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So I was browsing all of my 40k photos and a question popped into my mind.

/tg/? Who would you bed or fuck silly in the 41st millennium?

Personally I would take Eisenstein and make him walk sideways for a week: Because I would have taken all of his up and down.

ITT: Fuckable 40k

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Obligatory Slaanesh post.

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rolled 13 = 13

Relatively unaugmented techpriestesses. I have a thing for cyborg chicks.

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Inquisitor Amberly.

>Implying She would even go for my type.
>Implying shes Real

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Some underhive chick I guess. I don't see any difference in who I'm nailing now and who I'd be doing if I was in 40k.

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I will fuck you sideways with a fucking baneblade.

EisenHORN, god damn you! EISENHORN.

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th emprah did both men and women back in the heydays

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pic related

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I think he wants to have carnal relations with the Marine battleship, not the Inquisitor.

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it's not gay if it's the Emperor

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Eldar chicks, of course. CWE. Would go for DE, if their concept of a satisfying lay wouldn't involve my physical and mental scarring at best.

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Big who cares?

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40k seriously isn't fuckable.

Seriously guys.


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Techpriest. Fuck yeah technophillia.
Serious, that shit's epic fedish fuel.

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That artist chick from the Fulgrim book who hurts herself and uses her blood to paint with.


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A Sister of Battle.
Armour Fetish + Nun fetish.

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Nurgle-Chan she might be infectious but at least her love for me would be eternal.

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And for my input, it would have to be Bequin.

Maybe the Pariah thing might put me off though.

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The Blank from Eisenhorn's retinue.

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Doesn't she also kill guys after she's fucked hem and use their bodily fluids too? Also towards the end she's so rancid even Nurgle would turn his nose up at her...

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Find a nice girl who's a psychic blank, engage in sex that makes my mind puke.

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It tore me up how much they cared about each other and well.... a blank and a psyker... yeah....

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She's said to be so beautiful that it neglates her nullness. However they kinda cancel each other out, and she's left with a little hotness but you're still put off by her. Not as much as Jurgen though.

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Mechadendrite = Tentacles


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I don't know, not up there yet. Haven't read Fulgrim before.

I do know Fulgrim kills the artist dude that she's 'with' though, and that a daemoentte eats the crazy blue haired bitch

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There are, I believe, degrees of 'Blankness' for want of a better phase. Bequin tended to arouse a general dislike in people, though it seemed to be something that could be ignored by people she knew well - before meeting Eisenhorn she rarely had the chance to form lasting relationships, be they platonic or otherwise, so was systematically rejected by most people she came across. The effect is worsened in psychic individuals, however - Eisenhorn himself mentions that it was problematic enough that any potential relationship they might have had wouldn't work out.

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Didn't he even ponder fucking her despite the "here lie madness" likely outcome?

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She was strong enough that she cast a 'null field' if memory serves.

Even touching each other hurt him. Like the part where they were hiding in a hotel and pretended to be a couple when they got broken in on.
Actually, I think that's even the part when he mentions that it would never work out.

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heresy the best kind of heresy.

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Possibly, yes. I'm not sure if it was outright stated, but it seemed like the pair of them were pretty seriously crushing on one another, so I'd be very surprised if they weren't tempted. It'll be interesting to see how, or indeed if, that develops when Abnett releases the Bequin Trilogy he's working on.

Also, to remain vaguely OT, picture related.

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A Slaaneshi daemon would probably be good pussy.

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Callidus - Polymorphine... imagine te possibilities - Fuck Yeah!

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Well he's a Psyker, and even a touch is painful.

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dark eldar

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Too late, now everyone will forever know you as the anon who wants to fuck a heresy-era ship that was full of Nurgle nastiness.

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Ogyn-chan, all the way


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Oh yea, she certainly was. I suspect if she wasn't powerful enough to do so, he wouldn't have taken her along with him in the first place. Their feelings developed later.

The whole Blank/Pariah thing is an issue 40k's fluff is even more convoluted and contradictory than normal on. There's so many differing ideas, you can pretty much just pick whatever one you like and run with that.

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Well he can't really release a Bequin Trilogy because all she really done besides gather up a small group of Blanks, the rest are documented in the Eisenhorn trilogy.

She also is in a irreversible coma.

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He is going to go the cheap way out and have her blankness burnt out by the titan.

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This guy.

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you know you want

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>he can't really release a Bequin Trilogy

Yes, he can. He's stated in interviews that he's going to do so. With the potential subtitle "Eisenhorn vs Ravenor".

There ain't enough male Eldar smut in the world.

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Its been officially announced.
It will be set after the Ravenor trilogy

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Nobody. 40k never interested me in such a way. Basically I'm there for the bolter-porn, if you will.

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So she wakes up?

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Actually the "Eisenhorn vs Ravenor" title is what the workers at BL call it. It's just a nickname that got leaked. Forgot where I read that, so I can't prove it though.

BUT AMEN on the not enough Eldar smut. I need moar! MOAR!!! (I'm MOSTLYpuritan for a reason)

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And before anyone asks for a source on the Bequin trilogy claims, it's here.


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Actually, check the link here >>14973404. Abnett himself uses the "Eisenhorn vs Ravenor" tagline.

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a bolter barrel would probably be large enough..

>male eldar smut
to be honest, the armor is enough for me. So sleek and cool

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I meant war and you know it. Also, bit off-topic, but are Blood Gorgons any good? Just downloaded the book.

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Eldar or SoB.

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Sehra Muril.

I tend to have a thing for sniper chicks. Probably more to do with the fact that as fictional armies go they tend to be less butch than regular infantry. Sniper turned scout? A favourite of the Ghosts series.

My pain is eternal.

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I've watched it many times. But this article was dated after the video. It DID mention that Dan uses the nickname hislef though.

But it doesn't matter in the end! Either way. I will get more Dan Abnett reading and shall therefore be one happy fangirl!

>imtaid Science,
Yes, Captcha! No one has mastered the art of my panties like Abnett and my other half!

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In my dreams, she always answers the vidyaphone without pants.

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>But this article was dated after the video.

Really? Curious. You may well be right, I don't keep a really close eye on BL stuff until it's actually released.

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Kommisar Holt.

I'd tap that ass!

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How has this not been posted yet...

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Inb4 blammed by janitor

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Wait, I thought DEldar were pasty-skinned freaks, not drow hotties.

And I'd bang Amberley. There's just something about a girl in uniform.

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That's a Mandrake. Shadow-skinned half-Dark Eldar that may have inhereted their abilities by breeding with monsters/daemons.

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... I'll admit, that's kind of hot.

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Isn't it just? Not a lot of fanart related to them, unfortunately.

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It's things like this moment that give me hope, that I can find someone just as weird as me someday.

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Pic fucking related!

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Coked up Doomrider sex? Coked up Doomrider sex!

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I'll crumble and admit I would fuck an Elysian or Catachan girl as soon as I got the chance.
Elysian: Tall, lithe, maybe a ti awkward due to her planet's gravity.
Catachan: muscegirl. woud be at about 5' due to her world's gravity.

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Who's the woman hanging off of Doomy's shoulder?

>> No.14973834

Some chick out of an anime. Was the first pic of Doomrider I could find, excluding cocaine-tank.

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Living Saint. Because living saint, the sex has got to be good. What with all her faith in the Emperor and whatnot.

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Actually the genderbent version of Kyon, the main character of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

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Bi-fag here, I wouldn't mind getting fucked by a nid. A tau-girl would be nice too.

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Here you go.


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>no Ciaphas Cain
what the fuck /tg/?

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I'd bang Nessa from Gaunt's Ghosts. She is the epitome of a lady. Also, Patience Kys from Ravenor.

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Delicious interspecies heresy

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No love for Shira Calpurnia?

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Oh, I will...

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Techpriest's are sexy

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Lelith Hesperax. I probably wouldn't survive the sex, but at least I'd die as a happy man.

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The amount of Females in a "/tg/ I would fuck the shit out of ________ " brings a warm fuzzy feeling to my heart.

On a related Note. I'd be down with Octavia navigating my Maelstrom if you know what I mean. But i got a thing for pale chicks just a hair on the wrong side of the crazy line.

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I always had a thing for female Space Marines

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>No ca/tg/irl will ever fuck the shit out of you.

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That's not a woman, that's Bandit Keith.

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Sorry brah.
Been there, done that.

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careful bro

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Medea Betancore all the way.

Also quite like that one crazy pretend-Chaos Chick from the Gaunt's Ghosts series.

Dan Abnett can write women really well. Haines less so.

Not even going to mention Ward or Goto.

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Or inter-faction.

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Soldier Vaskez, because we've both been mistaken for a man on occasion.

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Is it just me, or is that even hotter than animetau? Goddamn.

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For the love of the Emprah, post the full pic, please!!

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I have the perfect thing for you.

This is a tyranid spore tower. Or at least, it counts as one.

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what good is the chastity lock on her thong going to do?

>> No.14974121

I don't know. I would be afraid that I would get arrested for breaking some law regarding sexual intercourse in some obscure law book she memorized. Who knows what crazy laws the Imperium has floating around. On a side note, are Sister of Battle sworn to chastity or celibacy? My GM was trying to find out for our DH campaign, but we couldn't find anything so decided on "Yes" on both counts.

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Codex writers don't really have to write character development and social situations.

To be honest, Inquisitor Valeria's (Ward charecter) fluff isn't bad, in fact it's better than what any of the other human female characters in codices get. Although that's because those other characters are SoB martyrs and have rocks fall on them in their own page.

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Its an implant. It goes through her reinforced skin. You need a plasma-cutter, at the very least, to get past that thong.

>> No.14974141

Its neither. Unless you disregard Ciaphas Cain as canon.

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>are Sister of Battle sworn to chastity or celibacy?

Depends on the convent, and the part of the galaxy. Like all things in 40k, there is enough variation that you can have whatever is suitable for the story. However, there have been definite examples of Sisters having sex. That cannoness from that Ciaphas Cain book, for instance.

>> No.14974166

We consider Ciaphias Cain, although entertaining, non-canon. We were all aware of that source, but didn't know of any in something more core, like a codex or rulebook. We decided that since they are titled Brides of the Emperor, they had the standard religious devotion of "marriage" to their deity (or corpse on a chair).

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Mmmmhmmm… Thanks, Anon.

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Lady Malys

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If only they did plastic Sisters so I could properly convert a Valeria model.

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That looks painfully awesome.

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You got good taste anon.

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Demonettes, I'd think. That, and once I picked up the right mutations, start broadening the horizons of a few of those straight-laced Imperial women.

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leaving aside the astartes fetish; ciaphas cain, septimus and a techpriest or two.

>> No.14974246

Balalaika is delicious. You don't even need an excuse to post her on /tg/.

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any one of the obligatory sexy female remembrancers in the heresy novels

eris kailis from thousand sons
the saint from the death guard novels
the crazy art chick from fulgrim

yeah. Otherwise an eldar princess. That'll go down well.

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Black Lagoon. My gf has a thing for her so I know the bare minimum about her. She's a former Soviet commander or something like that.

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File: 71 KB, 750x600, Hotel_Moscow_by_DesertYote (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Also, a bad ass russian mob boss.

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Here's a list:
Psyker Chick, especially Biomancers...
Techpriest Chick
Commissar Chick -BLAM-
Sisters of Battle most of all
Colonel Kasteen
Inq. Amberly Vail, while high-fiving Cain
Cultist Chicks, don't know about Cultist-Chan...
Bequin and her staff of Blanks
Valhallan Chicks, with Jurgen as my side kick in fuckery
Medicae/Surgeon Curth
Every single female Guardsman, for having twice the balls as any male
The list goes on.

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iqdb.org is your friend

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>We consider Ciaphias Cain, although entertaining, non-canon.

I trust you are not speaking for all of /tg/ on this.

>> No.14974365

My quest... it is... COMPLETE

>> No.14974375

Shit. I completely forgot about Curth and Kasteen. What the hell was I thinking?

>> No.14974380

No, only my group, and only for Dark Heresy. When we're playing Rogue Trader, Ciaphias Cain is totally a part of the universe.

>> No.14974385

I assume it's just her group.

>> No.14974397


Hell, the Ciaphas Cain novels were the one thing that changed me from a 40K hater to a reluctant fan in the first place! Without them, for me there IS no 40K.

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her in that outfit + commissar hat to make it /tg/ related

>cum myself to death

>> No.14974415


I prefer my humor a little blacker than that, to be honest. I always found the behavior of the Imperial Guard, as an organization, to be hilariously bloody-minded.

>> No.14974422


All published works with the Games Workshop logo are equally canon. This is by the official statements on the matter, and not something as fickle as the opinions of the fanbase. Basically, Eisenhorn is exactly as canon as Codex: Grey Knights and the Rulebook itself, as are all published works set in that universe.

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seriously though in 40k terms...she'd probably either be a Catachan devil or a Tyranid Norn Queen

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Abnett is about as far from 40k canon as you can get before it becomes Star Wars.

>> No.14974437

Wait? When did I post in this thread? Ithought this was the first time I popped on /tg/ today. Honestly, I've had a thing for Nessa since Guns of Tanith, and Kys since Ravenor.

Though if pushed, I could go for the Order of the Argent Shroud. The entire Order of the Argent Shroud. I'll make em sing in devotion of the Emperor.

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Like this?

>> No.14974478


The codices themselves contradict each other far more than Abnett ever could, and rape fluff far harder. Also, your opinion on the canonicity of Abnett's work is simply wrong.

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Octavia gonna get it. I have forseen it

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Just a nameless inquisitor to whom I'd do things that get me deemed a heretic...

Not entirely sure why...but I think it has something to do with the somewhat regal look she has.

If I was any skilled at converting, and painting...and even assembling I'd probably try to make an inquisitor with that kind of look. Never was a fan of the evil grandmother look the female inquisitors had. Especially compared to this picture in the codex.

>> No.14974537

Yes, because Guardsmen outsneaking completely silent and near-invisible mandrakes, killing more than a few Chaos Space Marines in close quarters with little to no casualties, and going toe-to-toe with daemons and dreadnaughts like it's no big deal totally doesn't contradict the feeling of either the Imperial Guard or the setting in general. But wait, there's more! Sisters of Battle apparently have no presence on Shrine Worlds in the Holy Sabbat systems that was the birth place of one of their living saints, and just don't give a fuck when she is reborn. But, I hear you say, how could they have known? Wasn't she concealing herself? Too bad the Sisters Famulous can predict the birth of a Living Saint several generations before it can happen, and can usually swoop right in to take care of their training and education.

>> No.14974554

I thought it was the opposite: Black Library was all equally non-canon, while the codices were all propaganda and suitable to be ignored. It doesn't really matter either way since players will just pick and choose what they like anyways.

>> No.14974570


>> No.14974586

>Here's our standard line: Yes it's all official, but remember that we're reporting back from a time where stories aren't always true, or at least 100% accurate. if it has the 40K logo on it, it exists in the 40k universe. Or it was a legend that may well have happened. Or a rumour that may or may not have any truth behind it.

>Let's put it another way: anything with a 40K logo on it is as official as any Codex... and at least as crammed full of rumours, distorted legends and half-truths.

>Marc Gascoigne
>Publisher, BL Publishing and Black Flame

>> No.14974595

>I weary of this question, and I weary of typing it all in yet again, yet again.

>I think the real problem for me, and I speak for no other, is that the topic as a "big question" doesn't matter. It's all as true as everything else, and all just as false/half-remembered/sort-of-true. The answer you are seeking is "Yes and no" or perhaps "Sometimes". And for me, that's the end of it.

>Now, ask us some specifics, eg can Black Templars spit acid and we can answer that one, and many others. But again note thet answer may well be "sometimes" or "it varies" or "depends".

>But is it all true? Yes and no. Even though some of it is plainly contradictory? Yes and no. Do we deliberately contradict, retell with differences? Yes we do. Is the newer the stuff the truer it is? Yes and no. In some cases is it true that the older stuff is the truest? Yes and no. Maybe and sometimes. Depends and it varies.

>It's a decaying universe without GPS and galaxy-wide communication, where precious facts are clung to long after they have been changed out of all recognition. Read A Canticle for Liebowitz by Walter M Miller, about monks toiling to hold onto facts in the aftermath of a nucelar war; that nails it for me.

>Sorry, too much splurge here. Not meant to sound stroppy.

>To attempt answer the initial question: What is GW's definition of canon? Perhaps we don't have one. Sometimes and maybe. Or perhaps we do and I'm not telling you.

>Marc Gascoigne

>> No.14974610

Lazy cunt he is.

>> No.14974665

So... nothing is true and everything is permitted? Is reality then everyone in the forty first millenium reliving their racial memories of the third millenium? When did we get to assassin's creed and how did the vindicare not get involved?

>> No.14974668


Indeed. The list if folks I wouldn't fuck is rather small.

That said, the idea of fucking pre-heresy Abaddon tickles me pink.

>> No.14974675


not bad for a start, but needs to be more commissar-ey

it looks like she's wearing a purse on her head

>> No.14974678


I would hit that harder than Hiroshima.

>> No.14974683

Wasn't he whiny and selfish, though? The books are not flattering.

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Kharn is such a fox

>> No.14974704


Thinking further about this... I suppose he would have to be pre-Astartes Abaddon, and therefor pre-pubescent Abaddon, but I can't decide if that ruins the fantasy or not.

I guess the good ole' Dark Prince probably wouldn't complain.

I stand by my post.

(captcha: infinite presentt)

>> No.14974715

He was more angry, all the time, and possibly he deliberately exaggerated that trait to the benefit of Horus, what with the mournival being the four humours on purose, both In-universe and metafictionally.

>> No.14974722


And? That's what makes it fabulous. He'd be so ashamed of himself.

Also, think of the great Angry Sex.

>> No.14974730

Either Cultist-chan, a techpriestess, or a Sister of Battle.

>> No.14974795


Seconded. Total hunk.

>> No.14974844


Wait a sec...I thought Cain was considered "Canon But Unreliable"...in the concept that people existed and events took place, but that the Narrators may be telling the story wrong.

>> No.14974850

>I thought Cain was considered "Canon But Unreliable"...in the concept that people existed and events took place, but that the Narrators may be telling the story wrong.

Dingdingdingdingding! We have a winner! That is exactly how it is, with Cain and every other source of 40k background story.

>> No.14974933

Taking notes, guys.

>> No.14974947


Lets face it, even if Matt Ward made the next codex a fapfic based on this thread, it would still not be the worst thing he has done.

>> No.14974972


Thankfully, we can ignore Matt Ward's more annoying pieces as they too are just rumours, probably exaggerated.

>> No.14974980


Hah. I went back and read the thread of the "official word". Just a little slow, am I. Back to lurking/fapping.

>> No.14975007
File: 111 KB, 550x781, 1279285542674.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've got a soft spot in my heart for Sister Ringarde, can't lie.

I'm surprised there's no love for Jonquil "Cuddles" Lancaster....

>> No.14975039
File: 13 KB, 400x400, 1303334205083.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic obligatory.

>> No.14975067

I do mean younger Eisenhorn, of course. Ya know... the hunk years.

>> No.14975102
File: 87 KB, 873x627, EisenhornMain_873x627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Come now, would you really not hit this?

>> No.14975130

thats just butthurt aspies who can't take anything less than totally serious in their glorious setting of no girls allowed and grimdarkness of grimdark.

for most people i know, they like the Cain novels because they are a nice change from the usual derp so deep so dark bullshit that gets done and it actually is liked as a reference since it shows the Imperium from less of a "the glorious humanity fuck yeah" perspective and more of a "goddamn how the fuck have we survived this long" perspective

>> No.14975159

the entire Codex: Space Marines was just a Ultramarines viral marketing tactic, they wanted to repair their reputation after being lazy fucks for a few millennia so they tried the same thing they did after the heresy, ie bullshit

>> No.14975244


by ceaselessly throwing bodies at the problem till one side dies ^^)b

>> No.14975253

I take offense at the no girls allowed comment, considering I run Sisters. I also enjoyed how you call people mentally deficient because they hold a different opinion from you and enjoy different things. You, sir, are obviously the final judge of all that is Good and Enjoyable, and we should all defer to your judgement of what is Right and Proper to Enjoy.

>> No.14975267

Meh'lindi - sexy assasin girl who can change into a genestealer when you want to get realy kinky

>> No.14975272

I like that it usually isn't even that, in the Cain books; most of his heroism comes from not racking up ridiculous body counts, either through commissarial privilege or poor tactics.

>> No.14975450

well the aspies part actually means that anyone who feels that level of connection to a fictional universe that they rage so hard over another interpretation of it must be retarded.

sisters were introduced because it was too much of a sausage fest and still is given how long it has taken them to update them and i also run sisters

basically i was meaning lighten the fuck up it's a game, but i guess you fall under the same group as i was talking about originally

>> No.14975499

I don't think you understand my point that different people enjoy different things, and you just look like an asshat barging in and saying that people who like grimdark are having badwrongfun because it's not what you like. You're exactly what you accuse other people of being - an asshole getting upset because people don't like the same things you do.

>> No.14975548

if i was getting upset i would be raging.

all i have done is say my opinion which obviously pissed you off to no end.

and notice i never said they were having bad/wrong fun just that the people who do rage over fictional settings generally need to take a step back and see why they are so overly zealous about them

>> No.14975595
File: 342 KB, 1680x1050, 1295314315154.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A battle sister who would go on the righteous crusade with me, if you know what I mean

>> No.14975660

You specifically said that people who didn't like Ciaphias Cain are aspies. There is nothing in your original post even suggesting the idea that you were trying to make a point against people who rage over fictional settings - all it consists of is a diatribe against people who don't like something you do. You just set up a strawman so you could make an ad hominem attack on people who disagree with your position. And I don't have an issue with your original opinion, which was that the Ciaphias Cain series is good - it is a genuinely entertaining series. What I have issue you with is that you're making attacks against people who enjoy different things from you with no real grounds. On a side note, the person you were responding to originally was correct: not only does the Ciaphias Cain series exist in Black Library, which is specifically stated to be a collection of rumors, exaggerations, outright lies, and propaganda, Sandy Mitchell frames it as such. So not only was your original statement unnecessarily malicious, it was also incorrect. Your theoretical grognards who take everything too seriously are actually just literate and accepting the framing device of the story.

>> No.14975747

actually i never mentioned the Cain series in general, i responded to a question about it with a statement about the disposition of a large group of people who despise anything that does not conform strictly to their personal view of the canon.

anyway why should you care whatsoever about one persons views on the subject? if you are such a proponent of everyone having their fun then i would have just as much right to disagree with the people i disagree with as they have to disagree with me, the fact that i did so in baser terms should just mean you would ignore me rather than get so worked up about it

>> No.14975841
File: 189 KB, 632x500, Soot Sister.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The post you responded to was about the Cain series specifically, and I'll quote you:

>thats just butthurt aspies who can't take anything less than totally serious in their glorious setting of no girls allowed and grimdarkness of grimdark.
>for most people i know, they like the Cain novels because they are a nice change from the usual derp so deep so dark bullshit that gets done and it actually is liked as a reference since it shows the Imperium from less of a "the glorious humanity fuck yeah" perspective and more of a "goddamn how the fuck have we survived this long" perspective

Your entire post is about Ciaphias Cain, actually, so I don't know where you're coming from saying that you were trying to just speak in general terms when you really spoke in very specific terms. And I have no issue with anything you enjoy: what I have issue you with is that your douche who feels the need to insult things other people's opinions just because they're not in line with your own.

Since I've forgotten to stay on topic this entire time, I was totally into that Sister Superior in the first Shira Calpurnia book. It's weird, she had very little characterization, but I still found her pretty hot.

>> No.14976631

I'd just like to point out, that the Sisters of Battle haven't been known as the "brides of the emperor" since the age of apostasy, when they were renamed from "daughters" to "brides" by the traitorous Goge Vandire, high lord of the administratum. Upon his being revealed as a traitor and heretic, the Sisters returned to the original title of "Daughters of the Emperor".

>> No.14976843

It seems that we were using the wrong name, confusing fluff and all that. We were under the impression that it was the other way around, so thanks for clearing that up.

>> No.14976884

but there was mention made of specific orders of sisters who are trained to be wives. Except that those wives continue to serve the Sororitas by feeding information on possibly heresy with noble houses, help her husband maneuver through and gain political power as long as it benefits the ecclesiarchy/imperium etc.

>> No.14976891


Ordo Waifuis?

>> No.14976919

Are they a branch of Famulous, or of any relation?

>> No.14976926

I need to write a fanfic about that one day
I'm not sure but the reason I remember it so clearly was because it was said in such a non-sexual context, like the focus was entirely on the political machinations and subterfuge behind wedding a sister to some normal guy.

>> No.14976947

Could have sworn the closest thing to that would be Famulous, who act as Nannies to the children of nobles and help set up the children with specific spouses to benefit the Imperium.

>> No.14976965

That's actually pretty interesting. I'm going to make a sub-branch of the Famulous that do that in my DH game, since none of us can seem to recall the name of the order. Now to think of a psuedo-Latin name...

>> No.14977062

Ordos Waifeus
actually that might have been it, I don't remember particularly well either

>> No.14977074


>> No.14977154

I would do a Dark Eldar.

I would tie her down and spend days just testing all her various implements on her while mocking her for being subject to the whims of a monkeigh. Then I'd sacrifice her soul to Slaanesh when I got bored.

>> No.14977547
File: 2.07 MB, 819x1212, Blanche_assassin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.14977599

A psyker chick.
Because I enjoy causing reality to shatter using my penis.

>> No.14977610


>> No.14977712

It's certainly an interesting/memorable suicide method.

>> No.14977733



>> No.14977762
File: 31 KB, 392x600, SUmmer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

summer is here

>> No.14977834





Try the Blood of Martyrs DH book. It has good stuff on the Sisters, I think it's on /rs/.

>> No.14977887

Medea Betancore or Kara Swole or Angharad Esw Sweydyr.
Dan Abnett really knows how to make smexy female characters.

>> No.14978118

Madeline De Medici from Emperors mercy.
She was fucking badass and hot as fuck.
Or the book made her out to be...

"She was far younger than he had expected... instead the woman before him had the procelain skin, high cheekbones, and delicate figure of a well-bred noble's daughter... She balanced a lace parasol delicatley in her gloved hands. Given the climate her attire was entirely innappropiate: A modest pencil skirt and double breasted coat of twill. Her face was blushed with subtle rogue and her hair curled into loose chestnut ringlets so fashionable among the upper-spire aristocrats."

This girl later pulls out a autogun and shoots the shit out of a death cult and acts as a spy for the inquisitor.

My god, I want this woman

>> No.14978133

Sisters of battle don't have the chem geld talent in DH.

I think a sufficiently interested sister would be down to fuck.

>> No.14978158


>faceless freaky gaunt boogeymen
>they happen not to wear much clothing
>they're hot

god fucking dammit!

>> No.14978198



uhhh sarge , we are on garrison duty, on Colais V right now is an agri-world. I kown you want to relive your emperor blessed charge on that lone Grot...

It was a war boss , he was 12 feet tall, ect

>my squad goes back to playing card fr iho-sticks.

>> No.14978261

I would love to bang a talented calidus assassin

>> No.14978269


Is that the Henry Zou book? It was objectively terrible, beyond the nice cover art. The 'sequel' actually stole entire set-pieces from House-to-House!

>> No.14978309


Wait... why is there a dick in my ass...


>> No.14979103

I'd totally lay some pipe down inside some of the Sororitas. And a techpriestess too - no doubt she has some "fun toys". =)

>> No.14979108


I oil her chassis.

>> No.14979138

I'd let a necron lord activate his orb of ressurection right into my ass.

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