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Why are Sororitas depicted with white hair 90% of the time? Is this just an art convention that stuck or is there anything in the fluff about it?

What's your opinion on the Palatine ascended path for Sororitas from Heresy Begets Retribution?

Also, Sororitas general, if you like.

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Sororitas of the ordos militant are implanted with a black carapace and other similar gene therapy, like space marines, with tits.

The chemical reaction with their bodies causes them to live longer, but turns their hair prematurely white.

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Of course that's all bullshit, and a really interesting way of saying I REALLY HAVE NO IDEA.

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rolled 54 = 54

Matt Ward, get out of here.

>Heresy Begets Retribution
Could you be so kind and provide a link? /rs/ has nothing.

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qu'est-ce que c'est?

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Not a real expert of the fluff, but mostly I think it is style of the specific order, since I remember some official battle sister arts with dark hairs.
Then there is also some noise regarding getting the your Faith on with the Emprah could bleach your hair white, amongst other possibilities. Dunno if this is true.

I also have my question regarding WH40K fluffs, mostly AdMech though:
- How does AdMech and Sisters interact?
- What does AdMech feel about Faith and Psykers?

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Available on this page under Gaming Aids: http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_minisite_sec.asp?eidm=50&esem=4

Yeah, that's some weak rationale, like you said. Also, I'm pretty sure it's stated explicitly that the Sororitas don't get a black carapace. In fact I'm not sure their genes and stuff are messed with, in the pursuit of human purity and all that, but I'm probably mistaken.

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I've got a Sister and an Techpriest in my group right now. The interaction would be described as begrudgingly tolerant, and I think that's about right. AdMech is basically and officially recognized and tolerated heresy, because they are too important and scary to demonize or purge. As far as how the AdMech feel, I imagine they feel little to nothing on that subject, or many others.

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Ah, okay. Thank you.

>- How does AdMech and Sisters interact?
Well enough.
They found some STC fragment for the AdMech and have been supplied by them ever since. They did get screwed by the AdMech when it comes to the immolator though, if I remember correctly.

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I wish i got paid like matt ward.

And had his crooked ass teeth that the ladies drool over.

And those hauntingly Vacant eyes...

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I've always been under the impression it varied from order to order, and was about instilling a sense of uniformity and solidarity among the Sisters.

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Hmmm... Hmmmmmmmm... Wasn't really expecting much, but thanks anyway.
+le sigh+
Would Canonness or those top-tiers Sisters have lesser faith for having to compromise for diplomacy?

Kinda like a nun's habit might vary from one order to another?

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That's not a bad line of reasoning. The white could also symbolize their vaunted purity, when its used.

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It's symbolic all right, but of seniority -
Sisters have ordinary hair, but remember that 40k has Juvenat.
Therefore, white-haired Vets and Sisters Superior are common.

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From what I heard it's just wigs or hairdye, and is just specific to to different orders. The Order of Our Martyred Lady, which is most commonly depicted in SoB art, has white hair indeed, while the Order of the Sacred Rose featured in Dawn of War: Soulstorm has black hair and white armour.

Pretty sure it's just colour schemes like the Astartes Chapters do.

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GW's personal take on the hair thing when I asked at a GD one year was that it would vary from Order to Order. Though all hair is generally dyed one colour for uniformity/conformity reasons.

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Calling bullshit on the second half -
GW ALWAYS says "varies" so you can paint as you like.
But "dyes and wigs"? WTF is wrong with you people?

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That's nothing. The redshirts at my local GW said it was because since their time spent in the Scholia Progenium is mostly indoors, their hair turns white.

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I won't say "u mad?", but seriously, what the fuck man?

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Well, the SoB in my DH group has a wig to conform with her order.

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I'd love to see a SoB convent who has to wear fake beards for some reason.

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Thats bullshit, staying indoors will not turn your hair white.

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The reason is because GW can't be arse making more than one kind of Sister

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Could be dyed hair, could be wigs. Might be both, especially with militant orders and the risk of loosing your hair in combat. Some orders require a specific hair colour, others might not.

As for the Palatine, I've not played one but it looks good. Definitely more of a Battle Sister deal, though it would serve as a nice combat upgrade for a non-militant sister. It's pretty heavy on the social talents too, which is nice. It feels right for a high ranking sororitas, though the likes of Sage and Heirophant could also work for some non-militant characters.

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Well, if it is a convent based completely at some backwater world where fighting is stuff for men and men are defined by their beards, it could be possible.
So-called 'honorary myles' are reality, even if they don't have to wear a beard normally.

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No, reaaaaaly?

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I read somewhere it was for a miracle.
Sister touches a Saint (maybe Emprah?), hair goes white.
Can anyone remember the source?

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>Sister touches a Saint (maybe Emprah?), hair goes white.

You cannot explain this

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It's just a social thing, like how many Codex Astartes chapters shave their heads, or how many Praetorian Guard influenced worlds develope finely groomed facial hair.

Some things aren't explicable in-character beyond 'That's fashionable'. Out of character, I suspect some artist back in the mists of the eighties drew his punk-bitch girlfriend as a nun with a gun, for shits and giggles, and the look stayed. The same reason why every 40k human force from the period needs one dude who looks like Billy Idol.

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You can't explain a lot of shit regarding the Sisters of Battle. That's why it's called Faith.

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That's what Mr Andy Hoare sad to me himself.

The hair thing was probably originally just a painting convention, designed to look similar to wimples (Nun's Head dress) that just stuck.
The hair thing has never been talked about in what little fluff the Sisters have but dyes and wigs make perfect sense in the end. Why does the army require everyone to have similar hair styles?
Why does a School have a uniform?
Why do Business people all wear Suits?


Why not dye or shave'n'wig your hair also?

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Hey, you leave Battle-Brother Idol out of this!

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Wigs are actually a rather clever thing for a fighter to have. If an enemy tries to pull your hair, it doesn't hurt. If you get set on fire, at least your hair will look good after you get out of hospital.

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Nice answer! +10 internets.

I'm going to stick with "cuz it looks cool!"

Captcha: SALON anandue

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Why not just wear a helmet?

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White hair... Could it be just grey hair, due to age? I'm not sure if juvenatus helps with hair colour

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Well, the Romans were required the keep very strict grooming habits to discourage lice and fleas, so there is a practical element to that. The wigs could also be a fashion thing too, since they are supposedly brides of the Emperor. Who the hell knows for sure anymore? The fluff has turned the way of chaos. Ever changing...

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>since they are supposedly brides of the Emperor

It's daughters of the Emperor post Vandire.

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Ah beats the shit out of me. Maybe the still need to look good for Big Daddy E

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>brides of the Emperor

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They do, the best helmets in the Imperium.

None the less, why does the Military have set hair styles if they all wear helmets also?

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No idea why those aren't mass produced. Or why they're only handed out to veterans.

>Best helmets in the imperium
I'd claim that whatever the Custodes get is vastly superior. Possibly the Grey Knights as well.

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Because they're not always wearing helms? Blood of Martyrs says that a battle sister has to earn her helm independently of her armour, though that might just be an attempt to explain why so many of the models are helmetless and/or keep the glory of the sabbat helm away from low rank players.

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>best helmets

They look like they're wearing underwear over a pot helmet.

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Isn't the custodes helmet a giant bare faced klansman hat, only gold and with a tassel?

I'll pass. Also, i'd say GK hemets are just behind the Sisters. And i'm not a sister player.

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also, weirdestboner.jpg

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Mk3 Iron armor helmet best helmet

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Wasn't it because one of the sisters saw this awesome Miracle that turned her hair white and now all the sisters dye their hair because of that.

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Don't think that's canon, but it could be a plausible explanation for at least one order's choice to do so.

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You just reminded me of this. Thank you...

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So they're given a suit of bulletproof power armour, but they can only have the helmet, a rather important piece of gear, after they've proved they don't need it?

But why white? Nothing about the Emperor is really that white. Shouldn't their hair turn gold, the colour of the Empeor's armour, or black, the colour of the Emperor's hair?

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That does not look like a Ministorum approved form of worship to me.

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I don't think anyone knew what the Emperor's armour or hair looked like in M36, let alone in M41. 5000 years is a long time for stuff to spiral off into legend and rumour.

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Likely to prevent level one Battle Sisters being untouchable. That and because so many of the models have bare faces becuase they wanted teh women to have visable faces on thier models.

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I took the 'earn separately' as FFG realised that to make the Sisters like they should be, they shouldn't have put them in a game where PA is an exception and that high level characters would be Storm Troopers. (Of which, a Battle Sister is train to the exact same standards and work up from there)

So, in order to balance out the fact that the player will be a master of combat from early levels they placed odd provisos on them.

To be honest, Sisters should have been stuck in Rogue Trader or they should have just accepted that some classes are going to be greater then others.

Hell, FFG should have an all in one system with everything properly scaled against each other and not make some stupid notion of 'keeping it balanced'.

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Power level wise Sororitas fit RT better. Thematically they're right at home in DH (provided you don't bring Battle Sister "Raging Wrath" Muriel on an undercover mission). Still, it'd be nice to have some way explicit way of representing them in RT. So far the best option is to play a Missionary and pick up the Agent of the Throne elite advance package.

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Didn't saint alessias hair turn white, and thus many color their hair in her honor?

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Yeah, the issue really is that both DH and RT have issues with battle Sisters.

DH: So we have someone who starts off with stormtrooper training and power armour along with a conscript, an acolyte priest and a barely sanctioned psyker...

They just aimed the Power Level too low really for Battle Sisters.

Rogue Trader: Silly Battle Sister, you cannot into Rogue Trader, you're not even a heretic! Go stand with the ork.

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Not -all- RT crews are heretical. Just the vast majority of them.

The non-militant orders work out quite nicely in DH (either as the IH career or the BoM alternate career ranks). I think the Battle Sister career really should have defined the first three ranks as novice ones. Not necessary to change the advances available by much, but downgrade the gear they're expected to wield. Sororitas power armour at rank 4 would still be amazing, but it wouldn't be utterly absurd. Most acolyte cells get some nice kit by then as it is.

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>DH: So we have someone who starts off with stormtrooper training and power armour along with a conscript, an acolyte priest and a barely sanctioned psyker...

And if you have a scum in the party, there's bond to be all sorts of mischief

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>All caps
>Not Mr Rage

Nobody's calling for absolute balance, just some semblance of it. When the very best gear you can start with at rank 1 is guard flak and a lasgun having someone in power armour with a bolter is way, way out of whack.

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That so?

>> No.15046520


Not supposed to. Use Inquisitor's Handbook. Novice until Rank 4.

THAT had at least been done right by Black Industries.

But really, fuck game balance.

A party has a Sororita and a Guardsman, both Rank 1? Well, the Guardsman's player can either suck it up and play his charater, or roll up one that will actually be useful, like an Adept or a TechPriest, or even a Cleric.

Know what? FFG fucked up so hard in Blood Of Martyrs with the Militant careers. In the Inquisitor's handbook, Novice Sisters have feudal plate (and since BI is not that much better than FFG, they forgot to include the stats for Sororitas gear, including power armour.)

So yeah, do it classless if you want to tailor the Sororitas to your games. Ranks by XP, let players take what's logical. Use Codex Sisters rules to determine what training at what Rank, if not adressed in BI/FFG books.

But, fuck game balance.

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>But really, fuck game balance.
>But, fuck game balance.
Fuck you

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There is a, well, balance to be struck between game balance and keeping true to the setting. Either extreme is problematic. Everyone should be able to have fun. Don't tell the Guardsman to "play a useful career." He wants to play a footslogging combat junkie who is good at putting holes in heretics, and why shouldn't he be allowed to do so? It's not much work to ensure that he's good at his job, or at least as good at it as any acolyte can be expected to be at their speciality.

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>Why are Sororitas depicted with white hair 90% of the time?
yeah, why ?

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Yeah, what's the Guardsman gonna do that the Sororita won't do WAY better? Guardsmen are good at DYING by the thousands, in the setting.

So, yeah, the Guardsman will die uselessly at the hands of an incompetent warmaster, as ever. That's good narrative. (Incompetent warmaster = someone who sends a Rank 1 Guard to do anything that's not dying.)

While the Sororita accumulates xp by WINNING fights.
That she doesn't need a Commissar executing her pals just to not flee.
Against things that HER weapons CAN damage. (lolflashlight hurr)

Guardsman in Dark Heresy : good for dying fast and learning the system before rolling a character that can actually DO SOMETHING.

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You are either retarded or a troll. So, you're both.

>> No.15046764

or you like blonde ?

>> No.15046783

Boo hoo. Grow a pair, will you?

Guardsmen can:
1) Drive vehicles. That's bad-ass. Ork giving you trouble, being too tough for your machine gun? Run him over!
2) Use tactics and take cover. Sisters stand proud, get shot, you crawl in the dirt while she takes the punishment as a flashy target.
3) Get heavy weapons relatively early. Boom.

And even without all that, guardsmen have their own, distinct theme. A theme which attracts many players to the game. And sometimes and for some people, looking cool and having a neat style going on beats being the most powerful asshole in the party.

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Only Spacemarines are implanted with the Black Carpace.
That gives them their improved stats, their power armor moves with and enhances their movement ans strength, the variants IG and Sororitas use simply follows movements, cancelling out it's own weight otherwise just functioning like armor.

Sororitas dye/bleach their hair to symbolize unity with their sisters and abandoning their own identity to serve the Emperor, like the nuns hoods.

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Guardsmen can also hack ork warbosses in half with a single hit.
Seriously the whole 'lol guardsmen are just good at dying xD' argument kind of goes out the window when the Guardsman is now being ordered to use his head and try to stay alive instead of "Try to catch any stray shots heading for our tanks so they don't ding the paintwork. And if I see you taking cover I'll shoot you in the balls.".

Guardsmen regularly go up against some of the nastiest shit in the universe, in situations where they are outgunned and outnumbered, and still come out on top. If you give a guardsman access to the kind of shit a Sister gets just because she has white hair and a pair of tits, he will FUCKING. DESTROY. SHIT.

>> No.15046813

.Yeah, what's the Guardsman gonna do that the Sororita won't do WAY better?

Get updated

>> No.15046819

>Oh shit, I completely derailed the thread

>> No.15046906

>>If you give a guardsman access to the kind of shit a Sister gets

Sorry, what?
1 Naked Imp will still lose to a naked Sister 999 times out of 1000.
Give him PA and a Boltgun he's just going to be an expensive bullet soak rather then an inexpensive one.

>> No.15046917

You never see whole planets of guardsmen being wiped out a single dreadnought.

>> No.15046927

Whole planets of guardsmen regularly lose to a single space marine or chaos space marine.

>> No.15046935

Mainly because, when face by a naked Battle Sister most Guardsmen will stare and blush, while a Battle Sister is going straight for his throat.

Seriously, though both have a place in DH, as they both have a very different feel, particularly if your guardsman comes from a Feral or Noble world.
Battle Sisters are holy crusaders carried through battle by faith.
Guardsmen are soldiers who've been conscripted and just want to finish the fight so they can go home.
There's good roleplaying to be had there.

>> No.15046937


Guardsmen dying doesn't bear mentioning.

Still, I think the other person you are arguning with is acting like Melissa 2.0. A Sister WILL beat a guardsmen, asuming equal level of experiance and equipment due to superior training and morale but it's not quite 999/1000. More like 7-8/10 I'd say.

>> No.15046949


>Guardsmen can also hack ork warbosses in half with a single hit.
With what, flashlights? Good luck doing that in 40kRP. Big Orks soak more damage than any Guardsman can do before half-career.

>Guardsmen regularly go up against some of the nastiest shit in the universe, in situations where they are outgunned and outnumbered, and still come out on top.
Only in hack novels. The Guard only ever takes shit out by outgunning and outnumbering the opposition, not the reverse. Unless there's a named hero somewhere in the Guards.

>If you give a guardsman access to the kind of shit a Sister gets just because she has white hair and a pair of tits, he will FUCKING. DESTROY. SHIT.
No way a Guard has access to ACTS OF FAITH. Heavy weaponry, and tanks, the Guard's are better hands down. No power armour though, but then there are Kasrkin and such.
Now give IG tanks to the Sisters, watch the planet burn.

Hack novel written using feet by a drooling retard? In-universe that author got punished so hard for his heresy that the Inquisition couldn't find the pieces even if they asked Ulthwe for help.

>> No.15046960

someone seems to be a little...mad?

>> No.15046969

You are kidding right? A lucky shot from a las gun can kill a marine with one shot. Put a marine up against a whole company or regiment of guardsmen and if he even tries to fight them directly he will be instantly obliterated.

>> No.15046971


>Now give IG tanks to the Sisters, watch the planet burn.

That is something I'd always wanted to see, some of those guard tanks in Sister hands. It's not like they are relics like marine ones and money is hardly an issue for the ecclessiarchy. The sort of long range firepower that Valks or Leman Russes could provide would be brilliant.

Or even a varient of the punisher with a vulcan megabolter instead.

>> No.15046990


TT, yes. RPG? Not so much. Even with max damage it can't do squat to the average marines soak. And NPCs can't Fury.

>> No.15047004

Neither, fluff. A mortar shell or an autocannon can potentially kill a marine quickly, lasguns and meltaguns obliterate them as would multiple squads of people with lasguns. That guy who thinks a single marine can kill 'whole planets of guardsmen' is just wrong.

>> No.15047010

>Sisters of battle
>Black carapace


>> No.15047021


Heavy Mortars, Meltaguns and Autocannons, yes. Lasguns? Not so much. Maybe a longlas but that's a different kettle of fish.

>> No.15047031

>Now give IG tanks to the Sisters, watch the planet burn.

That's the thing, ask the guard to retake a world and they retake the world for the God Emperor of Mankind, ask the sisters to retake the world and set the world on fire, along with any planet near it.

>> No.15047050

Incorrect. In-game, space marines are weak enough to regularly die to regular guardsmen with lasguns. In the fluff, space marines are able to conquer an entire planet with like 5 men without taking any casualties.

Regular humans outnumber space marines at least ten billion to one. If Space Marines were as weak as they are in game there'd be no justifying their existence in the fluff.

>> No.15047054

There is plenty of fluff where sustained or lucky lasgun fire kills marines. White dwarf and black library, probably codexes as well.

>> No.15047058


Yeah, good role-playing opportunities, wildly different characters, I know, I've played both.

And frankly, watching your character sponging up Insanity and Corruption like water in a tissue is just NO FUN. When you go home from the game frustrated by how uselessly fragile your character is, after every session, and you remember how it felt when you exited every session with the smile of duty accomplished, you learn to fucking hate.
When it becomes obvious that you'll never finish the carreer, because lolsanity lolchaos XD, never having the right gear, always getting sent to unwinnable missions ("Capture the target alive" he said. We're killers. We KILL. Needle rifle training? Lolno, next Rank XD Takedown, Net weapons, an NPC who CAN do it : lolno, ufail XD so fun to lose!).

Er, you can do that in RPG.
Add your Sister to the disposable IG squad who does get the Valk. (Do that with an Hospitaller and the Guards will WORSHIP her.) Or get the Inquisitor to transport your squad of Sisters in a Leman Russ. Voilà, done.

>> No.15047059

A troll, most assuredly. Or That One Guy on /tg/ who is as zealous about the sororitas as they are about the Emperor.

Regular, human sized bolters also do next to dick-all to marines too. As do astartes bolters, of that matter, as of the errata weapon damage revisions. Regular weaponry has one hope against astartes; massed fire. Horde rules are a lovely thing.

Scout, establish entrenched positions, fight ground wars that last for months, years or decades.

The role of the guard and the role of the militant orders of the sororitas differ substantially. The latter serve as inspiration to the masses and a focal point for any action. They've very well equipped, zealous troops that specialise in mid to close range combat. They're not common soldiers, though, and don't usually do common soldiering. That's not to say they're utterly untrained in such things, but it's not their role in a military action.

>> No.15047068

>A troll, most assuredly. Or That One Guy on /tg/ who is as zealous about the sororitas as they are about the Emperor.

Second option. Yeah, that's me.
Sorry for being obnoxious about it. It's mostly due to poor wording on my part.

>> No.15047075

No in the fluff in a straight up fight the odds can be as much as 10 dead guard for 1 marines granted those were Elysians. Marines don't usually defeat a world by directly fighting its entire military, they are not used properly if used for large scale open warfare. Drop pods into the command areas, kill whatever guards may be there, kill or capture the commanders. Precision strikes where their advantages are used to the fullest, not throwing them into meatgrinders where their talents are wasted. In large scale warfare a marine in power armour dies as easily as a grunt in a flak vest when exposed to cannon fire.

>> No.15047096

It seems that your GM was running a game in a style that you did not enjoy. I propose that your lack of enjoyment of the guardsman career was more down to the style of the campaign being run than any inherent part of the system.

As for getting a chance to finish your career (an objective I'm question the inherent worth of), a Sororitas is just as likely to be removed from play before she hits rank 8 than a guardsman will. Martyrdom is part of their shtick and, given the ease at which they can resist fear, insanity and corruption, it's highly likely that they'll be able to do what needs to be done to ensure victory. Coupled with the near-omnipresent attitude that their life is worth spending to do the Emperor's work and you've got a recipe for martyrdom. Which is often one of the reasons people choose to play a sororitas character in the first place.

>> No.15047107

Or a Hovertank that has twin-linked Promthium Hellfire cannons?

>> No.15047143

Pretty much. While all mechanics are, to an extent, abstractions of the fluff, Deathwatch characters generally don't want to be caught in the open. Even a mook horde armed with autoguns has a fair chance of doing serious damage to them, especially if you factor in autofire. When you start dealing with hordes armed with more powerful weapons, such as hellguns, bolters or the likes of pulse weapons, cover becomes essential. Or massacring the horde before it has a chance to fire, which is all part of their special forces role; strike first and ensure that's the only strike that decides the battle.

>> No.15047171


Mechanicus! *Shakes Fist*

>> No.15047196

Actually, the STC plans for that were supplied by one Phineas Jifferton, Rogue Trader, seducer of Psykers, runner of illegal space-drugs, and all around screwup.

>> No.15047289

Obscura's a hell of a drug

>> No.15047295

Yeah. DM wants to play 40k as SRS GRIMDARK BZNS as possible, but ... so do I. I seriously want to play a serious Battle Nun of Martyrdom. I know I can lose her, I already did.

And I'll never forgive him for how it happened.

Fuck, when I finally lost the Guardsman, at least it was somewhat appropriate....

As for finishing a career, well, I want to run a convent in-game after earning it. It's the reason I'm playing 40kRP at all. I can accept losing a Sororita while she takes down an obscenely powerful foe, or gets corrupted to Hell in a suitable way (no asspull THIS time) then dies naked charging a tank with a sharp stick. It's okay, next one will be different. It's not like I can't write up a dozen Sisters off the top of my head at any time. Or like I can't take losing a character, that's part of the game, but I'm a narrativist : heroes don't die in lolrandumb ass-pulled ways. Or Sisters who one-shot Bloodletters and kill Nurgle Termies by charging them armed with bombs.

>> No.15047339

>heroes don't die in lolrandumb ass-pulled ways.

I've got bad news for you, broheim.

YOU aren't the heros. You're the Inquisition's Red Shirt training brigade. The INQUISITORS are the heros.

>> No.15047366

Too much Regal Blue?

>> No.15047371

To an extent. Nobody likes dying like a chump, though. You can't guarantee a heroic death, of course, but the GM should endeavour to make sure the death doesn't leave everyone thinking "well, that was shit."

>> No.15047378

Looks good to me. Though I once heard that orders are "supposed" to stick to a few colours (silver, gold, black, red, white). When it comes to minor orders (including lesser known militant ones) you should be okay to go off plan, of course.

>> No.15047442


There's plenty of fluff where a random bastard with a SPEAR kills a Space Marine.

>> No.15047471

Looks fine. That's a snazzy paint scheme.

>> No.15047476

If you mean the 3.5 chaos codex I *think* that was a chaos uprising where a chaos marine heavily wounded a loyalist space marine and a cultist stabbed a spear into the hole and finished him off.

>> No.15047483

I can work with Silver and Gold.

>> No.15047501

Do they have a metallic silver-blue type colour?

>> No.15047537


Don't worry too much about sticking to the scheme. I'm not even sure if the restrictions are canon or just something invented by the internet. 40k is a big and varied enough place for some order to have blue and silver armour.

>> No.15047571

The primary color I used was Mythril Silver (#D3D4DD); the secondary color was Burnished Gold (#facb63). Got both of them from the new Space Marine painter (which actually has preset paint options you can choose from)

>> No.15047598

Oh god what have I done

>> No.15047604

I feel the warp overtaking me

>> No.15047606


Bees, my god.

>> No.15047609


>> No.15047632

Not even with a bone-white helm?

>> No.15047656

Better. Could do with a little more white instead of some of the red.

>> No.15047698


>> No.15047766


>> No.15047798

YFW she has underwear on her head

>> No.15047918


>> No.15047964


>> No.15047969


>> No.15047990

You are sad creatures

>> No.15048032

Truthfully, I have been interested in 40k, but actually never really played the game, and always been interested in the SoB. What do I need to buy to get started, and what site is good for ordering?

>> No.15048050


and you have no sense of humour.

>> No.15048077

First, Learn your Fluff, Imo.
Then try branching out from there.

That way you're not like half the fa/tg/uys here, and think that Slaanesh is only about sex and all of It's minions are herms

>> No.15049291

his/her daemons are, though.

>> No.15049360

Prove it.

>> No.15051219

Indeed. The Ruination of Imperfect Beauty, for example, is just a massive troll.

>> No.15051278

Yes. I think.

>> No.15051543

Aslong as we're showing off colour schemes, what does /tg/ think of this one?

>> No.15051582

Sex is a big part of hedonism, and pretty much all Slaanesh's daemons ARE herms. Just look at the models :P

>> No.15051596

It looks like you just got rid of her pants.

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