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Imperium of Man = government
Chaos = freedom
Space Marines = money
Emperor = Obama

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Slaneesh = OP

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4chan = Summer

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Summerfag = OP

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Imperium of Man = the lawn
Chaos = weeds
Space Marines = rakes
Emperor = sun

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Self = Darkseid

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Imperium of Man = Government
Chaos = Banks that want free money from the hypocritical GoP.
Space Marines = Money
Emperor = Obama

Fixed that for you, OP.

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Tau = European Union
Damocles Gulf Crusade = NATO
Manta = euro

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Imperium of Man = moot
Chaos = /b/
Space Marines = /sp/
Emperor = /tg/

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Imperium of Man = Doom
Chaos = Halo
Space Marines = Quake
Emperor = Unreal Tournament

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Imperium of Man = Dungeons & Dragons
Chaos = F.A.T.A.L.
Space Marines = Shadowrun
Emperor = GURPS

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The Emperor would be John Romero.

What the fuck are you smoking.

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Imperium of Man = /tg/
Chaos = /b/
The Eye Opens = Raids
Cadia = /v/, /x/

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You're right. My bad.

Imperium of Man = Doom
Chaos = Halo
Space Marines = Quake
Emperor = John Romero


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Man, fuck you guys. Now I want to play some sort of Doom RPG.

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>Emperor = jetpack RPG duels on the Red Light District in DOUK NOUKM 3D

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You're not sure how long you've been on Mars. Day in, day out, it was the same old routine: Suckin' dust through your helmet's filter and watching restricted flicks in the rec room after hours. Occasionally there'd be a bit of fun with being allowed to shoot at pop-up targets in the firing range--or maybe you'd be allowed to go outside with your buddies and take popshots at rocks or cans.
Ever since the demon invasion, though, everyone had been on edge. And rightfully so. Took three fucking decades just to rebuild up a semi-working society from what remained of Mars' and Earth's population.

The elected the guy who stopped it all as leader. "Doom", they called him, since he never offered his name. Or maybe he did, but the nickname stuck.
Had a funny ring to it. Doom. Sounded like a comic book villain. Or maybe just a guy who liked to rip and tear.

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