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Will we ever see the Tau come into their own as more than just a fledgling empire surviving through sheer luck more than anything?

It's just hard to take them seriously when their own fluff keeps trying to beat us over the heads with how little they matter..

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>>Implying the GW timeline will ever, ever advance.

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There's too few of them, and in the larger scheme of things, it won't matter. Ultimately, the main conflict is between the Imperium of Man and Chaos. The rest is all a sideshow. The Tau don't have the cunning of the Eldar, the mindless hunger of the Tyranids, or the sheer numbers and brute strength of the Orks.

To put it bluntly, they're fucked.

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Only if they get their tech to a high enough level that the imperium's overwhelming numerical advantage ceases to be a factor.

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They have already beaten back a nid invasion. They held off from a crusade. They are currently in there 4th phase expansion. They are more than a mere fledgling empire. They have a huge population density because of the lack of warp travel. To jump into tau space would be near suicide.

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>they are more than a mere fledgling empire


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This thread was obviously not made by an IG player.

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That 'Nid invasion was a tiny tendril of a fleet. That crusade was, by Imperial standards, a tiny conflict that barely drew the Imperium's attention. The Tau have yet to face any major threat.

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I've heard rumor that they'll get faster warp travel here soon. possibly cause of their psychic auxuleries.

The problem I've had difficulty comprehending it how many years it takes them to colonize a planet. Dawn of War (inb4 not cannon) said they take hundreds of years to colonize one planet.

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Nope the crusade was a full crusade with 20 space marine chapters. They held out until the Imperials had to divert their attention back to other threats.

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And neither made it past the first actual sept world they landed on.

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That doesn't make any sense. Tau live shorter, so they should be able to colonize faster.

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But they also took many Tau-Allied human planets in the process.

the Tau lost a significant amount during that crusade.

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2 Regiments and 5 Chapters. Tiny, by Imperial standards.

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I'll never understand why IG players feel insecure about the Tau.
We still love you though, for the Greater Good.

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Most likely winner of 40k? That's been debated, and can still be debated, to no end.

What's certain, however, is that the setting is not going to advance, and as such, the winner of the moment is the true winner of 40k. And the winner of the moment is most obviously the Imperium of Man, so by this logic the Imperium has already won.

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Not to mention building land structures in the space age should be a piece of cake. and if the Tau population is congested then there should be a metric fuckton of hands ready for colonization.

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>5 chapters

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They can't advance the timeline. The Necrons would win and the Tyranids would do just fine on their way passing through. Everyone else is fucked.

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Yes, it is. The Third War for Armageddon involved 23 Marine Chapters and that was for one planet.

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Don't marine chapters usually have about 1000 marines in them?

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>>Necrons would win
>>Laughing astartes.jpg

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That was against a shit load of Orks though, even in Ork standards. 5 chapters is still quite a sizable force in 40k. They're Space Marines after all.

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>Can't advance the timeline, imperium gets its shit together and crushes tiny speck threats that are hyped up in the fluff

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Usually. Black Templars have around 6000 but's that exceptional.

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>empire has a chance

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Well, assuming the fluff is worth anything, anyway (which, admittedly, it probably isn't). I mean, they're not the strongest, but they just. don't. stop. Plus they're probably the only thing that the Tyranids won't eat.

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Kind of hard to eat something that contains zero biomass.

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Dude, how can the Necrons NOT win? All they need to do is set their alarms properly and everyone is screwed.

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Now I want a picture of a tyrranid gnawing on a necron in a cute fashion.

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That's still up to 23000 marines for one planet, as opposed to up 5000 marines for an entire crusade to pacify an entire race. Not to count the non-marine forces present.

As well as that, the Badab War ultimately involved 11 Marine Chapters on the Loyalist side and 4 on the Chaos side. The Damocles Fulf Crusade was a tiny confict.

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that interests me

what would a tyranid fleet gain from attacking a necron tombworld? would they just avoid it? Wouldn't necrons have much to gain by 'harvesting' tyranids?

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The Tau could win cultural victory over mankind.

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The whole point of the Tau is that they are a tiny empire that is no real threat to the IoM or the other races. They have no endgame, their only possible future is either getting wiped out by the IoM or nids or etc when the other larger threats get knocked off the list, OR become strong enough that they are considered a threat enough that the IoM destroys them.

Every faction of 40k has a catch 22, IoM has more than you can count, Eldar are technically a dying race and will eventually all get NOMNOMNOMed by slaanesh, daemons will either win and become so destructive that they end up killing off their power source, crons will kill everything and thus have to go to sleep again, possibly forever.

Orks simply waaaaaagh, nids simply want to eat, and because of that they can't lose as long as they exist and they can't win unless everyone else loses.

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Tiny is still powerful though. The Imperium isn't weak, and when Space Marines are involved the threat level spikes.

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Well if the Necrons still want everything living to die, then the Necrons attack the Tyranids and the Tryanids retaliate.

Though Ward might change all that here soon.

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>and then there's this guy

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that is something that confused me in the fluff, what do necrons actually harvest?

i read they enslave races but what do they gain other then that.

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Yeah apparently Ward is changing the Necrons quite radically. Something like making the C'Tan the Necron's bitch or something. But that's just rumours.

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Jealous that Tau have Roosevelt tier diplomacy skills?

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They don't. They just want to eradicate all life in the galaxy. That's their only aim.

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you've been playing civilization, eh? you know what ends a cultural victory real quick? when the other guy just goes and fucking sacks your major cultural centers.

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Yeah, which is why 'nids avoid them if at all possible. Nothing for them to eat.

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Fluff states that the tyranids actively avoid Necron worlds as the gain nothing. And the Necrons wish to NOM souls, so the Tyranids are pretty useless to them, unless they are trying to save the souls of others for later Nomming.

If you overlay the Necron and Tyranid activity picture in the codex's you can actually see the two groups staying away from each other.

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>The Tau could win cultural victory over mankind.

whenever someone tried winning on culture, id just declare war on them, and start the slow grind of war...which is usually faster as they dont have more then token defense forces and cant exert most outside force outside of nukes

but then that all has its negative side effects

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Besides the Flayed One's clothes.

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Flayed ones, the only reason Nids and Necrons fight.

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From what I understood, the Necrons just want everything to shut the fuck up (die). They want a galaxy that is nice and clean and quiet.

The Tyranids do all the work and leave worlds that seem downright ideal for the Necrons and then the leave. Seems like the two races should pretty much be bros.

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I see a problem with that. Tyranids eat down to the mantle, so how can't they digest a semiliving substance? And the Necrons hate Psykers, and Tyranids are psychic enough to create the Shadow in the Warp.

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5000 marines are really not that many, especially in a fight against the Tau. Tau infantry use comparatively high power weapons and the attrition of any sort of campaign wears heavily upon marine chapters.

Just saying, going after the Tau sounds like an IG job.

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Necron Lord "no, we don't need to waist time attacking them because you need a new robe"
Noble Flayed One "But i NEEEEEEEEEEEED it"
Necron Lord "damn, fine, if it will shut you the fuck up!"

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We already knew that. You're going back to square one now.

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>waist time
Are you implying that Necrons are fat?

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>>15032317 From what I understood, the Necrons just want everything to shut the fuck up (die). They want a galaxy that is nice and clean and quiet.

Necrons harvest bioelectricity for their C'tan masters to consume.

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tyranids are not quiet.

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i believe necrons hate the warp

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Necrons and Nids attack the same human planet.

Humans are dying everywhere while Flayed ones slowly walk around ignoring the ripper swarms hanging from their back.

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now i am imagining a fat necron

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Oh, right, I forgot about those guys...

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True, but they do leave. They're like eco-goats!

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Navigators are different to psykers. Tau have no Navigators

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They have one face and it is PERFECT for every emotion (as long as that emotion is pissed).

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oh yeah, the C'tan

i find it more fun to believe if necrons harvest tiberium. mutates and kills all living things. delicious green candy

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Then what do they Eldar use?

or do their Webway ships not need the warp at all?

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Eldar use Webway. Supposedly Eldar souls attract a lot of attention in the warp, so warp travel is really dangerous for them.

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Eldar are scared of the warp. They only use the webway.

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I'm fairly certain that they do their best NOT to go into the Warp. You know, for obvious reasons...

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Note that having 5 chapters participate in a crusade is not the same as having 5000 marines in one. Usually a chapter will only send a company or two apiece, so it is a far smaller number than it appears, This is because marines are A powerful special forces and thus you need less of them to get shit done, and B there ARE less of them so chapters ration their strength by splitting up their forces. And entire chapter going to war usually means that the entire sector and the imperium at large are in incredible danger. Still, 5 chapters participating shows that the Tau are still a mighty LOCAL threat. On a small scale they are to be taken serious, it is just that on the large scales they don't exist.

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The Eldar use the Webway. It's kind of a path that exists halfway between the Warp and the material world.

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So, Have the Tau ever met the Eldar?

I'm very curious on how that meeting would go. I know the Dark Eldar said hi once. but I wanna know how the Tau act to a legitimately peaceful and powerful faction.

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Eldar avoid/ignore the Tau, but in a positive way. They feel they don't deserve their manipulative dickery.

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The Eldar are neither peaceful nor particularly powerful.

But anyway, it's implied in some text that the Eldar created the Ethereals and have guided some of the Tau's technological advances.

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That doesn't make sense though. Eldar don't know shit about technology.

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Yes, there is several bits of them participating in the same conflicts, there is also a quote from Eldrad about them, and finally in pretty much every game that's been published they have come into contact with each other on multiple occasions. Dawn of War and Deathwatch have scenarios involving contact between the Tau and Eldar, in Dawn of War it's violent, in Deathwatch they are negotiating with each other.... for something, fuck if I know, I wasn't paying that much attention.

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>Eldar don't know shit about technology.

Bitch, what?

>> No.15032511

But have they communicated since then.

I want to know if the Eldar who supposedly made the Ethereal caste keep tabs or just sit back to let it grow.

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What? They don't know shit.
Dark Eldar on the other hand, they know shit.

>> No.15032528


The Eldar keep tabs on everything that could possibly constitute a threat to them at any point in the future.

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Well, I know in Dawn of War Soulstorm, the Tau were alot more Merciful than the Eldar were.

Fuck, I beat every other faction and that Eldred bitch still said I was in the way of whatever the fuck they were doing.

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The only race more advanced than the Eldar and Dark Eldar are the Necrons.

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Eldar are very powerful, but not very peaceful.

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isn't their idea of peace if your planet is even remotely within 100 light years of their craft world they will try and destroy you.

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They are not numerous enough to be powerful. Their main stength lies in their ability to see the future. This lets them avoid danger as much as possible, but in an out an out fight that they have not been able to plan for for the last 3 centuries they would lose.

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>That doesn't make sense though. Eldar don't know shit about technology.



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They have no research, no scientists, and are entirely dependent on their psykery and wraithbone shit.

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space marines are strike forces they don't go around taking entire planets by themselves, also they took a good few planets so for all we knew that was because there was a chapter in each planet.

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they didn't send the full chapter
one of those five were Black Templars, you know the "we really a full legion"

it was more like a company or two form each chapter

>> No.15032618

it isn't necessarily a distance thing, they just have all sorts of hangups on planets they think of as theirs, or exodite worlds. Their farseers also have like a constant risk assessment operation going and they are willing to blow up a lot of shit if they think it will save them trouble in the future.

They tend not to explain this stuff to the other races they interact with, or only issue blunt ultimatums like, GTFO or die. This makes them seem like arbitrary assholes to the imperium. Combine that with the fact that there are 20some major craftworlds, pirates, and trader fleets all over the galaxy. That and the fact that not everyone realizes that there is a distinction between regular eldar and dark eldar makes them seem almost totally random and often violent.

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Doesn't mean shit. The Necrons stopped research 60 million years ago in the 40k timeline yet they are still the most advanced race. Just because they have halted research does not mean they are not advanced.

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They don't have those because they've reached the pinnacle of their technology.

They can't invent anything they don't have anymore.

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(not that guy)I swear all their technology is powered by warp energy, are you saying Eldar use fuel to run their tanks? Not saying you are wrong but I have always assumed other wise, so can I have source on this?

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The entire reason the Eldar became decedent was because they where so technologically advanced that they never had to do any thing but fuck and take drugs.

hence the Fall.

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The first codex Tau depicted them as fledgling, with the second we had advanced technologies showing up and technological development.

In a chapter approved we had hand-held versions of rail technology appearing.

The Taros(?) campaign pushed this further introducing new weapons and MORE new units, including several new crisis suits.

The second codex introduced even more units, and in the fluff the empire was significantly expanded upon.

The newer codexes had tau take a beating, especially blood angels, dark eldar, orks and tyranids-

In the third codex I think we'll see something pretty special happen, considering the power creep that's been going on recently.

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I never said they weren't advanced. I'm saying they don't know shit about technology.

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3rd or 4th most numerous race in the galaxy. Dozens of hive sized craftworlds. Huge military and trading fleets. Exodites scattered on scores of out of the way planets. Rangers everywhere. There are a ton of eldar

>> No.15032656


You forgot "torture, rape and murder" there.

>> No.15032657

Their vehicles have intake vents.

>> No.15032707

law of cool, doesn't actually mean anything, hive tyrants have vents on their backs they even produce steam, but they are not running on coal.

>> No.15032731

You forgot creating other dimensions for the purpose of pleasure alone.

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I can't believe it took this long for someone to mention this.

It wasn't 5 chapters. It was ELEMENTS from 5 chapters. Some sent a company, others sent some squads.

Same with Armageddon, though there it was more like multiple companies.

It's really rare for chapters to fight together as a whole. Only really happens when massive massive shit goes down, usually involving the home system/planet of the chapter in question.

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They actually understand almost everything they use. They are a dying race of puritanical refugees that are constantly under the threat of falling to chaos and/or having their soul devoured by the Prince of Pleasure.

They are a bit busy with things other than marginally advancing their near magic tech. Which they probably are doing anyway and we just don't see it because it has nothing to do with war and no Black Library author has touched civilian life on a craftworld.

>> No.15032803

Goddamnit I already said that before him! Though I was somewhat less succinct.


>> No.15032871


Hahaha. My bad, I stand corrected.

>> No.15032963


Rule of coal eh?

>> No.15033186


>Eldar don't know shit about technology.

>Comments about wraithbone.

The Eldar (collectively) had 65 million years of complete dominance. From all we can gather, this time was relatively peaceful.

Even you ignore the "stolen suns", "dark matter", "bright lance", "space capacity", "anti-grav and fusion tech" and "regeneration from fragments of organic matter" even the most "staid and tradition bound" elf stereo type that spends 99.9% not doing anything is going to achieve some level of technology during 65 million years.

And the Eldar are the exact opposite of "staid and tradition bound". According to fluff, every single one of them are hyper-aware geniuses whose major flaw is that they finds something they're interested and get obsessed in PERFECTING it.

I can understand your confusion, since the Eldar don't use gears and pulleys or burn coal or promethium. However, there are three points you have to consider:

1. Eldar have technology that is sufficiently advanced that it appears like magic (just like flying on a metal air-craft would seem like magic to a primitive).

2. Gears and pulleys and combustion engines and anything that doesn't have a 'soul' implanted is EXACTLY the type of thing that the Void Dragon can control.

Just because the Eldar doesn't use combustion engines doesn't mean that they don't understand it. It's like how the Imperium has a total ban against AI after the 'Iron Men' and insists using living chunks of cadavers instead. It's not because they COULDN'T create AI, it's because they have a damn good reason not to.

>> No.15033198


3. The Eldar approached technology in an entirely different way than man-kind did.

Humans started out with rocks and sticks and agriculture. They gradually learnt fermentation, chemistry, physics, telecommunications, metalurgy until they could create machines (artificial things which mimicked life).

The Eldar (having been created with a natural psychic capacity to shape and move things with their minds and draw mass from the Warp) started out with manipulation-of-the-growth-and-shape-of-vegetation, synthetic/artificial technology (putting souls into things), nano-technology (wraith-bone parasites), telecommunications (psychic communion) and extremely advanced material-sciences (e.g. wraithbone) BEFORE they would have invented the wheel. In fact, there's no evidence that the Eldar ever needed to invent the wheel, they could have invented 'robotic legs' first.

Most of the above is a slight exageration and highly speculative, but the point remains that you can't expect an alien species to make technological discoveries in the same order that humanity did.

>> No.15033460

Much as I like the topic OP, asking that around here is a little like asking Nazi Germany is they think a zionist-secular state called Israel has a future.

>> No.15033486

Both of these statements are false and even the most half-assed attempt to look up the fluff will flat out prove you wrong.

>> No.15033522

Highly speculative indeed...

Old Ones are said to have discovered Eldar on one of their "petri dish planets." The race had risen to supremacy on the planet and had a strong grasp on technology. Eldar warp manipulation was taught by the Old Ones during the evolution speeding process to arm them for the War against the C'Tan.

>> No.15033562

the reason i started playing tau back when they first came out was because of their insignificance. They are a tiny fledgling race with hyper advanced tech who believe in something akin to manifest destiny. The truth though is that if any of the factions ever decided to really deal with the tau, they would be wiped out very quickly, but their lack of warp travel means that they are a very limited threat and at the moment not worth anyones full attention. They believe themselves to be able to take on anyone and everyone, and maybe someday they will be; but at the moment i finally get to play one of those races/empires that are mentioned in the other codexi in the little paragraph long war blurbs "such and such encountered buy our fleet, despite such and such they are eventually quarantined and destroyed"

>> No.15033592

>hyper advanced tech

Compared to modern Earth? Yes. Compared to the other factions in 40K? Fuck no.

Also, does anybody remember that story about how the Tau killed a Chaos Champion thinking it was actually Slaanesh? And how the rest of the galaxy facepalmed? Or when the Necrons appeared and killed off a Tyranid splinter fleet that was approaching their planets, and they tried to throw a celebration for the Necrons (as guests of honour) in thanks for their being rescued? And then they didn't know what was happening when the 'Crons just came down and started killing them all indiscriminately.

>> No.15033727


That's because the Tau are the goddamned noobs of the setting that don't understand shit, especially warp related things.

>> No.15034475

truer words have never been uttered.

>> No.15034516


Pick one.

>> No.15034968

Eldar don't know fuck about technology.


Really, this would place them, at best, at a pre-bronze-age level of technological advancement.

>> No.15035401

The real problems for the Tau is that they are surrounded by large factions which could wipe out the Tau if they were so inclined. However this also works to the Tau's advantage because the larger factions are preoccupied with each other. Also the of lack warp speed travel is a real disadvantage. The Tau although naive about who to trust are fairly clever once they know who they're fighting and are smart enough to know when to withdraw (usually).

>> No.15035491

The Eldar are much more advanced than the Tau, but they should really try to develop drones like the latter have. I mean, the Eldar are explicitly a dying race. They need autonomous firepower to reduce casualties on their end.

>> No.15035562

> Also the of lack warp speed travel is a real disadvantage.
Right now that's the biggest asset in their favor. Without warp travel, the Tau remain a minor threat. Since they're not a threat, other races leave them alone. Since they're left alone, they're free to fortify their tiny section of space, keep out interlopers, and build up new tech. Since they're so busy hard teching, they're set for a MAJOR expansion the INSTANT they get warp travel.

>> No.15035587

Turtle for the turtle god! Ascension victory imminent!

>> No.15035591

The very first ship the Tau made had a cruising speed 1/6th of imperial standard, the current ships the Tau are making are 1/2. And this is in less than 100 years time. AND their ships have a 100% probability of arriving to their destination where imperial ships only have a 90% chance of actually getting to where they want to go.

>> No.15035735

the Tau are an expansionist society held back by their relatively slow space travel. If the imperium decided to send another crusade to the damocles gulf the tau would fare much better if their ships could match the imperial navy in speed.

>> No.15035986


Where are you pulling those absolute values from?
This is just like saying am Marine is 1.333 times stronger than a trained human male... .

>> No.15036493

I love the theory that the Tau are either descendants of, or are themselves, Necrontyr.

Imagine the intense RAGE /tg/ would have if a full-blown Imperial Crusade was launched on Tau and just as it was carving a path through to inner Tau space the Necrons arrive. And fuck up the Imperium's shit. And ally with their forgotten ancestors, the Tau. With the rise of intelligent Necron Lords, it could happen /tg/, it could happen.

>implying GW would ever advance the plot, even after the economical mess they've gotten into and doing so would help boost sales...

>> No.15036537

Except the Necrons have harvested Tau before, and didn't turn them into more Necrons.

>> No.15036549


True that, but that was under C'Tan control. Rumours are pointing to the Necron Lords basically overthrowing the C'Tan and asserting control. Who knows what the Necrons would do with new leadership...

>> No.15036581


Nah, it's in 5th edition where Necrons are stated to have no unifying motivation or any plans for a grand harvest.

4e rulebook's cron fluff said that they work under the C'tan and plan to harvest life, 5e rulebook says that they work under Necron Lords and have a variety of motivations, taking over the galaxy being the most ambitious.

>> No.15036602

the Eldar will win.

When enough Eldar die and Ynnead is created, Slaanesh will be killed. then the Eldar will have 3 deities protecting them, Isha, Ynnead and the Laughing God. Emprah will be shat upon.

>> No.15036621


Or the poor guy will be clobbered by other Chaos Gods or Gork and Mork.

Then Eldar are extinct and have no gods.

There was also one Dark Eldar Kabal who wants to kill all Craftworld Eldar and Exodites to see if Ynnead is born, and then enslave it though how they plan to do it is anyone's guess.

>> No.15036624


Man, I really have to read the fluffy bits of the 5e Rulebook by the sounds of it.

Or actually GET a 5e rulebook...

>> No.15036636

umm Isha is kinda locked up...
also, ALL the eldar need to die before ynnead comes along IIRC

>> No.15036642

isha is nurgles bitch

khorne slapped khaines pussy like it was nothing, now with all the deaths that's happened, it'll be slapping khaines pussy to the power of 40000

ynnead means all the eldar have died. Which means you lost, not won.

laughing god get's raped by tzeentch and has nothing more to laugh about

>> No.15036652


The definition of "harvests" Necrons do is also different. It's not farming, but just killing.

>Filled with bitter resentfulness of other life, some Necron Lords lead their minions on bloody harvests, murdering millions in an attempt to quench their rage.

>> No.15036663

You know sometimes I feel like I'm the only guy who likes the Tau. They could be so interesting if they're handled right.

Imagine, the full weight of the Imperium crashes down on them, seeking to cleanse the Xeno threat. But no matter how many men they send, the result is always the same. Despite being vastly outnumbered, the Tau's superior weapon and powered armor technology pulls through. And now, focused on the Imperium, they decide humanity must be destroyed for the greater good. The greatest threat isn't always the largest...

...Of course this would never happen because it would require somebody to be better at something than the Space Marines. And we can't have that, can we?

>> No.15036686

Last time I checked, the Tau aren't very good at making Virus bombs and Cyclonic torpedoes.
Which they'll be eating a LOT of when they wage a real war against the Imperium.

>> No.15036703


No one is better at anything than the Imperium.

What xeno race can field something as powerful as the Manticore (d3 S10 AP4 ordnance large blasts per turn) outside Apocalypse (where the Imperium has Imperator Titan, again unmatched by other races)? Bright and Dark Lances are better than lascannons only against AV14 and worse against AV10-12. Eldar and Dark Eldar are also limited to AV12 and AV11 respectively, while Imperium has the full range.

The Tau Railgun is ironically the only weapon better than its Imperial equivalents in it's narrow role, and the humans have plenty of advantages to compensate.

>> No.15036717

Enjoy five bazillion spies framing you for everything against everyone all the time.

>> No.15036722


Tabletop rules =/= fluff

>> No.15036734

Some old fluff said that if they build up enough soul stones/infinity circuits, somehow they can be used to blow up slanesh.

>> No.15036737

Which is exactly why the Tau need to be stronger. If their major disadvantage is being a fledgling empire, it should be balanced with superior technology that allows them to keep pushing on despite that.

>> No.15036740

Would the Tau empire, as a setting/army, be more interesting without the Ethereals, or with the mind control aspect reduced?

>> No.15036749


>> No.15036750


Yeah, in fluff Gunnery Sergeant Harker and his squad single-handedly routed an Eldar Warhost, emerging from concealed positions and killing its Autarch with heavy bolter fire.

Imperium is actually underpowered on tabletop.

>> No.15036754

And even in the Fluff, the Tau's technology isn't necessarily better. It's very neat and stable, but compared to the stuff used by the Imperium, it isn't as powerful and they have problems with miniaturization. The Imperium has man-portable anti-tank weapons, while the Tau need to mount theirs on Battlesuits and Vehicles. Tau might have created stable plasma weapons, but the Imperium has created much more powerful plasma weapons.

>> No.15036764


I think it'd be interesting with Farsight and the Fire Caste in control instead of Ethereals. This'd make the Tau more GRIMDARK due to Farsight's outlook on the universe and should help steer their image from the small, weak empire.

>> No.15036788


The Tau's plasma weapons are weaker because they want them to be more safe. They could go full retard and make much more powerful versions that ocassionally blow up, but they can't afford casualties like the Imperium can.

>> No.15036795

>the humans have plenty of advantages to compensate.

always knew the humans had to compensate I mean titans of all things!

>> No.15036797

>Imperium is actually underpowered on tabletop.
That isn't the Imperium being powerful, it's the Eldar being pansies.
"Oh, no, one dude died! RUN AWAY!!!!" The fuck is this, Chess? Okay, technically the King is never taken in a game, but the spirit is the same.

>> No.15036799

Basically... yes. The ethereal crap never made sense anyway. Would've been much more compelling for the Tau to have rapid social and technological development already ingrained in their genetic makeup. If they have to have a fifth caste based on anything, it should be "life" - Fifth Element style.

Make them the one legitimately decent race, none of that pheromone/covert commie/sterilization/big brother bullshit.

>> No.15036806


>Play Darlok
>Start in a corner
>Only one wormhole entrance
>Colonise the five habitable planets there
>Spies, spies and nothing but spies for the next 45 turns
>all other races are fighting each other over acts they've been framed for
>master trollface engaged

/[spoilersdon'tworkontg] Then the antarians spawned right behind me and everyone lost /[spoilersstilldon'tworkontg]

>> No.15036810


>If they have to have a fifth caste based on anything, it should be "life" - Fifth Element style.


>> No.15036812


The man portable thing isn't apparently a tech issue; inasmuch as I recall, the fire caste forbid the use of heavy weapons within infantry squads, presumably because of the whole mechanised infantry thing the Tau have going on.

The stablity versus power aspect links back to the relative attitudes of each faction; with the Imperium, they have so many men that the occasional casualty through equipment failure is barely an issue. Conversely, the Tau only have their tiny empire to draw manpower from, so would be more concerned about keeping individual troops alive.

>> No.15036841

Much as I like the topic OP, asking that around here is a little like asking 40k fans if they think a thread not involving 40k has a future.

>> No.15036848

>the fire caste forbid the use of heavy weapons within infantry squads, presumably because of the whole mechanised infantry thing the Tau have going on.

The problem is, you need anti-tank weapons to wage war yet Tau don't have them in troop slots. Even Devilfishes only have optional one-shot missiles.

>> No.15036868


Oh, don't get me wrong: I think ruleswise it's stupid as all hell and makes firewarriors even more useless than they already are. I was just saying what the fluff justification was.

>> No.15036884

Wasn't the fifth element revealed as sex by the writer?

>> No.15036893



>> No.15036909

saying the same thing just bumps the thread

posting new information improves the thread

>> No.15036959

Necron Fortress?

>> No.15036973

The fluff is as follows:
Shas'ui are rookies. They are not only the least experienced but the youngest of the fire caste, brought in at an early age for their trial by fire. Would you give heavy weapons to the Tau equivalent of "teenagers"?

>> No.15036981

>By 742.M41 Imperial Commanders eventually agreed to requests from the Water Caste for peace talks.

...the fuck am I reading?

>> No.15037001

The alternative was to engage in peace talks with the Tyranid, Necrons, Orks, and Chaos.
> They thought we'd hold our end of the cease fire!

>> No.15037012

You confused Shas'ui with Shas'la, stupid Gue'la.

>> No.15037013

Necron McWarrior canceled task: flay the living, interrupted by Ork Nob

>> No.15037014

>Shas'ui are rookies

>> No.15037025

In a none fanboy way, can you tell me what the tau did afterwards?

>> No.15037032


Space Marine scouts and normal Guardsmen get heavy/special weapons too. And there's a senior leader in the unit to watch over the kids anyway.

The 3e Tau codex had a story about Imperial/Tau peace negotiations. There even was an angry space marine who besides his pro-war stance did not do anything to the xenos in the room.

>> No.15037033


They stole the planets they stole right back.

>> No.15037059

>Would you give heavy weapons to the Tau equivalent of "teenagers"?

Yes, Commissar Anon calls it Darwinism at work.

>> No.15037066

>> No.15037073

I thought the planets they "stole" were filled with auxiliaries which would imply they were originally imperial planets.

>> No.15037075


>> No.15037087

shas'la = private/rookie
shas'ui = sergeant/veteran
shas'o= general/commander of the army

>> No.15037093


That's what he said. They re-stole the planets they initailly stealed.

>> No.15037104

Being a Necron player, I can't help but find the Tau adorable after reading that.

>> No.15037117

Im probably going to start a Tau army soon, but I'll convert them with IG and SM bitz and make them special snowflake guard with Tau tech to troll the local IG and tau players.

>> No.15037130



Imperium only "negotiates" with Tau to buy time to mount its forces against them, and the Tau know that too, not delaying any of their actions because of them.

>> No.15037170


>> No.15037196

>Five Space Marine chapters get involved
>excused as "oh but that was just a tiny force" after they lose.

But yes. Tau Doctrine does not believe in meatgrinders. That's not 'greater good' that's just stupid. Risking your life for it is a voluntary thing, but don't be a retard about it.

They pull back when threatened: land has no strategic value to them beyond as a killing ground. If the enemy's dead, it'll be yours again.

Then they proceed to fuck up choice targets till you're too softened up to resist, surrender, blow the fuck out of them, or bug out realising a city already evacuated is just some handy little boxes to cook invaders in.

>> No.15037229


>> No.15037255

See, this is why the Necrons hate all life.

>> No.15037314


>> No.15037346


Gotcha boss

>> No.15037685

thanks for the post also reading this tau do seem like what Americans think communism is.

>> No.15038184


>> No.15040986

Yeah that was also my reaction.

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