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What's your favorite boardgame, /tg/?

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Stratego. And if you've been lurking I've been spamming my adaption:

Haven't played the new power-armor space-themed one yet. Apparently one of the units has a ranged attack.

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RISK. It's fun to roleplay world leaders and troll each other to death with the "You go and focus on the blue. I'll help defend this side" and then blitzkrieg the defenseless territory. The best part is that they fall for this EVERYTIME.

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Arkham Horror

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The other trick with risk and many other games including catan is to state how much more advantaged player X is, occasionally state how terrible your game position is.

The objective is to get the other players to gang up on the strongest player who isn't you. In games like catan where the position each player is in can be quite uncertain its extremely easy to do.

Nothing better than being in first place, and everyone else is ganged up on your closest competitor.

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Space Hulk for 2-3 players. Atmospheric as fuck, especially since I made tiny little floodlights to illuminate parts of the board and play in darkened rooms. Also cool because the side with all the enormously powerful tactical tools and abilities is the one that is completely outmatched and can only win by both playing without error and hoping the other guy fucks up sooner or later, when you're the only one on the timer. Plus Assault Cannon hallway stands, Broodlords bursting through Flamer patches T1000-style, the novelty Librarian hyper-attack, and one-shotting Broodlords by elbow-dropping them down an elevator shaft. It has that zing 40K never actually managed. Shit for any more than 2-3, though.

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Huh. I've never heard of this but it looks pretty awesome.

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Hey, I want to get into Space Hulk.

Would you say that paying 150 bucks for a NIB Third Edition is worth it?

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I enjoy Risk, but recently I've been on a Diplomacy binge and I don't regret any of it.

>I've never heard of this but it looks pretty awesome.

Sure is summer in here...

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the one where the lowest roller has to suck the other guy's dicks

i stopped playing it after they fixed the dice though.

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Axis and Allies, shit takes all day yo.

Unless Germany knows how to rush Moscow.

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> Sure is summer in here...

I... What?

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He's >implying that since you don't know what Space Hulk is, you must be new to the board, hence a "summerfag".

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4th edition

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Preach. If the Japs can actually hurt the Americans during the first turn rush, though, they can then start torturing Russia from behind, which is fucking unstoppable.

America's bizarre in that their biggest strength is that nobody can afford to ignore them-virtually never will you end up seeing a truly large scale invasion by the Yanks, they'll just skullfuck Japanese industry and projection power, allowing Russia to take its time crushing the life out of Germany.

This is, of course, assuming that the Germans don't successfully sweep Russia early on, which thankfully doesn't happen often.

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IT's a lot of fun, it's...

Well, what it is isn't why it's fun. It's basically Genestealers v Terminators in tight corridoors, aso not the most audacious of concepts. Why it works is it pares down the 40K rules to an extremely streamlined abstract, and in the process generally improves them for this specific situation, so that they're fast and efficient like most board games. What makes it really work is the atmosphere. The Genestealer player has no ranged attacks but vastly outnumbers you, gets constant reinforcements, can use stealthy tricks, sometimes has a super-rape-beast that turns even Terminaors into basically the guys in Alien, and no time limit on their turns. They also have much mroe action economy, so they're fast and deadly. Space Marines have fewer actions and a brutal time limit that MAYBE lets you do everything you needed if you planned it carefully, but have powerful ranged weaponry and devastating special weapons with very limited ammunition. The Overwatch mechanics in particular are so much of the tension, because for all you can lock down a corridoor with one guy, you still have to pray that your dice do not fuck you up, or that the Genestealer player doesn't have so many models that they can spam them until you do.

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The Space Marine players plays a small elite force with nice tools and a tricky objective, with extremely narrow action economy and a brutal timer that, while not stopping you from doing everything, gives you no time to think and makes you make mistakes. By pushing you that hard in a tense situation, because you're always outmatched, it makes the game extremely tense for the SM player and forces you to calculate on the fly very fast. The Genestealer player, though, gets all the time thye want and near-unlimited reinforcements, but has to contend with the huge firepower of the Space Marines and their ability to create interlocking fire zones. As SM player, you are rushign against the clock and praying you don't make a mistake. As Genestealer player, you pressure the SMs and reserve as manyforces as you can so you can ruthlessly exploit the mistake you need to win.
The fact that the gameboard is really nice centimetre-thick card and the models are fucking fantastic is also a good part ofthe atmosphere. Even if you don't like the 40K setting, it's also by far the best Aliens versus Colonial Mariens game ever made if you swap the models over.

Grab the 3rd edition rules from /rs/ and play a game or two. There are other editions, but I prefer 3rd. Either you're a sucker for atmosphere and will love it, or aren't and won't.

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Oooooooooooooooold school game called Legions of Steel. Smalltime Canadian competitor to 40k back in the 90s, our FLGS still has the old boxed set, which was more like space hulk. It had it all, superior overwatch, more flexible game potential, a lot of factions all of which were thematic and had depth... And the Canadian humor, which was just absurd enough to stay competitive with 40k, but also serious enough that at times it almost felt realistic and compelling.
And there were Dennis Leary quotes in the core rulebook. Goddamn but they had a good writing staff.

Alas, they then went and made a profoundly unfun game about Dante's Inferno, and the company collapsed. Fucking Italian and his biblical fanfiction.

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Settlers of Catan, which is what I usually end up playing when most of my gaming group doesn't show.
We have a copy of Azanti High Lightning that I've been meaning to try, but never go around to it...

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Yes. That was asking price down in Aussiedollarland, and there was only a limited run so there won't be restocks. If you want it for just the game test the rules first to be sure you'll like it ,since that's a very expensive board game, but if you also play 40K and Space Marines get it because it comes with some fucking fantastic-looking Terminators and a shitload of nice Genestealers. Hell, with the latest price bullshit, I think the Terminators may actually be value-parity alone. I don't even know what a box of 5 Terminators is down in Australia now with enforced cuntpricing, but it won't be pretty.

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Diplomacy. Old game, not very complicated, but it excels because it isn't really an exercise in strong game mechanics, but in social interaction.

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Never played it, but I remember the company going down and taking the local game store with it. Any casual place that didn't want to deal with GW's bullshit went Global, since they were really reasonable and cheap. Sadly, they first alienated the shit out of their fanbase with Inferno (the bad game of which you speak) and then failed to live up to a lot of promises, which drove away what was left. My town was without miniature gaming outlets for six years after they butched that shit up.

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I dunno what to say about bad promises. The last stuff I saw out of them was Planetstorm and Junction Point. Former was good, latter was good as far as pre-packaged miniature campaigns go.

What they did butch up from the early looks of it was Stormfront (hurr), the tank expansion, which was never released. I guess that's the price they pay for not having universal special rules, the general modifiers thing was going to be a nightmare.

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I'm still dubious on planetstorm. It had serious balance issues, mostly regarding the Fantasians.

"Hey guys, here's an army that's already got everyone else outmaneuvered and outgunned at all but the furthest of ranges, but their weakness is getting shot, ok? Now let's give them grenades, let's give EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM grenades that block the SHIT out of line of sight for half the battle.
That won't rape everyone else's shit, right? Right?"

Still, no side was unplayable, you just needed to switch into maximum overtroll every time you fight the walrus commies. Recce Trooper spam worked like a bastard.

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Its between Small World (pictured) and Cacusuossette aka game named after middle ages french city I cant spell.

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Fuck off faggot. We'd rather have him than your ass repeating the same old entitled horse shit.

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I believe that its carcassonne.

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I can hear the voice.

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>get the whole family together to play
>we get to the point where we start using hotels
>someone mentions a short snack break, we take one
>never go back

Fucking Monopoly ;_;

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I don't play a lot of board games that involve a ton of strategy, like RISK or Settlers of Catan.

But when my friends and I bust out Apples to Apples IT'S FUCKING GO TIME.

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Risk doesn't involve strategy in the slightest.

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I've been saying this for a long time:
we sure do have a lot of people totally ignorant on modern board games for a board called 'TRADITIONAL GAMING'.

Board games are more traditional than MtG and 40K, you know.

Also, I've given up hope of any fruitful discussion on actual traditional games going on here and moved on to bgg for said purposes

bgg > /tg/
no hating, please, it's the simple cold truth

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A lot less than Catan, for sure, but Catan also involves a lot less strategy than Dungeon Lords, Through the Ages, Notre Dame or other semi-deterministic heavy-strategy games

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Alright, yer sunstone's done, so whaddyou want me to do wit it?

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Loves me the fuck outta some Stratego OP
My nigga!

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Merchants of Venus ftw.

Also, British Rails, Iron Dragons and Arkham Horror.

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Twilight Imperium is the King of All Boardgames. I can't wait until the new expansion comes out later this year.

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go back to HSG faggot.

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Battlemasters by MB, a friend got me this for xmas one year and oh god we played it all the time!

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How trite.

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You mean next week.

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Well I dont really have a favourite but this is just some from my collection:
Axis + Allies/ D-Day/ Battle of the Bulge/ Guadalcanal
Arkham Horror
FURY (of the motherfucking) Dracula
Settlers of Catan
Tide of Iron (plastic)
Monsters Menace America
Memoir 44
Scotland Yard
Betrayal at House on Haunted Hill
... pretty sure i had some more lying around. I think I own a copy of Cluedo

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Maaaaansions of Maaaaaadneeessssss

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Am I the only one who can't fucking stand Carsaconne?

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Taaaaaaaaakeeess looooooongeeeeer toooo set uuuuuup thaaaaaan toooo plaaaaaaaayyyyy.

>> No.14980277

sauce? Their website only says "Available Soon." I assumed they were releasing it at Gen Con.

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Boardgames now child

Also here are two other games I played a lot and loved to death
Any body else ever played these?

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Arkham Horror/Memoir 44.

Can't decide.

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Oh man, I fucking loved that game.

I used to have it until my mom threw it all away because the dog chewed up the box. The contents were fine, all the pieces and the mat were untouched. Just the fucking box. So she threw it away.
My mom is infamous for randomly throwing shit away. I can't tell you how much of my old D&D campaign notes, maps, character sheets, ect, I lost because she got hold of it.

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I would say for me it's a tie between Tales of Arabian Knights and Defenders of the Realm.

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I am a man of simple tastes.

Clue when playing with casuals.
House on Haunted Hill when playing with gamers.

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>Am I the only one who can't fucking stand Carsaconne?


>paperboard basuiti

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My favorite boardgame is the one where we mash up all the other vaguely compatible boardgames into a single ultra game.

Hello Risk/Wizard's Quest/Nuclear War/Ogre!

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>Axis + Allies/ D-Day/ Battle of the Bulge/ Guadalcanal
Arkham Horror
FURY (of the motherfucking) Dracula
Settlers of Catan
Tide of Iron (plastic)
Monsters Menace America
Memoir 44
Scotland Yard
Betrayal at House on Haunted Hill

Have played most of these games and like most of them. You, sir, do have refined taste and deserve to be called a gentleman.

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>Fantasy Flight Games have announced that the following products have a May 24th distributor release date.

> * DW05 Deathwatch: Mark of the Xenos
> * ST08 Olympus
> * VA75 A la carte
> * VA76 A la carte: Dessert
> * TI05 Twilight Imperium: Shards of the Throne
> * GW04 Chaos in the Old World: The Horned Rat Expansion

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I feel EXACTLY the same way about Settlers of Catan. I believe I may have called it a nice evening ruined in the past.

>> No.14980393


Yeah, it's not my thing either. Same with Puerto Rico, btw, although my friends like it.

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Awesome! I am calling my FLGS now, well in 10 minutes when it opens.

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The correct answer was Cosmic Encounter.

>> No.14980444

arkham horror, anon

we get our asses kicked in by that game every night we play

>> No.14980454

MY version of cosmic encounter doesn't have anything like that...

Do I have the old, boring serious version of something?

>> No.14980473

This is correct

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Yah, the game was reprinted in 2008, 2 new expansions been released since then. Sniveler is from one of them, I just thought his powers fit /tg/ the best.

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I just come here for the image dumps.

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Subjective Guess Who.

It's like normal guess who, but you can't ask questions related to appearance. So valid questions include, "If he's seen on a playground, how long until the police are called?" "Will he fix your computer?" and "What drugs is he on?"
Played as a party game, so people can argue over minutiae.

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Puzzle Strike
Chaos in the Old World
Neuroshima Hex
Cosmic Encounters

you guys sure play shitty board games for being on /tg/. It's not all RISK and Settlers (two of the worst games ever).

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Summoner Wars. It's basically a tactical miniatures game played with cards on a board. It's got deckbuilding, but not enough to create broken wtfdecks with enough money and with all cards being known before buying instead of coming in random boosters.

Really balanced factions, and new enough that you can see the art style progression as the creator gets more money from sales. Spent the last three weeks playing it solidly with my housemate, having a blast.

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This actually sounds like a lot of fun.

>> No.14980720


Yeah, my group would love that.

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My parents were far kinder to my childhood things, I still have this sucker, took her down from the shelf. I am looking forward to playing it with my son when he gets older. I have another game I used to play a lot, will post that next.

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Play a lot of Illuminati, game is a super good way to alienate people. Also unbalanced.

Seven Wonders is good if you're in the enviable position of wanting to play M:TG drafts less than you want to have earth money, since you get all the fun of the former while holding onto the vast majority of the latter.

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Oh and the thing I loved most about battle masters was the freck'n 4.5 foot by 4.5 foot hex mate. Awesome.

Ok my friends and I used to play this a lot, up until I learned how to screw them using the economics of the game. This thing works on both battle, economics, and infastructure (mainly roads and fortresses). Sorry box in side got disorganized.

>> No.14980788

Wait wait, is that the one where some of the pieces fit on top of each other to form new, superior pieces? Buildings I think?

Holy mother of God, I might've played that once, with my father, like two decades ago, and I think I remember it.

>> No.14980798

Twilight Imperium.

>> No.14980807

That game was sick.

I picked it up w/ Axis and Allies at a garage sale like 10-12 years ago. I played the shit out of both.

>> No.14980841

Yes anon, the buildings could be fortified, placing the small parthanon (spelling ugg) building on top of a walled base. And yes this game is fucking old school.

>> No.14980863

I'm a board game fan and you're a complainer.

Don't like it, start a boardgame thread. It's what I do. It's what OP did.

You just bitched. Like a bitch.

>> No.14980891

Or Last Night on Earth.

>> No.14980902

Oh Also:

Horsus Heresy
Warhammer: Invasion (cards, but whaterver)

You should play these.

>> No.14980916

twilight struggle and paths of glory

>> No.14980927

My box say 1984 on it. So I was 7 when conquest came out. Random pic of my game corner. Sorry battlemasters is on top of another book shelf. Other games like Clue etc are up in the cupboards, not gonna dig those out. But I think I still have a old edition of clue.

>> No.14980954

cause it was fun when i was little and now it's a drinking game.

>> No.14980968

>ctrl+f "power grid"
>no results
>ctrl+f "junta"
>no results
>ctrl+f "titan"

WHAT IS WRONG WITH /TG/? At least somebody mentioned Settlers.

>> No.14980982


Dumbest comment on /tg/ all day. From the official rules;

>/tg/ - Traditional Games
>Board games, paper games, war games, card games, etc. go here!

Says nothing about the age of the game. 'Traditional' in this sense refers to the style of play more than the specific game. i.e. not vidya. Can you be so dense? could you imagine how stupid this board would be if we just had checkers vs chess vs Go threads all day. Please, just go away.

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Confession: I don't like settlers.

I can't get into trading wood for sheep.... It's dull no matter how you slice it. Same with most euros tho, really.

>> No.14981013

That's probably because you're bad at it.

On a more serious note, Cities and Knights put more options into the game.

If you like the idea of "armies recruiting in a fantasy settling, then doing battle on tactical maps," then pick up Titan. It's kinda like Heroes of Might and Magic, the board game.

>> No.14981019

>I couldn't get... wood for sheep
I guess that means you're not from wyoming.

>> No.14981025

I'm looking at my bookshelf and thinking of old board games I loved and for the life of me I forgot dracula - love never dies. Not much imagination went into it but my family and I used to play this. My brother always played renfield because he could win the game either by helping or hindering the other players.

>> No.14981032

I won the three excruciatingly boring games I've played. And it tasted like ashes and boredom. But it's subjective. I see that it has solid mechanics and good design, I just don't like the flavor.


Rather lead armies across the world, or explore a dungeon, thanks.

>> No.14981038

You know what I'd like to see?
Delve Deeper: the Board Game

>> No.14981055

Wasn't implying it was a bad thing. It's just very obvious (especially on this board) how many new people there are.

At least I mentioned what my favorite board game was instead of just posting to complain.

Back on Topic

Catan and Axis and Allies are great games if you can find patient people to play them with

My dad found some of his old War games the other day so I got to sit down and play them.

The Game of France, 1940 and Panzer Leader

both were really fun to play, but Germany is very OP in The Game of France, 1940 (as it probably should be)

>> No.14981104

Sorta Spacehulky, with dwarves and zombies.

>> No.14982480

"Are you the traitor?"
"No. Are you?"
"Of course not!"
"Well, someone at this table is the traitor."
"Maybe. How do you know?"
"That's just what a traitor would say!"

HNNNNNG! If you want to turn your friends into paranoid backstabbing enemies real fast, this is the game of choice.

>> No.14983202


That's precisely what a frakkin' Cylon would say.

In b4 the Cylon tries to claim he's on humanity's side

>> No.14983215

I like pictionary.

>> No.14983251


In my experience, the best traitors have always been the ones who don't do anything especially suspicious.. they just sand-bag a lot. But since you're not allowed to discuss what cards you have, everyone is pretty much sand-bagging something.

>> No.14983304

BSG is a great game. Haven't had the chance to play with the 2nd expansion yet, but looking forward to it.

MY favorite board game would have to be Civilization. Nothing better than 12 hours of selling your friends snake oil, then stabbing them in the back.

>> No.14983305


We had a guy who actually pretended to be dozing off and and be disinterested in the game. I smelled traitor a mile away and called him on it. He shoulda put more points in Bluff.

>> No.14983327

I played a game of that where the king spent all of her turns just accusing people of being traitors. Needless to say, we lost.

>> No.14983476

>If you want to turn your friends into paranoid backstabbing enemies real fast, this is the game of choice.

Holy shit. I need this game, now!

>> No.14983634

Checkers. Yeah, that's right, muthafuckin checkers niggas!

>> No.14983656

The people in OP's picture are playing Arkham Horror, aren't they?

>> No.14983688

What's great is that the game is already fun and challenging without a traitor, but it's I'm-going-to-punch-my-own-best-friend fun with a traitor.

>> No.14983768

I was gonna guess life, which is a fun game

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