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Is "Wanting to bang every sexually reproducing species in the multiverse' a good goal for a bard that is both silly but also able to be taken serious?

The only rules that apply are no turning things down just because they are ugly by his human standards

and no polymorph.

Also, any other class aside from bard that will help me tap everything? And what alignment would this be?

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Good luck getting it past your DM

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For pleasure or for siring children? The second might be a respectable goal of a primitive bastard.

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WAIT!!! I though this was the goal of every bard.

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This is the goal of most of humanity
Except for those uptight xenophobes

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Depends on the silly to serious ratio.

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Don't be a creeper dude. Seriously. I'm warning you, even if you're playing this seriously, and not being a creeper, it's going to be construed, now matter how vigorously you protest, that you're getting off on this. And in case you or a valued reader need this information, people are uncomfortable with playing a game where they think you're getting off on this. Much less running the game.

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>Wanting to bang every sexually reproducing species in the multiverse' a good goal for a bard that is both silly
>but also able to be taken ser--

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so what do you guys think of rape being used as a weapon in the war in Libya, its very mid-evilish

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I once had a character whose goal was to rape everything in the multiverse, sexually reproducing or no. So it works.
Taken seriously? No.

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It's never going to be taken seriously. Although it's always a pretty amusing concept for a non-serious bard.

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Isn't that what dragons are for? Or is this like a dragon bard? Because then I could totally see it. "I'm a dragon, I can bone anything. And I'm a bard, I totally will."

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And humans.

Dragons and Humans are the two horniest races in existence. Only the Solar Exalted in their First Age (who actively created artifacts to allow them to rape even the souls objects with no holes, if not the concept of no holes itself) could top the horniness of either of those two fantasy races.

Does it have tits, ass, skin or a penis? Somewhere out there, there's a human and/or a dragon that think its hot.

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be not a creep about it, that is a good advice.

Instead, make this the most "wait. what?" grandiose, gallant plan imaginable. You must remove all the fetishiness and FOREVER ALONE from it and replace it with hot-blood, courage, and a measure of lightheartedness.

Use poetry. Stunt not what your hands are doing on their bodies, ever, but rather, your heroic obtention of flowers, jewels and your ACTUAL STUNTS, done to impress.

After all, creeps don't get laid the way and amount your character wants to be.

The souls of all the women in the world are at risk from the BBEG, and only if YOU take their hearts (and beds) first can you save them from his horrors.

You are Rance: Paladin of the God of Love

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OP, we all want to have fun with something like that at one point or another.

The issue comes at that a lot of people have played with or heard of a That Guy that took the whole thing from a humorous character trait to fetish fuel as he wacks off under the table when he insists the DM describe this shit. In detail.

If you can do it in a way thats actually funny and not creeptastic, power to you. But don't expect it to fly with most groups.

And beware the DM that insists he does tell the details. Let me say as the voice of experiance of a straight college student that having a man twice your age constantly describing female entities trying to 'bed' (in detail) because of the highest numbers in CHA... well it turns you off the game for a while.

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I'd allow it OP. You better believe that I want you to explain why your character wants to do this. Whether they are hedonistic, or because they want to have an army of bastard children, you better have a reason.

also, don't expect me to go into detail about sex. Its not because I'm creeped out by it, I just have my other players to think about. Sure they might be fine with it, but we are kind of running on a time schedule too.

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Sorry, the Elan Psion Pillory is way ahead of you.

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