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Battlefleet Gothic general.

Imperial Admirals, Ork Freeboters, Corsaires, Eldar Pirates, and Rogue Traders, this is where you want to come to talk Battlefleet Gothic.

I played my first game yesterday. Two Ork Terror ships versus two Imperial Navy Tyrant Class cruisers. Divided between four people - so everyone got to captain their own ship.

It was an introductory game and wen't pretty awesome. Ork filled assault boats managed to weather the storm of Imperial turret fire to deliver boarders for a hit and run raid. The Orks blew up some engines, disabled the port weapons on the enemy cruiser... and...

Set her on fire.

Give me your stories!

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Where are my fellow captains? Crawl on out and talk to me guys.

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I play 40k myself but have been interested in playing this. I always thought it would be cool to set up a campaign where you conquered worlds by fighting via battlefleet gothic for galatic territoy then used 40k to 'take over planets' and such.

Obviously not going to happen.

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God damn it. I've always loved that game and got a test game in about two years ago. It was insanely fun, but I have no idea how to really play it. Like ,i know the basics of the very basics, but would like to learn more.

Shit, I loved the models so much I made and painted the entire Ultramarine fleet(sold it for $500), and restarted by painting a huge Lamenters fleet.

I have 2 Battle Barges, 8 Strike Cruisers, 4 Hunter Class Frigates, and 6 Nova Class Frigates all ready to go, and am trying to get a Black Templar player interested in a Templar fleet so we can learn.

Reading the rules and everything is great, but I have no idea how to implement them effectively.

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Lamenters!? Where the fuck are you? Everyone is looking for you! Did you really cure that shit yo?

-Your battle brother from the Angels Sanguine.

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Hail, Brother!

Hive Fleet Leviathan confirmed for FAGGOTS.

Seriously! We go through our penitent crusade, right THROUGH them. massive casualties all around. Perhaps only 200 to 285 of us left around for now. We can start recruiting again though, so we should be alright.

And no, we were absolutely cured for the past hundreds of years, but near the middle of the Badab War the Curse revealed itself amongst us once more. We battle it constantly, but it's rate seems to be stymied yet again.

-Your battle brother from the Lamenters.

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Emperor damn, you are some unlucky bastards.

-Your battle brother from the Flesh Tearers

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Yeah, it is in our name, brother.

Lord Phoros is the worst, though. he has an Aura Of Doom or something, and is ALWAYS depressed, and loses his mind at the sight of his blood.


-Your battle brother from the Lamenters.

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Haha. I love seeing fellow BA secondary chapters!
I originally grabbed a BA army and then decided I wanted something a little less common so I started looking at the secondary chapters and really liked the look of the Angels Sanguine. The only problem I have with them right now is their lack of fluff. The only thing I've been able to find is how they refuse to let any others look at their naked bodies/faces. I've been wanting to start reading BA books but I'm not sure where to start. I'm also picky and only buy hard cover books so I'm not sure where to grab those at either.

What made you decide on playing Lamenters? Do you play 40k to, or just BG?

I've really been wanting to try out the Death Watch RPG as well. I'm not a big PnP guy anymore but I just love the 40k Lore so fucking much.

also, [email protected]#s. You guys are fucked! :P

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I almost decided to paint my BA marines as Flesh Tearers as I liked the idea of fielding Gabriel Seth (I think thats him?) as a chapter master. BUT, my whole army runs Descent of Angels on jetpacks and he isn't allowed one...so I went with Angels Sanguine. I MAY end up putting together a mechanised assault list using Flesh Tearers..but I honestly don't like playing more than one chapter.

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Wot da zog why are dere mehreens in me bloody BFG fred?!


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Honestly, I do NOT recommend the BA books to anyone, and my friend who's a staunch BA lover agrees with me. The writing feels nonsensical, and the background it contradicts is immense. You can still read it if you so desire. If anything, I recommend you pick up any 40k book that catches your eye. I personally recommend anything written by Aaron Dembski Bowden or Dan Abnett.

Also: http://wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Angels_Sanguine

And in addition to all that, I've always liked Lamenters, and made my first test scheme model at the beginning of 5th Edition. It was only upon hearing the Badab War was being covered by Forge World, did I jump heavily back into the army and paint up a metric shit-ton of models. My first love was 40k, and quickly attaching itself a year after(9 years ago) was BFG. (I'm 20 now, as of May 19th.)

Lastly, Deathwatch is FUCKING AWESOME. Like "Hnnnnggghhhh" worthy all fucking day. That, and the Crimson Fists? They were dropped to about 50 marines or so from their Fortress being destroyed, and they're on the rise again. I feel the Lamenters may just pull through.

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Crimson Fists are boss as hell. My favorite special HQ has to be Pedro just because he's a total boss.

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I play Necrons. Feel free to yell at me, as I'm well aware of their broken-ness. However, for every "lawl so broken" game I've played, I've had just as many games where a smart player exploits my weakness's and wipes me off the board. Losing that Tombship is especially painful.

Lately though I've started writing rules for (and playing) a pirates/lawless sector list, using kitbashed cruisers and battleships, along with Firestorm Armada models. Its been a lot of fun,

Posted this pic before, but I'll share it again - it's really the only decent looking ship in the fleet so far. The rest are either unpainted or unfinished.

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Playing a World Eaters CSM fleet, and it is a lot of fun, with BOARDERS, BOARDERS FUCKING EVERYWHERE. The most epic one was a four-way between my fleet, a Tyranid fleet, an Ork WAAAGH fleet, and an Inquisitorial fleet mixed with Deathwatch.
Took forever, and had so much boarding involved, it swiftly became a running gag for the whole table. It wasn't long before just about every capital ship had its bridge smashed, weapons disabled, and shit on fire, and that was just the hit and runs. The winner was the Ork player, who somehow managed to use those fucking boarding carriers with more tactical sense than orks are supposed to have, by concentrating fire on the biggest ship available and letting their disabled engines carry them into someone else's squadrons. Also, fuck Brute Ram Ships.

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In my opinion, that's the problem with Necrons.

By the end of turn 2/3 the enemy fleet is either a cloud of slowly expanding dust/hulked (and the necrons are zippidy-doo-dah their way to disengagement), or the Necron player has lost a capital ship and the rest of the game is a foregone conclusion unless he can miraculously destroy EVERYTHING.

Just... not fun games.

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BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, no...They lose consistently in our groups, either to Victory Points, or outright being tabled, or when one of the boarding lists our groups love starts playing that fucking crit chart like a flute. Tomb Ships especially are just walking targets.

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Anyone know if Port Maw is ever going to come back online? I miss BFG :(

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rolled 16, 19, 12 = 47


Port Maw?

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Yeah, I heard they sort of contradicted themselves and weren't that great anyway.
Yeah, I've read that but it still didn't really reveal anything. Which sucks, but oh well.

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was one of if not the best bfg websites out there.

i had an account there, but mostly lurked.

went down sometime last year.

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Anyone want to post fleet lists for /tg/ to rip apart?

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The best I can tell you is that you'd get a little more information if you read the Deathwatch books, but even then, anything by C.S. Goto is just terrible.

You can get information out of it, and if you do, you may as well read the Blood Angel books out of that, since nothing is worse than Goto

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Corsair Eldar

Pirate Prince
29 Nightshades

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>>15007524 here

My list:

Chaos Battle Barge with warmaster, prow torpedoes, Mark of Khorne, CSM crew, and Chosen Terminators (585 pts)
Retaliator-Class Grand Cruiser with Chaos Lord, Mark of Khorne, Chosen Terminators, and CSM crew (365 pts)
Hecate-Class Heavy Cruiser with Chaos Lord, Chosen Terminators, Mark of Khorne, and CSM crew (320 pts)
Devastation-Class Cruiser with Chaos Lord, Mark of Khorne and CSM crew (270 pts) (x2)
Slaughter-Class Cruiser with Mark of Khorne (185 pts)
Total: 1995 pts. Tends to fuck up many fleets if it can get in range to start unleashing those assault boats and termies. Tends to die quick under concentrated fire, too.

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Terror ships x2 (squad)
Kill Krooza x2

Savage squadron, x5
Savage Squadron, x5



Bringin' da DAKKA.

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Well, for one if you trimmed out the CSM crews you could afford another cruiser and then some. Ignoring the Battle Barge you have more or less 500 pts in upgrades. 1/4 of your fleet list.

The CSM crews and chosen terminators make it good at what you want to do, but drag down everything else as you lack in numbers - weapons batterys, ordnance, staying power...

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Going to ask, are Deldar fleets worth it? They just seem...unfinished.

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Which ships should I trim the upgrades out of?

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Extremely limited but what they have is effective.

Kind of like the old DE Codex.

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1,500 List:
1x Battle Barge: (Master of the fleet (1 re-roll), Terminator boarding party) (550pts)
6x Strike Cruisers (870pts)
2x Hunter Class Destroyers (80pts)

Total 1500

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A battle barge and six strike cruisers? Fuck, that is most of a chapter right there.

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Can you give me the weapons loadouts of the Retaliator and Hecate again?

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rolled 2 = 2

Retaliator: Port/starboard weapons battery, 30cm, Firepower 6; Port/starboard lance battery, 45 cm, Str 2, 4 squadrons of escorts.
Hecate: Dorsal lance, 60cm, Str 2; port/starboard weapons battery, 45cm, Firepower 4; prow weapons, 45 cm, Firepower 6, 4 squadrons

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here's the gist:

You need, need need torpedo interception. free up one devastation (lose the MoK and CSM crew), probably both. trim off the CSM, squadron it with the other dev and slap a lord on one of them. these are your dedicated bombers and fighter CAP.

get the warmaster a reroll

heavy cruisers i'm pretty sure can't get terminators. drop it. drop the lord while you're at it.

you have enough ordnance between the hecate, barge, and 2 devastations. switch it for a repulsive with range and shield upgrade. this wrecks enemies with hugeass salvoes on the way in and rams its way out. not being on conflicting orders to reload ordnance or AAF makes it a lot easier to wedge that khorne-CSM-filled prow right into a motherfucker's flanks, right after teleporting terminators and firing torps.

get a gunboat cruiser. normally i'd say carnage, but this is an all or nothing fleet so hades or slaughter would probably work better.

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also, devastations are terrible cruisers in the thick of it. some dinky prow WB and 2 p/sb lances aren't worth crap. launch bays that autohit (being within 20cm) ARE worth something but the dev has nowhere near the survivability required.

have them launch CAP that screens the front of your fleet for the initial torpedo salvo, then split off on an angle, firing their p/sb lances and keeping them out of it. when you see a gap/opportunity, swoop in and unleash bombers/assault boats but otherwise keep them clear.

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Thanks for the advice, I'll start fixing it up immediately.

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Lol, just got asked to make a 3,000 point list

How's it look?
3,000 List:
2x Battle Barges: (Master of the fleet (3 re-rolls), Terminator boarding party) (975pts)
8x Strike Cruisers (1160pts)
10x Hunter Class Destroyers (400pts)
9x Nova Class Frigates (500pts)

Total 2995

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also i must really stress
you havent really lost much ordnance power by switching to the repulsive from the retal

boarding torpedoes - chaos gets 'em standard

with khorne zerkers? hah. worth every penny

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Holy fuck nuggets

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Dude. Why?

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Why would you make a Battle Barge so fucking expensive?

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There are other paper proxy sheets floating around for BFG; all images are just pulled straight from the BFG Vassal module.

Note the scale isn't exactly consistent.

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That is two battle barges together. And holy fuck, what is that, a Black Templar home fleet?

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Still, these are a great way to get people to try out the game; sometimes people can be intimidated by the idea of playing a miniatures game, but playing with paper proxies is considerably more inviting.

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I've always had an interest in BFG but have heard... bad things about the orks.

Having never looked up the game's rules, I have some questions.

Is there ship-ramming? If so, are orks good at it? Could I make an effective build based mainly around it? How do orks fare in general in BFG?

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Lol it's my Lamenters fleet during the Badab War. Since they're a fleet based Chapter, it's natural to assume they'll have a little bit more in the ship department. Plus, in Imperial Armor, it even stated that they had a rather large fleet to boot.

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Orks in general are good at three or four things: Boarding, ramming, speed, and being unpredictable. They play Orkily enough, and can very easily spam rams and boards, sometimes both at the same time. They even have an escort that is basically a flying ram.

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Can anyone recommend the best and worst fleets to start with as a total newb?

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HERE'Z ME STARTER FLEET (an by dat, I meanz wotz I actually bought wif me own TEEF)

Kill Krooza: 155
Terror ship: 185

Savage Gunship x4: 160

Total 500 pts.


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Why doesnt GW stock BFG? I reckon if they stocked it heaps more people would play it.

>> No.15008997

Because there are too few models that are too easily made/converted, and never gained the steamroller popularity 40k itself did. And because GW fucking hates Specialist Games.

>> No.15009023

Its a stupid thing though. It would gain more popularity if they stocked it. And they wont stock it until it gains more popularity.

Stupid world.

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Oooo, I like the sound of this so far.

Do they have any good dakka?

Also, as I am not about to spend a bunch of money on these (seemingly) metal models, about how physically large are the models, and do they use the 40k flight stands?

I'd love to konvert and scratchbuild some ships.

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Stupid GW

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Herez wot a Kill Krooza's got:
Lookit dat picshur dere on da left.

See dat 6+ fer da armour? Datz da front arma. It meanz dakka haz ta roll a 6 ta beat da front arma ta damage da krooza.

5+ meanz 5 er betta on a d6. An so on.



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Their dakka is typically random strength, and thus unpredictability. They don't have lances, but they do have gunz, gunz, 'eavy guns, more gunz, and torpedoes.

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I like BFG almost more than I like 40k! Awesome game, a little rough around the edges but endlessly fun.

This past weekend me and two friends had an epic 5,000 point battle, my Ork Fleet vs their combined Tau and Eldar forces. I barely lost by a mere hundred so-victory points, so it was a nail biter up until the end.


>> No.15009207

You ever want epic, run an 8-person campaign, 2k pts, 4 teams of 2 or free for all, heavily story-driven. Can take freaking months to play through, but you get awesome stories out of it.

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There's no real curve.

Imperial Navy and Chaos are ahead of the curve. After that, each fleet has its own gimmick.

The hardest to win with in my experience is Orks until you get a few games under your belt. It can also be hard as space marines since your cruisers are more fragile under their 6+ armor, and relatively lightly-gunned to boot.

Necrons are easymode until your opponents learn, mostly the same with Corsair Eldar (all eldar ships need a heavy focus on facing and maneuverability). Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar are less gittishly annoying but in turn a little less paper-mache. Against opponents who know how you maneuver (and in the case of Necrons how to force BFIs and which targets to focus), the game gets far more balanced.

Never played as Tyranids or Rogue Traders. Tau I have a little experience with - gotta play the patient game as you're much like Imperials but with less broadside guns and better torpedoes.

AdMech is next on my to-play list.

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