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requesting requests.

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Draw Alice Boone trying to cheer up Boone from Fallout New Vegas (in a non-h way).

I'll leave it up to you how well it's working.

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rolled 86 = 86

Fantasy United Nations conference

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just a quick sketch

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Traditional fantasy princess turned demon host.
So slight genetic mutations(horns, black demonic symbol markings etc) but still maintaining a princesslike aesthetic.

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rolled 23 = 23

Space Marine protecting a small gaggle of kids from aliens

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GlaDOS running dwarfs through a test chamber

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a lizardfolf scout wearing a chainshirt. has a shortbow and shortsword and carries four quivers on his back.

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Dorf making/activating a lava trap

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Seven of Nine as Techpriest armwrestling with Xena as Necron

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It's not /tg/ but Seven of Nine and Motoko Kusanagi having a catfight.

Techpriestess is the ref. Now is it /tg/?

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Modern setting, male in a typical government monkey suit, roughly the size of Mack Delgado from Body Bags, brandishing two machetes.

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A half-orc paladin with a greatsword.

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i love drawing demonfolk, I have a shitload of demon characters drawn up.

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GLaDOS and SHODAN complaining over humans

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While having cyber-tea-and-crumpets
I like that.

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Aino from Mutant Quest, please. http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Mutant Quest

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Hey I know you get a lot of requests, but I really need a picture (of any quality really) of my OC for a game i'm joining tomorrow.

The guy is basically a ranger who has a pack of stray dogs as his familiar. He has black scruffy medium length hair and wears a chinese imperial guard style breast plate. His face is slightly oriental looking.

his main colour scheme is purple and black.

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Guess this eliminates the need for me to make my own draw thread.

Just note, I'm exceptionally slow.

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Love it! Thank you muchly.

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less nice than the previous request. Motoko is gorgeaous, but she doesn't look robotic at all.


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how's about a drawfaggy three way

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oh, c'mon, Lapland, why this turrable "hipster" name?

Booby Boone.

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I got a mortal hero for an upcoming exalted game that I would like drawn.

He is a Haslanti air-boat pilot, his most prominent facial feature is the five scars that run parallel across his face, deforming it, a battle wound sustained as a child. The claws from the beast that caused them now hangs on a necklace around his neck. Otherwise the face is framed by a trimmed blonde beard and cut hair. He most often wear a reinforced jacket/coat of leather and with plenty of insulation against the cold and wind-proof leather trousers and boots. He is most often armed with a pair of axes that can double as ice-picks and a couple of bags with fire bombs.

He is a northerner and somewhat religious, often focusing on gods of ice and winter. His most prominent god is Voharun, god of those who die in battle and is accompanied by one of his ravens as a familiar.

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Dude! thank you. He looks sweet

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I wont be doing any of the glados/boone/video game stuff.

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Could I get a Human Wizard from a fantasy version of China. She's Chinese in appearance, stacked, and has a fox familiar. In terms of body and outfit, think a fusion of Blazblue's Litchi Faye Ling and Dynasty Warrior's Lian Shi. Pic related.

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Could I get a picture of a fighter barbarian with long hair shaking hands with a cleric, who kind of looks like a fighter?

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Why do you do such requests? For practice?

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Any chance of getting this from Hipster?

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Need character portrait, if you could please oblige:
Kobold with what looks to be some sort of rapid-fire flintlock weapon and a small knife. Kobold is wearing leather armor and has a backpack stuffed full of random crap.

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Any one willing to take this request?:

Could I get a picture of a fighter barbarian with long hair shaking hands with a cleric, who kind of looks like a fighter?

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rolled 17 = 17


No need to repost, your previous request is only 4 posts up. Just wait, a drawfag may already be working on it.

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because I enjoy doing these the most. I derive no pleasure in drawing someone else's IP.

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nobody requested that...

Anyway, that sounds strange, but okay.

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quick sketch in paint

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A drunk kobold girl hitting on a human priest.

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There has been people asking about Boone, GlaDos and Motoko, which all are someone elses IP...

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Da fuck is this Lapland fellow? Sounds like a pretentious asshole.

Doesn't sound obscure and underground enough for me.

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a Hipster cron being Khemaboo.

"Man, this headdress is called a Nemes, it comes from Khemri, but you probably haven't heard of it."

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Cyberpunky Razorboy wearing IBM Thinkpads as armor

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Sorry, if this is a long list but I wanted some sketches for my players to look at on Friday.

1. Humanoid versions of fish. The eyes are large and bulbous on the side.
2. Humanoid fish, dolphin, octopus, shark, and turtle. The fish are the most human but with bulbous eyes on the sides of their head The dolphin have the elegance and slimness of an elf. The turtle is pretty short and impish. The rest are pretty much up to you.
2. A 4 winged bat-squid.
3. An oyster that hides under the sand like an ant lion but that works like a venus fly trap.
4. Giant Crab.
5. Blood snail with vampiric teeth that leave behind bubbling trails.

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a Brother of the Megalith.

Badass caveman-inuit space marine, with rock-like armor adorned with engravings, furs and bones.

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A flying house. 2 stories and a roof. With big, steampunky wings, a jet engine on the back, a flat roof with a pair of cannons and a flame turret, and cannons sticking out of the 2nd story windows.

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A Gria with heavy army, a cape, and holding a halberd two handed. I'm not sure how a helmet, or headgear would work on them with the horns...

Image of Gria for reference

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Righty oh.

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Steampunk Mad Cat.
Pic is reference.

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another quick sketch,

>so many chains
>scribble scribble scribble
sorry bro, best I can do

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Could you draw my Changeling for me?

He has got some wooden antlers like branches and wooden hands and feet with a crown of twigs and leaves (King of Autumn). Probably looks pretty damn lost.

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I request Matrim Cauthon, sitting on a throne of some sort, wearing a crown, and looking generally smug

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A tomb guard wielding a musket

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Same as picture with a few changes. Most important, make him morbidly obese and give him large demon wings. He is wielding a heavy mace, that could be mistaken for the Wand of Orcus, and a large steel shield embellished with a large goat-horned skull as the shield's crest, and he is wearing full plate armor.

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A golem, Made out of pie crust, with a few cuts in it. It is leaking Pepperoni and cheese, and tomato sauce leaks from the would. It has two meatballs for eyes, no nose, and it's mouth is a cross pattern top crust of a pie, with a slight bit of smoke coming from it. It has a chef's knife in it's back.

Calzone golem.

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How about a tanned brawler type with slicked back spiky and/or surfer hair. Obviously well fit and obviously a laid back soldier of justice.

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Vivec and Almalexia having sex.

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A female human arcane hierophant. She has long kind of wavy black hair down to her back, with lavender eyes and light skin. She is wearing armor of the beast (pic), mantle of the beast, and ring of the beast. Her companion familiar is a large white tiger (should have some aura of intellect about him) and a silver dragon wyrmling also accompanies her.

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also if you could give her some sort of magic aura like in this pic, as to indicate that she's an arcane hierophant (druid/wizard PrC)

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Don't think it came out right.

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works good enough for me

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Alright, here's that request you requested.

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A female Eladrin mage with a bad assery spear pleases :D

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I would like a single squig, floating in fungus beer, served in a Commissar's hat.

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That looks awesome! Thank you :D

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no problem

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Is it so wrong to think that was Zelda in her war uniform?

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I thought that too. Ha

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Nevermore, my Iron Heroes Executioner:

- Male
- Kinda tall and thin
- Early 20's
- Leather armor
- Belt with pouch
- Black feathery cloak
- White mask
- Bandages on most of body
- Any bits of skin showing are burnt
- Dual wields short swords

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Instead of this... someone draw a Raven Guard space marine perched on top of Calgar's chamber door

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Zelda as an Eldar Farseer?

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I request a gunslinger tech-priest firing two melta pistols while carrying an omnissian axe strapped to his back.

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A goblin with hooves about 3 feet tall.

Lanky with a long nose and long pointed ears. Bald but prominent chest hair.

Skin color ranges from deep green to pale blue. With areas routinely exposed to light being the deeper shade.

He has a hunched appearance and carries a broken pitchfork as a cane. He wears a damaged potato sack kilt and nothing else.

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dig deep. dig greedily.

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21-ish woman with long (down to about her shoulder blades) length hair, not pulled back. She's smiling, eyes wide. Looks either hyper or crazy. Hard to tell. In one hand (which is mechanical) she holds a huge-ass rifle with a pistol grip, slung over her shoulder. On her shirt is the logo in the attached image.

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A Blood Ravens Deathwatch librarian with a force axe and gold-plated, etched human skull in each hand. Has a scroll attached to one legplate, wearing Mk 7 marine armour. If you want to do him without the helmet, have him look fairly youthful and zealous, generic monk-shaved hair. Charred arms, face and chestplate would be nice but not necessary.

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I want you to draw a Great White shark wielding a great sword, a GREAT sword the likes which have not BEEN seen, with its sharp and pointy teeth!

Please! :D

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bump, any drawfags around?

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A man with large and deep scar that stars from the back of his head and end slightly above his eyes. The skin around his eyes looks like it has been torn away, and his dark eyes are barely visible. His mouth is disproportionated and unsettlingly large. His teeth are diseased but surprisingly they have all stayed in his mouth.

The flesh around his mouth is torn as well, and several scars go over his mouth. He has a small-ish glasgow smile. There are two smaller scars that go over his nose, and two just above his eye.

He is pale and dresses in cowled black robes.

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Your typical office employee.

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I'm after a fantasy Australian themed character to be drawn for me. Possibly for a LARP.Cheers!

From the top down
Head: Slouch hat (google it) / bushmans hat
Torso: Khaki under-shirt (short sleeved)
Light plate armour, a chest plate with some small pauldrons
Legs: Khaki shorts, scabbard, few little pouches
Feet: Maybe some shin guards over some brown boots.
Weapons: Kurki

Would look kinda cool

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Sorry to be repetitive, I saw your style and wondered if I Could I get a picture of a fighter barbarian with long hair shaking hands with a cleric, who kind of looks like a fighter? The sketch style really works.

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God, you've requested that three times in this thread alone...

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Don't see the problem. Also, bump.

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Bumping thread and request, any drawfags out there?

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A Gyrinx (pic related),wearing leather armor with pouches. The pouches are best filled with ammo, food and stuff. It's about 70cm tall.

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Hopeful Bump

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This leads nowhere.

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Your impression of what a "Female Dwarf" is.

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Bumping. Would be cool if he could have a guardsman melta slung over one shoulder. (Those crazy magpies and their loot...)

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