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Old Dark Eldar: soul eaters
New Dark Eldar: emotion eaters (wat)
Old Grey Knights: pure
New Grey Knigts: pragmatic
Old Necrons: unfeeling robots
New Necrons: Tomb Kings in space except softer (cry when shot)
Old Sisters of Battle: warrior nuns
New Sisters of Battle: ???

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>New Sisters of Battle:

Never going to happen

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New Sisters of Battle: emotion-psykers. Opposite of DE. They project their sisterly bonds and feelings to weave a menstruation-filled tapestry of power.
Roll a D6 for each squad in the army. On a 1 it is having PMS and uses the separate Bitchy-Emotion psyker table that turn.

You think I'm joking.

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>New Sisters of Battle: Punching bags

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The new sister should work by a dogs of war system for existing imperium armies.
You can take squads of them as troops and then kill them and bathe in their blood for different bonuses.

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Still warrior nuns. The change will be shifting the emphasis from inquisition to ecclesiarchy.

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> Old Dark Eldar: soul eaters
> New Dark Eldar: emotion eaters (wat)
Souls are made of emotions in 40k. Whence the confusion?

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So if Kroot fight Daemons and eat them, we get Daemon Kroot? New Army Incoming!

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Souls in 40k are the same as in Mortal Kombat: It's currency.
And then people say GK being pragmatic is unrealistic.

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Is it just me or is EVERY Imperial group besides the Sisters (Daemonfuge not withstanding) working with at least one Xenos race?

At this rate they might as well take 'Fear the Xenos' out of thier creed, since no on is listening.

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Fuck me, is that canon? Source?

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Souls are souls not emotion.

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Souls are made up of emotion, in large part. Even if they weren't, emotion clearly has power, as is evidenced by the Warp. Eldar, especially non-Craftworld Eldar, are hugely influenced by the Warp.

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New Sisters of Battle: Playboy 40K

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No it isn't. Not even Ward is that bad.

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New Sisters of Battle: Magical Girls.

They shoot holy lasers and fireballs and befriend the crap out of eldar. There is huge amounts of subtext between them and the Eldar.

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Guards - Eldar
Mahroons - Eldar, Tau and Necron
Marines are heretics. Guards work with the Eldar and THEN BETRAY THEM NEAR THE END.

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Tactical Genius HURRR

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Oh god no...

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> Group of Tau band together to have a chance
> Imperium players outnumbered 7 to 3, still steamroll them the second the playing field is almost level

Yep, that's 40k alright. I'm almost convinced the reason the Imperium hates chaos so much is it makes them use the faildexes.

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only when mutually beneficial. shit you'd have to be ridiculously stupid not to accept help to a coomon goal

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The Tau made a number of severe tactical blunders and didn't even play like Tau. The Tau race doesn't give a flying fuck about assaulting a fortified location or capturing objectives. They swarm easy targets and pull out when things get hot.

It shows in their codex too, seeing as they:
A) don't have half decent assault troops
B) don't have half decent siege weapons
C) have half their units dedicated to running n' gunning.
D) Explicitly state in the codex that the Tau war doctrine (hit+run) has nothing to do with tournament scoring systems.
He should've nuked the tower and called it a day.

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>>New Sisters of Battle: ???
Huh? You know something that we don't?

There is no new Sisters of Battle.

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Your move.

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New Sisters of Battle: Hats

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When will people stop posting that piece of shit?
We had an anon explain several times now, with screenshots, how he faked that thing.....

If you're one of the few people that missed that I am sorry, but it is -fake-.

Which doesn't mean sisters aren't coming however.

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Was faked, the 01/04 reveal date was the biggest clue, the fact that the guy who made it said he made it and showed evidence of him making it, was the other.

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Well hells, that's what I get for finals. Is the thread with proof of faking archived?

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is anyone seeing a move away from the 'heroic' scale that 40k is made in, prime examples being guard and marines to more realistic scales for models?

I mean look at lelith, part of why she looks that good (spare me) is the scale for her model is less heroic scale

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I... I would be pretty damn okay with this.

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Try that again, and use the word 'scale' half as much.

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Better emotion eaters in detail than "Uh, they eat souls...yeah..."

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farnsworth.jpg - I'm sad now

Well, I recently acquired a big pile of unpainted sisters of battle mini's, what's a good color scheme?

I was thinking a custom color with a polar look, like light and dark blues with white trim

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I read my post, I did laugh out loud

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Sorry for overreacting a little then.
Didn't save a copy sadly and have no idea if it was archived but the thing was pretty much an april's fool and he showed us some screens of how he edited the thing.

Anyways as I said this doesn't mean sisters aren't coming. There are claims from people that they saw sprues already, there are strong rumours that a sisters release might be happening later this year and there are also rumours about a pdf codex, none of all of these completely contradict each other or have seen any believable objection.
So there is quite a bit of hope, nothing definite yet though.

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All current rumours on the Sisters have an equal, contradicting one from a source that could be as valid.

The masters for the plastics won't even be started till July earliest - Saw plastic sprues for their boxes.
Codex is just being cleaned up/is finished and awaiting release slot - No current codex is in the works/has just been started.
WDex release later this year - No WDex.
Codex is early 2012 at the latest - Codex is late 2013 at the earliest.

It's really kind of hard to get the picture here.

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For all we know GW is realeasing all these rumors in order to kill predictions for codexes.

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Well, two of them; 'The Codex hasn't yet started/ has only just started' and the 'won't even start on the masters till July' were both stated by the head of the Design team in an interview he had last year, before any other rumours had even started.
And they both were confirmed by a few different rumour mongers.
But these are now in direct contradiction to later rumours.

And trust me, even at their quickest, GW couldn't even get Space Marines done in such a short time-frame.

So unless GW is intentionally handing out wrong rumours now or has a time machine, this isn't some kind of school-children antics on their behalf.

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