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Hello /tg/ I'm working on a project and need whatever pictures you can provide , ideally either artwork or really well done mini's. I need pictures of just about every Iron Warriors unit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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starting things up

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some more Iron Warriors.

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bro, take this and try to identify sauces.


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was looking for that one, thanks.

Be back in a bit, off to get dinnarz. Thanks in advance for any help. Again, need stuff like tanks, infantry, terminators, and the like.

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will try it, thanks!

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this pic is pretty fucking ace. Fits everything about the IW's in one image.

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Not sure if it's exactly what you're looking for, but have you seen Oscar Chichoni's work? I think of him as the argentinian H. R. Giger.
Pic related.

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some of mine, painted these when i was 14.

took a break from gaming and wonder if I'll be able to paint again

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14? Shit, I'm jelly

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Ah, The 90s Yellow/black warning marines, if I played Chaos these would be whom I would play.

Oh how I love you Yellow/black warning marks.

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This thread pleases me.

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