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So I here there is a PDF of this game that's only like 100 pages. Anyone have a link?

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more like 300pgs, I think tvtropes may have it. Otherwise Google it.

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Been all over google, no luck

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Why in the name of god would you want to?
I mean, really, why?

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Boy, that was hard.

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Because it's a genuinely interesting tabletop rpg in spite of all that unjustified hatred the RPG community has heaped upon it?

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I agree with this post completely and without reservation.

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When did they get a new cover for the book? Is this a supplement? Or even dare I dream, a second Edition?

Either will have utterly destroyed my faith in mankind.

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If rolling randomly for the width of your asshole and racist spell effects are what you call interesting, have fun.

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doesn't /rs/ have a pdf?

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>Wookie Vikings.jpg

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hay guise I'm startin an ero rp with FATAL u guise want to join?

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The only thing FATAL might be good for is that one, particularly grim chapter of Dragon Age. You know which one.

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If you happen to have the FATAL pdf for lulz (and let's be frank, that's half of /tg/), open it up, pick a random page (rolling 1d(number of pages)) if you can, and look at that page. If you don't see something blatantly sexist, racist, immature or really fucking stupid (stupider than a typical FATAL page, that is), pick another page.

You get a point for every page you manage to go through before you stop.

My high score is 3, I stopped on page 222 (in Chapter 7: Occupations), which somehow feels the need to mention that abandoned female children are popular slaves and also presents a table for possible jobs for female slaves that includes two different words for "whore".

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Sure. Here's my character.

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so, /tg/ has forgotten 1d4chan?

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Oh noes. The game has sexual content in it, how terrible.

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>sexual content
You coy bastard, you know that isn't the issue with it.

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I've always liked how FATAL is an acronym.

It really speaks to the game's inherent maturity and sophistication.

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}nteresting system, halfcooked obscure implementation, retarded mindset.

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No, that is the issue. You clowns just can't stand that somebody put sex and boobies in your juvenile power fantasy games.

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Did anyone deciphered it's meaning.

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My group is all males. Big, hairy, and sweaty males. I don't want to play erotic role-playing games with them.

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Insane people need tabletop rpgs too.

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I fully agree with these opinions and wish to subscribe to this poster's newsletter.

FATAL, in addition to being an excellent RPG has also helped me "deepen" the relation ship between both my cat and my little sister. ^.^

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as long as there aren't going to be pages and pages of tables to look up the effect of ejaculating blood over an altar with the charred remains of a freshly deflowered retarded infant soaked in its mothers menstrual blood and decorated with cat penises, I am not interested.

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Fantasy Adventure To Adult Lechery.

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Byron, does your mother know you're on 4chan?
Naughty boy.
You know what this means.

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FATAL allows deep and interesting characters with detailed backgrounds and powerful motivations.

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"From Another Time, Another Land" is another name which they gave it to polish its shitty reputation with a 2E which had a bit of the really insanely racist stuff edited out...

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I love how you have to roll twice, once for the likelyhood and once to check. Fucking retarded.

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And the stories the game allows you to tell are effective, touching, and allow for a deeper insight to the human condition.

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Sexual content isn't the concern, it's that I and a group of friends tried to play it, as honestly as we could, and could not take it seriously.
It's not even a joke, it's a travesty.
The thing about it is at how inept, cluttered, and inelegant the entire thing is, how dreadful the writing is, and how completely uninspired the premise.

It isn't some sort of art-form, it's not even so bad it's art, it's absolute trash, without any redeeming qualities aside from the warning, perhaps, to humanity as to how deranged and petty people can be.

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Babies apparently grow in the pubic bone as well.

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Lies, all lies. FATAL is the Paragon of TTRPG design.

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I think I could come up with a better way of making characters than their character creation process which basically consists of completely useless columns of numbers and stuff that you have to be professor of mathematics and rocket science to figure out....
Not to mention your need to keep track of your orificial circumferences...

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OP is a brilliant disguised troll.
Remember this gents. For no one saw it.

However, for serious discussions; See other story driven game systems like the oWoD series and envision your own damned back-story.
In all honesty, developing a back-story is self serving autoerotica to justify gary/marysu-ism.
No I know that this statement is not absolute, as there are some good back-stories out there that make interesting characters. However, I'm not talking about a good story to talk about your character. I'm talking about the self serving twits that like to have interesting things happen to their character to say LOL I HAVE HUGE ANUS, and justify it. In short, there is no fucking need.
Back stories aren't there to say why you have something, they're there to say; This is what happened to me and is my motivation to not be a stagnant lv1 villager. These reasons don't need to be exotic or very far fetched.
Just simple, personable, and reasonable.

Unless your playing FATAL...

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>be lolicon
>fap to a lot of strange stuff
>fapped to hoshino fuuta porn with futanari lolis
>still feel creeped out by the shit that's written in FATAL rulebooks

so yeah... the fact that I downloaded and played Rapelay fills me with less of a feeling of guilt than having read the FATAL rulebook and downloaded a character creation tool.

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Why in the Emperors name would you want to play a game where you literally spend 15 minutes rolling dice every time you do something.

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