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So /tg/ lets talk about Macrocannons, Zayth Macrocannons to be specific.

After having my hopes for stats for them in Battlefleet Koronus cruelly dashed, i guess i have to come up with stats for them.

What is known about them is that they are automated, fires faster than regular macrocannons and that their pattern is unknown to the Admech, also apparently Zayth have been isolated since the age of strife or so.

So, so far i have been thinking of making the Zayth Macrocannons use one space less than regular Macrocannons and use one more power, I have also been thinking about giving a -10 penalty on skillrolls to repair them since they are not as of yet known to the Admech.

But what else should i give them? More damage? Shorter range since they are primarily used for ground engagements ? Should i just say that they are essentially Bombardment Cannons? How do i represent the cannons firing more shells in the same time, more damage or better crits?

Should i make more Zaythian Components? There were allusions to the Landship Bridges being staffed by just a few tacticians with something like MIU implants in the one adventure that had a part on Zayth. Should i create a Zaythian automated armory that complements the Macrocannons?

Anyone got any ideas? Feel free to contribute.

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Strength rating is the measure of how many shots they can land, so just give them higher than normal strength rating to represent a faster rate of fire.

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I am thinking of increasing the strength rating but am uncertain of how much i should increase it , i want the players to be happy with their new acquisitions but i don't want them to run around with overpowered rapeguns either.

Of course reducing range to compensate is a viable.

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Maybe you could have Zayth auto-feeders? Increases the strength value of the upgraded battery, at the expense of power and a repair penalty

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Where is that picture from? The whole setup looks ridiculous even for 40k.

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That is a solution too, having it as weapons upgrade adds flexibility, of course that increases the risk for me missing something and there being a weapon and upgrade combo that will allow the players to run roughshod over the opposition.

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Some guy's deviantart IIRC, but there's plenty of official art of shipboard work being done by gangs of ratings. After all, if your autoloader breaks in Segmentum Obscurus and your ship was built 250 years ago in Segmentum Solar, it's always easier to replace it with 1000 chumps rather than flying back hundreds of LY and hoping they have spare parts there.

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I like the headtube cybernetics next to 19th century pullcatch levers.

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Zathian Macrocannon

Hull Type: All

Power: 5
Space: 3
Strength: 6
Damage: 1d10+4
CR: 5
Range: 5

Essentially, they let you combine the speed and manoeuvrability of frigates/raiders with near enough the fire power of light cruisers. And on a LC they represent a slightly better and smaller, but more energy intensive, battery.

How much they rape depends on what ship your explorers have, really. I wouldn't recommend this on anything larger than a cruiser. Not that anyone is silly enough to actually take the Cruiser at the beginning. Increasing the strength doesn't always have that much affect, since there's a maximum ceiling of 10 in macrobatteries.

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My players just got their hand on a Turbulent class heavy frigate that had been largely emptied by Orks.

So they need a lot of stuff and a landship on Zayth owes them a favour, so they will probably get two Zayth Macrocannons there for their new ship.

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can someone explain why that multitude is running giant treadmills in what im guessing is a spaceship?

is it a treadmill powered spaceship?

cause that would be so seriously grimderp

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The treadmills are being used for the operating of the weapons system, and other manual components. Mostly reloading and aligning parts.

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It is 40K, they are lucky that they don't have electrodes clamped over their testicles and their agony used to power the ship.

Actually taking into account the existence of the Dark Eldar there probably are ships in existence that is powered by sexual molestation.

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No, no no no. The ships powered by a ancient plasma reactor that no one on board really understands, each day a tech adept is sacrificed to appease the machine spirit.

The slave wheel powers the Lord-Captains personal lift.

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Could be operating the thruster apertures. I dunno, the Imperial approach to tech they can't re-create is brute force

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Ah yes, the Dark Eldar`s much feared ship of the line, the "Grand Sodomite" class.

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you were saying?

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