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this dude is the most (un)fortunate traveler ever

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I once played Changeling Austin Powers. Your bards have nothing on me.

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Also, where can I find the rest of those?

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rolled 14 = 14


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Very funny, I know how to look at pics and that's the first place i tried. but searching 'bards' there brought up waaay to many undesired results.

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anyway, more like this.

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well, tnx for the help anyway.

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Fuck the bard (not literally), these are awesome.

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>Amphibious Undead Army


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bards in sphess


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Jesus Christ how horrifying.jpg

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Guys, hijacking my thread is fun and all, but couldn't you at least come up with more, say, funny pictures? I could use the loughs. That's why i was searching for bard pics in the first place.

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Don't worry, his +50 to Diplomacy and Bluff should get him out of this.

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rolled 17 = 17


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Fine, have a Mexican bard.

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something about horse skulls is fucking terrifying

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>Why boner?

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Can not unsee.

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Fuck you, now I see it too.

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This is why I play bard. Fuck being able to fight your way out of a problem. Fuck being able to be a walking death bringer. Ya'll hating when I persuade my way to get double the reward money and half price on all my goods. Ya'll mad when I talk my way out of a bar fight. Ya'll upset when I sing epics of our journey, with me as the main character.

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thanks for pointing that out jack ass

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Actually I just want something to lol at. anyway, your bard.

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Behold the tale of how a Bard (and some companions) slew a mighty dragon!

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So it finally comes out. The reason why elf men get so frazzled by our women is that their women don't got any badonkadonk.

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If you pull "It was really me doing all that shit!"

No, I ain't even mad. Mainly, because all frustration has been worked out on that bloody smear that used to be you.

Don't try to steal another mans credit, dawg.

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Nah. I have all the expensive stuff cause I get the best deals. So they keep me around because of that. Then there's the fact I carry a violin with a hidden crossbow. So I'm always called in when we need to take out a lone target. And of course there's is my hoard of alchemists fire I carry everywhere.

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>roll bardic knowledge checks every time anything happens ever

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Fucking vampires is a dangerous thing, even for a bard.

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That wizard is great

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Them fucking wizards man.

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The bird is not amused by the wizard's faggotry

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>The chick is not amused by the wizard's faggotry

Get it? bird? chick? a chick is also a girl? hahaha I'm killing myself.

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is he really complaining about huge breasts in d&d art (not that i can even recall any, even in the old editions) when he does this sort of shit

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so he makes one alliteration joke and suddenly he's complaining?

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MFW it's all Rule 34 lite.

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one alliteration joke carried out by three characters based on something that doesnt actually occur in D&D

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Silly Tsundere Elf he doesn't even know you are a girl.

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Apparently characters of all colorations exist...except in the art, where most characters are as white as this dog and all of the women have tits.

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If she was a Lycan, this problem would have already been solved.

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People like drawing what they are, unless they're forced or have a fetish. Then if you are white and are asked to do some racial group you might be likely to turn it down for fear of your reputation being ruined if you do it wrong and come off as racist.

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Tough luck. They're getting paid more than the average person who does real work to not do all that much work at all.

If they can't stomach it, they best expect people who aren't punk bitches to call them on it.

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>He thinks artist get paid substantial wages!

No seriously the average artist has a second job to support his first one.

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Unless they draw furry porn on commission. I know this completely straight (and non-furry) chick that's made a name for herself in certain furry circles. Get's payed upwards of $300 bucks per drawings that take a few hours each, plus colouring.
Being willing to draw just about any fetish helps. She said one of the only orders she refused was for a a pic of a a father (fox, i think) having intercourse with a cub/pup/baby that was STILL COMING OUT OF THE MOTHER'S WOMB. Short of that though, she'll do just about anything, and get's paid well for it.

She thinks her customers are sick fucks, but they pay well.

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Dayum. Makes me wish I could draw.

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Someone's never seen what Furaffinity artists charge for shitty commissions~

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