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Any online Death Watch groups on?

Also, general DW thread.


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Also curious.

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And that makes three curious. I'm go for rogue trader and dark heresy too though. Never played any of these.

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bump for interest

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I had a guy that has invited me to a RT game but I really wanted to play DW.

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i'll play DW on maptool.

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make that four, if you don't mind someone who's never played before

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Why don't we all just make a game ourselves and start playing if no one has one open?

Any one here new prefer DMing? Preferably someone with lore knowledge

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you guys might as well start your own groups.
I would be interested as well but have yet to read any of the rule book. Or play any other RPG so I have yet to gain any idea about any of it.

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Whats maptool? I'm obviously going to google it now though lol

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looks like most of us are in the same boat then

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well then,
I have an Idea.

Lets get a group together on some site.
Then step one we read the rule book and discuss any questions then we get a volunteer DM and try it out.
Anyone else want to do this?

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I might DM eventually, but since my only experience with the system is a WFRP real life campaign, I wouldn't bet on my ability to do so right off the bat.

But if one devotes himself for DMing, I'd love to take turns for that role.

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DW is a very tactical, combat heavy game so pure text (read: IRC) would be problematic. If anyone has suggestions on another tool to use, bring them up.

Also, PbP can fuck itself.

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clearly experienced players would want to find another group since this will be noobz and take a while to start up.

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Add me on Skype; mayonnaiseplant

I've been wanting to play for some time. I'm new to it so we can all just learn together. I'll make a skype group or something so we can at least have contact?

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It's some program that allows to put map on, discuss, roll dice and so on. I seldom use it though, so can't really say much more.

I'm more a pure IRC adept with the occasional .png uploaded quickly after some quick editions on paint.

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You could DM for the Noob game if you wanted.
And if it starts up at some point

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rolled 35936 = 35936

Skype works.

Though I have strep throat or I'd be allll over that.

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I play IRC all the time. Hell, that's the only way I play for the past year.

It's easy. Much easier sometimes than even face to face games (aside from some dumbass fuckers not paying attention when it's not their turn and then being late once it gets there).

Hell, I've been playing an IRC DW game for the past three months. It's not hard at all. Hell, non-combat RP is harder, and that's solely for exploration reasons.

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Eh... I guess I may try something out if people don't mind the odd syntax, and relative novelty of all that stuff to me. And the fact I have to read all the damned rules of course.

If we're going to start communicating on skype, add me though. "ranakel"

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I dont have Skype :(
But i'll post my email if you would want to keep me updated

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You know you can type on skype...lol.

People can also add me on msn, [email protected]


I'd prefer to use some sort of grid system myself as well

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b-but... my tactical maps!

I'm also that guy that's rolling awareness every other turn.

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just add my msn or get skype. It takes like a couple seconds to set up an account.

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There's something called Vyew to allow for image real time sharing, drawing, and as a result, grid maps without too much hassle and no installation. Worked well for some other game I played that may or may not be related to diminutive equines.

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will do
give me a sec

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Seriously though, check out the errata. It makes non-bolt weapons viable and means your enemies can actually threaten you without having to resort to Horde rules all the time.


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>It makes punches do more damage than bolt rounds


>> No.15052633

Anyone else interested?

You close to finishing? Just add me when you get it installed and up.

>> No.15052643

I think I have this msn thing set up right.

[email protected]

And please do not hack my shit

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rolled 7162 = 7162


I kinda liked the 2d10 bolt weapons for space marines...

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Bolter: Average damage of 19.5 (assuming armored targets) per hit
Mehrene Fist: Average damage of 14.5 (assuming str 40)

I don't think so Tim.

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Given that space marines can crush skulls and, more importantly, have the Unarmed Master talent? Not too big a deal. Punches also lack Pen and are melee attacks. Hell, a regular human with the Unarmed Master talent can punch as hard as a lasgun hits. Marines punching slightly harder than a bolt round isn't a big deal.

More importantly, it brings some vague semblance of weapon balance to the game. Now weapons besides the basic ones you start with are worthwhile.

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Not to mention ye olde bolter can hit 3 times a round. Its still an incredible weapon.

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Trouble is they made everything else utterly redundant. The Heavy Bolter was the an utterly unstoppable weapon, outstripping nearly everything else in terms of damage dealing capabilities. Coupled with more dice being rolled (multiple shots, 2d10+X, Tearing), meaning more Righteous Fury chances, it was an incredible weapon. Now it's a damn fine weapon that excels at cutting down infantry.

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so whos in this noob group of ours?

>> No.15052880


Well, there's me. And... Other guys.

Need an even less helpful answer bro ?

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no thanks. I got it

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So. An important thing I feel I need to ask too, since I'll end up DMing at least for a time apparently. What kind of game do you expect ? Something lighthearted or crushingly grimdark (though the two aren't uncompatible) ? Lots of fightan ? Something more on the investigative side of things ? Wish to encounter some specific kinds of situations, aliens, stuff like that ?

Tell me all.

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how about we just kind of wing the 1st one (we'll probably just look up the rules for most of it any way) and take it from there?

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Fuuuu, were I not about to go swimming with some friends I'd gladly run a game. Perhaps if this thread is still up when I get done I'll do it.

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I'm really interested in this, never played a game of it and never played a game online. Can someone email me if this goes anywhere?

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Power Fist is 2D10 (5.5) then assuming 40 Str in Power Armor that's +12, 17.5 damage.

Bolter single shot is 14.5 damage, 3 round burst is average around 22 damage.

Vs. Armor 8 and Toughness 8 (16 damage reduction)

Power Fist damage is 11.5
Bolter S (2.5) and 3shots (10 damage).

What you really get hit in is chain weapons, since average assuming Str bonus of 8 a Chain Sword is around average 18.5 and vs armor 8 and Tough bonus of 8. It's average of 5.5 damage.

I don't see why they had to mess with the melee weapons.

>> No.15052974

provided you give someone an e-mail

>> No.15052983

+14 for Power Fist ( (SB 4x3)+2).

This is also for the average marine. A close combat specialist will likely have strength 50+ (or even 60+), elevating the damage to +17 or +20.

Melee weapon damage was pretty much fine in my opinion, however.

>> No.15052991

Sorry, forgot to mention I put it in the contact field. :)

>> No.15053011

i'll let you know

Everyone else, I joined skype. Sent mayonnaise and ranakel requests

>> No.15053026


Excellent then. I got the temporary DM role down though I'm ready to give it to anyone, and we're in the "rules reading" phase for now, so nothing will start until at the very least tomorrow. And that's an optimistic estimate.

>> No.15053067

Yeah, I doubt tomorrow will be going well. BUT, I do have Friday-Monday off SO it is possible we could push a game in there somehow if everyone has time?

>> No.15053085

Wait, are you already full and what will you be using to play?

>> No.15053119

not full. hit us up on skype. still working on it

>> No.15053124

Just in case there's room
Skpye: captainplanetfall

>> No.15053133


Probably will. I'll even maybe have some actual statlines for the guys you'll face as opposed to winging everything.

We're not full. We're not set on what to use to play either.

>> No.15053162

If somebody still needs a player, my email is in the email field.

>> No.15053193

join on skype or i'll send you an email when we start up

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skype for playing? that's like - a horrible idea mates.

most of the combat via internet is horribly slow - and while on videa/phonecalls, you can't do anything else than wait for that slow fucker to finish his turn.

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My internet is too crappy for Skype. You can still use it if you want, as there are always plenty of other players to choose from, but I get way too much lag on it.

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Wait. Wheres that +2 from? Power fist is 2D10 with X3 Str. With Str of 40 that's (12). So 23 damage.

My bad, my math was off a bit. 23 damage average vs 0/0 / Then Vs 8/8 this reduces it to 15 damage on average.

Chainsword is 1d10+3, so with Str 40 (8) that's what? 16.5 now vs 8/8 that's what around 3.5 damage average. Chaos Space Marine has 29 (30). It'd take average of +/- 10 rounds to kill one by yourself.

Normal Bolter is 1d10+9 s/3/- Pen 4. So average would be 14.5 0/0 & 8/8 is 2.5 damage for single shot. Average for 3-round burst would be 3.75 (4).

So I guess you're right, one swing = 3 bolter shells average on a CSM. Still with around 30 wounds, it'd take around 7.5 rounds to kill one. That's 22.5 bolts. So in order to kill a CSM/SM it'd take near a full clip on average to kill one by yourself. Or around 7.5 sword swings.

They really didn't need to nerf the bolters, just needed to bring up plasma weapons and what not to be on par or better.

>> No.15053328


Text skype. Not voice skype.

>> No.15053340

There's nothing compatible with a GMT+1 player is there? Can't find anything that fits with my timezone.

>> No.15053399


I'm actually GMT+1 myself.

>> No.15053426

Indeed? Do tell me more, I haven't had a session for ages and ages.

>> No.15053434

so now I have skype.... uhm... what do I do?

>> No.15053482

Does anyone have any interest in me running a game where you are not, in fact, members of Death Watch....yet?

You'd all decide on a chapter, and start out as that, and then possibly run across some Inquisition...

>> No.15053522


Sure. Where to meet?

>> No.15053535


Up to you. I'm free anytime that isn't 1:30-7:45 pm, central time.

E-mail is in the field. Let me know!

>> No.15053545


Oh, and we'll just use Skype text.

>> No.15053800


Half an hour later...

The thing is, while I'm at GMT+1 indeed, the other players aren't and I have some weird sleeping schedule. So yeah. Probably wouldn't work much there I fear. I'm sure some dedicated topic would have some success though.

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