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For those unawares, I prefer drawing character portraits and busts and I am open to drawing interesting scenes if they're cool enough

I am open to cheesecake but not straight out porn

Requests with a reference have a better chance of bein drawn if ya have something specific in mind but as I said, if you have something interesting, I'll draw it

Pic is example of my work
It's shit but it's free

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can i get a gnoll bard rocking out for a bunch of screaming women on a magically powered electric guitar?

Feel free to change bits to make it easier to draw

thanks drawfag!

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I require cheesecake. But I want it to be cheesecake surprise.

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it means that you absolutely had to make a redundant drawthread while two other ones are still running?

they're half-dead, granted, but still.

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A Gyrinx, I say. Dressed in leather armor with pouches attached to the sides, so it can carry ammo and tools.

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I'd like Cata-Chan pile-driving Chem-Chan. Any ridiculous pro-wrestling action shot where Cata is winning will make me very happy, though.

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a lizardfold scout wearing a chainshirt, and he uses a short bow and short sword. also he carries four quivers on his back.

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I'd like a drawing of my dude if that would be okay with you.

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a necron lord serving spaghetti to some necron warriors

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Can I get a picture of a female Drow? She is wearing Padded leather, has two bastard-swords (one on each side of her waist) and she is wearing a cloak. If you show the back of the cloak, it has the symbol of Elistraee on it.

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A crossbreed between an octopus and a rabbit would be adorable and appreciated.

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See them lines? Magic
See that mohawk? Magic
See the disembodied arms holding panties? Not magic

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Octobit, or perhaps Rabbipus?

Octobit sounds adorable.

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Hello, drawperson.

Would you mind drawing a nixie pirate for me? The clincher is that the thing has to be a dude. Have fun!

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How about a suited mage not terrible unlike two face. The left half is as grotesque as you can imagine with the only defining traits is its bald and has a really large eyeball. The right half is as pompous ass as possible with well groomed hair. Gloves and cane as well.

Please? :3 imagination is yours~

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'd like to request a brazillian male indian with glowing blue neon tattoos all over his body.
He wears white clothes, have spike black hair and he's preparing to jump(or jumping) with a JumpPack directly installed on his legs

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Shameless bump for picture

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Request, please draw a fungal demon, a monsterous creature from the nine hells covered in mushrooms and lichen.

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mfw I was the one who requested that pic

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Hey, if you're willing, I'd like a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay guy.

He's a 6'4, 160 pound wall of muscle piledriving a guy off a bar, while yelling "TOUCHDOOOOOOOOOWN.", he's wearing a blue and white Blood Bowl linebacker's uniform and has an expression of utter glee.

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A guy in priestly robes with a kobold sitting on his shoulder.

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An Octabbit

An omnivorous creature that lives in dank places.
It eats by wrapping it's small tendrils around small edible matter and either mushing it up or suffocating it.
It then plops it's bristled rear on the food and absorbs the mashed up bits.
The face is simply a marking that has made it a popular pet among families.

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I'd like what is basically a skeleton in a black tuxedo in a top hat. The top hat has a skull and crossbones on it. The tie on the tuxedo has a fleur de lis on it. An orange marigold rests next to the tie (only thing I would really want colored, but I'm fine either way). He should be leaning in, smiling, and holding two coins in his hand.

If that's not too difficult, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Request: Could you draw a Kobold wearing a generic mage hat please? Something like in this pic.

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Drawbro, how familiar are you with the Star Wars races?

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Requesting a hybrid dragon/hornet, a mean little bastard that bites off pieces of treasure and spits wads of napalm in your eyes.

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This face is familiar.

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Very unfamiliar

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A dark-skinned young man with soft features, wearing a capotain, a leather cloak and a knee-length skirt. He keeps his blond hair braided under his chin. On his shoulder is his crab familiar, and he's holding a fishing spear in one hand. His fingers and toes are webbed.

Here's a link to a pic of a capotain:

Thank ye kindly!

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Requesting Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins brofisting with such force that their shirts are exploding off their chests. Atom bomb explosion in the background.

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Dogbold or Dragon Kobold?

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yeeeeeee thank you drawfag extrodanair !

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Also it should somehow look like a smug motherfucker.

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Dragon please.

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Draw me some khorne berzerker donating blood at a blood clinic. Bonus battle cries.

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The capotain is the hat in the linked pic, sorry.

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Thank you very kindly
You are a gentleman and a scholar
Have a Guinea Squid.

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Mediocre outcome achieved!

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A satyr with large ram horns in some battle-pose, wielding a mining pick.

I can provide more details if you want, but I figure the more your imagination has to run away with, the more fun you'll have drawing it.

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Bumpan with interest.

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I suck at anthropomorphic races

Also, when people don't give me a lot of details, I end up over thinking and enjoying soem images too much

Sorry about taking too long everyone

It's the big reason I ask for specific details, cause I wanna make everyone happy :3

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Alright then, I would like to request a young female Twi'lek padawan. Pic related, as this is a female Twi'lek. I'd like it if she was wearing a simple outfit; somewhat tight pants, a pair of boots, tan t-shirt, and a dark brown vest. Maybe has two metal bracelets on both her wrists? And also has the a similar head wrapping as the on in the picture, just with a beaded strand in the back. Oh, and maybe she could be doing a cool pose with her lightsaber drawn or something?

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A fantasy air boat pilot, dressed in a well insulated wind-proof reinforced jacket/coat. He is heavily scarred in the face having five parallel scars from a blow as a kid, deforming most of the face, the claws that did this to him now hand on a necklace around his neck. He has blonde hair, kept short, and a trimmed beard in the same colour. He is armed with a pair of hatchets and has several bags filled with an assortment of bombs and grenades. He also has a raven familiar.

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And here is another one, do you need anymore drawbro or is this good enough?

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bump to keep thread alive

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Thri-kreen hookers

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With a group of male drown hitting on them.

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Lol! Thanks a lot tho, I like it. :3

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I kinda changed it but I like this guy all the same

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Also, just mentioning, the scars are not meant to be some kind of cool effect enhancing his looks. No, it's meant to be the real effect of getting deep scars across your face at an early age kind.

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A tall, heavily built male human archer. A few nicks and cuts here and there but nothing that would readily identify him. A pair of tinted goggles resting above his eyes, which glint in an odd, magical way. He is wearing lamellar, a brace of throwing knives, and has an ornate tomahawk at the belt. Overall he looks slightly messed up, as crooks and killers tend to.

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That's such a cute crab.

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You're a wizard harry

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A human male, wrapped up in scarves, bandages, gloves, boots, etc. A single dagger on his waist, and he is clutching a totem in the shape of an insect.

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A somewhat generic looking Bretonnian man-at-arms with leather armor and a halberd. If you wanna get into the details, he's got brown eyes, short black hair, and should ideally look extremely young, as he's a man-at-arms fresh out of training, who enter training pretty much as soon as they've come of age: generally 16 to 18 years old. Pic related, they're men-at-arms. Mine looks similar, but lacks a shield and helmet.

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A skeletal gnoll resting his head on his hand.
He is not impressed at what he's looking at.

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any progress on this one?

Also bump

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I like drawing mercenaries and soldiers a lot


This is my last for now
I may be back later on though
If not Ill make a new thread tomorrow

So take care and sorry I couldnt get to all of them

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That is really cool. Shame to see you leave, but I'll be on the lookout for the next thread. By drawbro.

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OP I have several Ideas, if you do any of them I will be happy.

your interpretation of the outlaw "Texas red" from the song Big Iron by Marty Robbins.

A male fairy, with very little clothing, tribal tattoos and lots of jewelry adorning his body.(piercings, bangles, necklaces, ect). holding a saber, if you want to include a weapon.

a daemonette (or alteratively a keeper of secrets) however you desire to draw it (serpentine, multiple breasts, armor/no armor, all up to you)

I cute mycoid (mushroom folk) maybe with a stalk of something like wheat as a staff

a picture of Jace (from magic: the gathering) saying to Chandra "so you must really be a fire crotch." with Chandra getting angry.

any of these would be fine, cute spider gif is always related.

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OP is gone

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Thank ye kindly! It's very nice!

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