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You lift up your hand to rest against the glass separating you from the great unknown outside. It's cold, even through your glove. They really need to upgrade the heaters here.
Day in and day out, it's been the same thing. Suckin' dust through your respirator and watching restricted flicks in the rec room. They say a lot of things about space, but one thing they never said was how boring it was.

Not like they have much of a choice, though. Humanity is still rebuilding itself after the demon invasion--UAC was torn to shreds, with Earth, Mars, Phobos, and Deimos utterly devastated. It was years after just one man went forth into the maws of Hell to save humanity, but even now the effects were still felt. What was left of humanity gathered up and went to the moon, trying to build a new life and a new civilization from what remained.
They made him the leader of the new world. They called him...


Weird name for a leader, to be honest.
But the nickname stuck.

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Your eyes look past the glass to the world outside--or rather, what remains of the world first installed on the moon. There were...accidents, at first. Paranoia and distrust ran rampant, and there were a lot of accidents that could have easily been avoided. Rows of jagged rocks jut up from the surface where the ground was disturbed, and in between the layers lay chunks of twisted metal, broken glass, cut wires, and pipes that proclaimed buildings that once were.
Building that originally acted as havens, before...paranoia crushed it all.

You suppose you can't blame them. In the years of the war against Hell itself, there was a lot of terror and a lot of bloodshed. News of trying to escape to start a new life probably seemed too good to be true, and rather than be lied to with false hope, some people took their own exit.

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In the end, though, nothing can top the persistence and determination of the human spirit.
With Doom at the head, the new world developed like wildfire despite any and all setbacks; now, it's almost as if there wasn't any problem at all. All that remains of the nations of Earth are united under one flag, and the different sectors have their own civilizations and cultures now.

As for the UAC? Collapsed. Disintegrated. Crushed. Their bases were utterly demolished in the invasion, all technology lost and almost all personell killed. What was left quickly found themselves out of work, as Doom outlawed any further portal or teleportation experimentation and purged the UAC trademarks and copyrights from what remained of databanks.
You are one of the many people discharged. Formerly a private military guard, the invasion happened on your first day. Now, you're out of work and without any lengthy experience to boast to another employer.
But, hey, "I survived the invasion of Hell despite being right fucking there" is a great credential.

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You turn away from the window and start walking back to your apartment.
There is a good side to this, though. According to a friend of yours, Doom recently started up a mercenary guild right in your sector. Corporations are allowed to post different types of available jobs with an offer of cash, and anyone can snatch them up if the price appeals to them. You and he are going to meet with a possible client later today...a construction worker. Working on expanding a sector.
Hopefully they aren't going to need you to shoot nails in metal bars, or something.

You rest your hand on your apartment's keypad and walk into your room. With a finger-stroke against the doorway, you turn on the lights.
The first thing that catches your attention is the mirror, your reflection staring right back at you.

Wow, you need to freshen up. Do you really look like this?

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Time for character creation. Who will we play, /tg/?
Here is your (quite short) character sheet.

First name: What people call you. Aside from "Faggot".
Last name: What people don't call you as much.
Nationality: What country were you originally from?
Gender: Do you have a ponos or vagoo?
Class: Sortilegus/Marine/Cyborg.
Prominent personality traits: Pick two adjectives. Between two and five will be chosen total.
Prominent physical traits: Pick two adjectives. Between two and five will be chosen total.
Favored Weapon Type: What do you especially love hurting people with? Pistols? Shotguns? SMGs? Fists? Knives?
Random Factoid: Pick a random bit of information about this gal/guy. Can be serious, can be silly, can be depressing, can be funny.


SORTILEGUS: Clad in capes, hoods, and light armor, these men and women take their knowledge and power from the World Before, the land of Parthoris. Some claim to have the blood of Sidhe Elves in their veins, while others simply studied tomes and hoarded powerful artifacts. The Sortilegus take their names from the fortune-tellers of old and utilize a wide array of ordinary objects to project magic both defensive and offensive. A powerful Sortilegus, indeed, has no need for guns at all.

MARINE: Marines are people that have pushed their body to the absolute limit with training, honing their skill with weapons and items until their usage became second nature. Marines are adaptable and can work well in any situation, frequently only needing their training and wits to get out of any trouble. When that doesn't work, a well-applied gun can suffice just as well.

CYBORG: Cyborgs are skilled humans who augumented their already-impressive abilities with cybernetics and machinery, pushing themselves beyond the peak of human capabilities and becoming gods in three-piece suits. They boast awe-inspiring weapons that can rend the Earth in twain, along with amazing resilience that could stop tank fire.

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rolled 14 = 14

First name: Kim
Last name: Carter
Nationality: Britain
Gender: Female
Class: Marine
Prominent personality traits: Sarcastic, big ego
Prominent physical traits: Wiry, facial scar
Favored Weapon Type: Shotgun
Random Factoid: Masquerading as a man

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wtf is a Sortilegus

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A wizard, apparently. Did you read the character creation post?

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>The Sortilegus take their names from the fortune-tellers of old

First name: Amelia
Last name: Vergilius
Nationality: Romania
Gender: Female
Class: Sortilegus. Hell yeah, sci-fi magic.
Prominent personality traits: Shy, awkward
Prominent physical traits: Face shrouded in shadow, covers all of the body
Favored Weapon Type: Pistol
Random Factoid: Fond of old PnP RPGs

Props for the Heretic shoutout.

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rolled 12 = 12

First name: Jess
Last name: Smith
Nationality: San Marino (Italy)
Gender: F
Class: Cyborg
Prominent personality traits: Quiet, Anxious
Prominent physical traits: Fast, Small
Favored Weapon Type: Fists
Random Factoid: Was a Stripper in College

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rolled 80 = 80

First name: Fukov
Last name: McQuesfag
Nationality: Dumbfuckistan
Gender: Hermaphordite
Class: Sortiborg
Prominent personality traits: Random, Horny, Arrogant.
Prominent physical traits: Fat, Thin
Favored Weapon Type: Combat Phallus
Random Factoid: Fukov is a Furry with Vore and Inflation fetishes.

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Now might not be the best time for this, OP.
Summerfags will be here in force.

Polite sage because I have nothing constructive to add.

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First name: Cassandra
Last name: Soprano
Nationality: USA (Greek Descent)
Gender: F
Class: Sortilegus
Prominent personality traits: Sarcastic, Caring
Prominent physical traits: Attractive, Otherworldly
Favored Weapon Type: Pistols, when necessary. Otherwise, knives.
Random Factoid: Has three ex-husbands, all former UAC guard-types as well, and one kid with each. One husband survived the invasion, and he has custody of the kid.

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Go back to /v/ with this Doom shit. Reported for being off-topic vidya. You can't possibly think we're interested in a 20-year-old FPS.

Impolite sage because fuck this shit.

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Someone's never heard of the Doom PnP game. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised, it's pretty obscure.

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