dickheads who'll delete anything that doesn't suit their personal canon. 40K wiki is pretty much the straight dope.

>> No.15058332

I spent some time writing pages for the new inquisitorial henchmen all deleted.
Also someone edited the tau page it says this

"Tau has ever fallen to Chaos. In fact, as a species, the Tau register as barely more than a blip in the Warp and it may well be that this has been their saving grace, protecting the altruism and idealism their race shares from the destructive tendencies of Chaos." What is this even based on?The Old GW website had a short story about chaos tau.

>> No.15058404

Old GW had chaos -prettymuchanything-

>> No.15058458

It's in their 4th ed Codex I believe.
They also took out a small, small splinter of a Tyranid hive fleet and thought they had destroyed Hive Fleet Hydra in its entirety. They are so cute.

>> No.15058474

The Eldar found this tribal beetle people and evolved them to their whims. This is most likely why the Tau have no connection to the warp, the Eldar didn't want them going down the same path.
I believe in one of the DoW games, the Tau victory had them release all Eldar PoWs back to the craftworld after they found out there was NO WAY IN HELL they could reverse engineer Eldar technology.

>> No.15058554

fucking a

>> No.15058568

Well 2006(?) wasn't really old GW

>> No.15058694

I just posted that one because it looked tidier. I do believe they had them back in 91 too. Not sure about earlier than that.

>> No.15058740

was about ask how old that was.

>> No.15058775

>Is there an official lore to the 40k universe?

>> No.15060583

Imperial citizens are killed for knowing about chaos. They're also taught that the Emperor protects them against chaos.

Double-think is fun.

>> No.15061136

>Chaos Orks

What is this I don't even how do you what?

>> No.15061289

>How did manage traveling such a massive distance?
By going fast for a long time.
>Do they live long enough to avoid having to constantly reproduce
They don't really work like that. All ground forces are eaten by the ships when they leave the planet, and new ones are born for each invasion. I don't think the ships die of old age, if they do it's not something that has been witnessed.
>did they use some faster than light travel?
Of course they did. Everyone does. Tyranids are among the slower ones, though.
>Did they cleanse their former galaxy of life?
Nobody knows.

>> No.15061322

>if you enjoy it and its a troll then the troll has failed spectacularly.
Not really. The proper usage of trolling is to spark a good discussion.

>> No.15061337

Quick question; I'm looking to learn (a lot) more about Nurgle but google didn't come up with any decent results. I checked various W40k wikis and a few forums but nothing substantial came up. Are there any books directly or closely dedicated to him or his followers?

>> No.15061409


Acquire a copy of the Liber Chaotica. Has good info on all of the big 4.

>> No.15061425

The Tau are EXACTLY like the Imperium was during the dark age of technology.

and certain of their manifest destiny.

>> No.15061448

Except om DAoT, humanity had better tech and was not united.

>> No.15061468

And we already hated the Xeno.

>> No.15061505

Thanks, I'll pick it up at my earliest convenience.

>> No.15061522

Humanity in DAoT was basically humanity in the later Dune books.

>> No.15061614

Both those things were a result of the age of Strife.

>> No.15061700

The Tau are incredibly naïve.
The Imperium was very well aware that the Eldar could have just snapped their fingers and all humans would have been wiped out without much effort. The Imperium, or rather humanity as a whole, was confident and eager to expand, but never displayed the same fullretard level of childish arrogance the Tau look down on the other races that greatly overpower them.

>> No.15061711

If by 'later Dune books' you mean the terrible novels written by his son and Kevin Anderson, I am going to beat you.

>> No.15061835

> imperium
> not arrogant

>> No.15061903

Well, them too I guess, it was still true of the couple of those I read, but I meant the ones after four.

>> No.15061920

...You mean Heretics of Dune?

>> No.15061930

Now, if you bother to read, I was referring to the Dark age of technology humanity, which is not the IoM of M41. Dark age humanity did not have any false ideas of engaging the Eldar in any sort of conflict, they knew damn well they were nothing but a speck of primitives to the Eldar who had an empire that dwarfs M41 IoM in power.
"Current" Imperium has its head so deep in its own arse it's getting troublesome for them.

But there was a reason Emps didn't start conquering the galaxy earlier. The pre-fall Eldar were on the way.

>> No.15061977


Funny how much that sounds like GW IRL

>> No.15062029

back up your assertions.

If anything the emperor could have made marines easier during the dark age, he wouldn't have to deal with the machine god religon.

My assertion is that humanity and eldar both had great galaxy spanning empires and that the current xenos hate didn't exist. The eldar didn't CARE about humanity's great empire at the time. And the emperor had probably engineered humanity to get to that point much more subtlely than he did during the great crusade.

The radical shift in the emperors perspective on xenos could be attributed to the eldar creating slaanesh and basically fucking up the entire galaxy. Suddenly, instead of being able ot coexist with aliens, they are each capable of rendering the entire galaxy back to single solar systems, or near to. The emperor can't control them, they must be stopped.

>> No.15062130

I swear dark age of technology humans were just barbarians beating each other up in powers armour with blunt swords, it even states that the power armour didn't support any life support systems because humans never left their home planet.

>> No.15062207

where does this concept that humanity circa dark ages was primitive?

Don't forget SDF were invented by them, ALL technology in use today*m41* was able ot be generated from raw materials using a machine that was send on colony ships to found new human settlements.

Thats right, we could land on a planet, go dig a hole in the ground for minerals, stick it in a machine and make landraiders... giant tanks engineered for use by 9 foot tall supersoldiers.

Wait... that doesn't make sense...

unless the emperor really is the macheen god and was planning ahead by putting marine infantry equipment specs in the macheenz

>> No.15062267

Well, if you read the fluff in codiecs, rulebook and the Horus heresy, it becomes apparent humanity could not have started conquering the galaxy while the Eldar were having sweet rave parties using stars as flashing lights by turning them on/off with their minds.
The IoM is built on top of the ruins of the Eldar empire. The surviving craftworlds are a tiny portion of the original eldar population. Pair the most insane level of non-necron tech in 40k like balck holes in boxes with psychic powers that can make stars go out and planets reverse on their orbit and you've got the everyday activities of pre-fall Eldar. Then the just fapped too much and gave birth to a chaos god.

>> No.15062305


That wasn't the Dark Age of Technology. DAoT was, in fact, an age of clean, glowing supertech. It's referred to as a Dark Age because current Imperium is assbackwards on their doublethink and theocratic totalitarianism.

Dark Age of Technology was the height of human civilization. It's when we invented all of our best stuff, colonized the galaxy, created all the STCs to basically make anything we wanted from whatever random shit we had lying around, and had super advanced AIs implanted in perfect robot servants to fulfill our every whim and desire.

Then the robots got pissed and a chaos god was born, we lost everything. THEN you have techno-barbarians in power armor fighting for scraps of food in the deserts of Terra.

>> No.15062455


I see you've been in some form of cryostasis for ten years. This is not the third edition, and they are no longer the big-eyed newcomers. They've seen all the shit the galaxy has to offer, they're just remaining pragmatic. Their colonies are no candylands either. Being dissident and spreading imperial propaganda? Whoops, you never even existed, and your fortunate absence is seen as a good thing, because hey, more space and food for everyone!

Tau Empire does not have unhappy citizens. They don't leave any trace.

>> No.15062572

The DAoT ended before Slaanesh was born, the birth of Slaanesh blew away the warp storms surrounding Terra and signalled the beginning of the Great Crusade.

>> No.15062603

>they are no longer the big-eyed newcomers

The metal skeleton men have saved us from the dinosaur bugs, let's throw them a party!

That creepy guy wants some Fire Warriors for a 'cultural exchange?' He sounds legit.

>> No.15062703

rolled 93 = 93


Well jokes on them for the Fire Warriors thing. Sure they can torture them, but they can't benefit from it if Tau don't have souls. It would be like licking cardboard or something.

>> No.15062818

Not quite

The great warpstorms that ended the DAoT and led to the Age of Strife were caused by the birth of Slaanesh, the storms continued, blocking warp travel, until he was fully born and the warp becalmed (except for the Eye of Terror), at which point the next age began (the Great Crusade beginning with His conquest of Terra)

>> No.15062868

Not quite. Tau were looking for mercenaries. Dark Eldar responded and agreed to fight the Tyranids. Dark Eldar just had quite a bit of fine print in their contract, then fucked Tau over.

Dark Eldar hold slaves of every race, including Tau. They feed from suffering, not souls, and torture isn't the only thing they need slaves for - they have large factories to work and plenty of gladitorial arenas to fill with bodies.

>> No.15063046


What about Orkz? Are they even capable of experiencing pain/suffering/despair/dread or any of those good tasty emotions? Like yeah they feel "pain", but wouldn't they just be like "Oi! Cut it out!" over and over again, but I can't picture an Ork actually brought to tears or anything.

Ah well, I suppose the spores would keep the population of starving useless eldar in the shantytowns.

>> No.15063061

Orks feel those emotions, but they don't cry or have many human reactions to them. They just keep fighting and being orks.

>> No.15063088

Ork society is based off the strong inflicting terror and pain upon the weak. I have no idea why people take a race mainly about brutally kunning comic relief and try to idealize them into Buddhist utopian idealists.

>> No.15063129

I'd imagine they torment Orks by denying them a proper scrap, separating them from the other Boyz... basically making them feel like a Grot.

Orks denied a regular fight will have atrophied muscles and will develop paunches.

>> No.15063148

Ork society is based off their leaders being stronger and using it to enforce their role in the society. I have no idea why people take a vastly complex and unique race in the limited fluff of 40k and try to simply them down to just 'violent comic relief'.

>> No.15063155

Dark Eldar primarily use Orks for their gladiatorial combats... if at all.

>> No.15063161


Yeah ok

>> No.15063180

>durr hurr comic relief
Stick to the shit you know, marine-fag.

>> No.15063270

The tau better be in DOW3
best fucking race ever.

>> No.15063350


They could also use Orks in the arenas to fight other races. I'm pretty sure most Humans would shit themselves if they had to fight an Ork barehanded 1v1.

Plus I think Dark Eldar also just get off on acts of violence and in that regard the Orks would be more than happy to comply.

>> No.15063366

That stuff was retconned like 15 years ago. In current fluff, the particular police force who's power armor the Emperor originally based his Space Marine armor on were like that.

>> No.15063540

>he wouldn't have to deal with the machine god religon.

The Cult of the Machine God was the Emperor's creation. Without it, it is doubtful that humans would have ever built the Imperium at all. Allow me to to tell you a story...

Long long ago, there were a race called the Necrontyr. They lived on a desolate planet orbiting a star which spewed harsh radiation, suffering short lives as their bodies failed them. Eventually, they discovered a being feeding on their star, a shimmering field of energy that appeared to be sapient and vastly intelligent. This was a C'tan. Using their technology, the Necrontyr drew it into a body of living metal, and made the creature their ruler. Using the technology taught to them by this creature, they soon found other C'tan and drew them into metal bodies as well. One C'tan, perhaps the first one they found, became known as the Void Dragon. The Void Dragon knew technology at a level beyond even other C'tan. Using the technology of the C'tan and their dark powers, the Necrontyr did battle with their hated enemies, the Old Ones.

Fast forward many millenia.

The Necrontyr are gone, replaced with the metallic forms of the Necrons. The Old Ones are gone too, perhaps slain, perhaps merely leaving the galaxy to its fate. The Eldar and their Gods, created by the Old Ones as a counter to the C'tan, do battle. Vaul the Smith, one of those Gods, strikes the Void Dragon with the mighty weapons that later became known as the Blackstone Fortresses. The Void Dragon, in his living metal body, crashes into Terra, then populated by creatures so primitive that they still thought steel armour was a really neat idea. There it hoped to feed off the energy of the planet's living beings and the planet's star to regain its strength. Unfortunately for the creature, the yet-unrevealed Emperor found it first.

>> No.15063547


Fast forward several hours. The Void Dragon's body is crushed, but the psyker does not let it escape. He transports it to a planet nearby, called Mars by the local beings, and imprisons it.

Fast forward again for thousands of years. The Dragon of Mars seeps into the minds of the people living on Mars, giving them dreams of technology. They recognize those dreams as coming from the Machine God, as told by an old prophecy and legend. That prophecy also told of the coming of the Omnissiah, a genius who would unite all the galaxy.

Both prophecies were fabrications planted by the Emperor, to create a society that can build great technology and which will recognize the Emperor as their absolute ruler. Without the Void Dragon's dreams, humans would not have the technology they now do. Without the Cult of the Machine God, humans would barely have technology at all. The Cult invented many things. They were not a nuisance, rather they were the greatest boon.

The Emperor created the Machine God. The Emperor created the Omnissiah. Both are lies. Both are essential for Humanity's prosperity.

>> No.15063704


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