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Time travel, /tg/. How would you go about using it in your campaigns?

If you want some inspiration, here's a Back to the Future stream for you, nostalgia etc.


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My English teacher made us watch Back to the Future for class (we are doing movie reviews). He tagged it as a "Culturally Significant Film". We will be watching The original Star Wars movie soon.

>captcha = past, sorgai
indeed captcha, a past sore guy.

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My BBEG is Doc Brown.

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>Twin Pines

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I think we've only ever knowingly encountered a time-traveler in one of our games. It was both cool and annoying.

Cool in that she was someone important from each of the characters' past in some way, like one character's mother, one character's daughter, saved one character's life, and eventually we found out, the murderer of a character's loved one. Despite it all though, the characters were in no way related, or even knew each other before the start of the game.

It was annoying though because the role she had, she was somewhat unapproachable in that, obviously she could alter history as was appropriate to her goals or needs.

Pic highly related, though not naive.

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Time travel is too confusing, I'd rather use this.

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We had a campaign in D&D where we assembled a steampunk-ish time machine. After many sessions travelling through time, uncovering mysteries and learning harsh lessons about changing history, we had to stop a time-travelling cult from destroying the gods, and therefore the world. We failed.

Our machine crashed, we were stranded earlier than we had ever been able to travel. We found the Gods, but only a few of them were present- it was as if some had never existed. Then we realised- we had to become those Gods. Our party was entirely divine (Cleric, Paladin, Avenger, Invoker), and each of us was a worshipper of a god who had been unmade- and we were only people in existance with enough knowledge of forgotten deities to assume their roles.

But two of the players were worshippers of Io (in his twin forms of Tiamat and Bahamut, who of course would form later after Io's 'death'), and only one could become Io. The other would have to be the un-created Asmodeus.

So the most just, honourable and dedicated Lawful Good Paladin I've ever seen roleplayed became the god of tyranny and evil. If he hadn't, the gods would never have defeated the primordials, and the world would never have been completed.

In our setting, Asmodeus is every bit the epitome of evil you would expect him to be. Nobody but the gods who abide his presence know him as otherwise. He adheres to his role because he knows he has to- and that in doing so, the world can exist. He can never tell anyone his duty, and noone who knows can ever discuss it.

In the farthest recesses of the Nine Hells, in a chamber sealed tighter than any other in existance is a pocketwatch of finest gnome craft with a photo of his family in it- his wife, son and little baby girl.

They were killed by an orc army marching under the orders and banner of Asmodeus. Their deaths are what drove him to become an adventurer.

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Oh, dear Gods.

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Forgot the pic.

It was a heavy steampunk setting, and it was a gnomish watch.

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I've had plans of, if I will ever DM a game of either Dark Heresy or Darkwatch, having the PCs travel to a planet to investigate an emergency beacon, but the warp travel gets them there before it happened, and eventually they would be the cause of the emergency beacon.

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Lawful Good.


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There is plenty of precedent for that in canon...

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just. fucking. wow.

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I'm not one for reaction images, but damn that is beautiful.

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And this is why I never meddle with time travel.

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Is your DM some kind of genius criminal mastermind?
Also, what god were you?

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Manly fucking tears.

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Fucking stable timeloops, man.

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I'm glad everyone was as touched as we were.
I'm pretty sure he is.
And, since you ask, I was Io. When he and I realised the choice we had to make, there was silence. Then he volunteered. He was always the better man.

He gave some spontaneous speech. I wish I could remember it all, but he mentioned that a true paladin has to always do what is right, no matter the cost to himself. As I recall, the girl playing the Invoker (who became Ioun) had to leave the room for a few minutes because she had started crying. We had spent years on this campaign, and emotions really were running high.

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Your DM must be awesome.

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Nothing quite like being given a time travel device by a dying, older self...

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He was indeed. I still see him from time to time, but the Paladin's player moved to the US, and I don't see him anymore. I like to think he's gracing whatever gaming table he is at with his presence, even today.

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Now immortalized in screencap form.

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You got any more storytime of your campaigns with him? Seems like a really cool guy.

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Probably the best time travel story I've heard. This needs to be written out or something.

The only time travel campaign I've been apart of got weird when we did a kind of Chrono Trigger-esque swapping of a person with a doppleganger to bring someone back to life.

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this intrigues me...

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I'm afraid I don't, because he isn't real. A lie. I invented him.

This entire account was a fabrication I crafted on a whim after seeing a time-travel thread, simply so I could practice my story-telling skills which, as a DM, are invaluable. The perfect player from this story has never graced a gaming table, and does not reside in the US, or indeed the world at large.

Or does he?

I'll leave you to decide whether to believe me. Though when I have some free time, I may expand this into a fully rounded story. That could be quite a nice read.

Good day, /tg/. Happy gaming.

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the dragon compendium from 3.5 has some stuff on teseracts. also, pic

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You have the skills to entertain, but can you make it last so that people will keep insisting it's real even though you already said it isn't?

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He isn't real yet, you mean.

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thank you kind sir.
+1 Internets to you!

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You are a liar.
[ ] 1) Can't honestly disagree
[ ] 2) Agree
[ ] 3) Strongly agree

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I could try, but I doubt I would succeed. Why tarnish an otherwise impressive display. I can always make another tabletop myth later.
Or perhaps I have already succeeded. We will see.
True. I was wondering if anyone would make this point.
This scenario would make just a good a roleplaying campaign as it would a story. I could always try, as could any one of you. I can't stop you.

Asmodeus the Paladin could yet be a reality. Who knows.

And with that, Adieu.

And would you look at that. I win.

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your shit is now officially canon in my campaign world. sure only a few beings in all of creation know it, but that doesn't make it any less true

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okay, new discussion. >>15013777 is our BBEG.

How fucked are we?

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Nothing changes, except that he subconsciously wants you to win.

Also, time travel is cool.

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You have the materials of a cult leader. All you need left is the face to pull it off. And with triples of 7? You lucky, cunning bastard.

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Form FORMS-EN-2873-FORM - Page 45

Do you feel bad that you have let your coworkers and/or larger mandated collective down?

1] Yes
2] No

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Writefag may or may not be Stephen Alzis, Gman, a Sergal (dat grammar), and/or The Master.

Also, archived for epic.

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All science we have, hypothetical or other wise, says it could be possible to go forward in time; but nothing to suggest going backwards.
Whatever you do will either have to have alien technology, magic, or bullshit pseudo-science behind it.

Just saying.

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Form FORMS-EN-2873-FORM - Page 23

Have you experienced recurrent thoughts of regicide?

1] Yes
2] No

Form FORMS-EN-2873-FORM - Page 24

If you answered 'yes' to the previous question, please rate the following statement: I know what 'regicide' means.

1] Strongly Disagree
2] Disagree
3] Agree
4] Strongly Agree
5] N/A

Form FORMS-EN-2873-FORM - Page 25

You are a liar:

1] Can't Honestly Disagree
2] Agree
3] Strongly Agree

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Are you referencing something or what?

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Three of those have time travel. My money's on the Master.

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I'm responding to your post 12 minutes after you wrote it. I guess I went forward in time, at the rate of one second per second.

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Form FORMS-EN-2873-FORM - Page 4

Which of the following best describes your pain?

1] Nondescript
2] Shooting
3] Stabbing
4] Burning
5] Prickly
6] Aching
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8] Dull

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Maybe it's Paranoia. It sounds like CPU's work. Particularly the regicide thing.

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Form FORMS-EN-2873-FORM - Page 6

How do others describe your education?

01] Nursery School
02] Grade School
03] Junior High
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05] Some College
06] Associates Degree
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08] Graduate Degree
09] PhD / Post Doctoral
10] None

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what's happening to this thread

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It's.... CHANGING...


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Form FORMS-EN-2873-FORM - Page 3

Sally, Dwayne, Anthony, David, and Franklin are, collectively, exactly 10 years apart in age. Sally's is two years older than David. David's favorite letter is 'g'. Anthony's favorite letter is also 'g', but Dwayne has no preference, insisting that he likes all the letters equally except for 's'. What is Franklin's favorite letter?

01] a
02] b
03] c
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05] e
06] f
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08] h
09] i
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18] r
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26] 7

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Clearly it's "7."

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You still there, writefag?

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By sheer chance, I reopened this tab in time to see your message. So yes.

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Form FORMS-EN-2873-FORM - Page 22

Which interrogation technique do you think would be most effective on you?
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02] Pain
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10] The Big Bang
11] Pearls Before Swine
12] Chicken Button
13] Death Eats a Sandwich
14] Hammerhead
15] Hammerhand
16] Fried Hole
17] Hangri-La
18] Ivan Is a Dope
19] Joint Interrogators
20] Law of Partial Pressure
21] The Spinoza
22] Gospel Shark
23] Cloud Cuckoo Land
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25] Good Cop / Ventriloquist Cop
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44] The Dental Assistant

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>Good Cop / Ventriloquist Cop
That's... Disturbing.

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what the fuck is going on?

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Something strange.

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Whoever you are, I salute your ability to manipulate people.

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WTF happened in this thread ?

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A common complaint? Good news is, it'll make sense later. Bad news is, you'll be me.

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just google this
>Form FORMS-EN-2873-FORM - Page 22

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The fuck is going on in here?

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I'm confused.

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whats going on

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What are we talking about again?

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