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Throughout time, legends are told of holy warriors who fought against demons and injustice, of their triumph against ancient evils and their unparalleled glory. But for every name sung by the bards, there is always one equally reviled, whispered about in corners of taverns and feared by all. For every Paladin, there is the risk of a fall, the faltering of their moral code that brings those who cannot resist temptation into a dark realm where few return.

But we're getting ahead of ourselves, aren't we? After all, you've hardly even begun your life as one of these holy warriors. Only recently did you take your oath, having joined the Order from...

[A]From childhood, raised by the Order to take up your duty as a Knight of the Order. You carry out your duty without question... or perhaps, you resent your lot in life.

[B]A grief stricken traveler, having had everything torn from you in a cruel manner. Only time will tell if you fight to protect others, or to take revenge for your losses.

[C]A noble house, joining the Order to live up to your family's name... or maybe, to associate your family's name with the Order.

(You know the deal. Roll 1d100 when posting. All suggestions will be considered, but the highest results from the roll will factor in more.)

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rolled 39 = 39


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rolled 46 = 46


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rolled 11 = 11


I choose option C, trying to associate our hosue with hte order.

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rolled 60 = 60


not only did we lose everything be we were branded on the center of are shoulder blade with the mark of the band of thieves

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rolled 50 = 50


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Nice try dumpwad, I saw that reroll. You have no dignity.

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rolled 65 = 65

Noble House, no real angst or political motivations in it but we've always liked fighting and doing the right thing, don't want the hassle of ruling and want out of an arranged marriage to the ugliest woman we've ever seen.

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rolled 40 = 40


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rolled 52 = 52

Noble House.

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Once, you were a happy man. You had a loving wife, and though she had not yet borne children you two were content having each other until it happened. Each day was filled with laughter and passion, with such color! Those were the best days of your life...

...And then one night, it all came crashing down on you. You don't like to think about the things you saw that night, but it was they that set you on this path. Having nowhere else to go in your despair, you sought refuge in a chapel. It was there, deep in prayer, that the grandmaster of the Order happened upon you and offered you a chance at salvation, to dedicate your life towards a greater cause.

That cause is Justice. The Order of the Just has existed almost as long as the kingdoms themselves, guarding them in its darkest hours. And now you stand, armored and ready with weapon in hand, having sworn your oath.

By the way, what weapon is the one of your choosing?

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wasn't meant to be a reroll, i wrote lose anything and ment lose everything so i tried to fix it forgot about the roll till after i already did it

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rolled 43 = 43

MOTHER FUCKING WARHAMMER. We bring superior armor crushing justice. We'll wear a sword for formal occasions if they insist but in battle we use this motherfucker right here.

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rolled 62 = 62

Also, what? There where more votes for C, and C got the highest rolls too.

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rolled 21 = 21


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Didn't see them while I was writing.

Admittedly, this is my first attempt at doing one of these. Would it be proper to redo shit, or just move on with what we've got?

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rolled 47 = 47

most likely he started typing b up before all the c's came in as they came in later

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rolled 46 = 46

Nah is OK.
No problem bro.

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just move on cant go back all the time when stuff comes in late

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Alright then.

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Seconding one handed war hammer.

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rolled 43 = 43

You should keep the thread open in another tab to refresh it before posting in future

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Or get one of the 4chan updater plugins, and not bother F5ing at all.

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rolled 79 = 79


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rolled 54 = 54

Another vote for HAMMER OF JUSTICE

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Your weapon of choice is blunter than the average Paladin, who favors swords as the traditional method of fighting. You have been trained to fight with what you're good with, capable of wielding both a one handed hammer and a shield as well as crushing your opposition with a mighty warhammer when the situation calls for the heavy hand of justice. This is not to say that swords are beyond you, but for whatever reason a hammer just feels right in your hands.

You stand before the altar of the Grand Chapel, the Grandmaster of the Order before you preforming the proper blessings of your weapons of choice. Though you are trained well, your personal weapons are blessed, giving them an advantage over the creatures of darkness... or so they say. The lands have not seen true demons in many years, and it has been long since the Order has shown a display of its might.

As the ceremony ends, the Grandmaster hands you your weapons. He seems satisfied, though with the blessings or with your advancement into Knighthood you cannot tell. He's always been a hard man to read.

With a voice filled with conviction and strength beyond his age, he speaks to you.

"These are your instruments of justice. It is they which you will wield against the darkness, if you are ready. And so I ask you once more, are you ready to swear your life to the Order of the Just? If your dedication is true, then declare your name in this holiest of places!"

>> No.15028412


>> No.15028425

rolled 44 = 44

"I, Sir Heinrich, pledge my life to the church, and to the advancement of the causes of good."

>> No.15028429

rolled 57 = 57


>> No.15028437

rolled 9 = 9


>> No.15028447

rolled 27 = 27


"I, Jacob Levyrus, hearby pledge myself in service against evil, wherever it may be found.

>> No.15028456


>> No.15028468

rolled 72 = 72

I, Sir Magnus of the Vale, from this point until my dying breath devote my being to the pursuit of what is Right.

>> No.15028470

I vow to strike down all evil rats and men without prejudice due to race, species, or creed.

>> No.15028474

rolled 56 = 56

"I, Thomas Orbonne, solemly swear my life and my loyalty to the Order of the Just."

>> No.15028480

rolled 75 = 75

damb verification

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>> No.15028524


Thus far it seems we are Magnus of the Vale.

Even though it's not one of my suggestions, I am perfectly ok with it. For it is an awesome name.

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With a voice clear and true, you respond to his inquiry.

"I, Sir Magnus of the Vale, from this point until my dying breath devote my being to the pursuit of what is Right. I vow to strike down evil wherever I might find it, be it in foul demons or in wicked men! There will be no rest for any evil I see before me!"

Your voice resounds throughout the majestic Grand Chapel, echoing before fading into silence. The Grandmaster turns and walks towards the altar, facing an ornate stained-glass mural of a crossed sword and hammer, radiant with the sun's light.

"Then let it be! From this day forth, you are a Knight of the Order!"

At his statement, the bells of the Chapel ring out, rolling across the world around it. And so it is done.

Without turning to face you, the Grandmaster speaks once more.

"Rest as you see fit. Tomorrow you will receive your first task."

There are many ways you can spend this free time. The library is always open, with exception to the sealed wing of tomes that requires a key to enter. You could train for a while, strange though it may be as a way to relax. Or, perhaps you could just grab some early sleep.

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rolled 84 = 84

I wish to spend some time in quiet meditation, then retreat to the library to read about the great knights of old, in order to inspire myself to greater heights of valor.

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>Simple man turned awesome

>> No.15028594


Meditating and getting some early rest seems the best idea. I doubt after all this pomp and circumstance we would be able to keep focused on studying or sparring. Best to re-center ourselves, reflect on these events, and prepare for our first day of official duties.

>> No.15028604

Politely inquire as to the nature of the task, if it is revealed and there is anything we can look up about it in the library do so and then get some exercise. If it is not revealed or there is nothing to be gained by reading do >>15028576
as well as some light training.

>> No.15028622

rolled 58 = 58


A-whoops, forgot my roll.

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In any case, go to the library. Knowledge is power. Paladins guard it well

>> No.15028638

rolled 48 = 48

Train, meditate, library, sleep.
In that order.

>> No.15028718

Find a quiet spot on a hill, underneath a large tree. And sit and rest, and for the last time, enjoy the silence and simplicity that we're leaving behind.

>> No.15028830

(Just a heads up, please remember to roll when making suggestions.)

You decide that meditating on things would be a good way to collect your thoughts, followed by requisitioning one of the books from the library to aid you in drifting to sleep. With a stiff bow in your armor, you walk outside the chapel and up the nearby hill. As you sit beneath one of the trees, you steady your breath and focus on your own thoughts, stilling them into a steady line, a single sharp thread to weave a tapestry of meditation.

Your thoughts begin at that fateful night, years ago. You were delivering wood to a nearby farm, and had received quite the large sack of vegetables in return. To this day, you still remember your wife's stew. It was always the best with fresh carrots in it.

You still remember seeing the light from the windows, and spilling from the slightly open door. You thought it odd back then, that perhaps you had forgotten to close it on your way out. Then, as you put down the sack and reached out to open the door, you notice the bolt is broken, and--

You snap from your attempts at meditation with a start, shaking your head. Even today, the thoughts of that day still haunt you. Cursing under your breath and getting up, you decide to head for the library to take your mind off it.

>> No.15028956

rolled 25 = 25

It's been a tough day, once at the library we should pick out something inspiring but not too heavy. Inspiring tales of Knights past, slayers of dragons, vanquishers of evil. That type of book.

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As you return through the gates and enter the Grand Chapel, you realize that perhaps it would be better to call this place a cathedral. The sheer size of this place was reminiscent of a palace, majestic and towering compared to the rest of its surroundings.

You ascend the stairs and quietly enter the library... or at least, as quiet as it is possible while in your armor. The librarian is nowhere to be seen, though one of your comrades sits at a nearby table, pouring over her texts as usual.

The comrade in question is Elizabeth Fairell, a woman who you now share the same title with. She's always been absorbed in study and learning, but her skills with a blade are nothing to laugh at. Indeed, when it comes to all aspects of her life, she is a perfectionist. Though some might balk at the thought of a woman entering the Order, there are none within these halls who voice that opinion openly. Officially, the Order's doors are open to all who wish to join and display the proper convictions.

Turning aside these thoughts, you return to deciding what to do. The library contains many texts, ranging from historical accounts of battles to religious texts of all manner, and there is even a section for literature purely for enjoyment. Of course, there is also an area of the library you do not have access to. A sealed off wing of the library, locked behind a heavy metal gate with an impressive lock on it. This is the sealed ward, a collection of texts whose titles and contents are only known to a select few. And you are not one of those people.

Stepping further into the library, you decide to...

>> No.15029007

Let's see what Elizabeth is reading.

>> No.15029033

rolled 99 = 99

Pick a biography of a relatively unknown knight and begin reading through it. No member of our order deserves to be overshadowed by another.

>> No.15029042

rolled 78 = 78


>> No.15029075

rolled 90 = 90

Lets start up a conversation with Elizabeth, see if she has any suggestions for reading material and to get an idea of what our duties are going to be now that we have been knighted.

>> No.15029140

rolled 35 = 35


This sounds like a good idea.

As for our meditation, we must remember not to let our personal feelings interfere with our duties. I'm sure we've heard stories of fallen paladins, and know the risk of the righteous anger we hold so close to our heart.

>> No.15029242

You search through the registry of books for accounts of the exploits of the Order. Though some of the names listed are familiar by now, there are many you have not heard about, and a good number of these are rather thin volumes containing a paltry number of pages.

One book in particular stands out from the rest, having the name of the knight in question and its location in the library blotted out with ink. You have seen this only a handful of times, and each time resulted in the same outcome. No doubt, this book was also in the sealed ward, and chances are good that just like every other time you asked about it, the librarian would give you a reminder that you are not permitted to browse those texts.

Settling for an account of one Perigree Oswald, you search the stacks for the book and remove it from its place, then take a seat near Elizabeth. She glances at you, and then marks her place in her book.

"Oh, it's you Magnus. So it's finished then? You're a Knight of the Order now? Congratulations."

She glances back at her book, and then returns to the conversation.

"Are you having trouble sleeping? I was restless before my first official task. But knowing how determined you can get, I'm sure you'll do fine on it."

>> No.15029271

rolled 48 = 48

"I'll be able to sleep. So long as first, you finally let me pump your rump."

>> No.15029272

rolled 46 = 46


"What can I expect from my first task? It's all this waiting that unnerves me more than anything else."

>> No.15029307

rolled 26 = 26

I just hope that it is something straight forward. I'm a lot better at planting a hammer in someone clearly evil's face than something requiring diplomacy and tact and not knowing which side to be on. What was your first task if you don't mind me asking?

>> No.15029308

rolled 83 = 83


>first female we encounter in the first thread of this quest
>explicitly suggest trying to get into her armored pants.

>> No.15029338

rolled 3 = 3


This isn't an especially terrible, but you should totally phrase it in a more charismatic way. Like: "I'm sure I'd sleep better with your help."

Though we should lay off the flirting for now, and just ask about our first task,

>> No.15029352

rolled 16 = 16


"I'm grateful for your support, but I'm really just anxious to get on with my assignment already. I guess patience isn't one of my strongest virtues."

>> No.15029365

Still the highest roll.

>> No.15029371



>> No.15029375

UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU when will i learn to stop browing /tg/ while drinking a milkshake? now the monitor and the inside of my nose are covered in milkshake. good job man.

>> No.15029390

rolled 63 = 63

"nigga fuck that shit i'm here to smite demons and shit holy bolts"

>> No.15029399


Unfortunately, I seem to have wasted my high roll on an image representing my negative reaction to that suggestion.

Fuckin' A.

>> No.15029415


I don't know whether this is better or worse.

>> No.15029424

rolled 18 = 18

It certainly fits the paladin spirit better.

>> No.15029430

rolled 95 = 95


"*laughs* It's still sinking in, I have to admit. It's quite a bit to take in at once. By the way, about my first task..."

>> No.15029434

oh you dogfucker

>> No.15029439

rolled 29 = 29

Worse, not only worse it's anachronistic. I think it's a no on yelling and posturing anachronistic or not and rudely hitting on her.

>> No.15029441


Thank the lord.

>> No.15029453

rolled 99 = 99

shut up.

Also OP you reserve the right to ignore retarded posts no matter ho high the roll

>> No.15029461

rolled 41 = 41

"Is to pump your rump."

>> No.15029467

rolled 98 = 98

shut up, the lord wants us to get laid, we need to (sniffle) forget about our past, and move on.

>> No.15029484


Not anymore.

>> No.15029489

rolled 38 = 38

I'm just imagining this as a stupendous battle of willpower between our desire to appear professional and courteous and our (apparently) burning desire to bone Elizabeth.

Truly, this is our first and mightiest task of our paladin oath.

>> No.15029499

rolled 73 = 73


Er, I meant "test"

>> No.15029524

Roll 1d100

>> No.15029528

rolled 73 = 73

I vote that we do not do anything that directly involves penises, or being african.
Aside from that, I have no input.

>> No.15029538


>> No.15029547

rolled 26 = 26


>> No.15029554


>> No.15029562

"I get the feeling I'd sleep better if I had something to do tonight..."

You lean in closer, and she promptly takes the book she's reading and uses it as a barrier between you and her. With a quick, icy tone of voice, she says a single word.


You reel back in false shock. "Mistress, you wound me so. But one day you will be mine!" This inane banter continues for several minutes as the two of you quote plays and poems, you pressing the romantic angle and her always retorting with lines of unrequited love. Despite her studious attitude towards things, Elizabeth seems to have fun with this odd comedy. Eventually the two of you reach an impasse, and she returns to her book. Thinking a little bit, you speak up.

"I wish they'd just tell me what it is I have to do now. The waiting is killing me."

She waits for what must be a punchline, but as you continue her expression softens slightly, realizing you're being serious now.

"What kinds of things did they have you do when you swore the oath?", you ask.

She thinks for a moment, and responds. "My first task was to go into the city and right whatever wrongs I saw fit. I ended up protecting a merchant from some thieves."

You could have anticipated such an answer. In the long years since anything truly evil or demonic has shown its face in the lands, the Order of the Just has taken the practice of dispatching its knights to cities or simply let them travel, fighting what they deemed unjust and spreading the hand of law where there was need for it.

"It's nothing you can't handle, I'm sure. Try to relax a little, you'll do fine."

She returns once more to her book, apparently engrossed in its contents.

>> No.15029598

rolled 11 = 11


...well that could've gone a lot worse.

I doubt in our anxious state of mind we're going to get anything important from reading old stories. It'd be best just to head off and get some sleep, making sure we're in our best shape for tomorrow.

>> No.15029600

rolled 47 = 47

Well-handled, OP.
As for suggestions, I say we just go get ready for bed. It's not like we'll wake up to the whole place on fire as demons attack, or anything.

>> No.15029602

rolled 28 = 28

>she wants our cock.

>> No.15029615

rolled 41 = 41

Take our book with us and go read it. As we leave, cop a feel and then run away before she can hit us.

>> No.15029621

rolled 68 = 68

Go to sleep.

Do not do anything related to fetishes, sexual material, or shitting up /tg/ by talking about phalluses.
Continue not being african.

>> No.15029625

rolled 57 = 57

Question, does this setting only have humans or almost entirely humans with mythical creatures being seen as myth or legend, or are there elves, dwarves, orcs and that sort of thing?

Thank her for her help than floridly say something like "Fare thee well, fair maiden, if only I could linger my gaze upon you for one moment longer, but alas I must steal away for there is much to be done in the morning." If we can pull it off kiss her hand farewell and go no further than that.

>> No.15029631

rolled 19 = 19


Go sharpen your hammer.

>> No.15029636

rolled 75 = 75

Can I ass my roll to this guy's?

>> No.15029643


>> No.15029665

The setting is mostly humans, though in far corners of the lands there are whispers of things of another age that yet linger in this world. Amazing and terrible things in equal measure await where the realm of man has no hold... or so the stories go. If there was truth to every story of a man being robbed by pixies, the tax collectors would be out of a job.

Hey, what you do with your ass and some dice is totally your business dude. Just don't get them stuck up there, that would be horrible.

>> No.15029667

rolled 22 = 22

make sure our gear is prepared, oiled, and whatnot. Then go to sleep.

>> No.15029706

rolled 80 = 80

>Continue not being african.
Das racist
I roll for being african.

>> No.15029720

rolled 15 = 15

Good god, we're barely out of the starting gate and /tg/ is already waifu-ing the quest to death.
Next time, the protagonist has to be a robot.

>> No.15029723

But... what if these are his dice?

>> No.15029738

rolled 49 = 49

Why the hell not? It's not like any of the stereotypes would apply, seeing as Africa doesn't actually exist in the setting and we're really rolling for being dark-skinned.

>> No.15029746

rolled 17 = 17

In fact...

>> No.15029793

Does it really matter what exactly our skin color is? We are a male paladin who is looking to right wrongs and kill the shit out of evil, what specific race we are doesn't really factor into any of that.

>> No.15029808

Your council got Mephisto'd, brosef.
One of them now has a -resist aura and shits entire rooms of lighting bolts when confronted. That guy's hardcore. Every other one of them is a pussy.

>> No.15029810


Could give a pretty cool name or title.

>> No.15029840

>This is what white people actually believe

>> No.15029847

rolled 50 = 50

Fall asleep in the library.

>> No.15029850

Well this is just a fantastic discussion we have going on right now.

OP, can we please skip ahead to our first task so we have an objective to argue about besides how to seduce the FIRST AND ONLY character we've interacted with thus far?

>> No.15029857

rolled 63 = 63

In this case, it's true. What, is the DM gonna throw a fantasy-themed KKK at us? We just get more sun than some.

>> No.15029867

rolled 91 = 91

I wish to speak with our Grandmaster.

>> No.15029878

"Well then." You pick the volume you've selected up off the table and get up. "I suppose I should get some sleep. Take care."

"You too. I'd hate to hear you've been impaled on a pike your first day as a Knight." She doesn't look up from the book, and laughs softly to herself.

"If that happens, write a book about me." You walk over to the desk and take a quill, writing in the name of your chosen volume on the provided parchment. Elizabeth mutters something about it being more of a page than a book, and your heart breaks slightly as you leave.

She's never really shown any interest in you, even when you're fooling around. But you can tell from the look in her eyes, that she pities you. It's quickly learned in a life such as this not to pry into the reasons why one chooses this path, and though she's never asked about it she's known you long enough to probably be able to guess that you've suffered loss.

It's not that uncommon, really. A man who's lost everything, grieving against the injustice. There's plenty of books about knights such as that, who overcame their grief and fought for the justice they never had.

Upon returning to your room, removing your armor and reading some of Perigree Oswalds exploits, you promptly realize he was not such a man. Indeed, he guarded several minor caravans before his horse fell into a ravine and he died.

Well, that's depressing. You settle into the sheets, and let sleep take you. Tomorrow, you face your first true test...

>> No.15029909

First quest GET.

Bonus points if they're genocidal, but -also- dedicated to killing the type of people who killed our wife in >>15028830 , their leader having suffered similarly at the hands of bandits killing his family, and choosing a different route to deal with the problem than we did?

>> No.15029939

rolled 56 = 56

While that does sound pretty awesome, it would probably lead to a massive racist-accusation shitstorm and get the thread deleted.

>> No.15029974

rolled 77 = 77


Well... uh I'm sure the caravans he guarded were very appreciative of his help at least.

>> No.15029977

Could make for interesting character development as the players decide what emotions Magnus experiences in reaction to it.

>> No.15029989

rolled 86 = 86

>Tomorrow, you face your first true test...
Not falling into a ravine I guess?

>> No.15030051

Now, son. Think of all the player-character kills that were the result of Pits in your campaigns.
Pretty high number, amirite?
Ravines are deadly.

>> No.15030067

Sound like putting some warn signs near ravines would be a great way to do something worthy in these peaceful times

>> No.15030079

Your dreams are mostly the same every night, and a welcome respite from the scenes that cloud your thoughts when meditating.

In your dream tonight, you walk through a field of flowers. Beside you as usual is your wife, enjoying the wild fields and beautiful day. The two of you stroll through the open lands, smiling and laughing. It's a different laughter than the kind you shared with Elizabeth, and compared to it anybody might say your laughter now sounds hollow and insincere. Back then... those were the best days of your life. Smiling and laughing, the sun beating down on the two of you, enjoying the world around you. Enjoying life.

You vaguely hear the sounds of birds and feel a more substantial warmth, and despite your best desires to walk just a little more alongside your wife reality drags you back into the world of the waking.

You groggily sit up and rub your eyes. Only in your dreams can you find a welcome refuge, a place where everything is as it should be. Grumbling slightly, you sit up and see your armor.

Today's the big day. You wonder what your wife would think of what's become of your life, and then begin preparing for the day ahead. Once armored you...

>> No.15030108

rolled 18 = 18

Report for duty.
After sharpening the hammer.

>> No.15030113

rolled 15 = 15

Check the weather, maybe say a few prayers. Then get going! We've got Tasks to receive and Good to do!

>> No.15030116


Grab something to eat and show up to wherever we get assigned our first mission. Can't smite evil on an empty stomach!

>> No.15030120

rolled 69 = 69

Triple check our equipment, we don't want anything to go wrong. After that we are going to get a bit of prebreakfast stretching and light exercise in eat a hearty breakfast, bid farewell to any friends we have accumulated so far and get our mission.

>> No.15030138

rolled 29 = 29

>Once armored you...

Continue not doing anything fetish-related.

>> No.15030148

rolled 16 = 16

Eat a hearty breakfast and drink a pint of ale.

>> No.15030161

rolled 78 = 78


Ah, forgot my roll again.

>> No.15030165

rolled 41 = 41

Jump back in bed for a few extra minutes of sleep.

>> No.15030176

rolled 64 = 64

All seem valid.
Have a 100.

>> No.15030185

rolled 25 = 25


>> No.15030209

rolled 45 = 45

Remember our wife

>> No.15030219

rolled 99 = 99


Yeah, praying for protection, guidance, what have you, before starting sounds like a good idea too.

>> No.15030221

rolled 52 = 52

Having breakfast of course. I say half a boar should be enough.
And half a barrel of ale.

>> No.15030243

In the name of the Father, Son, and Major League Baseball, amen.

>> No.15030256

You check over your equipment again, making sure that everything is as it should be. Once content with your armor, you shift attention to your hammers. Inspecting them, you find them up to par with your meticulous standards. What did you expect? You haven't exactly used them yet.

As you leave your room and head to the dining tables, you spot a few familiar faces. One of these belongs to Conrad Derringer, Knight of the Order and son of a noble house. His personality is a bit of an issue, but despite any complaints about him he's never been known to fail when an order is issued.

Another of these faces belongs to a boy no older than 14, who you know only as Forrest. A not-so-uncommon example of the Order taking in an orphan, he keeps to himself and stubbornly insists on doing his tasks on his own. Not a bad kid, if a bit unsociable.

>> No.15030278

rolled 47 = 47

Suddenly realize you forgot to pray and run back to your room.

>> No.15030282

rolled 77 = 77


Politely greet them, make some small talk as we eat. Nothing too heavy, either for our breakfast or our conversation, I'm eager to get out on assignment.

>> No.15030292

Alright, as much as I don't like backtracking I'm not going to ignore a perfectly fine 99. We'll hit up some prayer before we leave the chapel.

>> No.15030302 [DELETED] 

Are you ignoring the highest rolls, OP? 3 minutes is an awfully long time to miss something. BTW not >>15030219 I'm just pointing something I noticed out.

>> No.15030305

rolled 18 = 18

who knew /tg/ was so religious?

>> No.15030316

rolled 86 = 86

Small talk them. Half a boar and nalf a barrel of ale.

Breakfast of champions.

>> No.15030326

rolled 74 = 74


We're a paladin. Getting the blessing of our patron deity before heading out on our inaugural mission might be a good idea.

>> No.15030336

Well, it is Paladin Quest. Religion is kinda a paladin's whole schtick.

>> No.15030362

Hmm. Good point. (Off-topic sage.)

>> No.15030398


>> No.15030423

You are doing well so far, OP.

>> No.15030476

You decide to first greet the one most likely to talk to you. As you approach Conrad, he notices you and makes his way over, extending his hand. "Congratulations, Magnus. Another comrade in arms is always welcome. Whenever you feel the need to do some extra justice, just come see me. I've got a few things that I could use a hand with."

Conrad's definition of "help" has always been more along the lines of "Do this for me and feel good about it." He's far too lazy for his own good, but when push comes to shove he always gets things done.

"Maybe if you did some of that work before somebody gave you another assignment, you'd have less to do."

Your retort takes him off guard, and he chuckles a little dejectedly. Your years of living here have taught you one thing as you rose through the ranks- if you give Conrad an inch, he'll take a mile.

You proceed to get your meal and sit at the mostly empty table where Forrest is eating alone. He looks up at you, and then returns to his food.

"Do you want something?"

You eat your meal consisting of an abnormally large portion of boar meat and mead. The boy seems put off a little, but he's always distant.

"Today's my first day as a knight. Someday you'll be in my shoes. Feel free to ask me something if you want to know anything, alright?"

The boy eats his meal silently, but you think you hear him mumble something along the lines of "I guess." As irritating as his isolated mentality can get, he's not a bad kid by any stretch.

>> No.15030488

I didn't want to bump the thread only to disappoint all its readers when I'm not suggesting anything. sage isn't "I hate this thread" it's "I don't have a reason to bump this thread." Almost everyone uses it wrong, though.
Once again, polite sage for off-topic.

>> No.15030502

rolled 61 = 61

Hit the kid

>> No.15030557

rolled 74 = 74

If you do decide to hit the kid make it at most a light cuff.

I suggest that we try to get him out of his shell, talk to him a bit about the fact that there are jobs you can't do alone and that you need to be able to rely on others and others need to be able to rely on you. Talk about some famous Paladins who have accomplished great deeds and stress that they couldn't have done that without trust in their companions, it's a dark world out there and you can't go it alone.

>> No.15030560

rolled 86 = 86


We're really drinking mead first thing in the morning?

Whatever, guess we've been blessed with a mighty stomach of steel as well. Finish the meal quietly, head off to pray, then get our assignment.

And please, please, please do not follow this post.

>> No.15030563

rolled 29 = 29

This is now Paladin of Tyranny quest.

>> No.15030565

rolled 63 = 63

Turn to Forrest, "So how about you finally let me pump that rump?"

>> No.15030582

rolled 80 = 80

Pat him on the back and let's get to our assignment.

>> No.15030586

rolled 32 = 32

That really shouldn't have been as funny as it was.

Shrug Forrest off then. If he doesn't want to talk then leave him be.

>> No.15030592

Tell the kid never to use this line, EVER. It never works, even when I used it on my late wife, I'd end up sleeping on the floor.

>> No.15030595

rolled 9 = 9

By the way, I suggest our emblem should be a bear.
A black bear.

>> No.15030608

rolled 76 = 76

No, an eagle!
...a black eagle.

>> No.15030609

rolled 19 = 19

A Chimera with a bear, a dragon, and a lion for heads.

>> No.15030610

rolled 8 = 8


I vote to ignore any suggestions that use the words 'pump' and 'rump' in the same sentence.

>> No.15030617

rolled 79 = 79

No! A man! A Black man!

>> No.15030619

here. Changing my vote to >>15030608
but with a bald eagle head instead of a dragon.

>> No.15030627

rolled 69 = 69


I second this.

Also, a chimera.

>> No.15030629

rolled 96 = 96

A black bear with a black man's face!

>> No.15030631

rolled 35 = 35

Why do we need an emblem? I thought we were representing this Order, not seeking to establish our own glory? Seems a bit selfish for a paladin.

>> No.15030632

rolled 97 = 97

A Chimera with a bear, a dragon, a lion and a man for heads.
A black Chimera.

>> No.15030633

I think you have your posts in reverse. I posted the chimera thing, but sure eagle instead of dragon!

>> No.15030638

rolled 63 = 63


>> No.15030645

derp sorry, i am identity theft.

>> No.15030655

rolled 60 = 60

If we are not having an emblem, we should have a nickname at least.
The Black Chimera of the Holy Order of the African Paladins.
Or something like that.

>> No.15030663

rolled 57 = 57


Jesus, there's something fucking wrong with you people.

>> No.15030664

it's the emblem of the Order, then. i.e. everyone wears it and there's a big one on the church in plain sight.
This oughta be fun.

>> No.15030673

rolled 12 = 12

how..how did you do that?

>> No.15030676

You lean forward and poke him with your armored finger.

"You know kid, there's nothing wrong with asking people for some help now and then. There's no shame in it at all."

He tries to avoid looking you in the eye. In an instant, several candles light in your brain as you devise a way to get him to open up a little.

"You know, just being a Knight doesn't make you strong. You need to rely on others, and in turn be a person that other people can rely on."

The kid fidgets a little before talking again. "Can you stop poking me now?"

You flick him and sit back down, and he looks at you.

"You know, there was once a Knight of the Order by the name of Perigree Oswald. He was a brave man who did a lot of things by himself. He singlehandedly protected a caravan of wealthy merchants from packs of wolves, bandits and even some things better left unsaid."

You now have the boy's full attention, as he listens intently to the thrilling tale of Perigree Oswald. "So? What happened next?"

"He didn't listen to the caravan leader and fell down a ravine to his death. Moral of the story, you can be as great as you want on your own, there comes a time when you need to listen to people."

The boy is now sulking as you get up to leave. "...Whatever."

You leave the cafeteria with a grin on your face, having battered the small child mentally. Clearly you are a genius. What's the next thing you'll come up with? Perhaps some mad creature born of magic and sciences, a lion with an eagle's head and the tail of a scorpion!

You ponder these extremely unreligious thoughts as you proceed to the sanctum of the Grand Chapel to pray.

>> No.15030685

>you people

What do you mean "you people"?

>> No.15030692


What do YOU mean "you people", Anonymous?

>> No.15030695

rolled 75 = 75

Maybe we should stop thinking about all this crazy stuff and just focus on our upcoming first mission.
Maybe we'll get to fight some-- no, don't think like that. Maybe we'll get to do some good!

>> No.15030723

This is turning out to be a great quest.

It's time to talk to the Grandmaster about our emblem design.

>> No.15030730

rolled 16 = 16

stupid dice

>> No.15030731

rolled 66 = 66

Firstly that was hilarious and it was for his own good in the end.

We should pray for success, a chance to deliver great justice upon the evils of the world and to shake mad animals from our mind. Hopefully we'll get some guidance and some purpose in our new life.

>> No.15030756

rolled 47 = 47

We're thinking these crazy thoughts because we are nervous as all hell about the mission.

Stop. Deep breath. Tell yourself "This mission will be completed to the best of my ability." Another deep breath. Believe with all your heart in what you have just said. Now go do that mission.

>> No.15030760

rolled 12 = 12


"You know, I was never a very religious man before...that day. And immediately after it, in grief and rage I cursed the gods because they took everything I ever loved away from me.

But then came the knights of the Order, and they showed me that it was not you who abandoned me, it was the wickedness in the heart of mankind that struck down my family. They gave me hope that I could drive out that wickedness and prevent it from harming more innocents and leaving more broken men like it did me.

I only ask that you give me the strength to see that hope come to its fruition."

>> No.15030772

rolled 78 = 78

>type up an awesome bit of character dialogue


>> No.15030779

rolled 97 = 97

We worship a god of strength, not just justice. It's time for some worshipping. And by that, I mean we're participating in some sort of proof of strength test. I suggest swordplay or arm wrestling.

>> No.15030790

rolled 44 = 44

It's in character though. We still haven't really gotten over 'that day,' so it doesn't make too much sense to be telling everyone we meet about it, does it?
That said, it was a very nice bit of writing.

>> No.15030818

rolled 2 = 2

Pray. Really, really hard. Don't to fuck up your first assignment after all.

>> No.15030822

rolled 11 = 11


I meant it to be something we say in private at the chapel, between us and whatever deity we follow.

Uh, what deity DO we follow? I don't remember ever seeing that mentioned.

>> No.15030824

rolled 53 = 53

Let's fight Elizabeth.

>> No.15030857

Ohh, that makes more sense. I thought you wanted us to tell the kid that...
Anyway, I think we worship Heironeous. Justice and strength, yeah?

>> No.15030868

rolled 33 = 33


>> No.15030881

rolled 31 = 31

Why not? OP said she can handle herself in a fight.

>> No.15030893

rolled 78 = 78

and why not have our first fight as a real knight be against someone we know?

>> No.15030896

As you approach the altar, you kneel before it and pray. You pray for victory. You pray to have the strength to bring justice to those who deserve it, to give peace to those who have been wronged, and to prevent evil wherever it springs forth. A prayer that is not just words, but a burning desire for good that has been etched into your soul.

As you finish your prayers, you hear somebody entering the sanctum. It is the familiar steps of the Grand Master of your order, and he does not appear to be here to hold a sermon. He stands patiently, waiting for you to finish your prayers.

One might wonder how you can remember his steps. But those are the same steps you first heard when you were grieving all those years ago, the same footfalls that belonged to a man who extended his hand to you and offered salvation.

You will never forget those footsteps.

As you rise and turn to him, you wonder if you have time for sparring before you leave. But as liberating an exercise in combat is, it would probably be best not to exhaust yourself before a task as important as your first.

"Good morning." He says. "Are you ready to learn of your first task?"

>> No.15030909

rolled 9 = 9

not to mention a veteran knight.

>> No.15030919

rolled 2 = 2


"As ready as I'll ever be, Grand Master."

>> No.15030927

rolled 73 = 73

>in mind:
>to grandmaster:
"Yes. I feel I am prepared. What do you require of me?"

>> No.15030940

rolled 72 = 72

First thing first, we have that sparring match and the grandmaster is here. I say it time to spar grandpa.

>> No.15031027

rolled 43 = 43

"Is the first task pumping your rump, Grandmaster? If so, I shall perform with great gusto."

>> No.15031074

Did OP die? There's only three people and the rump pumper still posting in this.

>> No.15031083

"I could deal with a test of strength first."

The grandmaster laughs heartily at this, his demeanor rather bright today. "If I were any younger I would gladly oblige you. And I am sorry to say that if all goes well with this task, you will not need to prove your strength any time soon."

This grabs your interest a little. "What exactly is this task? I feel I've prepared enough to handle it, whatever it may be."

The grandmaster's hand extends, holding a sealed letter affixed with the crimson seal of none other than the grandmaster himself. "Bring this letter to the librarian, and she will bring you to collect a certain tome from our vaults once she has read it. Once you have the tome, set out immediately for the neighboring kingdom of Svann, and proceed to our order's cathedral there. Once you have arrived, show them the contents of... this letter."

The grand master hands you another letter, this time sealed with blue wax instead of red. "I suggest the letter remain in good condition and unopened until it reaches them, so that they believe it has in fact come from me. Once they have read it, follow their instructions as if they were my own."

You take both letters and place them within your satchel.

"Now, this is very important. What I am about to say must be at the forefront of your mind at all times, and no matter what happens you must never forget it. Regardless of all circumstances, no matter what happens out there do not EVER open that book."

The grand master's face is grave, and his tone is more serious than you have ever heard before.

>> No.15031107

rolled 73 = 73

"What's in the book, Grandmaster?"

>> No.15031184

Calling it a night, OP. Good start, with practice you'll get better at this.

>> No.15031201

His previous mirthful demeanor all but vanished, he simply leaves you with a single statement.

"Something I hope you have the strength to handle. Now you must hurry, time is of the essence. You must ride swift and without others of the Order to escort you once you leave."

You nod solemnly at his words, not quite understanding what's going on but having at least enough brains to realize that now probably isn't the best time to ask questions.

>> No.15031268

rolled 80 = 80

Let's head to the library then, and after that to the stables for a horse. I assume we'll be riding to Svann.

>> No.15031292

rolled 10 = 10


I second this.

Time to serious the fuck up, whatever we've been tasked with, it definitely sounds important.

>> No.15031309

rolled 58 = 58

I say get some wire and find a fire. With them, we can open the letters without leaving evidence of them being opened.
We're finding out what's in these letters, man. What if it's kill orders for innocents or something?

>> No.15031324

Get some rope, and once we get the book, tie it closed.

>> No.15031330

rolled 52 = 52






>> No.15031345

rolled 74 = 74


This sounds like a good idea too. Don't want to risk any accidents.

>> No.15031393

rolled 92 = 92

No, we shouldn't do that, because then it's suspicious. In fact, do we still have that book about Perigree? We should take that and a few other books with us and just pack them all with this secret one. That way if we're captured or robbed it won't seem like anything special.

>> No.15031412

You make another stiff bow in your armor, and depart with the letters for the library. Upon arriving, you notice Elizabeth sitting at her usual seat, reading... is that the same book from before? Did she even sleep? As you question this, you notice that she is in fact sleeping in her chair. The librarian notices you and walks over.

"She really should learn not to stay up all night reading... is there something I can help you with?"

You promptly hand over the letter sealed in crimson wax to the librarian, explaining that the Grandmaster told you to deliver this. Her expression hardens a little, and she sighs.

"Very well. Follow me."

She guides you back through the stacks, around near the rear where the ominous gate of the Sealed Ward lies. Producing a rather hefty looking key, she unlocks the gate and opens it with a creak, urging you to follow her as she continues on.

You pass several rooms filled with books joined to this corridor, none of which look terribly forbidden. Still, best not to judge a book by its cover.

Eventually you come to the end of the hall, and make a sharp turn down into a flight of descending stairs. The librarian grabs a torch off one of the walls, and lights it. You continue your descent down the stairs, as the windows become more and more scarce until the only source of light is the torch she is holding.

Eventually, you reach another gate, beyond which you can make out what seems to be a large circular room, with something in the middle.

>> No.15031439

Oh god, it better not be bound in flesh or something horrible like that. If it is, I change my vote here >>15031393
to support tying it up-- heck, let's use chains.

>> No.15031453

rolled 54 = 54

Wait solemnly and properly, we've been given a big job and there's no need to talk right now. We don't want to make it look suspicious by putting giant chains and the like on it. Make it look boring and the same as a few other books to avoid suspicion. If asked we will say something like we're on a standard pilgrimage to find good acts to perform.

>> No.15031461


>> No.15031482

rolled 53 = 53

Even if it is heresy, we're taking it to Svann for a reason-- probably because they're the only ones with the resources to properly deal with it.
For all we know, burning it could release something sealed inside...

>> No.15031485


>> No.15031510

The librarian produces another key, much thicker and with many more notches and protrusions. Whatever was behind this gate, it warranted a lock much sturdier than the lock to the sealed ward.

With a loud series of clicks, you hear several locks disengage with the turn of the key, and the Librarian urges you to hold for a moment. The two of you stand breathlessly, peering into the room. For a few moments, nothing but the sound of the two of you breathing permeates the air.

After a few more moments, the librarian heaves a sigh of apparent relief, and enters the chamber, motioning for you to enter. Now that the center of the room is visible, so are its contents.

Upon a single raised podium lies a black book, gilded with silver on the corners and bearing an ornate design that almost resembles some form of crest, though you are unfamiliar with its design. The book bears a heavy iron clasp, and rests in stark contrast to the room apparently constructed of marble. The librarian carefully picks up the book and dusts it off a little before handing it to you.

"You've been told where to go with this. Speak of it to no one and never, ever open it. The grand master would not have entrusted this to you if he did not believe you could handle this task. Do not disappoint him."

>> No.15031511

Before we leave, ask for things we can use to forcibly tie the book shut.
Ask for something sturdy and watertight to hold the book and letter in. Something that thieves will take at face value, rather than trying to burst open.
Whatever we're given, we NAIL, CHAIN, WELD, GLUE, and HOLY that fucker shut so it can't be opened.

then we set out.

>> No.15031518

rolled 53 = 53

exactly, which is why we need more of it. Lots more. and Svann is right next to a goddamn volcano.

>> No.15031554

and borrow a few other useless books, one of them preferably sealed, nailed, and tied in the same manner as our gilded book.
Or maybe just have the gilded book tied, nailed etc so deep that it now looks like a small chest.

>> No.15031568

rolled 67 = 67

Wait a minute. I think this might all be a setup, a test for us. I mean why would they give this task to a knight on his first day of knighthood? why not give it to someone more experience, more proven?
I bet they do this to all the knights. It's like hazing, or an initiation ritual (though they sure have enough of those already.)
I still think we should do it though.

>> No.15031569

rolled 59 = 59


requisite holy water and or other items of holy power that we can use to seal that fucking book and or ruin it horridly if it pops open then set out on this grand tail to wreck some evil BBEG lairs

>> No.15031577

rolled 41 = 41

or just put it in a small chest and nail, etc. THAT shut.

>> No.15031609

rolled 79 = 79

Forgot mah roll

>> No.15031617

rolled 97 = 97

then light it on fire after bashing it with teh HAMMER OF JUSTICE AND RIGHTEOUS FURY

>> No.15031623

rolled 71 = 71

No, I meant for storage purposes! We have to obey the grandmaster!

>> No.15031643

as much as i want this roll to go through please disregard it..BECAUSE WE CANT JUST MAKE THE GOD DAMN TRIP EASY AND BURN IT RIGHT NOW!!!

>> No.15031655

rolled 60 = 60


Guys, I'd say we just go.

I mean, there's no reason why we'd ever open that fucking book or letters. A paladin is meant to be trustworthy.


You demean yourselves with your suspicions. Set off, as soon as we can, and make haste to get there.

>> No.15031659

rolled 1 + 99 = 100

Uhhh... take the book to where we're supposed to and don't destroy it. Yeah. And don't look at my dice.

>> No.15031668

rolled 54 = 54


>> No.15031675

rolled 13 = 13

Yeah, let's just go. We are honorable.

>> No.15031686

rolled 40 = 40

yeah, except for this guy: >>15031659
Anyway we should NOT hit the book with our hammer, especially not RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE LIBRARIAN.

>> No.15031701

"I keep hearing not to open the book, and it's probably for the best that I don't know why. But that clasp, will it hold it shut on its own? And if it does open, what do I do?"

The librarian ponders this for a moment before answering you. "The clasp itself is all that is needed to hold it shut. You should not require more to bind it."

She motions for you to exit, and as you leave the chamber she locks it behind her. As you ascend the long stairway, she continues on.

"If it makes you feel better, feel free to bind it by any means you see fit. But do not make it too conspicuous. If bandits get the better of you, they will want coin, not a book. However if it appears important, they may change their minds."

As you approach the top of the stairs and turn into the sealed ward, the librarian puts out the torch in a nearby bucket of water and places it back in its wall mount.

"And if it opens... you have only yourself to blame. I do not know what lies within that book or why it is so important, but I have spent 32 years of my life making sure nobody entered that chamber. My best advice for if it opens is, don't let it."

At this point you have exited the sealed ward and the gate has been locked behind you. The librarian walks over to the desk, with nothing else to add.

As you attempt to leave the library, a certain bookworm emerges from around the corner of one of the book stacks. Elizabeth closes in on you like a wolf hungry for knowledge.

"What was that about? You came from the Sealed Ward, right? I've never seen anybody go in there, ever. Even I'm not let in there. Is this about your task?"

>> No.15031712

rolled 44 = 44

Tell her you'll give her information if she lets you pump her rump. Then wink to show her you're kidding.

>> No.15031750

God dammit rump pumper. I'm going to be seeing a lot of you, aren't I?

>> No.15031764

Someone archive this on suptg

>> No.15031770

rolled 38 = 38

I'm actually a different guy. I just thought it might be a good time to bring it up again. Anyway what I meant was to do some more of that harmless romantic kidding like before, but make it clear through that that you can't tell her anything. 'zat better?

>> No.15031774

rolled 82 = 82

"If you let me pump that rump, I'll tell you."

>> No.15031777

Is there a reason why easymodo is insufficient? Because I could totally just run a search on Paladin Quest there to link previous threads later.

>> No.15031812

1. Sup tg is easier.

2. No one knows about Easymodo

>> No.15031815

rolled 6 = 6

"Im sorry, but I can't share any details with you. Suffice it to say it's not as exciting as it seems back there."

>> No.15031825

Oh, I see how it is, /tg/ dice. You just want some rump pumping action, huh?! This board is such a perv.

>> No.15031841

rolled 90 = 90

amend this to
"If you give me a kiss, I'll tell you."
and I'm find with it.

>> No.15031850


>> No.15031948

she would beat us with her holy ...wait what weapon does she have? IT BETTER BET A GOD DAMN CLAYMORE AS BIG AS SHE IS!! either way that would not be the most prudent way to go

>> No.15031956

It's a whip.

>> No.15031977

Alright so I've added this to the sup/tg/ archive. Will new posts here still be reflected in the archive?

You put on your best suave face and stand resolute in the face of her advance.

"If you truly wish to know, I can recommend several unorthodox torture techniques for extracting information. There's this one where you take your mouth and-"

She promptly backs up a little and stands up straight. "I would never resort to such unscrupulous tactics, and take great offense that you would insinuate as much."

A moment passes before she breaks the silence.

"...So you're not going to tell me, huh?"

She pouts a little, and god damn you can't help but have a weakness for women. "Look, it's complicated. I can't really talk about it. But I really need to get going."

Elizabeth considers this for a moment. "Well, it's not like it could be anything too important. You're just a new knight, after all. There's no way anything you saw in there could be too valuable."

Again, her cruel words pierce your armor and tear at your heart. You voice as much, but she doesn't really seem to care.

"I'd hate to hold you here then. Go on and finish your low priority task, lowest of the Knights of the Order. I will not stop you from your no doubt important duties."

Your soul wrenches as you leave the library, and you let out an anguished cry. The librarian promptly tells you to shut up and get out already.

>> No.15032006

Yeah, it'll update to reflect new posts periodically, if I recall correctly

>> No.15032007

Anyway I need some sleep. That's it for today, more to come whenever I feel like it.

>> No.15032084

You did a good job. I'll try to keep an eye out for future Paladin Quests-- are you planning on a specific time, or just whenever?

>> No.15033297

Ouch. She's mean.

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