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Whew! Jesus! Sorry I took so long. There was a lot to do.
With this, and in general. But anyways, here's episode 2.
I'll try to make episode 3 take less than a month to make.

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Last episode is here
for thems that didn't see it.
Otherwise here's a brief brief summary.

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Regardless, last episode you got a new team member! Now, you will be able to control him directly for certain actions, but as a general rule he has less options than Boone, and his actions will largely be interpreted as Boone suggesting things for him to do.
He will not seperate from her to act independantly, as he has (like many guardsmen) strict orders to protect her)

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Yay! Boone Quest!

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Boone quest, you say?

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Hell yes! I missed the last one. Stop being Australian CF, makes it hard to keep up being twelve hours ahead.

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Now, Calliban has his own weapon, hit points and item slot. if you want him to use and item in his possession, as general rule, I will figure it out contextually, but for his actions, if in doubt just preface suggestions with a "Dan:" "Calliban" or "D:" or whatever.

He also has special abilities, which, unlike Boones don't need to be rolled for, but are harder to find the means of recharge.

He's a versatile guy, so don't be afraid to ask him to try things besides his skills also.

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That thermos better be full of tea. Or whoop-ass.

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Now, play I guess.

Wat do?

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how did random butter pressing get you here?

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Is the Infected girl still around or has she offed herself?

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button *

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dammit boone and caliban are cute as the dickens.

much more then daniel boone and caliban from the tempest.

um... investigate?

oh, and caliban's charm is at least roughly unisex right?

because I don't think anyone can resist that smile completely.

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Calliban most certainly bats for our team, he's in it for the exotic (non-xeno) bitches.
Ask the Warden if he knows a way out of the dump.

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Yeah, let's go back to the Warden.

Oh, and don't forget, there's still hidden items we need to get! We didn't clear the last level with 100%!

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Oh yeah, a coin or something? Wasn't there something beneath a grille? Or am I mixing this in with old-time PS games?

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You mean Nel? No, she's still alive, and seems drawn slightly better, even if her disposition hasn't improved.

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Ask if she wants a moustache ride.

That always cheers girls up.

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Carefully examine the room to see what changed when Caliban 'ported in, and ask him where the others are.

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>.> I gotta know... where can I find/download Boone Quest? Google isn't helping much.

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Maybe not her, she's got some rather serious issues at the moment if I remember.
"Yep, he's called Daneel and he's the dapperest thing in this, or any other segmentum."
[D: Use charm on Nel]

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check the first post

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What's this Dan Calliban guy from

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I have been waiting for this quest for YEARS!
I am crying tears of joy ;_;

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He's a CF original character for his Ragged Edges series on deviantart. He's a Praetorian Guard lieutenant.

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The 3 of you go to visit Vilmos, who does not even acknowledge your presence. He seems far too facinated by the incinerator. You ask him if he knows a way out, and he sardonically suggests the exit door.

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How about retracing our steps since we've arrived here, with Dan's bodyguarding.

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I think he's enjoying his vigilante justice a tad much.

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Dannel know's from women, and he knows not to put the moves on a woman while still wants to top herself, and instead pulls her into a reassuring, gentlemanly hug.

Nothing seems to have changed. According to Calliban, the others are likely scattered arond the facility like yourself, and can be brought back via a beacon, but we have more luck just searching for them.

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turn off incinerator, look inside incinerator for clues.

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>Will to live
Did she manage to break even? Add a Boone hug if we didn't already do that last episode.

>> No.14986598

More like blackened bones. Might be worth a shot though.
>Will to live +70
d'awww :3

The exit was barred or locked wasn't it? Could Caliban's lasgun punch a hole in it?

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Good to see actual art in a quest thread.

While I can't be up any later to participate, I commend you, Colossal Fagot. May your quest prove entertaining to both your audience and your self.

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You switch off the incinerator, and pear inside, there is little if anything to see, as it goes down so far you can't see the bottom. The smell, however has put you off roast pork for a month.

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pic fukken related

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Hang on, why is he even still at the incinerator? Isn't his job...sort of done?

>> No.14986683

Group hug, and then we march to the exit with our party. We must obtain more dapper gentlemen.

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"It's okay, Mr. Warden. We understand. The cad called us 'pudding-tits'. So we kicked him right in the Mean Boone Machine."

So hey, he's still got a wife to go back to, right? He's gotta get that will to live up! Maybe show him one of his wife's letters?

>> No.14986720

Nell seem way better. She still semms to have a sickness in her, and is low on confidence, but is no longer actively seeking death. Which is nice!

The exit door is a large metal door, usually, it opens automatically, but the powers been a bit iffy around here.

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>She still semms to have a sickness in her

What's the worst Boone can heal with her psychic powers and what's the worst that may happen if she fails her roll?

>> No.14986769

I think we're out of psyker-points (PP) for the moment.

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Given that she's out of PSY points, Boone can't so much as heal a papercut, let alone whatever's bugging Nel. This would require actual medical attention, anyway. Heal won't cut it.

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I DO know that chocolate makes for the best pick-me-up outside of tea. Maybe a combo?

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Eh, look at the rack on Nel. She's got nothing to be depressed about.

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back pains

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>Dannel know's from women, and he knows not to put the moves on a woman while still wants to top herself, and instead pulls her into a reassuring, gentlemanly hug.

what exactly does Daniel know's from women, I got the top= kill, but something happened.

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Anything we can do to get some psy points back? Would chocolate work?

If not, give Nell some chocolate, that helps everything!

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While you think to yourself, it seems Nel and calliban have struck up polite conversation about why you don't just teleport more allies in.

(GM Note: This is by no means giving you the best or only solution to your predicament, the teleporter over heating after one use was just something I forgot to mention earlier)

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can we fix it? yes we can!

>> No.14986925

Hand the chunk of machinery in our inventory to Nell, and ask if it will be useful. If not, tear up the incinerator for parts.

>> No.14986935

Look for more machine parts, obviously.

>> No.14986952

You chomp down your last 1/3 of delishus chocolate, and sure enough, feel way better.

>> No.14986965

Hand over the machine parts we have to Nell, then let's go and find more!

i think there were some items we missed last time to the left; let's go that way.

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>out of chocolate

This is now Chocolate Quest. Ask everyone if they know the way to the cafeteria.

>> No.14987012

Try to placate machine spirits with Tech Tush. We must find some incense as well.

>> No.14987038

Nel shrugs and accepts the SPARE PART, then she and Calliban follow you as you pat the walls and jangle light fittings, putting two and two together, Nel informs you that the teleporter requires Thenezz-Auger style spare parts, none of the other parts in this part of the facility are powered by them.

She's sorry.

>> No.14987067

>grate on floor
OPEN IT. don't use psy powers.

>> No.14987078

to make things easier draw out a map of this place on the back of something useless

>> No.14987079

Well darn.

May as well leave and have a look at the rest of the compound.

>> No.14987088

If Boone's strength proves inadequate, then ask Calliban for help.

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You lift the grate with relative ease, and can see, not far down at all there is water. It looks and smells totally safe.

Nel mentions that she saw botha mess and a staff lounge in other parts of the facility before she was brought here.

>> No.14987168

We should explore and look for the mess. If we're going exploring, we should supply.

>> No.14987182

Lets see what we can find down there

>> No.14987211

Hug Note.
Check Tom.

>> No.14987230

That actually feels kinda pleasent!

>> No.14987246

Crank the valve!
(Colossal Fagot, I couldn't say this last thread, but a Mean Bean Machine pun achievment? Nice.)

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>> No.14987254

Gold thingy. Get it!

>> No.14987297

Thumbs up, Fellas! let's do this!

>> No.14987336

Nghh harder!

>> No.14987392

Spectoral Hands


>> No.14987410

get your friends down here

>> No.14987412

We shoulda undressed before we went swimming! Now we're gonna be sopping wet.

>> No.14987426

Go back up, everyone undress and go swimming, crank that valve, go back up and get dressed.

>> No.14987461

. . .
You know, you can see that glimmer of gold to the left.

Take coin, go back up. Send Boone to try the valve, but only after asking Nel what it does.

>> No.14987471

scratch that don't get dressed

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>> No.14987488

that's pretty great

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>> No.14987526

Nell is surprised by Boone's entry.

Not Dannel. There are no surprises, its just another day.

What a badass.

>> No.14987553

Well, that was a lot of fun. And a cursory pat around the room, post soaking has you finding a lucky coin!

>> No.14987565

>Dannel's True Form

>> No.14987573

Sweet, does it have any kind of psyker signature?

>> No.14987596


Ask either of them if they recognise it.

>> No.14987613

I love how this quest looks like an old-type Adventure game, reminds me of those old Lucasarts adventure games... though a wee bit more graphical.

>> No.14987640

Nel seems to recognize it. It doesn't seem to be anything exceptional. Just a gold plated coin. With an embossed G on it.

>> No.14987668

I dream of stupid sexy wife

>> No.14987693

Wait... Genie Coin?

Try rubbing it...

not that we expect anything to happen to it... but still.

>> No.14987718

You rub the coin for several minutes. To perhaps only your surprise, nothing happens.

>> No.14987732

Right. Search for exits.

Search for /secret/ exits.

>> No.14987749

Look for coin-based machinery, which sould be abundant in the cafetaria/lounge section. Let Nel be our guide.

>> No.14987772

Oh good, I half expected some sort of deamon instead of a genie.
I don't remember that last thread, were there any locked doors that maybe Dan could break/shoot open?

>> No.14987789

Posting lovely boone.

>> No.14987814

Hell, there's 2 of you now. Lets pull this thing open! With a one and a two and ....

>> No.14987842

>Posting not Boone

>> No.14987846

Did it work?

>> No.14987875

AH. A new area. Good work.

>> No.14987885

Hngh harder! That and get Nell to help pull on the other side. What a lazy bum. Existential despair is no reason to laze about!

>> No.14987886

Plant Room!!!!
think of the pretty flowers

>> No.14987890

Attempt to open Chirugeon room. If it's not locked, enter and search for medical supplies. They can come in handy.

>> No.14987899


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>> No.14987910

... at first I was tempted to say something, but then I realized Games Workshop would use the same term in a serious context.

>> No.14987921

Let's check out the Loungarium first.

>> No.14987947

Uh-oh. I can already imagine what we'd find behind that door...

>> No.14987975



>> No.14988037

The loungarium wins out through count of votes.
Looks nice.

>> No.14988050

Hassle soda machine
Get soda

Or atleast get caffine.

>> No.14988051

Open the microwave to check inside, and check the change slot on the soda machine for any loose Thrones.

>> No.14988056

> Caine

Is there any food here? Any other souls around?

>> No.14988065

"Is anyone thirsty?" Use psyker powers on the cola machine.

You know they are.

>> No.14988068

In the grim darkness of the far future there is only...union approved staff accomodations? I'm strangely okay with this.

Check the vending machine's options and look inside the microwave to see if somebody left behind a snack.

>> No.14988080


>> No.14988125

Have Nel sit on comfy, comfy sofa.
See if that improves her viewpoint on life.

>> No.14988136

Have Nell open the vending machine for us since she's the resident mechanic. That way, we don't waste a psy point.

>> No.14988147

Ask Nel and Calliban to sit down on the sofa and give them Seb's coat.

>> No.14988183

Rattling the machine, makes it eject a can of LEMON SQUAT, soda, that is caffine free.

Calliban checks the microwave and finds that it is not only empty, but also, doesn't seem to work. You check the change slot and find a second lucky coin, with an "E" on it.

>> No.14988195

Hell yes, we are ON FIRE!

Drink that soda, we needs our energy.

>> No.14988214

Is that white block with a handle a mini-fridge? If so, STEAL SNACKS.

For the Emperor, of course.

>> No.14988244

Go to the Chiurgeon

>> No.14988246

Look for a sofa.

If there isn't one, sip the drink and go to the chirugeon. I mean, we might find some first aid stuff, knowing how good we are at healing and all.

May contain heretics, but it's work it.

>> No.14988261


>> No.14988279

On closer inspection, this is, infact a POORLY DRAWN TABLE with a table cloth. Also, Sebs coat, you imagine, is now on fire. Like the rest of him.

You drink the soda. You feel invigorated, like you would have gain hit points, had you lost any. Delicious!

>> No.14988285

Well, that was a waste of the soda.
Let's open up that mini-fridge, though.

>> No.14988294


>> No.14988304

Check under the tablecloth!


>> No.14988362



>> No.14988377

This fridge is somewhat uninspiring. We have 1/2 a bag of AMASC GUMS, a MEDICAL SAMPLE and LOCKS LUNCH (which appears to be spaghetti scalliponi, but cold)

On closer inspection, the table is infact a cement cylander, with the cloth glued to it. It's secure.

>> No.14988378

and while we're at it, TEAR DOWN THE WALLPAPER! Or wall-panel. whatever.

>> No.14988387

Laugh while you can, but when this turns into Seven and there's a puke-bucket full of Nurglings under the table, we'll just see who has the last laugh.

>> No.14988392

Try to convince Nel to eat something. She must be starving.

>> No.14988396

Eat Everything

>> No.14988416

PURGE THE MONSTROSITY! For serious, though, toss the sample into the incinerator. I really don't want to leave that thing alive behind us.

Put gum in inventory, ask the others if they are feeling peckish. Once we destroy the sample, I'm up for checking out the Chirugeon's room.

>> No.14988417


>> No.14988422


Ponder why the hell there's a medical sample in the lunch room.

>> No.14988434

Oh god why are the graphic so awesome

>> No.14988441

what other rooms connect to this one?

>> No.14988459


Only good can come of this.

>> No.14988485

Facinating, this sample gives off its own heat source, that and the being inside it seems to be alive, not quite a tyrannid, not quite human, and with horns, you've never quite seen anything like... NEVERMIND! GO LONG, INCINERATOR!! FWOOOOOSH!!!!

On to the chirugiun.

>> No.14988497

Anyway, take the Amasec Gums, examine the Lunch and leave the Medical Sample in the fridge until we need it (probably in the Chiurgeon.

>> No.14988506

What if we need the Sample someplace else? Won't you feel stupid if we need it, but you destroyed it?

>> No.14988513

>didn't check under the tablecloth
Oh Boone, how did you not detect the massive Chaos presence?

>> No.14988535

FOR THE EMPEROR! Nothing quite like destroying unknown things that are undoubtedly important. Well, at least we know we are probably going to run into genestealers or something similar.

On to medical supplies!

>> No.14988539

We'll feel stupid when it does, but for now, relief that we are not carrying that xeno-sample around, anymore.

>> No.14988540

purge now, ask questions later

I say plant room next!

>> No.14988547

You enter the medical bay, the techpriest at t he desk seems engrossed in their reading, and is muttering to themselves. There are two CHIROBOOTHS at the back and an AUTOGUARD hanging from the ceiling.

>> No.14988556

Look under the desk.

>> No.14988573

Seconding. A techpriest reading an inferior organic book rather than a dataslate? Verrry suspicious.

>> No.14988587

give him the tec tosh magazine, don't even introduce yourself

>> No.14988593

"Umm...I wonder if you have noticed that there's something going on...here...must be a pretty interesting b-book..heh..?"

>> No.14988596

lol cyber mandingo
very nice

>> No.14988612

Techpriest is reading HERETICAL TEXT. Offer our clearly superior (and approved by Big E) Tech Tush.

Other than that, wave, say hi, and turn cuteness to stun.

>> No.14988619

Other than a set of very long, shapely, robed legs you don't really see anything.

The techpriest has noticed that much of the power has gone down, yes. She's nearly finished her very interesting book, and will be with you in a moment.

>> No.14988628

Hmm, this medical facility may be able to clear Nel of her condition. Couldn't hurt to ask.

>> No.14988643

Have Dan work his ol' Breton charm on the Tecpriest.

>> No.14988659

Tech Tush in trade for assistance?

>> No.14988660

The expressions of everyone in this pic makes this picture so perfect.

Kudos to you sir.

Best of luck on the quest and I hope you keep making more! I'd stick around but I gotta sleep before work.

>> No.14988664

What do we want, anyway? Get out? Info?

>> No.14988672

holy shit that's a chick? don't give her the tec tush mag, ask her whats in the pods in the back. Get Calliban to charm her if she gives you any trouble

>> No.14988674

Ask her to probe Nel for genestealers. That'd be a great help.

>horningu terms

>> No.14988684

First, compliment her shapley legs. Truly her body is a marvel of the Machine God! And if our flattery doesn't get us anywhere, have Caliban use CHARM for critical damage.

And I agree with offering Tech Tush as a trade for assistance or information.

>> No.14988690

Handing over techsmut, and asking for help at the same time was an inspired choice. Nel brightens up at the prospect of a cure.

>> No.14988692

Seconded. If we can get the infection out of her soon enough, we might be able to prevent her needing to be purged. Yay friendship!

>> No.14988710

Cram Nel into tube, pray to Machine God. Ask the priest if she has any incense that we can use in the future. IT ALWAYS FIXES TECH PROBLEMS.

>> No.14988711

Who is in the other chamber?
Also, can the chamber run without power?

>> No.14988719


>> No.14988727

Hush, if we don't think about it, it works.

>> No.14988734


Wait, she's not offended by that stuff?

I'm liking where this is going--wait, who IS in that other chamber?

>> No.14988755

Why would she be? She's a techpriest.

>> No.14988759

Boone has her own personal yuri-field, she's a walking uguu~ fanservice device.

And that's wonderful.

>> No.14988763


>> No.14988774

The Techpriest stands and prepares the booth. She explains that the power is not off, just at a substandard levels, the tubes are vital enough to have been one of the primary sinks for the auxillery power.

She shrugs about the other occupant of the tube "Some big, strong scary woman." I didn't get a good look at her. By boss dealt found her poisoned, and put her in the tube before he disappeared along with a bunch of other higher ranking staff. her treatment is going slowly.

(sorry text)

>> No.14988780

sexual desires


>> No.14988785

Forgot pic!!

>> No.14988795

rolled 13 = 13

>dat ass

>> No.14988798

Cuddles or Connie, calling it now.

>> No.14988806


Strong scary woman? At the risk of causing myself to get flamed due my laughably pathetic knowledge of Warhammer lore, could that be...a Sister of Battle?

>> No.14988807

Well now...let her to her job?

>> No.14988816

I'd say Cata-chan is more likely. Could be that she catched a tyranid in the jungle and brought it to the facility inside her ala Alien.

>> No.14988824

Revere DAT ASS, then ask for info.

Which way did the brass run? Is there a way to speed up the process of healing the strong woman? Would you like to joing our group?

>> No.14988825

Give positive Remark on shapely splendor of techpriest.

Is she....upgraded?

>> No.14988829


>> No.14988841


>> No.14988844

rolled 13 = 13


>> No.14988847

Oops. My bad. Can't edit posts so you just have to deal with it, I guess.

>> No.14988874

iv seen that ass before...
ah yes, tec tush issue #43

>> No.14988885



>> No.14988918

Let's not. There's an automatic death bot hanging from the ceiling. I kind of want us to remain unperforated.

>> No.14988924

taking to loooooooooooong... i gata go to bed,

venerate that ass for me guys, ill read about it tomorrow

>> No.14988945


>> No.14988986

Nel gives you a fond smile as a the booth door closes

>> No.14988995


Oh shit, she's going to die, isn't she?

>> No.14989000

Oh fuck, the machine's gonna malfunction, isn't it. This is the last time we'll see her alive and/or sane.

>> No.14989012

At least she's gonna leave a pretty corpse. Too bad Seb's not left to appreciate it.

>> No.14989018

Project as much care and friendship as possible and give her hand a brief squeeze before the door closes.

Immediately start praying to the Emperor in His form as Omnisiah.

>> No.14989034

If you have incense, start burning it.

>> No.14989035


>> No.14989039


>> No.14989061



>> No.14989064

> inb4 body swap.

>> No.14989067

Why haven't we complimented the techpriest yet?

>> No.14989081

We are weeping for our waifu right now. We'll take care of that later.

>> No.14989083

We'll slap her on the ass if Nel survives.

>> No.14989091


Despite that fine ass, there's the morbid chance that this is the last time we'll see Nel alive.

>assrac analyze

Quiet, captcha.

>> No.14989095

The techpriest, goes back to her desk and shrugs. Sure, she's bored, but she can't just abandon her post.

The brass went up, apparently, just before the power went down.

The woman in the tube can be fixed a little quicker with some sort of caustic sample, added to the machine. It would counteract the poison.

>> No.14989100


>> No.14989107


... would a sample be inside the thing we threw in the incinerator...?

>> No.14989113

More like the forgotten lunch. It said caustic, right?

>> No.14989120


>> No.14989125


....Eh, chances are, the sample would'a busted out, and shit would've hit the fan, resulting in Nel dying. More horribly, anyway. Maybe

>> No.14989138

I suppose ask for some clues as to what this caustic sample would look like, then go to the flower room. We need to look at some pretty roses to improve our mood while we wait for Nel.

>> No.14989143

So, does the tube indicate what Nel's affliction is? Hoping it isn't a gene stealer, or whatever that thing we found in the freezer was.

>> No.14989192

I don't care how hot dat ass is. If Nel dies or worse...

Seb is gonna have a roommate...

>> No.14989202


Genestealer infection isn't so bad if you get to it before the heavy mutations start cropping up. It's curable.

>> No.14989226

That, and we can always tie her tubes or something. Not exactly an optimal solution, but it allows her to live.

>> No.14989257

So, while we're waiting to see how horrible things become, is there anything else in the room worth noting. Also, we should probably get the candy back in the Loungarium.

>> No.14989260

. . .
Actually, there had been no mention of the T-sample being caustic.

Caustic is highly corrosive substance, right?
I doubt Lemon Squat is that acidic. :D

Nevertheless, ask T-Priestess of the other rooms, and if the big woman in the other chamber has some ID on her.

>> No.14989262


(sorry, aussienet)

>> No.14989285

VICTORY FOR THE RIGHTEOUS. Maybe we should ask her what she needs to repair the bot hanging from the ceiling. I really don't want to leave Nel unprotected while we are gone.

Maybe present our machinery chunk that we've been carrying around? That, or leave Caliban behind on guard duty.

>> No.14989298


>> No.14989299

How long is a while? We should guard our friends and praise the Omnissiah while doing so.

Also agreeing with previous poster, lets repair that turret if possible.

>> No.14989300

This person right here? Awesome.

Ask her if she knows if there's anything nearby that utilizes Thenezz-Auger style components that could potentially be...repurposed.

>> No.14989342



Not going to bother putting up an image, as I don't want to hog image space from OP.

So, yeah, if we can't give her anything to help repair that sentry, maybe leave that guy behind. Unless he insists on coming with.

>> No.14989356

The techpriest explains that the autosentry is not broken, and you hear a voice protests angrily through the wall at her comments.

The machine part? Like the one you gave to Nel? That she took into the booth with her? WHOOOPS.

Calliban will not leave your side. The Commissar would be furious.

>> No.14989358

>implying Boone quest would hit anywhere near the image limit.

>> No.14989365

Didn't Ciaphas Cain shoot a nigga and his girlfriend for having extremely early stage genestealer infection?
Oh Cain, you so callous beneath your flashman exterior.

>> No.14989377

Oh boy

>> No.14989397

Ask her if she has any weapons on hand. If she doesn't, offer her our laspistol. Honestly, we are much better off having Caliban doing the shooting than us anyway.

Ask if we can help with the power situation, and if not, on to the flowers!

>> No.14989399


...Just a hunch, but the guy wouldn't happened to be named Wheatley, would he?

No real reason, just curious.

>> No.14989408

Well, head over to the Plant Room and talk to the guy fixing the generator.

>> No.14989417

Genestealer infestation is only curable given an very advanced medical facility and it's still bloody difficult, and you have to get it extremely early, and there's no reason Cain would even know that it was possible. As far as he and most people who even know about genestealers in the first place are aware, it's a horrible mutant death sentence.

>> No.14989431


>> No.14989445

Hey, I'm not saying your quest thread's fancy technotube can't fix it. I'm just defending Cain's actions.

>> No.14989450

The Techpriest appreciates the laspistol, but assures you she has her own ways of defending herself. neither would do against any form of true attack, so the point remains that she wont go anywhere unless the autosentry works.

She hypothesizes that the main reactor in the basement may indeed have 'Thenezz-Auger' brand parts, but conciders that largely immaterial given that nothing here needs repairing, just a power source.

>> No.14989455

So, why does literally nobody care about or even notice she's a psyker, a.k.a. a filthy mutie?

>> No.14989459

Because she is adorable.

>> No.14989464

Well, I believe we've pretty well exhausted our leads here. Let's check the last room, then we can head on to the basement to help with that generator.

>> No.14989476

Which would matter why in 40k?

>> No.14989478


Indeed, though it would be nice to have a vox or some method of communicating with this floor. Don't suppose there's anything available. Two way unit maybe?

If not, oh well. off we go

>> No.14989480


>It seems to like you


>> No.14989483

Who's Orange text?

>> No.14989484


Sanctioned psykers, by and large, don't have the same stigma that witches do.

>> No.14989488

So... Who is not a moron?

>> No.14989489

You enter the plantroom. There is a blue-clad techpriest muttering to himself as he fixes an auxillery generator.

>> No.14989495

Shut your whore mouth, Psykers are the future of mankind

>> No.14989499

Say hi, wave, and apply a liberal dose of cuteness. Also, try not to touch anything important/techy looking.

Ask if we can help, then snoop around a bit.

>> No.14989513

I feel so dumb.

I read that comic. I never realized...

What was the name of the comic again? I need to reread it from this perspective

>> No.14989518


Ask him why the panel he's sitting on is different to the rest of the floor.

>> No.14989526


Well, that's fucking depressing.

>> No.14989528

Also, feel sad about the lack of plants and flowers.

>> No.14989532

You ask him if you can help, and he grunts and is vaguelly dismissive.

You may not know much about tech, but Calliaban, who has bedded a techpriest or two in his time, recognises the stations in here as an local are auxillery supply, and an automated control system, but for WHAT he is unsure.

>> No.14989533

I don't think you understand how adorable she is.

>> No.14989536

Yes, they do. The common citizen doesn't even distinguish between the two.

>> No.14989547

And cuteness begets heresy. Your case becomes ever more tenuous.

>> No.14989548

No Servitors about...hmm.
Bluff time.
Rave about Genestealers on the loose, mention teleporting in security forces if we can get "Thenezz-Auger" parts.
Also, ask about scary woman in the 1st tube.
Maybe a patient log we could check?

>> No.14989554

I don't think you understand just HOW cute she is.

That said, it isn't even immediately distinguishable that she is a Psyker.

>> No.14989565

Ha ha, I was actually thinking the same thing at first blush.

Hey, what can Boone do with her Telepathy again?

>> No.14989574

Other than her special hat, you mean?

>> No.14989579

Hey, would some of....whatsisname the suicide poet's blood do as a sample?
He had the Bug, IIRC.

>> No.14989585

And the unnatural air around all psykers?

>> No.14989592


Ask him his name.

>> No.14989599

He cares not for your bluffs.
This techpriest was called in from another area just before the brass left. He knows nothing of the scary woman.

Boone's telepathy can read surface thoughts.

>> No.14989608

Worth reading this fools surface thoughts?

Better yet, let's move on to the surgical bay.


>> No.14989626

Probably not. We'd want to bring up a topic we want to know about first to get him thinking about the subject, THEN read his surface thoughts. I can't think of any topic to broach with him that'd we'd need to know so badly.

>> No.14989631

We're in a parallel universe of the WH40K.
It is still GRIMDARK, but not very.

Ask if there are things that he would require to quicken the repairs.

>> No.14989634

Spare teleporter parts, maybe.
The other Cogger may noises about him being a moron, so he's probably useless until properly motivated.

>> No.14989641


>> No.14989656

Get Gentleman Dan to give the Techpriest a pep talk.

Failing that, ask Dan for advice

>> No.14989662

He seems to be in a bad mood, and seems thoroughly exhausted. As you get closer, you realise that he's sitting on, is the entrance to the basement.

He says his name is Locke Chernabog

>> No.14989668

Try to figure out a way to ram a bar of cheer up chocolate down his throat.

>> No.14989670

Commence Mind Reading

>> No.14989671

Hmm, interesting.
Like, the level we started in? The holding area?
Sorry, I'm sure it's plain as day from another perspective, but mine's all I've got to work with.

>> No.14989677

rolled 10 + 3 = 13

'bout that time again!

>> No.14989681



>> No.14989682

And how many common citizens of the Imperium can necessarily place this as a sign of a psyker?

>> No.14989683

A mind preoccupied is a mind at work.

And hey. Maybe we'll get another Banshee Howl event!

>> No.14989701

WHOA! Nice work!

>> No.14989709


Alright, back to the Loungarium.

>> No.14989711

get dan to give him a cigarette

>> No.14989714

A-ha.. we need to repair the microwave.. maybe the parts we have will do?

>> No.14989720

this has just been added to my terminology.

>> No.14989728


These seem like good approaches. Do we know how to fix a microwave? Does our good sir Caliban?

>> No.14989741

Why don't we just let Caliban use his flashlight?

>> No.14989743

I'd imagine most are aware of the hat. Knowing the Imperium, it probably says "PSYKER. DO NOT FEED." on it or some shit.

>> No.14989749


>> No.14989751

danm we need nell back , if cabian can't fix it maybe the techpreistess knows how

where in the fuck is Vilmos?

>> No.14989754

Locke breaths deep from the high quality DEEP STRIKE brand lho stick and his demeanor relaxes conciderably.
He cog signs you and nods.

The only part you have you gave to Nel. She still has it.

>> No.14989765

there will be sex at some point? just a honest question to know if I should hang out or now.

>> No.14989769

How is he enjoying a lho-stick if he breathes through a respirator?

>> No.14989775

have you ever read Storm of Iron?

>> No.14989779

Totally possible, actually. You won't really see anything, but its still a good thing.

capcha : powerful erroing

Good lord.

>> No.14989782

Judging by the fact that this is the same universe in which a citizen didn't see much of a problem with voices in his head until they exploded into bulbous flies, culminating in the destruction and slaughter of his planet, I severely doubt it.

>> No.14989783

Mention that we found a tupperware in the fridge, labeled LOCKS LUNCH. Ask if it is his, angle to get him to mention reheating it.

Best not to mention about reading it out of his head.
Also, what was it on the first line of his mind-text? Maybe we could have capitalized on that too.

>> No.14989784


>> No.14989787

Probably not in the way we understand it.

>> No.14989789

Insanity does not equal daemons, even in 40k.

>> No.14989791

If he's especially thirsty, there's also that thermos Daneel's got.

>> No.14989794

I want to see Boone smut.


>> No.14989796


>> No.14989797

It's cool, my good man.
Things're wierd in wrong ways.
So about them parts?
And what's a Caustic Base....thing?

>> No.14989799

long story short: it's possible, and even better because you don't have to care about lung cancer.

>> No.14989811

your homosexuality, it's showing!

>> No.14989817


I'd rather want to see more of that sexy tech-priest lady.

>> No.14989823

Why did I even save this?

>> No.14989829

Locke would sorely love to take a break, but will not eat cold pasta. The microwave isn't broken, but has no power.

I don't think Boone's getting luck in this adventure.

>> No.14989831

I don't see how these are mutually exclusive.

>> No.14989835

When it is voices coupled with crippling migraines? And you are otherwise perfectly sane?
If the average citizen can't say "I should get this checked out before maybe demons", than I don't trust them to recognize a Psyker unless she's spewing Banshee's Wail.
In all honesty, I wouldn't trust the average Imperial citizen to not rub their face on a chainsword.

>> No.14989840

Does that mean we can plug the microwave into something vital? I mean, making sure the power is up is vital, and that requires Locke to do it, and he needs hot pasta, so it's vital.

>> No.14989841

Don't suppose the Incinerator's got a "low heat" option by chance?

>> No.14989843

Sup Gordon, tweaked the suit i see.

>> No.14989845


Will Boone have a harem by the end of this adventure?

>> No.14989847

I wonder if mamzel outside has an auxillary power port?
I mean, it's a flippin' nuker. Can't take that much juice, even in the GrimD'awww future.

>> No.14989849

blue robes on a techpriest?

that's extra-heretical, the correct colour is white, or maybe red.

>> No.14989854

I know, let's give him the fried tyranid. It must be nice and warm. I mean...humans already eat grox, it can't be that much worse.

>> No.14989855

actually, they come color coded after their rank.
red is just the dominant color of those that handle people or war

>> No.14989859

Things to do:
1) Power up microwave. Either ask Dan to do, or fast talk Tech Priest guy so we can run it for 3 minutes, and then get him his lunch. Failing that, cook it with the las-gun.
2) Find out who's in the other healing chamber.
3) Find out how long the healing takes.

>> No.14989860

now here's one idea.

Get the lunch to the incinerator and try to warm it without actually incinerating it, warm lunch for techpriest = basement entrance open!

>> No.14989875

The average citizen thinks daemons are mythical creatures.

>> No.14989881

the average citizen on a farm world doesnt even know space marines exist

>> No.14989883

You're just going to commandeer her auxiliary power port, just like that?
Back in my day, you at least had to buy her dinner first.

>> No.14989884

Locke gestures to the Auxillery Local area power supply station. "That needs to be wired right if we want the microwave online. Try it if you know what you're doing, I suppose. You only get one shot at it, mind"

(mini-game, connect each top port, to its corresponding bottom port, you only get one shot at this. You can do it in paint if you like, or photoshop or whatever.)

>> No.14989886

My point.
Precisely my point.

>> No.14989889

Yes, he fucking does. That's like saying "your average serf farmer had never heard of angels".

>> No.14989896


Is there any similar panel in the room that we can compare this to?

>> No.14989903

You can always get back to it later, if you like.

>> No.14989904

or we COULD shoot it with a laspistol.

just saying. Its what our guardsman does if my techpriest isnt around, and until now, it worked in his favour

>> No.14989909

What could go wrong?

>> No.14989911

Does Dan have a clue what any of these things mean?

>> No.14989912


I guess we could go back to the Chiurgeon and ask the techpriestess for help.

>> No.14989913

Oh lawdy no.
You guessed blindly, didn't you?

>> No.14989919

No, see, i had a fairly good hunch.

>> No.14989922

The bottom four are hip hop artists are some shit. The top four are their tracks, I think.

Anyone care to work it out from their, I know fuck all about that music.

>> No.14989924

I wonder if FIANCO SALTARE is an anagram.

Big E. and SUFF. are both abbreviations. That's something.
A3000. A3K?

>> No.14989930

I believe the bottom panel reads "Next Jump" if that helps anyone.

>> No.14989938

You tube gives me 'DJ Matrix'.
So it's all about musical taste. I have some and CF doesn't. Sadly that means I've no idea what to do, as I don't listen to that sort of thing.

>> No.14989939

This better be a fucking Gibbs level hunch.

>> No.14989945

Ok then. Looking around teh intarwebs for info.

My apologies. Your information match up with >>14989922 by chance?

>> No.14989951

saw this, thought tits, drew Boone's boobs.

>> No.14989958

Please ignore this, it's blind guessing.

Chief XL goes to G.o.G (Chief Xcel and Gift of Gab), for one.

>> No.14989964

So much for that!

>> No.14989971

Oh well, i'm sure i'll get the next one right.

>> No.14989973

Aw, c'mon.
That was just the one Anon.
WE, the Boone Quest Collective, were still puzzling it out.

>> No.14989978



>> No.14989980

Atleast we got an achievement, right? ..right?

>> No.14989983

As an outside observer, I must say, this is hilarious.

>> No.14989989

Oh, very well, have one more crack at it. You still have much to do in this episode, and between the power outtages here, and riding this threads autosage, I guess a second chance aint too much to ask.

>> No.14989992

Well, once Nel is out of the tube, maybe we can get her to fix the microwave. The general spare part could power stuff, right? Failing that, jury-rigg a Las powerpack to do the job.

>> No.14989994

thank you sir , were at auto sage ?

>> No.14989996

Hey hey hey, got to play with the cards given to us. Don't yield to begging.

>> No.14990005

Capital. Now some'll be disappointed no matter what.

>> No.14990016

Ahhh, las packs, the AA batteries of the Imperium.

>> No.14990034

I've never been so amused.

>> No.14990039

see if lock will help in exchange for several smokes

>> No.14990044

Awright, so check.
Got one.

For Big E. I found this, but I can't make it fit.
Amend the http appropriately.

>> No.14990045

barring that the whole fucking pack , sorry dan

>> No.14990051

Nel will be in that tube for hours, maybe days. Her proceedure is complex. I don't think Boone or Calliban has the tech skill to wire up ammunition to a microwave and get it to work.

>> No.14990070

we should go ask the black robed tech priestest if she can make scene of it , or see if nell is better she should know how to fix it better

now if those don't work let's look for the warden , because he's black

>> No.14990075

Well so far I'm assuming Chief XL goes to GoG (Chief Xcel/Gift of Gab), Pressure goes to Suff. (MC Pressure/Suffa), and the other two...


>> No.14990093

Sharp, sharp.
Big B is another artist.

Assuming this is on target:

Haven't got anything on A3000 aside from a Yamaha made synth by that model number.

>> No.14990097

Boone keeps working away at the console. Locke thanks you for the offer, but he's fine. He's just hungry.

>> No.14990139

I got postively fuck all

Nominating we follow the apparent pattern, go all Inductive Reasoning on this.
Stupid thing is answering either of the remaining gets the sure win, probably. But I'm tapped out.

>> No.14990151

Perhaps go see if we can convince the Tech priest in the chiurgeon to have a look at the micro-wave.

Or just ask if we could get down through the hatch now? We have given him a smoke...

>> No.14990159


I'm going to go on a complete fucking tangent and assume the following:

IIPC is actually roman numeral II + PC.

Big E = Biggie = Biggie Smalls.



sorry if I'm wrong.

>> No.14990160

Let's have a talk at the Chirugeon then, leave this on to simmer.

>> No.14990163

Go with what we have, and guess the next two.
I suspect CF has much more for us to do, let's get this shit done.

>> No.14990164

Fuck it! Good guess as any, and an Achieve if we're wrong.
I second.

>> No.14990168

I agree with this tactic.

>> No.14990188

You know... that made me...

Fianco = Hip
Saltare = Jump = Hop

This is too much to be a coincidence...

>> No.14990195

A3000 could stand for Atari 3000.
Big B sounds like Bigby.
There's an american football player named Atari Bigby.
Good game.

>> No.14990201



>> No.14990219

Oh, Well DONE, Anon! Well done! The power hums to life and you hear a microwave beep back on in the distance. For the record, the autosentry is still down, but you're making progress.

>> No.14990221

It always amazes me the things this board can do when motivated.
Like put together this inane little puzzle and get something coherent as a result.
Now let's see if it works.

>> No.14990223


>> No.14990226

That was a fun puzzle, CF, gotta say.

To the basement then?

>> No.14990245

Hey, before we jet let's ask the various cog-folks a simple question: where the blazing feth are we?!

>> No.14990264


in before
>you're here, obviously

Anyway, great quest! Too bad I don't have time to play.

>> No.14990280

Locke is too busy eating, but the other Techpriest happily tells you where you are.
(Should i start a new thread? Is that really bad manners? I hear people are having trouble finding this one)

>> No.14990287


If this ones autosaging, you can start a new thread. Immediately or later, depending on how it is for you. Helps participation.

Would only be bad manners if the thread wasn't well on it's way off the board.

>> No.14990290

Yeah, reboot thread and put a link to each other in both threads.
Check out the lift.

>> No.14990294

. . . I replied to suptg. Deheheheehehe~

Can we take a gander at the Service Lift before we go to the basement.

Also, whyever are we keeping the pict of the Warden's wife around?

>> No.14990295

I suggest we head down into the basement, with Caliban to the fore, Las at the ready.

>> No.14990297

Why don't you simply call it a night and continue later?
We've been at it for 10 hours already.
We could finish up part 2 another day.

>> No.14990315

/tg/ etiquette is almost a functioning oxymoron.
I'd like to go on, but I can wait.

>> No.14990318

new thread, and we're at the lift


>> No.14990320

....though since you're here, perchance that you have anything coming up for your DA account Mr. CF?

>> No.14990932


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