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My fellow fa/tg/uys. Yesterday my hard drive had a seizure and I was forced to reformat, and one of the many casualties of such a electronic war was that of my character art folder. If you all would be so kind as to have a character art thread, it would be greatly appreciated!

Also, if you really want to help me out, i'm currently in need of character art that would be a good basis for Exalted characters. Granted that isn't very specific since Exalted characters can come from pretty much anything, but any art that's way over the top would make it easier to translate.

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I used this as a bad guy one session...totally raped the party...it was good times.

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i like it!

self bump

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Western Dragonborn anyone?

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rock on!

I'll slowly be dumping images I manage to find on my own so i'm also contributing to everyone's folders hopefully, that way everyone wins.

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Either of these guys.

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Have an Abyssal

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It makes me kind of proud that I could tell who they were without seeing the file name

Any more?

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Enjoy first age armor

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The shoulders alone are a big hint.

Nothing that awesome, but I do have some other Cecil/Golbez art.

Also, maybe not the character, but the scene.

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FUCK YES, I've been looking for some awesome Dresden Files art

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Terrestrial of Air, or maybe a Lunar

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anyone else having upload troubles?

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Definitely an Air Aspect, I would say. Also, the next time I have a Realm character with jade God-Kicking Boots, they're gonna look like that.

This pic here is actually from Anima, but its art fits perfectly for Exalted as well.

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I've got various bits of Exalted-like stuff floating around. Not all of it is super over the top and such, and all of it is founded upon personal preference, so your mileage may vary.

I don't know why, but while this has the typical horrible slutty armor, it seems like it'd work so well for an Abyssal character.

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Pretty much anything by this artist would work for exalted.


So I don't just spam the thread with them.

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Clearly a sorceror. Abyssal, probably. And a strong one too. Look at all them circles!

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I think i'm done doing a manual search, so I'll dump the rest that I found (11 more i think). Thanks for all the help, /tg/, and i'll be watching the thread for more art people post.

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I don't have any images to really do it justice, but although there's no battle auras or anima flares, Katanagatari can pretty much work in Exalted. A Realm strategist seeks out an exiled celestial martial artist and enlists his help in collecting a number of artifact weapons created by a legendary smith.

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More from the same artist, though I did promise not to spam stuff. they really do work well for Exalted PCs, somehow, though.

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Still looks like an Abyssal

Of course, my favorite character ever was an Orgiastic Abyssal.

His name was The Laughter Which Shakes The Bones in its Mirth, Knowing Release in the Nepenthe of Death

Or Bones. He screwed his way across the continent relentlessly and was basically a bastard and a plague-rat.

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Yeah. I collected some stuff for Abyssals a while back, that's one of them.

This is possibly less so, unless the black outfit does her in. But, this artist does a lot of weird, glowy weapons and other stuff that works very well.

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oh god, that name reminds me why I love having abyssal villains.

GM: The deathknight coyly speaks to you, "My name is Harbinger of Death's Glorious Embrace"
PCs: ...huh?

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And this is the last of my search. Hope you guys took a few of these, and as I said i'll be monitoring this thread.

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Slut!Armor is basicly needed for fem!Abyssals.

BTW- What is the pic from?

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It's the best part. We had a Water Aspect from that outcast family [Starts with an I, I think?] travelling with us in one game.

To protect his identity, he claimed to be a local guide by the name of "Masque of Quicksilver Whirlwinds."

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Abyssals are fun, but I never get to play them. Of course, I never get to play Exalted period, so I suppose I've got bigger problems to worry about.

Image might be amusing for a Lunar with a creative tell.

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I have no clue. Image came off /tg/ and I don't know where it's from beyond that.

Exalted names are FUN. I once had a character named Eternally Blossoming Lily of Heaven, though she would rarely go by the full name.

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