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A Rifts community, on /tg/?

irc.thisisnotatrueending.com port 6667
channel #RIFTS

Come on by! We've got multiple GMs, multiple games going and are always looking to meet more players and GMs.

A few common questions people ask:

>What's Rifts?
It's a sci-fi/fantasy RPG with mages, mechs, missiles, psychics, cyborgs and supernatural creatures. It's got flying powered armor and atlantean interdimensional travelers. The system has over 50 compatible books of content and is still turning out more as we speak. It's a lot of fun! Mechanically, it's a lot like dungeons and dragons.

>How do you play on IRC?
If you've never used IRC google a tutorial, it's really easy to use, just pick a client and connect to the server, then join the #rifts channel. As far as actually running the game on IRC, it's just about like playing in real life. You type everything you'd normally say and there's a dice roller built into the chat to handle dice rolls.

>What do I need to play?
Just a copy or pdf of Rifts Ultimate Edition!

>Multiple GMs? Multiple Games?
That's right. There are at least three floating around at this point. You'll find one you get along with for sure!

That's pretty much it! Feel free to drop by the chat and hang out and watch also! I'll probably see questions you post in the chat faster than here, but I'll try to keep up with the thread.

Come check it out!

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The title of this book is COALITION OVERKILL.

Wonder why?

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Note the Dragon before...

>> No.15036034

And after. Coalition Style.

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Here's a pic from the cover of the book with 120+ playable races. All of them are wildly different. It's a great read, check out the PDF.

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"Oh hellll no!"

>> No.15036097

Are you fucking kidding me? Anything released by Palladium is broken horrible unplayable shit. And yes, I've read pretty much all of their books, including Rifts.

Pick basically any other system and it's objectively better because it actually makes sense, doesn't contradict itself on every fucking page and has some modicum of quality. Granted, there are a feew systems out there that're actually worse, but that doesn't mean Rifts is anything other than blatantly bad shit.

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You're playing a shit system and it's obvious that no one here is interested in it, judging by your pathetic self bumps.

Deal with it, faggot.

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I'm sorry, were you trolling? I can't hear you over the sound of not giving a shit.

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"It's eating them, see? You owe me 20 bucks."

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This is a great pic. Notice the entrails or whatever they are in the lower right.

>> No.15036179

One of the many books chock full of mechs, power armor and equipment.

>> No.15036180

Might be summerfags, though these threads do seem to do better early in the morn or late at night.
Same be be said for GURPS too, not sure what conclusions to draw from that.

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Kids get mad about systems that require more effort than "stat+ranks=total" or "armor+dex+misc=AC" because having to think long enough to figure out that Rifts and GURPS are actually pretty simple makes them feel inferior and causes cognitive dissonance with their feeling of adequacy, so they blame whatever made them think for a moment.

It's not a very complicated reaction.

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This has nothing to do with summer. /tg/ has always hated rifts. /tg/ doesn't hate GURPS very much though (but many just don't give a fuck).

Trying to force a thread when no one is interested is just bad.

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Palladiums system isn't as much advanced as it is plain bad. It'd be like calling FATAL "advanced".

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Boy, you sure are mad. Try reading the posts you're quoting unless you want to continue to look like an idiot as well as a troll.

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i loved that book. i always wanted to play basically team america: world police, in rifts. that woud be more fun than anything.

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Hey, there's multiple games with multiple GMs going. Come on by and start swapping ideas with people, you never know who'll want to run something that fits!

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>Palladium thread
I thought we stopped having this shit. Fucking fuck why do you guys keep popping up?

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This guy "Jake" seems pretty legit.

>> No.15036303

... why is it that the guy on the left brings to mind a cross-dresser cosplaying Jill Valentine?

>> No.15036308

Perhaps only you know the answer to why you think that...

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If you're having Rifts problems I got news for you son, I've got 99 problems but your post ain't 1.

>> No.15036325

Classic Splugorth Slave Barge pic from the Revised Edition cover.

>> No.15036336

The "bullet holes" in his armor are probably from railgun slugs.

That's right. Combat Cyborgs!

>> No.15036367

And yet they've been having these threads to some success for a couple months now.

Now I wouldn't put it that harshly. More I would say that the Megaversal System is at the opposite end of the design spectrum from D&D 4th Edition, not saying that's good or bad, or as far apart as two games that both descended from AD&D can get. Not that 4th bares much resemblance anymore (Ok, that was kind of a dig there).

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Oppression. New, from Calvin Coalition

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Read this and tell me Rifts is good. It codifies rules lawyering into the game with its stupid definition of "running water." You can take the nastiest foulest most stagnant water and throw it on a vampire to kill it, that certainly does not represent the purifying nature of running water.

Rifts is full of DERP, and its system is pretty crappy too. The entire HP/SDC/MDC system is pretty damn dumb.

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wish I had free time to game right now, but bumping for glorious Rifts®.

>> No.15036381

Dude, the 80s and the 90s are over and they will never come back. Life keep's going, you know?

>> No.15036394

So you're saying that your definition of running water disagrees with what is written in the book, so the BOOK is rules lawyering. lol That Guy, never changes.

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The system is pig disgusting clusterfuck. I'd like to play in the setting though.

>> No.15036404

are you >implying we don't play Rifts multiple times per week just because it wasn't abandoned by it's creators to hasbro 10 years ago?

>> No.15036410

Feel free to come by and watch a game. If you have an honest opinion on the matter and are not trolling, seeing it run perfectly as written will undoubtedly change your mind.

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I don't know anything about this system but most of these images look fucking retarded. If the setting is anything like them it absolutely has to suck.

>> No.15036418

2/10, you suckered that guy into responding.

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>>However a child's water pistol or squirt gun takes on a lethal meaning to vampires. The water is in motion and therefore, considered to be "running" water.

How does that not sound like something some rules lawyering faggot came up with in order to try and save is character's bacon?

>> No.15036446

You are the embodiment of irony. You should be worshipped.

>> No.15036454


Wow, seriously? Squirt gun vampires to death? This shit IS retarded.

>> No.15036455

Considering that has always been a part of Palladium's vampires and one of only two ways to possibly hurt them, it seems pretty straight forward.

>> No.15036456

Upon my examination, it appears that this goop is really stretchy.

>> No.15036460

This is a classic case of STOP LIKING THINGS I DON'T LIKE. I mean, really. You're going to complain when someone wants to have a thread that isn't 40k or D&D? It's not like Rifts is taking over the board or something.

(Sage doesn't do anything, by the way. It just stops your post from bumping the thread.)

>> No.15036463

>replies to own post
>thinks we can't tell
Summer is Here.

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Your samefag detector is broken there, chief.

>> No.15036480

No, it isn't. You might want to brush up on how moderate your 4chan profile, friend.

>> No.15036481

And water still won't actually kill them unless you have a truly outrageous amount, or a running river.
Wooden stake through the heart, cut off the head, burn separately- classic style.

>> No.15036487

Do you think that one person really objects to water burning vampires like acid?

No. He's just trolling.

>> No.15036496

No, this is a classical case of stop bumping a thread for 30 minutes just to get a single fucking relevant reply. If you have to bump that much, you're obviously just wasting space for other threads that many more people would enjoy.

And no, I personally don't play 40k, D&D or M:tG, so don't start with that. But threads regarding these (and other subjects as well, obviously) are validated by the fact that there's actually people who are interested enough that you don't have to bump for half an hour or more just to get a response.

Fuck this thread. Not because of the content but because OP is doing it fucking wrong.

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I remember you RIFTS guy. You flipped out into trollrage when someone suggested, jokingly, you were Kevin S.

>> No.15036499

"Boss, I think I've found something. Send the ENTIRE SQUAD"

>> No.15036501

>can't comprehend that two or more people can hate his favourite twinklestar system.

You have to be retarded.

>> No.15036508

You're pretty angry to be posting exactly at the speed of the flood limiter. Why don't you take a break before you get yourself banned for trolling?

>> No.15036511

>sage doesn't do anything
>explains how sage does something

>> No.15036514

>posting about sage
>implying summer isn't here

>> No.15036518

You know what? This probably IS Kevin. Everything makes much more sense now.

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>> No.15036539

inb4 this group is Kevin and the few people in the world he could coax into playing his system, and he used his personal money to inflate the sales of the books and the estimated players and yet no one gives a shit about the system.

This is hilarious.

>> No.15036548

I used to have dozens of these books until this dipshit I used to work with borrowed them and suddenly moved away.

Anyway I loved playing this game. The rules weren't complicated, combat wasn't a mess and the settings didn't absolutely reek of stupid.

Those sentient rune weapons on the other hand...yikes.

>> No.15036550

He said something like 'troll strike 1'. It wasn't that, but it was similar.

Then it was repeated and he said 'troll strike 2'. This continued for a while. By the end of it I honestly considered the possibility it could be Kevin, who, to be honest, has always been the largest flaw in the RIFTS system.

>> No.15036552

How do Vampires drink since blood is 92% water by volume?

>> No.15036564

Who the fuck IS Kevin?

>> No.15036566


This shit right here. Happens every god damn time someone tries to have a RIFTS thread. I don't give a shit about the system either way but clusterfuck threads like these being bumped is bad for the board.

Just stop it. Stop bumping threads if no one is interested in them. Stop derailing a thread into this fucking clusterfuck that keeps getting bumped. So fucking stop it. All of you.

Fucking fuck.

>> No.15036574

Kevin Siembieda, the creator (and occasional bad artist) of RIFTS and founder of Palladium. He's a gigantic douche.

>> No.15036575

We are all Kevin. He is the Rifts Alpharius.

But seriously it is Kevin Siembieda, the guy that wrote the Palladium system. He is our Spiritual Liege.

>> No.15036578

interesting troll. I'd give it 3/10

>> No.15036584

He's clearly a master troll then, because That Guy is super mad about him.

>> No.15036600

Haha yeah, one real post amongst a sea of bullshit.

Hey fellow Rifts fan! Check out the chatroom for actual rifts conversation. There's a buncha new and old fans hanging around. Also: torrent the books.

>> No.15036604

Because it's blood. Why ask that?


>> No.15036607

I think it's psychological. Vampires only die from water because they stop believing in themselves for a moment.

>> No.15036619

Just your average every day busted ass relic from ages past.

>> No.15036625



This sentiment is what makes the majority of settings completely fucking worthless.

More like too-stupid-to-come-up-with-an-explanation.jpg

>> No.15036635

more like finally thinks he found something to troll about but nobody gives a fuck.gif

>> No.15036640

So what you're saying is 'It is impossible for anyone to dislike my pet system?'

No one can not like RIFTS? There are no legitimate problems with the system? You really champion this?

>> No.15036650

Are you just quoting any post at random and then typing something into it? That's weird.

>> No.15036661

Guess which one is the full conversion cyborg?

>> No.15036662

If you have something to offer I'm all ears so to speak.

If water were really that deadly to vampires yet the water you'd find in one's bloodstream isn't an issue when they feed...then the most likely answer is that water in such miniscule amounts or mixed with blood simply doesn't affect them.

But still if you have something else in mind I'd be willing to hear you out.

>> No.15036674

I wouldn't waste time trying to debate a troll, my friend.

>> No.15036684

>> No.15036689


Okay. First off, I have made two other posts in this thread. As much as you might want to think that there is one guy spamming your thread with negative comments, I'm afraid I can state that is not the case. It may be that every other post in this thread other than mine's is one dedicated troll, but I consider it unlikely. RIFTS is widely derided system.

My comment above is in reference to the 'one real post' indicating one non-negative post. It seems to imply that only posts of approval are not trolling, which is a bizarre, arbitrary and absurd criteria. People can, and will, dislike any game - and no game is perfect, so they are likely to have (at least some) valid reasons for doing so. My post wasn't random, or out of context. I'm questioning the validity of your (or rather, the guy I was replying to's) judgement, because apparently you actually consider that people can *only* like this game, and anyone who doesn't is a troll.

>> No.15036698

The clerk behind the counter. Not even the power suit dude would try and rob the place with him on watch.

>> No.15036701

chatroom not loading, something about a shady java applet

or am I doing this wrong?

>> No.15036706

Vampires being hurt by any old water is absolutely stupid to begin with. Blessed water? In a setting with magic that is absolutely acceptable.

And given that blood is colored water more than it is anything else, it's the only thing that makes sense.

But blessing someones blood while it's still inside of him is a pretty cool idea.

>> No.15036713

I dunno wtfs up with that. Try using your own irc client, or just close your browser, open again and agree to the applet. I'm sure there's a real easy irc client out there that's better than the web based one

>> No.15036724

>Vampires being hurt by any old water is absolutely stupid to begin with.
>But blessing someones blood while it's still inside of him is a pretty cool idea.
And here you are thinking that you're not That Guy

>> No.15036732

Weird, you're still shitposting.

>> No.15036744

>> No.15036763

Except they don't really drink the blod so much as use it as a conduit for drinking your lifeforce.

And blood is blood, just like throwing mud at a vampire isn't going to do anything, it needs be water, not contain water. It's a mystical venerability, not a chemical reaction.

>> No.15036769

If vampires get hurt by squirt bottles they would be hurt by drinking blood. This is painfully obvious.

Depending on how the magic works, there's not necessarily any reason why you couldn't bless someones blood while its still inside of his body.


Is how you're coming off. Yeah, real likely that more people are going to join your channel now, dickwad.

>> No.15036772

I'm shitposting by actually trying to find a reasoning behind why you call out all possible criticism as a troll? Yeah, that sounds legit.

You are presenting a scenario where anyone who does not like RIFTS is a troll. The only reasonable conclusion to be drawn from that is that you honestly consider the game to be manifestly perfect and impossible to dislike - which is fucking ridiculous, we're talking Dark Age Catholic Church levels of ideological denial here. But given that you do apparently think that, and that no other answer is forthcoming... okay.

>> No.15036776


>> No.15036784

You sure are posting a lot.

>> No.15036805

weird how rifts always attracts a particular crowd

>> No.15036811

I'll bite, just because you're making me mad and I'm just passing by. You are claiming a lot of shit nobody said for no reason and the other guy is obviously just ignoring you.

What the fuck's your problem?

>> No.15036821

Except the rules disagree with you. They pretty specifically say that any old water will do. Does it matter if there's anything mixed in with the water? I don't think so chump, since then only chemically pure water would work and I don't think most people have access to that. Nearly all water contains impurities.

So yes, according to these rules flinging mud at a vampire does damage equal to the amount of water in the mud that makes contact with the vampire (no one us saying all of the mud would count as water, that's retarded). The thing is mud contains relatively little water. Blood on the other hand? Contains a fuck-lot of water. It's probably more purely water than the water you find lying around in puddles or in your average village well.

>> No.15036822

Yeah, all these trolls posting is pretty strange.

>> No.15036831

A list of every post I've made in the thread:
You'll note all of them are posted in response. None was intended as trolling, although I admit I consider the RIFTS system quite flawed and its creator to have made some bad decisions.

>> No.15036834

>trying to rules lawyer about a game he's not even in, online, to people who don't give a shit
You just can't resist can you? It's pretty sad actually.

>> No.15036851

Oh that's pretty cool.

>> No.15036854

Ans yet running water, not holy water, has been the thing that traditionally holds evil creatures at bay. 'Holy water' as a combat technique was introduced MUCH later., though it was introduced as ward at some point in the 'dark ages' mingling pagan beliefs with christianity.

>> No.15036855


More like fuck what the book says if it can't even hold itself to an internal logic.

Systems that don't even bother to have their world make sense given its own setting are just fucking lazy and nothing I would ever play. It's juvenile trash-shit.

>> No.15036861

Can you step off the aggressive crap? You seem to do it in reaction, and although some 'trolls' have been deliberately offensive I, while posting criticism, have not been.

I've explained my reasoning. People say the system has flaws. You (or some other) go LA LA LA STOP TROLLING TROLL TROLL I CAN'T HEAR YOU. Why are these people trolls? Can people genuinely not *dislike* RIFTS without being a troll? That's what you're implying every time you dismiss any negative comment as a troll. I have no problem other than your ludicrous response to negative posts in this thread.

>> No.15036867

You just can't resist can you? It's pretty sad actually.

>> No.15036876

Who are you even talking to?

>> No.15036888

>has been the thing that traditionally holds evil creatures at bay.
So? If it doesn't make sense, fucking trash it. Doesn't matter if its fucking traditional or not.

>> No.15036894

Okay, so everyone who says anything bad is a troll and anyone who calls you on this in a reasonable manner gets passive aggressive bullshit responses. Sure sounds like a fun community. Good gaming.

>> No.15036895

You just can't resist can you? It's pretty sad actually.

>> No.15036903

You already said that. Got nothing better to say?

>> No.15036908

No, come back, you were really starting to get through to me about those things you were saying.

>> No.15036915

Hahaha, oh my god.

>> No.15036918

Can you resist? If you cannot, it would be pretty sad, actually.

>> No.15036929

Now see, that is an example a bad rules lawyering and no GM is going to let that fly.

And actual filthy water does less to no damage- it's a good system, but if you don't read whole books you'll often miss something important.

>> No.15036932

Op here, back from a few games of mortal kombat.

Great thread so far guys. Thanks to all the participants, you're all doing really well.

>> No.15036942

Thou can not abstain, can thee? Surely, this would make thee a rather pensive character.

>> No.15036951

I'm not rules lawyering since I'm not lobbying for anything in the rules either way. I'm saying the setting does not make sense and vampires cannot work like that.

>> No.15036955

Thy virtue weakens, leaving you prostrate with grief in it's absence.

>> No.15036964


>> No.15036983

I don't know what to tell you from here. We're talking and the mythical ways to hold mythical creatures at bay. Neither one of which makes physical scientific sense.
Unless you think vampirism only makes sense as a disease that causes hemophilia and a sunlight allergy, which this is very much not.

>> No.15036985


I would never ever deign to play something that is as stupid as this. I stick to play settings that actually, you know, make sense.

If I were somehow forces to play this retarded shit, I might be however.

>> No.15036995

>implying that it's possible after shitting yourself in rage that you incompletely understand something and making a complete fool out of yourself on the internet, to claim that you are not That Guy

>> No.15037004

It all could make perfect sense given the setting and magic and everything. It's not even hard.

But to shit all over that just because the creators are lazy? To differentiate between "normal dirty water" and "water that is dirty with blood" when there is absolutely no fucking difference? Fuck that.

>> No.15037017

>Implying that all dirty water is blood

>> No.15037020

>making a complete fool out of yourself on the internet

>> No.15037024

Yeah, that was my reaction. But when you're posting my reaction, you use greentext, you see. Unless you're laughing with me.

>> No.15037031

No, but all blood is dirty water. And by dirty I mean not chemically pure.

There is no real appreciable difference between blood and the water in a lake.

>> No.15037039

I love this summershit.

Step 1: Make a /tg/ post.
Step 2: Troll like fucking crazy and not get banned
Step 3: OP abandons ruined thread
Step 4: Trolls trolling trolls to infinity
Step 5: 4chan Summer

>> No.15037046

>He still thinks you can make a fool out of yourself on the internet
>on an anonymous image board, no less

Wooow. Ehum- Welcome to the internet Sir. I hope you will enjoy your stay. Look out for scammers!

>> No.15037053

Besides that one is clearly blood and the other is clearly lake water.

>> No.15037058

Your post wasn't as funny this time.

>> No.15037062

So you have no idea what you're talking about?

>> No.15037065

>RIFTS doesn't make sense therefore I won't play it.

oh boy I can't even put into words how that statement can apply to every single topic that could possibly fit into /tg/ context

>> No.15037068

Is the man who insists that lake water and blood have no real appreciable difference really asking if I know what I'm talking about?

>> No.15037069

The RIFTS people are the worst trolls of all, bro.

>> No.15037083

They are, huh?

>> No.15037102

This picture, unlike this thread, is what RIFTS is like

>> No.15037103

Out of curiosity, how many players do you get from a typical thread like this?

>> No.15037107

Take equal measures of either. The one with blood will most likely be more pure (contain more water).

What's so hard to understand about this? Going LOL BLOOD IS BLOOD NOT WATER is unbelievably fucking retarded.

>> No.15037116

Today we got 4 so far.

>> No.15037123

The fact that you've put those words in someone else's mouth to continue an argument that you're having with yourself seems a mite more retarded than whatever it is you're going on about.

>> No.15037128

I still love how people try to knock it without even actually knowing the name of the system, let alone the setting.

>> No.15037132

Well, every rifts thread is a shitfest. So, evidence.

I'd be nice, but I've seen Rifts OP respond to "Question: Why not play the Rifts setting in GURPS or another generic system with a halfassed semblance of balance?" with "BUT THE RIFTS SETTING HAS ROBOTS SO I HAVE TO PLAY RIFTS." So my willingness to be forgiving is kind of minimal. Rifts threads: confirmed for dumb, forever.

>> No.15037135

Trollers gonna Troll

>> No.15037146

That's the best you could do?

>> No.15037163

>> No.15037167

They just depict absolutely everything as a troll, and disregard any point they disagree with with some passive aggressive response. It's a shame. I'm not inherently opposed to the game, although I'm not a 'fan', but I sure as hell wouldn't play it with these guys. If you can't actually debate in a forum environment, god forbid what it's going to be like when an in-game issue comes up.

>> No.15037181

Are you sure you're not equating refusal to engage you in particular because you suck with a particular stance or viewpoint on what you are saying?

>> No.15037198

Well shit, I lol'd

>> No.15037199

I asked why there couldn't be legitimate criticism of the game. I might be better able to answer that question if I had received any direct response whatsoever. But hey, apparently replying to questions isn't something you guys do in a recruiting thread.

>> No.15037206

That's interesting, can you explain yourself in a little more detail?

>> No.15037208

>you suck
I find it hilarious you deride people as childish or That Guy but 'I lol'd' at this.

>> No.15037212

I mean, I don't think fun is invalid, but the reading comprehension levels bug the fuck out of me.

The tank/hobo balance issue thing is a good example. Instead of saying "Hmm. Obviously, a tank is stronger than a hobo. However, for the purposes of the game, players should not be given a choice between a tank and a hobo as supposedly equal options. Perhaps a tank could be an advanced class that only comes into play once the hobo was batman/a wizard?" they think the options are "the game as written" and "no game ever."

>> No.15037216

Case in point, obviously and intentionally.

>> No.15037225

Wow, I've never thought about it that way before. You're totally right!

>> No.15037254

Op here, good to see things are keeping on track.

I'm the king of the hill currently, I'll check back in when I finally lose. Keep up the good work!

>> No.15037272

I've never seen the op post quite like that, he's the one that does the image dumping, and I am a bit ashamed to say I've seen some hostile responses to some digs, though to be honest you'll see fans of any system do that.

As for your example question, I think that speaks more to the very different design philosophies regarding balance. Palladium completely rejects the 'all races and classes must be perfectly equal to each other at equal levels' style of balance, favoring the 'of course a alien combat cyborg or dragon is going to kick ten times more ass than that vagabond, here have a somewhat tougher level progression rate in a system that levels at a glacial pace as it is' method.

>> No.15037278

does RIFTS have mechs or what? I see in OP pic there's a robot, but I want to play a mech game that isn't a wargame.

>> No.15037296

Yes. It's got probably 50 different mechs, I kid you not. There are like 3 classes in the main book that you can pick that are mech pilots.

>> No.15037298

LOTS of mechs of many shapes and sizes.

>> No.15037325

> here have a somewhat tougher level progression rate
This is completely new information to me. Why? Because people who make rifts threads prefer whining to explaining the fucking system when asked.

I mean, that sounds shitty and un-fun to me, but I can understand that someone else would like it. You just answered the "why not play gurps" question and you weren't even trying.

>> No.15037349

You're right man.

>> No.15037366

I'll just leave this here, regarding the fact that palladium is taking comments on a rule revision and could be super easily trolled...

>> No.15037383

Yeah, I think some of the 'pro-Rifts' posters are just more trolls.
The system follows it cues from AD&D, different classes and some tougher races have different level progression rates, and leveling is fairly slow, experience earned be based on accomplishments and roleplaying rather than what you kill. For example 8-10 is considered mid-to-high level.

>> No.15037405

>based on accomplishments and roleplaying rather than what you kill
How is that bad?

>> No.15037423

He didn't say it was. The opposite in fact, given he seems to be a Rifts supporter.

>> No.15037433 [DELETED] 

Bumping, because OP was posting on midnight during a weekday.

>> No.15037475

If you want information on the system you could just read the rule book bro. Just because you do not like the way someone responds to your questions does not mean that the RPG is shit. I do have to admit that the rifts fan who spam reaction images every thread certainly is not helping but I can see why he does it. Anyway back on topic "ha ha ha" come check out the IRC channel and we will try to answer any questions you have and roll up a character if you feel like it. Currently we are just using the Ultimate Edition but if you want to roll up something from one of the sourcebooks for shits and giggles we can oblige. No gurantee on it being used in a current game however.

>> No.15037476

i lol'd

>> No.15037478

rolled 84 = 84

actually, nix that. Bumping because RPG's deserve a place on /tg/.

>> No.15037483

Literally the only thing I said in this thread was 'How is every single negative complaint against the system trolling?' and in response I got a bunch of apparent Rifts-supporters trying to troll me in response.

So frankly that little message makes fuck all sense to me, but there you go. If you're going to speak for a system, you've got to be able to defend it without calling out any negative comment as 'trolling' and ignoring it.

>> No.15037494

>in response in response

>> No.15037510

Man, I've never thought of it that way before.

>> No.15037542

Vampires in the system are powered by ancient, undying lovecraftian horrors who consider the laws of physics the same way you consider the vanity mirror in your car: a cute option, but entirely vestigial. It works the way it works because the GM and the reality-optional Alien Intelligences say it does. Period, end of discussion.

>> No.15037548

Popped in, grabbed the book and got generally acquainted with it again. Will take some time to process everything as it's been nearly a decade since I last played RIFTS but once I figure out what I want to do I'll be back.

Fuck the trolls and thanks for helping me get interested in RIFTS again OP.

>> No.15037549

lol why bother, it's not like you can convince him otherwise, he's just yanking your chain for attention

>> No.15037553

No problem!

Catch you in the chat, my friend.

>> No.15037622

Ley Line Walker. An iconic Rifts character type.

>> No.15037661

Honestly I think it was just one guy dicking with you, those were some pretty terrible responses.

>> No.15037675

I agree.

>> No.15037687

Probably some guy fucking with you honestly. Me and a few other posters do try to answer questions about the system with at least page numbers and quotes when we are around. Unfortunately we have to sleep and do not catch every rifts thread.

>> No.15037694

What are these mutated creatures and what are they doing in orbit?

>> No.15037762

Combo book, covering the orbitals, moon, and mars for both Rifts and After the Bomb (the post-apoc TMNT setting). After the bomb has more mutants, Rifts space has more robots.

>> No.15037773

>A Boom Gun in space.

Admit it. You'd secretly smile if a player decided to make the mistake of firing that thing while in orbit.

>> No.15037785

See you later, comrade!

>> No.15037816

How fast is this guy?

>> No.15037882

60 mph running
and a maximum flight speed of 300mph

>> No.15037883

This thread.

>> No.15037937

Stats for SAMAS power armor start on page 240 of the ultimate edition rulebook.

>> No.15038267

What book was the Ultimax in?

>> No.15038482

NGR & Triax, also known as the Germans love power armor and giant robots book.

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