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Salamander Marines thread? Salamander Marines thread

I havnt seen one, ever...

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Salamanders: The Nice Guy Legion, and they still managed to alienate enough of their own to form a butthurt Chaos Renegade warband.

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its not in our budget right now

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Salamanders aren't the "nice-guy" legion... they're just the "Lesser Evil" in the sea of evil that is the Imperium.

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They go out of their way to protect civilians. When they say "For the Emperor", they add "and his People". How does that not qualify them as "nice guys"?

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Umm... maybe because they're just as xenophobic and self-righteous as the rest of the Imperium?

"Nice Guys" is still only the lesser of 2 evils in their case. They still happily burn down peaceful Tau villages, and will murder tons of Eldar civilians in the name of 'the emperor'.

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Could someone give me a quick primer on the Salamanders? Specifically focusing on their primarch and what they were doing during the Heresy.

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Or they defend the people of the Imperium against aliens who seek to kill them all.

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>peaceful Tau villages
No such thing.The Tau are an aggressive expansionist empire. That is a problem that needs to be nipped in the bud.

>and will murder tons of Eldar civilians in the name of 'the emperor'
Good. The Eldar have it coming. The Eldar love slaughtering humans all the time. It is rational for humans to try to kill off such a dangerous mass murderer of Imperial citizens.

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They're black pyromaniacs. They didn't achieve much in the Heresy, and they didn't achieve much compared to their other loyalist chapters after the Heresy. They are mostly known for being black, being bitchy to other Space Marines about friendly fire, and being one of the only chapters who don't have a good excuse for why their founding Primarch chose to fuck off to some corner of the universe instead of helping to rebuild the Imperium.

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What do they do with their adoptive families?
Do they make dinner and play with children?
Read stories before bedtime? Stuff like that?

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I can't hear you over them protecting refugee columns in the war at Armageddon.

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If I ever made a Space Marine army, It would definitely be a successor to the Salamanders, Minotaurs, Storm Giants, Black Dragons.

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So they do the shit the PDF and IG should be doing and you expect me to give them accolades for it? What?

At least tell me their primarch is somewhat interesting.

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They did sacrifice like, 5 1st company members (can't remember what they call their "may wear terminator armor" company) to kill a Farseer, that was in cryostasis, aboard a space hulk, solely out of spite though.

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The PDF and IG were spread thin, and nobody was going to protect those citizens if the Salamanders didn't step up. Unless you believe a regiment would've just magically arrived from out the Warp.

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please to be posting more art

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It's happened before!

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>So they do the shit the PDF and IG should be doing and you expect me to give them accolades for it? What?
Yeah! Fuck civilians.
If the Salamanders are alone with a large group of Imperial civilians and attackers are on the verge of wiping the civilians out, then the Salamanders should just sit back and let it happen.
Why would anyone like a group of space marines that value human life? They should probably murder all the civilians themselves for slowing them down.
>This is what some fa/tg/uys actually think.

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As opposed to the noble Ultramarines who cowered from Horus's forces.


They're black pyromaniacs. They were all but wiped out through low treachery and superior numbers before they were made aware of the Heresy and they and their successor chapters got shit done and defended civilians(!) for ten thousand years. They are mostly known for being black, calling out assholes on their bullshit while defending the innocent, and being one of the only chapters who know that their Primarch is alive and receiving aid and guidance, if ten-thousand years out of date, from him.

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>kill a Farseer
Probably for the best.

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Salamanders are short-ranged firefighters, lots of flamers and melta plus a Landraider varient that chucks fire everywhere. Black in canon, though its debatably been retconned. Master craftsmen, have lots of termies and heavy support but not a lot inthe way of mobile assets.

didn't so much in the Heresy. Got their asses handed to them badly at the Istvaan V massacare and so didn't participate much. No second founding chapters, no known successor chapters. Have 7 companies. 1st company is known as Firedrakes. Homeworld is Nocturne.

Primarch is a smith god lookalike, very good crafter. Met the Emperor in a contest of anvil lifting and lizard hunting. Supposed to be a total bro along with the rest of his chapter, but not a whole lot in the way of fluff on them... ever. Disappointing. They're one of my favourite SM chapters.

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Basically, while the other, fancier chapters are off fighting for glory and seeking personal honours, the Salamanders will tend to the vital, but neglected duties, such as defending supply convoys and refugees.

Pretty neat, if you ask me. Makes a change from other chapters.

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I wish there were Space Marine Firefighters. Like, water cannons swapped with Lascannons and fire trucks instead of rhinos.

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Vulkan is a badass.


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Salamanders, in addition to being pyromaniacs, are master craftsmen, meaning that you should expect a lot of shiny wargear.
Their skin color is a mutation from their homeworld of Nocturne's radiation.
They're also notable for being members of society on Nocturne, and actually giving a shit about Imperial citizens.

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The three Salamanders heroes are ballin', especially the Living Metal Dread.

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>the only chapters who don't have a good excuse for why their founding Primarch chose to fuck off to some corner of the universe instead of helping to rebuild the Imperium.
>implying they're not the PRIMARY chapter that helps rebuild the imperium
shit man, the fluff is clear on that one. Without their techmarines, a good portion of the hive cities on armageddon would be scrap

Vulkan gets bonus points for being one of the primarchs to oppose the induction of the codex

but putting all that aside; Their initiation ceremonies basically end with monster hunter, and that's badass

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On them being really good at building shit, and greatly encouraging it, any else find it weird that one of their Librarians looks down on technology in comparison to his psychic powers?

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Uh, IIRC, the Chapter master, Tu'Shan; the Forgefather, He'Stan,and who's the third one?

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He's a Dread.

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Salamanders are a really good anti-horde SM army. Drop templates everywhere and fuck everyone's cover saves. Park a squad with devestator backup in cover for extra hilarity and watch low toughness armies bite it trying to shift them

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Vulkan Hestan, who supercharges everyone's Flamers
Pellas Mir'san, or Babby's First Calgar
Brayarth Ashmantle, the Space Rapist VenDread

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there's the captain in charge of the Salamanders in the Badab war

the dreadnought made by vulkan

the chief apothecary (PDF rules, released seperately from the book)

The forgefather

and.. Xavier! (though he's canonically dead)

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Exactly. Best dreadnought ever. Move him at infantry and let him do his purifier thing, move him at monstrous creatures and destroy their faces, or have him combine the beams to melta everything.

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> Vulkan gets bonus points for being one of the primarchs to oppose the induction of the codex

Considering the results of a Legion going rogue, why is this a good thing?

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I didn't like the Apothecary that much compared to everyone else.

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having an IC apothecary is a boon though

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Could you link to this PDF, please?

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What do you mean by 'going rogue'?
Following the codex doesn't guarantee against chaos corruption.
Refusing to follow it does not result in turning against the Imperium.

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But he's an HQ, just like Ashmantle, Hestan, and Mirsan.

And overall, I would rather have Hestan and Ashmantle.

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All the reason to like the Salamanders anyone should ever need.

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No, but a Chapter turning traitor is much easier to deal with than a Legion turning traitor. If you only have ten companies going to Chaos, it's much easier to contain than hundreds.

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> hundreds

Somebody's underestimating the Legions.

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Hundreds of companies. So thousands of Mreens.

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pt. 2

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That is a horrible scan.

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i think he means hundreds of chapters

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I see no problem with this. I just hearthe whining of butthurt Xenos scum.

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My favorite thing about the chapter is that they wipe their ass with the codex astartes, abit less than the Space Wolves.
1,200 marines, seven companies, one from each of the planet's clans.

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>1,200 marines, seven companies, one from each of the planet's clans.
Each of the Six Great Companies has 120 men as opposed to the standard 100 that the Codex Astartes promotes, in addition to a small company of about 60 scouts.

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Vulkan Bump.

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